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What is MaestroConference?

MaestroConference is a web conferencing platform with the capability to run small break-out sessions within the main group. It incorporates voting and social capabilities.

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Entry-level set up fee?

  • Setup fee optional
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Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $49 per month
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Product Demos

Recorded Demo: Building Your Business with MaestroConference

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Product Details

What is MaestroConference?

MaestroConference Features

  • Supported: Breakout Groups
  • Supported: Screenshare
  • Supported: Polling and Voting

MaestroConference Screenshots

Screenshot of Social Webinar exampleScreenshot of A "breakout group" discussion - where you can see the faces of the other people you talk with by phone or using VOIP/your computerScreenshot of You can poll your participants with Poll View in Social WebinarScreenshot of Share links with other participants in a Social Webinar chat window, while you talkScreenshot of Crowdsource ideas with Idea Board View in Social Webinar

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MaestroConference Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish

MaestroConference Downloadables

Frequently Asked Questions

MaestroConference is a web conferencing platform with the capability to run small break-out sessions within the main group. It incorporates voting and social capabilities.

MaestroConference starts at $49.

GoTo Meeting are common alternatives for MaestroConference.

The most common users of MaestroConference are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Daphne Cohn | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used Maestro Conference to lead group coaching programs and host interactive telesummits. The number one business problem it addresses is how to make large group calls more dynamic, engaging and interactive. By using Maestro Conference participants in the calls are able to connect with each other and actively connect in group exercises.
  • The number one strength of Maestro Conference is the ability for the host to create "break out" groups where members of the call can interact with each other in smaller groups as if they were in an in-person conference.
  • Another quality of Maestro Conference that I love is the fact that the host can then "weave in and out" of the different break out groups, listening in, providing support and getting feedback. It's an incredibly tool that Maestro offers.
  • Lastly I think Maestro Conference has excellent customer service.
  • The only challenge I found with Maestro conference is that sometimes the break out groups function didn't operate as smoothly as I needed it to. People wouldn't always find themselves in groups or they would be switched from one group to another without the host moving them.
Key questions to ask might be:
1) Do I want to create a more "in-person" experience for my participants?
2) Do I want participants to be able to connect in smaller groups?
3) Will I be leading exercises that I want participants to actively engage in?
4) Would it be helpful for participants to be able to talk amongst themselves at any point during my presentation?
5) Do I want to be able to listen in on what participants share in the smaller groups?
  • The biggest positive impact I had with Maestro Conference was the ability for participants to engage with one another.
  • This made my group coaching calls much more engaging. Participants were able to talk with each other and be more actively involved in the calls.
  • Participants formed deeper relationships with one another because they could connect through smaller groups.
  • Freeconferencing,Instant Teleseminar,Webinar Jam
Maestro Conference is the only service I know that allows you to create break out groups and allow participants to actively engage with each other and with the host. It is the most like an "in-person" event of any service I have used. And the customer service has always been excellent.
If I go back to having calls where I want to have break out groups then I would definitely consider using Maestro conference again. For now this is not a service I need so I have not renewed with Maestro.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I used MC to conduct complicated telephone calls with breakout rooms. I also used it for weekly teleconference classes with my e-learning school. The complicated conferences were only possible with Maestro Conference because of the breakout rooms.
  • The breakout rooms are fantastic. It was complicated to move people in and out of them, but once we got the hang of it things went smoothly. The calls I ran had up to 10 breakout rooms, and it was difficult to manage it without two conductors.
  • The chimes that tell people where they are time wise in the breakout rooms are really great. I made good use of them.
  • The conductor panel is very good, once you learn how to use it. It does have an annoying glitch wherein you can't change a person's status on the fly.
  • The call sound quality was often pretty poor, and we had a lot of trouble with calls being dropped. Over the years I would periodically throw in the towel and go back to Free Conferencing just to have reliable quality. But they only have 3 of 4 breakout rooms and I couldn't conduct the rooms easily. Then I try MC again to see if the engineering had improved. It was like a wave. Sometimes better, sometimes worse.
  • The conductor interface has an annoying glitch wherein we could not change a persons attribute fields on the fly. I would interview my callers and assign them to one class or another based on their answers, and the partner up people into breakout rooms based on their answers. This meant editing the two attribute fields , and it just plain didn't work 75% of the time.
  • Maestro Conference repositioned its business away from small educators like me, to large organizations like political action committees. The price became too high for me, and it just no longer made sense. I repositioned my product to work with less expensive and less complicated solutions.
  • The add on features, like recording each conference room, were insanely expensive.
  • VOIP and MC didn't mix. The MC dialer never worked. Neither did Skype. This meant that my international callers were out of luck. This was FRUSTRATING to say the least. Now I just use Skype. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Maestro Conference makes sense when breakout rooms are critical. This is the only time that this solution is better than the dozens of other telecall and web conference solutions out there.
  • When the monthly call with breakout rooms was working well I had a lot of good conversion. When it was not, because of sound quality of dropped calls, I was giving people a poor experience. Since I was using MC as the centerpiece of my TRIAL calls, it was a two edged sword.
  • Anymeeting,freeconferencing,Skype,google+,webex
Maestro Conference has breakout rooms. That is its point of difference. If you need breakout rooms, this is it. If you don't, this solution is not the best in any other regard.
Too much money for what I get. I have reworked my product to use fewer breakout rooms, or to work in other ways.
Tasha Walsh | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a national organization with sites all over the US and Canada. We use Maestroconference to provide learning opportunities to our direct care staff, developing leaders and other targeted groups. We also us it for town hall meetings, communities of practice, etc. The breakout group technology allows us to create a sense of connectedness between people who are doing similar work in different geographies. They are able to share and learn from each other and produce innovative solutions to challenges they face. The interactivity level that maestroconference provides increases the participation and impact that we are able to make.
  • The breakout group technology is phenomenal. It allows a large webinar to feel much more intimate and allows instructors to 'listen in' to small group discussions
  • The ability to poll, have participants raise their hands for questions or comments, control the microphones, see who's talking make facilitating a large group virtual presentation very manageable and interactive. The participants' attention is retained, and did I mention the breakout groups are phenomenal!
  • the social conferencing, where you can see a webcam or still picture of participants is also really helpful for increasing engagement and active participation
  • their customer service is good, but has room for improvement. They are very friendly and good at responding to quick fix issues. They are willing to partner to find solutions to tricker issues, but sometimes that takes a number of follow-up contacts.
  • it is difficult to format the automatic messages
This is best suited for webinars where you want increase participant engagement. Maestroconference has helped us avoid the type of webinar where the presenter has no idea if people are listening and participants often lose interest and end up checking email. The interaction level can become extremely high leading to increased engagement, satisfaction and buy-in.
  • increased engagement
  • increased collaboration among departments
  • better assessment of field needs
  • increased productivity
  • reduce cost of delivering training and conducting meetings
  • GoToMeeting,WebEx Meetings
Maestro has everything that GoToMeeting and WebEx has. The primary thing that sold us on Maestroconference was the ability to incorporate breakout groups for small group discussions and explorations. It also is very easy to access and does not require a type of download onto a users' computer for the interactive conference calls. The interface is very intuitive and easy to use and the call quality is high and access is reliable.
we have found no other company with the technology that allows us to conduct webinars with this level of interactivity. We've also been watching as the company has added on addtional functionality and are very please with how it is developing.
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