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john ritchie | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 26, 2018

Mediafire, one of the great survivors

Score 9 out of 10
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My usage of MediaFire has been mainly of a personal nature over the years. I met MediaFire several years ago and I always used it to share some files within some groups and forums (mainly photos and videos). With the passage of time and perhaps a more mature use, I started using MediaFire as a storage system for files and documents since unfortunately at some point I lost all the information on my PC product of a virus, and from there I decided to use it as a of backup of sensitive personal files. At present I still use it to store and share some files, mainly for the ease and speed to upload a file, as well as the ease and speed to download without a limit.

  • Speed and ease to upload and download files.
  • Available for iPhone, Android, OSX, Windows, and Web.
  • Has no limit of downloads.
  • Give you a considerably large size of space within your servers.
  • In free accounts you can only manage files of little megabytes (200), which could be improved since currently file sizes are higher.
Usually MediaFire is quite adequate in all contexts that can be used, because if you want to share a file it is a good idea to be able to do it from there, anyway, if you want to make a backup it is a good idea (due to its speed and ease of use), and even if you want to download something from the web usually MediaFire links work very well even when they are old. Now, if you need it for a more formal use, maybe for companies or serious jobs, its use may not be as adequate because it is not a well known platform and is more related to shared files in forums or web pages.
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Daryl Wise Jr. | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 25, 2018

Free File Sharing and Storage with Mediafire

Score 9 out of 10
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With my business VGSoundtrackGuy Music, I hire musicians to help me with various projects. And most of the time, the files I send them are over 1GB. So I first started to use Mediafire to do this. Creating a free account was simple and so was uploading. This is great as using regular Gmail or Yahoo mail isn't as secure.
  • Fast Uploads. Uploading is quite fast and it doesn't take extremely long.
  • 10GB Overall File Storage Limit. With a Free Account, you can upload up to 10GB of files.
  • Account Never Expires. We let a full year pass where we never logged into Mediafire at one point. And our files were still there!
  • The 10GB Overall File Storage Limit. I really don't like this and I wish it were a 10GB limit per file. But I understand Mediafire wants to have some sort of limit with the Free accounts.
The ease of uploading small files quickly with Mediafire is nice. We actually still have small files we have linked to in our YouTube videos for public use and download and it's nice to have this without having to pay.
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Vinicius Lima | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 18, 2016

MediaFire - Helping you storing and sharing files - Helping you to get organized!

Score 9 out of 10
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We use MediaFire in our small team. When we are working together on projects that require file storage and sharing, MediaFire is essential. Our demand is just for text and presentation files (generally small size) so the free accounts are suitable for us. We can easily upload files through a browser and generate a link to anyone to download it. This is much better than sending tons of emails with documents attached making our documents much more organized.
  • FileDrop feature. This is an amazing functionality that increases collaboration among our team. People can drop files in a specific folder related to a project and we can keep it organized.
  • Mobile Apps for Android and iOS. The apps works pretty well and you can carry your files everywhere.
  • Regular and Instant Uploads - MediaFire checks for the exact same file in the cloud. If it finds it, the upload will be instant. Otherwise, it proceeds with regular upload.
  • Multiple Upload Types - Basic, Flash and HTML5
  • Download Page - When you generate a link to download some files it redirects users to a specific page where they can download the file. The page is sometimes confusing and with a lot of ads which can be a little bit annoying.
  • Customization Option - you can find a customization section in "Settings", but there are just a few things that you can really customize. Maybe improving this would be nice to allow you personalize your environment (for companies, for instance).
  • Blocked options for the free version - There are a lot of interesting options that are available just for business and pro versions. If you could at least test it before upgrading your version it would help users decide.
  • Lack of PC sync client - Would be great if you could install a PC client that would synchronize your files.
  • Problems when refreshing your files list in the browser. Sometimes it gets slow and you have to refresh the entire page to continue.
MediaFire is suitable for individual users that want to store and maybe share files. It has a good initial space in the free version that can be enough for most users. The same applies for small teams that want to store documents (text, presentations) and share it between members (FileDrop features can help increase collaboration and productivity). If you have a big team or want to store big files you have to upgrade to the business or pro version (the price is interesting).
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Cesare Arienti | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 02, 2016

Mediafire good priced but not very well integrated

Score 8 out of 10
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MediaFire is used sometimes to download files which our clients send us. It's really useful and fast is one of the [most] common file sharing services.
  • A lot of free space
  • Fast downloads
  • Good prices
  • Ads in the free version
  • Size limitations per single file
It's well suited for backups, temporary file sharing and long term storage. It's not well integrated like Google Drive or Dropbox.
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Kyle Farago | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 31, 2016

MediaFire - Simple Web Based Cloud Storeage

Score 8 out of 10
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MediaFire being one of the more long standing Cloud Storage options has good security, and an easy to use interface with high upload and download performance. It give you the ability to publicly share files or folders or just share with other MediaFire users which allow for collab work or to make a place for many users to contribute files to from things such as a wedding or a project. I personally and professionally use these features to provide my clients access to any relevant data ( documents, pictures, etc ) that I have for them for a specific job, or share pictures with friends.

I also have referred multiple clients to use MediaFire within their own systems, whether it be personal or professional. Their paid licenses are affordable depending on your needs and can be billed annually at a discount or monthly at full price for Pro, or Quarterly / Monthly for the Business class license.

The mobile app is easy to use and allows you to quickly back up or restore files to, from, and across your mobile devices and computers and works on all license types.
  • Free Accounts with 10GB storage
  • Fast Uploads and Downloads (your connection speed dependant)
  • Long standing operation and record
  • Easy to Use interface
  • Collaboration options
  • No PC client
  • Free space is on the lower end compared to competators
  • Ads on free downloads - becoming less common with competitors
MediaFire is pretty well rounded overall in terms of usability and application from a single home user to students working on a project or a business sharing files and space with its workers, especially if they travel. About the only situation I can think of where MediaFire may not be well suited is in a medical environment and HIPAA laws as I am unsure whether its security protocols fall in line with their requirements.
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Colin Hong | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 05, 2016

MediaFire awesome for small files!

Score 8 out of 10
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My society (small part of the organization) uploads documents and presentations to MediaFire for students to download. It is convenient and fast. However, it has limited third party integration.
  • Quick and simple file hosting for fast sharing of files in the organization
  • Users can download files without having a physical account
  • Size limitations... :/
  • Distracting ads in the free version of MediaFire
It is good for quick and small file hosting and sharing but not very good when you are trying to share huge files which are common in large organizations. MediaFire has ads on the free version so it may be distracting for users.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 27, 2017

Very convenient way to share with your colleague

Score 8 out of 10
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I have been using Mediafire personally for several years. Since I joined my company we have been using MediaFire in our product management team. We are around 12 people and our manager regularly collects all product documentation and amendment documents in one compressed file. Then he uploads it to our MediaFire account to be shared with all of the team. Since we found this solution beneficial, we are requesting a professional account to get more space and features. We have already consumed around 7 GB out of the 10 free GB.
  • Free 10 GB space which does its job pretty well.
  • The website is so responsive and fast for both downloading and uploading files.
  • Cheaper than others if you want to upgrade.
  • Create links to send it to others.
  • Easy to use and manage all files.
  • Customer support isn't very responsive.
  • Can’t download more than one file at a time from a free account.
  • No live chat nor phone support.
Very suitable and convenient for a small team as we have been using it for ourselves. Uploading is very fast (We have 100 MB upload speed ). Their server supports high speeds regarding both upload and download.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 28, 2017

MediaFire - Simple & Reliable

Score 8 out of 10
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MediaFire is being used by my team of 10 only, but is a great service. It's helped us have a common solution for file-sharing and document collaboration primarily.
  • It is dependable in my opinion.
  • Much more affordable compared to other services with similar capacities.
  • There is a certain level of trust I have with MediaFire for the fact that it has been around a long time since launching its web-hosting services years ago.
  • Some hiccups in the MediaFire folder sync between my computer and the web.
  • Have faced some down/uploading data rate fluctuations.
I would recommend this product if you're looking for a no hassle, affordable, simple, easy to use cloud storage service. I have no experience using their services at an enterprise level but on a personal use level it's, the right one for me.
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About MediaFire

MediaFire is a simple file sharing and storage platform. It allows users to store, share, and view media files within the MediaFire online, desktop, or mobile app interface. The vendor says MediaFire's file storage system is private and secure.

In terms of collaboration, users can invite friends to share files via Facebook, Google, Twitter, or email. MediaFire's collaboration features include folder and file sharing, and controls for who can view and/or edit particular files.  MediaFire supports 200+ file types, including photo, video, songs, and documents.
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