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What is Maze?

Maze is a rapid user testing platform from in Paris, designed to give users actionable user insights, in a matter of hours. The vendor states that with it, users can test remotely, autonomously, and collaboratively.

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Maze User Testing offers a variety of use cases that cater to different user needs. Designers working at growth-stage startups have found …
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Product Details

What is Maze?

According to the vendor's description, Maze is a platform designed to enhance and streamline product research processes across various industries and professions. It offers a range of tools like drag-and-drop builders, surveys, and test prototypes that efficiently gather user insights infused with contextual details. Additionally, this product allows users to personalize reports, integrate with preferred design and productivity applications, and access an expanding library of research studies. The ultimate aim of Maze is to enable organizations of all sizes in making data-informed decisions more expediently by amplifying their understanding of customer preferences through ongoing product discovery efforts.

Usability Testing

Maze facilitates efficient usability testing for evaluating product effectiveness and intuitiveness. The platform encompasses multiple research tools to gather user insights, enabling data-driven decision-making during product development. Features include capturing customer feedback, sentiment analysis, and facilitating continuous improvement. Maze's user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, empowering teams to create top-quality products that prioritize exceptional user experiences.

AI-Powered Product Discovery

The AI-powered product discovery feature provided by Maze aims to optimize the procedure of gathering user feedback and converting it into actionable insights. By utilizing AI algorithms, this feature boosts the effectiveness and precision of collecting and analyzing customer interviews, empowering businesses to make well-informed decisions based on current data. With Maze's Interview Studies supported by AI, organizations can attain comprehensive comprehension of their target users' requirements and challenges, facilitating more efficient solutions and fruitful product development endeavors.

Pre-built Maze Library

The product offers a comprehensive collection of pre-built mazes for users to utilize. This feature enables users to import these professionally validated mazes into their projects, customize them as required, and conveniently share them with their own users. By doing so, the product facilitates a streamlined testing process by leveraging existing maze designs, thereby enhancing efficiency in test creation and implementation. Consequently, Maze empowers users to effortlessly incorporate tried and tested maze structures into their own projects without relying on external applications or scripts.

Industry Insights

The product aims to provide users with a comprehensive platform for accessing information, trends, and best practices in the product research industry. Users can stay informed about the latest developments, emerging ideas, and innovative insights to make strategic product decisions. Maze emphasizes continuous learning and staying ahead in this evolving field to gain a competitive edge. By offering access to virtual events, conferences, and educational materials, Maze enables users to enhance their knowledge base and make better-informed decisions in shaping their products.

Research Maturity Assessment

The product is designed to assist user-centric organizations in assessing and enhancing their level of research maturity. Maze provides a comprehensive set of capabilities, such as the ability to create personalized research workflows, access diverse UX research methods for moderated sessions, and address common objections towards conducting research. By leveraging the framework established by Maze, organizations can optimize their research endeavors, facilitating accelerated innovation and sustained success through ongoing and efficient UX research practices.

Maze Screenshots

Screenshot of Maze

Maze Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Maze is a rapid user testing platform from in Paris, designed to give users actionable user insights, in a matter of hours. The vendor states that with it, users can test remotely, autonomously, and collaboratively.

Maze starts at $75.

UserTesting, Hotjar, and UserZoom are common alternatives for Maze.

The most common users of Maze are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Maze User Testing was our chosen solution for a product deployment project where we needed to engage with a large number of users and capture feedback quickly and accurately. Due to staffing demands, we needed a product with an intuitive design so that users could provide the required feedback easily without getting hung up on how to use the product and requiring the support of the team. At points we needed to leverage insights from users as to preferences around multiple options and A/B testing in Maze User Testing was an optimal solution for this.
  • Wide range of out the box templates
  • Insightful analytics - heat maps
  • Remote testing - leverage users from anywhere, anytime
  • Change/Audit log to understand who is doing what and when
  • Some simpler templates for simpler situations
  • Additional means to take data out into 3rd party products for advanced analytics
Maze User Testing is suited for new and emerging teams who need to remotely engage with a large number of users in order to capture feedback and insights that can be leveraged into decisions around product refinement. Particularly due to its intuitive UI it's suitable for both teams with little to no experience with similar products who may be carried out these business activities by more traditional pen and paper style means previously.
D Hendrik Mulyana | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Maze User Testing is the best platform for qualitative user testing. My team has used the maze for a specific feature that we think we need to test. The last UserTesting test that we did was for a comparison product display. Our goal is to get user insight into which design we think is better and easier for the user to display the product with the right design. With our objective, we want to see the generated report and also feedback made easier and more organized. With Maze, they create reports quite well, and what we imagine.
  • able to create multi-path scenarios.
  • Available for free user account with limited scenario case
  • Support popular design tools that can be integrated with Maze User testing. such as Figma, sketch, XD, marvel app, and inVision.
  • Free users have limited features.
  • Quite expensive
  • There is no pricing option; they push users to pro member at $99/month.
If the money doesn't bother you, the Maze User Testing platform is a great tool for usability testing. You are able to create multiple paths or multiple scenarios. You are able to create poll options. They will also generate the report quite well and beautifully. Another cool feature of Maze User Testing is that it has a preview option before you publish the project, and you are able to invite your team and collaborate in Maze User Testing directly. In the project, you can work together. for you as a freelance designer or UX designer. Maze User Testing gives you a free option but will limit the features you can use.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Maze User Testing for unmoderated UserTesting with Figma files. We particularly use large numbers of users to engage and record quant data. The reporting format of Maze User Testing particularly is very beautiful to look at and easy to showcase as well as share with design stakeholders. We’ve recently tried out the card sorting feature as well which had worked well for us.
  • Unmoderated testing
  • Easy test creation
  • Reporting
  • Collaboration with Figma
  • Accomodating large Figma prototypes
  • AB testing
We’ve struggled with using Maze User Testing with large detailed prototypes with many links, it would usually break, which meant that we either asked for extra support from our Maze User Testing partners or change the test to break it down into smaller tests. That has been a struggle. Apart from that, it’s been great
Milos Danilovic | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Maze User Testing to create the following to help with understanding our users more: Surveys to ask open and multiple choice questions Usability testing our Figma prototypes to find out how intuitive it is to use our product A/B tests between 2 options to understand which interface makes more sense Card sorting exercises to find out how our customers categorise things in our product Tree tests to test whether our information architecture allows users to find things easily in our product
  • Easy to build surveys to ask open and multiple choice questions with the ability to add logic of sequence of questions
  • Setting up Usability tests for your prototypes to have specific tasks that participants can refer back to as they're doing the test
  • Reports for your tests that allow you easily extract insights and make data informed decisions
  • The organisation of your projects is very basic and not scalable for a large team. It would be great to have a better way to organise projects like folders.
  • No easy way to tell who the author is of a particular project and/or who made the last changes
  • A timestamp to see when projects were created or edited last
Maze User Testing is great if you're interested in doing user research from the comfort of your own desk. You can easily setup usability tests, surveys, card sorting and tree tests among other things to get a better understanding of how customers use your product. The only limitation at the moment with Maze that I can identify is only being able to do unmoderated tests, so if you'd like to be able to ask follow up questions in the moment, Maze is not the tool for you.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
For us, the product design and concept is critical as end users / customers really need to be able to work with our platform effectively, that requires an intuitive UI which tackles the complex environment that our product is. We need to validate ideas, concepts and different prototypes before we can find the best one for the end users.
  • It helps to gather quick and helpful insight
  • It helps greatly to validate design and prototypes
  • Intuitive tool and easy to work with
  • Lack of proper overview of results of surveys
  • Types of questions could be more verstaile in surveys
  • Templates are somewhat too complex for some use cases
We had some ideas to redesign some of the modules in our product and for that we had some product design ideas and early prototypes for which we needed input from other parts of the business (e.g.: services, customer success, etc.). Maze was a great tool to facilitate the input gathering for these ideas and provide us with a great insight as to which direction to go with. Once we had the results we wanted to use those in a presentation but it was a bit difficult to transfer them into our presentation so it had to be all manually.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As my organization's design team continues to grow, it makes it very difficult to host moderated usability testing sessions frequently. To gather quick feedback, my team and I have been leveraging tools like Maze User Testing to reach a larger sample of customers to test our products prior to releasing them out to the wild. We've also used it to experiment with A/B testing different designs and that has been invaluable. I'm still learning about the different features the product has to offer, but so far it's been working well for my needs. I've heard from some testers that the UI could be a bit more intuitive, but it's very learnable. All in all, I would recommend Maze User Testing for anyone looking for quick feedback in a pinch.
  • Templates
  • Reporting tool
  • Too easy to delete a draft Maze User Testing - I lost all my progress yesterday and had to redo it
  • Some testers have mentioned the Maze User Testing interface was hard to use - didn't get specifics on that
The product is well suited for features with a clear mission/task and if you're looking to test with larger sample size. Not sure how helpful Maze User Testing is for qualitative feedback.
Bryce Thompson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I've used Maze here at TrustRadius for about 6 months, and I've also used Maze as a contractor on various product design engagements for close to a year. It has completely changed the game for me as a designer working at a growth-stage startup since user testing can be time-intensive and expensive through traditional means.

My experience as a freelancer has changed as well since POCs will often want to directly manage the relationships with their customers so a passive user test is a low-risk way to get user feedback about a customer-facing product. Sometimes at small startups, the customers are few but critical to the revenue stream. Putting the business at risk with an untested freelancer talking to a customer is an understandable concern. With Maze, a user test can now be delivered with a link.

The biggest selling points for me about Maze are that:
  • UX for user testers is great, but the embeddable Figma prototype ability is the #1 reason we're fast with it. Update Figma. Update Maze. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Maze has a clean public URL that you can put just about anywhere
  • The UI for building a Maze is A-maz-ing
  • Turns TrustRadius traffic into user testers
  • Reporting is top-tier with filtration, heatmaps, user data, and public URLs for stakeholders
  • Figma integration with user testing software is about as fast as it gets
  • The experience for testers is practically seamless going from our site to a Maze. Loads of completed Mazes.
  • I think how they are trying to upsell you into different features is odd. Like customizing the welcome screen is not a feature I want to pay for personally.
  • Depending on the complexity of your Maze, be cautious of load times for your testers.
  • The reporting has come a long way from a year ago, but I still find myself having to synthesize my own report based on the Maze report to deliver to stakeholders.
Suited for:
- I think that this software is a must-have for any experience or product designer that needs validation from any audience
- Designers that rapidly prototype with Figma
- Designers looking to establish an inexpensive way to deliver on user testing

Less appropriate for:
- If you are looking for a survey replacement this is probably not for you even though it does that quite well, simply due to the cost. Google Forms would be a more fiscal choice.
- Marketing visual designers who are adept at visual builder tools (WebFlow, Divi, Elementor, etc) with A/B testing ability would probably find other products more valuable.
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