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Macrium Reflect

Macrium Reflect


What is Macrium Reflect?

Macrium Reflect is an endpoint and server backup and cloning solution from Macrium Software (aka Paramount Software UK), available in personal and professional editions.

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Macrium Reflect has proven to be a valuable tool for various use cases, as reported by users and customers. One of its main advantages is …
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What is Macrium Reflect?

Macrium Reflect is an endpoint and server backup and cloning solution from Macrium Software (aka Paramount Software UK), available in personal and professional editions.

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What is Macrium Reflect?

Macrium Reflect Technical Details

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Macrium Reflect has proven to be a valuable tool for various use cases, as reported by users and customers. One of its main advantages is the significant reduction in imaging process time, from an average of 1-2 hours with a high failure rate to just 15-30 minutes with a completion rate of 99.5%. This has translated into faster and more reliable data recovery, with users successfully restoring locally saved data multiple times, eliminating downtime and restoring their data within an hour.

The regular backup routine provided by Macrium Reflect has also played a crucial role in preventing system drive failures and minimizing downtime. Users have praised the software for its ease of use and consistent performance, making technicians' lives easier when dealing with data protection and recovery tasks. The easy file and folder recovery feature has been particularly appreciated, saving users from redoing work and reducing IT stress. Additionally, the software efficiently solves the problem of cloning disks, allowing for hardware upgrades without any data loss. This has been especially useful for businesses looking to improve computer performance or replace aging hardware.

Macrium Reflect also stands out for its ability to create disk images on-the-fly without rebooting Windows, simplifying the process and saving valuable time. Furthermore, the file restoration process is simple and intuitive, enabling users to easily select and recover specific files when needed.

Overall, Macrium Reflect has received positive reviews from various users and customers who have found it to be a reliable backup solution for daily imaging, data cloning, and disaster recovery purposes. It has been successfully deployed in businesses of all sizes, providing peace of mind and ensuring continuity in case of computer failures or cyber attacks. While there have been some negative experiences related to unsuccessful restorations or lack of support during free trials, the overall consensus remains favorable regarding the software's reliability, ease of use, and effectiveness in resolving common data management issues.

Powerful and Reliable Software: Users consistently praise Macrium Reflect for its powerful and reliable software for cloning and copying HDDs. The free version of the software is highly effective, while the paid version offers even more features. Some users switch to Macrium Reflect from similar software due to its power. Intuitive Interface: Users appreciate the ease of use and intuitive interface of Macrium Reflect. They find it easy to navigate through the software's features, such as cloning disks and creating images for later restoration. The clear interface makes it simple to create drive image backups and receive backup notifications via email. Valuable Features: Macrium Reflect offers several valuable features that users appreciate. The password protection feature allows secure storage of disk images. Users also praise the scheduling feature for regular backups. Additionally, they find the ability to boot backups in a virtual machine valuable. Note: These are the three most common pros identified based on user reviews in the given context.

Complex Training: Some users have found the training for Macrium Reflect to be complex and time-consuming, requiring significant effort to learn how to use the software effectively. They mentioned that it takes time to understand all the features and functionalities.

Frequent Timeouts during System Restore: Several reviewers have experienced frequent timeouts when trying to perform a system restore from the site manager page, causing frustration and delays in the restoration process. This issue has been reported by multiple users, indicating a recurring problem.

Lack of Password Protection for Data Backups: Users have mentioned that user accounts do not have passwords to access the repositories for data backups, making the restore process more complicated and potentially less secure. Some users expressed concern about this lack of password protection, highlighting potential vulnerabilities in data security.

Users have made several recommendations for Macrium Reflect based on their experiences with the product. The three most common recommendations are as follows:

  1. Try the free version before purchasing the professional version. Users suggest taking advantage of the free version of Macrium Reflect before committing to the professional version. This allows users to get a sense of the product's capabilities and determine if it meets their backup needs.

  2. Ensure sufficient space and proper formatting on the backup drive. Users recommend making sure that the backup drive has enough space and is properly formatted before starting with Macrium Reflect. This is important for smooth and successful backup operations.

  3. Consider using a USB hard drive for better performance. Some users suggest getting a USB hard drive or two for improved performance with Macrium Reflect. This can enhance speed and efficiency during backup processes.

Overall, users find Macrium Reflect to be a reliable backup solution with necessary features in one package. They appreciate its simplicity, robustness, and ability to manage tasks like scheduling, restoring, and cloning workstations effectively. Macrium Reflect is highly recommended for businesses of any size or for backing up personal computers at home.

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Wells Anderson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Macrium Reflect internally to create drive image backups of our computers and servers. We also advise our clients on the selection and use of Macrium Reflect to protect their businesses. Macrium deserves our recommendation for our customers because it is more intuitive and less complicated that many other similar applications.
  • Clear interface for creating drive image backups
  • Reliable, every day backups
  • Accessible log showing successful backups and any failures
  • Creates differential backups that are small in size
  • Fast, easy method for recovering individual files or folders from an image backup
  • Capability to create an image file to restore directly to a cloud computer
  • Use a different default naming pattern for backup files
  • Support for Linux
The free version of Macrium Reflect is licensed for both commercial and personal use. It works well on MS Windows computers, but cannot back up servers, where a paid version is required. The free version does full and differential backups, but not incremental as do the paid versions. If a large volume of files are added every day, a paid version would be more suitable as it supports incremental backups.
The Macrium Reflect server version is very suitable for backing up physical servers.
  • Reliable nightly backups
  • Full drive image backup with trustworthy restore feature
  • Ease of use
  • Macrium Reflect as provide protection to our customers
  • Macrium Reflect has the fast update process we have every seen
  • Macrium Reflect requires very little if any support
Veeam offers Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows, a product we also install and use. It compares favorably with Macrium Reflect; however, for small firms and individual wanting an added cloud backup of their full hard drive, Macrium wins out in requiring less cloud storage space by a significant margin.
ShadowProtect is a rock solid competitor with a higher price and no free version. It is highly dependable, but more complicated to install and set up.
The number of technical issues and quality of technical support have ruled out Acronis products.
MSP360 Backup has impressive technology, but we encountered issues with restore times and full drive image restores.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Macrium Reflect takes SQL database continuous backups every 2 hours and takes server volume backups and stores them in our repository to virtualize the image, mount it, or recover files.
  • Virtualize images to restore services
  • Mount backup images to restore files
  • Takes incremental backups pretty quick compared to other software
  • Creates synthetic full images well
  • Has ransomware protection that could be better at letting users configure exeptions
Macrium Reflect creates synthetic full images for fast recovery in case of disaster. It also works pretty well on creating SQL server database backups. It can send a report of taken backups and failures to get users' attention if backups are being taken. It has a good management interface called Macrium Site Manager that connects to installed agents on different servers and has 1 site management configuration for all site servers.
  • Improved our time on backups
  • More secure backups of our databases
We used IBM and Freesync, but all other software had file differences. Architecture kind of backups take a long time for our 10tb storage. We compared times and it's x5 faster because Macrium is a block-based backup system instead of file comparison, and won't affect performance while taking backups. Also, we could restore by booting reflect recovery iso to any server and restore the operating system on any hardware.
We have not been opening tickets for support from Macrium at the moment, only for licencing issues, but good attention and fast response by the support team. They respond pretty fast to our emails and fixed our issues giving us a good explanation of our case without any complications. Due to the good functionality of the software we have not opened a ticket for support in years.
Veeam Backup & Replication, Tivoli
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