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We use Maropost to manage our email marketing, and it's proven to be an all around solid tool which lets us build out campaigns in minutes. I highly recommend Maropost Marketing Cloud! Maropost has come a long way in the last few years, with the addition of new tools and UI, helping it keep up with, and blowing past the competitors such as Salesforce, Pardot, etc. The drag-n-drop email designer is great, and has all the integrations we need. Overall, Maropost is easy to use for email marketing, better priced than the competition, and is a great tool to manage all of your email contacts.
  • Campaign builder.
  • Drag and drop email builder.
  • Integrations.
  • It has more features than I know how to keep up with.
It's a perfect fit for medium to high volume email senders who want an easy-to-use email builder and marketing campaign planner.
Score 10 out of 10
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We have been long time users of the Maropost Marketing Cloud, and recently of Maropost Sales Cloud. Myself and a sales team are using it.
The biggest problem that we fixed by using Maropost is the customer experience. In the past, we faced challenges of losing customer info during a support call, but with Maropost, it easily links all aspects of the customer and tracks their history. As a result, they love the experience, which has made a huge improvement on referrals and repeat customers.
  • Maropost is particularly strong in the customization aspect. As a sales person, I love using MSC because I can customize everything from A-Z.
  • The features are endless, a personal fav is the Journey's feature with Marketing Cloud.
  • Client support is quick to respond.
  • Integrating payment within Maropost? It's not a huge deal, I just love the customization that they do, I wish they handled payment as well.
Maropost definitely brought my company to the next level. The platform is amazing, and the features are endless. My user experience has been great. The CEO, Ross Andrew, doesn't allow for mediocrity with his product. I share his vision in marketing where the user experience should be the best experience, and that's essentially what Maropost does.
Score 1 out of 10
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We are an information marketing business that trains and coaches CPAs and attorneys. We engaged Maropost in January 2020 as an alternative email service provider to Infusionsoft, SendGrid and ConverKit. We use all three vendors and wanted to improve deliverabilty, open and CT rates and put "under one roof."
  • I can't think of one thing that Maropost did well.
  • The Sales Department shouldn't promise the customer what support can't deliver on.
  • They should also brush up on some ethics courses. It's appalling to me how they conduct business. Buyer beware.
We were looking for a better email service provider (ESP) solution that would work with InfusionSoft. We signed up for Maropost under the promise that it would work with InfusionSoft seamlessly and allow us to:

  1. Manage our business through InfusionSoft like we currently do, using InfusionSoft as our primary CRM and that tagging feature to manage the business.
  2. Automatically import and sync contacts, accurately and continually sync all tags between InfusionSoft.
Maropost failed to meet the above requirements even though it was repeatedly promised during the sales process. During the sales process, we asked in-depth questions to make sure Maropost would match our needs and were repeatedly told it would. However, we were not allowed to actually use nor test the product like other ESP or SaaS solutions do, so we relied heavily on what we were told during the sales process. Once we signed up, paid, and started working with Maropost, our experience was subpar and the product failed to do what we needed it to do for us. Ultimately, after weeks and months of back and forth with poor customer service and support, trying numerous fixed and confirming we were doing things right via multiple screen shares, Maropost failed to fix or find a solution that would allow us to meet our needs. We asked for a refund and cancellation of the contract from Maropost. They failed to acknowledge our request and eventually just disappeared and stopped communicating with us until their billing team reached out for the next payment. We sent Maropost a 10 page chronological history of our correspondence including screen shares and email threads. Maropost ignored our formal cancellation but they continued to charge our credit card for future services after we formally cancelled.
Nicholas Kouvatsos | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We use Maropost to send out e-mail blasts for marketing campaigns to our entire list of subscribers or to segmented lists of subscribers. It's a cheap, effective way to reach people, and Maropost has helped us increase our open rate.
  • Maropost is an E-mail Service Provider first and foremost. They don't try to be all things to a marketer, so they're focus is on e-mail and e-mail deliverability.
  • Our average open rate climbed from about 10-12% to 30-40% since moving to Maropost from iContact.
  • They still need some work on their drag and drop e-mail builder. It's a bit clunky and not as customizable as I'd like to see.
  • I'd like to see some more features in the "Journeys" area. Something at least one of their competitors does is have something that would equate to in Maropost as "Journey Merge Fields." These are not fields that are merged from the contact record, but instead merged in from the Journey itself. This would be extremely helpful in creating large journeys where most of the content is consistent, but every once in a while something needs to be changed, and instead of opening all of the e-mail campaigns inside that journey to update that little bit of content, it can just be updated in one place and the new information would merge into all of the e-mail campaigns.
Maropost is a little more expensive than its competitors. I'd say Maropost is well suited for medium and larger businesses, not small businesses unless they're really good at utilizing e-mail and monetizing it.
Score 1 out of 10
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We were trying to use this service in an effort to match the needs of our growing company. As we were increasing in size and breadth of offered items, we wanted to be able to send more targeted emails. We didn't have a good email acquisition set-up in place, so it was hard to properly segment our customers into meaningful email groups. This was one of the more attractive qualities of Maropost as they ostensibly offered a better way to Segment and target customers with emails that were more likely to convert into traffic and conversions. Through better segmentation, we were aiming to properly manage our growth and ensure we didn't irritate customers with too many emails or emails that were irrelevant to their needs. I, along with a few colleagues, was intending to work with the Maropost tool to craft targeted email campaigns that would increase sales and user interaction without creating spam. Ultimately, we barely even scratched the surface of the email tools because we spent months just trying to get the software integrated.
  • The drag-and-click interface has a lot of potential.
  • Absolutely awful integration and API support.
  • Absolutely unhelpful outsourced Customer Service.
  • Extremely bad-faith business tactics that are very close to the line that separates a business from a scam.
If you have a Wordpress site, you need to stay away from Maropost.

They will tell you that their service integrates easily with Wordpress. They will tell you that it will be an easy bit of collaboration. They will tell you that you'll have 4 or 5 Maropost staff members dedicated to your account (Account manager, two success managers, a web engineer, etc.)

This is ALL just double-talk meant to coerce you into signing the year-long contract. Once you've signed the contract, you are completely off their radar and they only make minimal efforts to help you, and only then if you aggressively prod them. Any questions you send to your "dedicated" account managers will be forwarded on to an outsourced customer service company in India, whose employees obviously have a handbook of standard responses, but no real experience or knowledge of the service. You will get cut and paste answers that fail to answer the question and that also fail CC the original participants in an email, meaning you will spend a frustrating amount of time sharing emails internally to make sure everyone has all of the information because you never know who in the original email will receive the response and who will be excluded. Those "dedicate" account managers are not truly available to you. They are just a middleman between you and unhelpful customer service.

Over the years, I've worked with many different services, some better, some worse. But his is the first time I've ever felt compelled to leave a review. Maropost is only interested in getting you to sign their contract. After that, they will not dedicate an ounce of time or effort to your benefit. Don't fall for the same bait and switch that I did.
Though relatively responsive, the responses were always utterly unhelpful and sometime not even relevant to the questions we asked. It quickly became apparent that it was outsourced copy/paste support.
February 08, 2019


Score 1 out of 10
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We use Maropost across our entire organization, which is comprised of media and e-commerce brands. It is used to deploy emails, which drive traffic back to our sites, promote other products, promote branded/partnership content, and drive sales. It is helpful in that the many subaccounts allow for all of our brands to live in one platform. Additionally, the service is malleable and works for media and e-commerce, unlike many other ESPs.
  • Sends email. Very basically.
  • That is it.
  • Really.
  • Reporting is awful, the metrics shown in the dashboard are not helpful, and to glean any useful information users need to export the reports manually. There is no attrition reporting at all.
  • Segmentation takes a really long time. If you want to construct multiple audiences, good luck. It takes forever.
  • UI is not intuitive. Many buttons are placed too closely or in the wrong places.
  • There is no true "test send" feature. Any opens or clicks recorded from the test (while QA-ing proofs, for example) will be recorded.
To be absolutely honest, I don't see why anyone would choose Maropost over the hundreds of other ESPs that are available. For e-commerce especially, there are so many more options with better functionality and features. For media wherein the goal is to drive traffic and simply nearly any other ESP would suffice.
I couldn't even recommend Maropost based on price as it is not cheap at all. It is very bare bones, and for the price, you could likely find something more premium.
Score 7 out of 10
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We use Maropost Marketing Cloud to carry out our marketing campaigns across multiple channels including email, social, and search. It gives us the creative freedom to build out actual marketing automated machines that consistently give us qualified leads and buyers while also helping us keep current members engaged with the brand and reducing churn.
  • Support: we were given a go to support person who is basically an account executive who oversaw our progress and was there to assist us with whatever we may need.
  • Email open rates and testing abilities: Maropost supplies an array of different ways you can test to make sure you are getting the best opens and CTR's you can.
  • The platform itself isn't at first intuitive. While we were given an account executive for success, the initial set up and onboarding process was not entirely great. We were left wondering where to click and lost amongst the general best practices on how to use the platform and how to get up to speed quickly.
  • Email Drag and Drop Builder: EXTREMELY wonky. It's best if you know you're own HTML, CSS for email creation or use the option to upload your own templates. I should mention that they were planning on making the drag and drop feature better, but I'm not sure if that was ever completed.
They're great at email marketing. It gave us the ability to send out the best emails we could to our list and make sure we were always getting healthy open rates and ctr's. Their analytics is also great and gave us the insight to make logical decisions on our next move.

The journey builder is very cool and gives you the ability to control your campaigns and move your list through funnels pretty much any way you can think of. While we chose to keep our sales processes in a separate CRM, Maropost served well in email communication and cross channel.
Amy Kelly | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We switched to Maropost July 1, 2015 - so it's still new for us. We looked at 6 or more ESPs and Maropost came to the top. Their system had everything we needed and more. Our main focus is daily e-mails and email automation. We currently send approximately 10 million a month and sometimes as many as 5 different versions a day for our different segments. The switch to Maropost has saved us significant time in our daily set up process, which was one of our goals for the switch.
  • Support was a big issue for us. Our last provider was lacking in this area. My favorite part of Maropost is the on-line chat. I thought it was just a novelty at first - but we use it all the time. Part of that reason is that we are still new - we asked for our work to be checked when we set up something new. Never hurts to have more eyes!
  • Again Support. Our implementation team has been available to us from day one and are still available for our stupid user questions! It's nice to have that back up.
  • Ease of use. We had every member of our team review the possible ESPs. Maropost would not have been chosen if the system had been difficult to navigate. We love how simple it is.
  • Feedback - think something can be better in the Maropost system? Send an email with your suggestion and be amazed when it's implemented a few days or weeks down the road.
  • We are only 2 months into this product, so we have really just been using the basics. Daily emails, a few tests and we will be testing with personalization soon. We got this product up and running pretty quick. The only complaint I heard from our IT department was an issue transferring our large list. 1.2 million and this was resolved quickly.
I would give Maropost an 8. The only reason it's not a 10 is because we are so new to the product, I'd like to take this survey again in a year. From what I have seen I think that Maropost will have done a good job of growing with us.

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Email & Online Marketing (9)
WYSIWYG email editor (5)
Dynamic content (4)
Ability to test dynamic content (5)
Landing pages (3)
A/B testing (6)
Mobile optimization (5)
Email deliverability reporting (9)
List management (5)
Triggered drip sequences (6)
Reporting & Analytics (3)
Dashboards (6)
Standard reports (4)
Custom reports (5)
Pre-Send Testing (8)
URL Validation (1)
Link Tracking (1)
Image Validation (1)
Inbox Display (1)
Email Accessibility Tools (2)
Spelling and Grammar Check (1)
Spam Testing (1)
Email Previews (2)

What is Maropost?

Maropost's digital marketing platforms help users turn prospects into clients by ensuring delivery of targeted messaging to the right contact at the right time. Through integrated marketing and sales automation, Maropost provides tools, strategic guidance and support to create more personalized customer experiences through a 360-degree business view from marketing automation to CRM, commerce, and customer support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maropost?

Maropost, headquartered in Toronto with offices in New York, London, and Delhi, offers an enterprise level email marketing and automation platform for email-centric campaigns and total customer lifecycle management via an automated workflow. It features social networking "listening" to keep track of all mentions across familiar spaces like Facebook and Twitter, dashboard reports and analytics to help make sense of data from emails and web activity, a survey / form builder, and custom landing pages for a seamless customer experience from seeing your email to visiting the site. Maropost also offers consulting services. Maropost grew quite rapidly in 2014 (500%), with growth expected to continue. Their software supports the campaigns of well-known organizations, including Mastercard, Volvo, Jaguar, Samsung, Prada, and others.

What is Maropost's best feature?

Reviewers rate Mobile optimization and Standard reports highest, with a score of 9.3.

Who uses Maropost?

The most common users of Maropost are from Small Businesses and the Financial Services industry.