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MasterControl Clinical Excellence

MasterControl Clinical Excellence


What is MasterControl Clinical Excellence?

MasterControl Clinical Excellence is offered by the vendor as a combined comprehensive clinical trial management system and quality management; essentially it provides data and document management with compliance and auditing protection.

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Product Details

What is MasterControl Clinical Excellence?

MasterControl Clinical Excellence Technical Details

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Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used this to help manage internal approvals of documents for a long-term clinical project, which resulted from a collaboration with a local hospital for telecommunications software. The MasterControl system made it very easy for regulatory control personnel to load documentation and send requests for internal approvals to our team. It also made it very easy to complete the required documentation via electronic sign-off.
  • Manages the automatic electronic approval process.
  • Offers secure storage of all relevant documentation.
  • Enables streamlined collaboration between regulatory approval personnel.
  • Outdated branding.
  • User interface not very intuitive.
  • Sometimes document previews did not load.
MasterControl Clinical Excellence would be great for short or long-term projects where regulatory approval flows are required. It would not be great as an Onboarding platform or learning management system as the user interface is not extremely intuitive nor is the design super user friendly or modern. It does do a few core things very well, which include storing documentation and managing streamlined approval processes.
  • Highly scalable.
  • Price point is reasonable.
  • Document storage is excellent.
  • We were able to successfully complete our project requirements.
  • We were able to use the system to coordinate document approval across a large organization.
  • The system offered automated reminders which saved us the time and energy of managing reminders manually.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use MasterControl across the organization to manage our quality system for ISO certification. MasterControl stores our controlled documents and tracks file versioning and revision history. We also use MasterControl to create electronic forms to enable automated workflows for business processes, such as change controls, corrective actions, and business trip requests. Additionally, we use MasterControl to track employee training.
  • Document control and revision history to support a robust quality management system.
  • Enabling business process workflows.
  • The ability to create custom web forms to meet specific company needs.
  • Creating more dynamic web forms is a little cumbersome, but that has been improved in recent versions.
  • The reporting on training data could be improved (attempts, pass rates, problem questions, etc.).
  • Search results are mixed, but this has also been improved in recent versions.
MasterControl is a fairly reliable solution for maintaining a solid quality management system within an organization. It could be overkill for small organizations, but it seems to suit the mid-to-large organization well.
  • MasterControl simplifies audits for those directly responsible for the quality system.
  • MasterControl simplifies the process of finding controlled files for the end users.
  • MasterControl has given us a familiar platform for creating and launching custom workflows for our various business processes.
I was not involved in the process of selecting MasterControl so I am unaware of the alternatives.
Whitney Kelley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently we are using the documentation program for MasterControl to create and edit documents. Currently our quality department is in control of running the program and multiple other departments utilize it to access current documentation. Lead members of other non-quality departments are also admin users and can create and edit content. MasterControl is a great system to see which documents are up to date and to create deadlines for when each document needs to be reviewed yearly.
  • MasterControl allows you to set deadlines for when documents need to be reviewed. These reminders are particularly useful if your organization uses multiple different documents.
  • The system of starting packets to edit documents is really effective. You are able to add multiple users and decide if they will be creating/revising or just collaborating on a document.
  • the system of making MasterControl employees a user, admin, system admin etc to limit what content they can view and edit is also really effective and a good safety net to ensure the correct people are editing documents.
  • When starting packets you get multiple emails daily while a packet is in progress, some emails come when it is not your turn to make any edits. Too many notifications.
  • It is sometimes difficult to see who has seen all levels of a document in a packet before you sign off. Everyone may not get a chance to view it.
  • Search function is good but simple searches can turn up too many unnecessary results.
We are currently using MasterControl for documentation purposes for our production department, but the training module on MasterControl would be a great system to have to ensure that all team members are up to date on the newest revisions of documents. This would help make audits go much smoother to ensure everyone is trained that needs to be.
  • Using MasterControl documentation modules has had our production department see a much lower incidence of deviations and events.
We did not have a documentation system before MasterControl. I have nothing to compare this system to.
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