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Melissa Data Quality Suite

Melissa Data Quality Suite


What is Melissa Data Quality Suite?

The Data Quality Suite from Melissa headquartered in San Margarita, helps organizations of all sizes verify and maintain data so they can effectively communicate with their customers via postal mail, email or phone.

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Users have found the product to be highly valuable in various use cases. One of its main benefits is helping users get qualified leads to …
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What is Melissa Data Quality Suite?

The Data Quality Suite from Melissa headquartered in San Margarita, helps organizations of all sizes verify and maintain data so they can effectively communicate with their customers via postal mail, email or phone.

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What is Clear Analytics?

Clear Analytics is a business intelligence solution that enables non technical end users to perform analytics by leveraging existing knowledge of Excel coupled with a built in query builder. Some key features include: Dynamic Data Refresh, Data Share and In-Excel Collaboration.

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Product Details

What is Melissa Data Quality Suite?

The Melissa Data Quality Suite helps users verify & correct contact data at point of entry.

Up to 20 percent of a company’s contacts contain bad data according to industry experts; resulting in returned mail, address correction fees, bounced emails and wasted sales and marketing efforts. The Data Quality Suite can be used to standardize, verify and correct contact data: postal address, email address, phone number and name for effective communications and efficient business operations.

-Verify, standardize, & transliterate addresses for over 240 countries
-Use intelligent recognition to identify 650,000+ ethnically-diverse first & last names
-Authenticate phone numbers, geo-data & ensure mobile numbers are live & callable
-Validate domain, syntax, spelling, & even test SMTP for global email verification

Melissa Data Quality Suite Technical Details

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Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found the product to be highly valuable in various use cases. One of its main benefits is helping users get qualified leads to dealers and validate consumer data, including names, phone numbers, emails, and addresses. This has proven effective in preventing fraud and assisting with marketing efforts. While some users initially faced challenges with data availability and quality, the product has successfully addressed these issues. Users appreciate the simplicity of pulling up public information on real estate properties, although they would like more granular details on homeowner information. Additionally, the product provides property information such as year built, latitude, and longitude, which aids in locating addresses and running lead tests. It has also effectively resolved address data quality issues.

Sales and marketing automation providers have found value in the product's ability to import clean data and correct errors during client onboarding. Furthermore, users rely on the product to de-duplicate addresses and quickly clean large volumes of addresses, including geocoding. Another significant benefit is maintaining current customer profiles for accurate charging and remitting taxes on orders. The product also proves useful for multiple data reports gathering, managing different business data through cloud services, and enhancing production. It facilitates secure migration of big data and faster preparation of reliable reports. Users leverage the product to find records that have recently moved, cleanse and standardize addresses, and geocode records if needed. The product has also been effective in confirming questionable orders, identifying potential issues with customer information, and reducing return mail.

Address verification, data cleansing and standardization are common uses for users who need to match incoming client addresses against a verified list. The product helps reduce wasted postage and mailer costs by eliminating undeliverable mail. Users appreciate its ability to standardize addresses accurately, determine businesses versus residential addresses, and verify existing addresses for improved mail deliverability rates. Moreover, it has been reliable for address verification purposes while ensuring address data accuracy and reducing address variations. The product is also leveraged for address validation, phone and email validations, and reducing bounce rates. Marketing and regulatory mailings benefit from the product's features, such as matching incoming raw data to golden records and automating data reconciliation tasks. Users rely on the product to increase data quality, enhance customer profiles with additional data points, and fix errors in mailing addresses. It serves various purposes such as CASS/NCOAA compliance, deduplication of records, fuzzy matching, smart mover capabilities, and name verification. Additionally, it helps reduce return mails, correct mailing addresses, and standardize addresses to USPS standards.

Users have found the product valuable for correcting addresses in customer records, matching duplicate accounts, and validating input for tax-related submissions. It has proven useful in saving money on mailings, updating data with address changes, and removing duplicate names from mailing lists. The product's features include address standardization, global mover capabilities, and accurately splitting combined first and last names. While users may not frequently use it, they find it helpful for searching for people or businesses. Many customers integrate the product's API into their platform to perform fast, third-party checks on customer-provided addresses, ensuring compliance with global regulations. Reviewers have praised the product as amazing and highly recommend it for companies needing to verify customer information for process streamlining. It has demonstrated its ability to pull accurate information from incomplete owners lists. Users rely on the product to validate the quality of client information for their business needs. In addition to address correction and coding, real estate investors utilize the product to quickly analyze potential properties by accessing residential property data. In the warehousing and fulfillment industry, where shipping accuracy is critical, the product helps verify addresses to avoid typographical errors and ensure shipments reach the correct destinations. By providing valid addresses for shipping, it reduces chargeback costs resulting from shipping errors. The product's various features, including CASS certification, NCOA compliance, email appends, phone appends, reverse email append, reverse phone appends, and identity resolution, streamline business operations. Users rely on the product to standardize addresses from user input and ensure consistency across their data sets. It is widely used for address standardization and validation in both real-time and batch processes, offering a cost-effective solution. Furthermore, users benefit from quick address entry using the product's features. The Listware tool provided by the product effectively reduces duplicate records, improving matching algorithms and reducing costs associated with direct mail marketing efforts.

Responsive and High-Quality Customer Support: Many users have praised the platform for its responsive and high-quality customer support, with multiple reviewers specifically mentioning their positive experiences with implementation and customization support.

Variety of Functionalities within Data Quality Suite: The availability of a variety of functionalities within the Data Quality Suite has been highly valued by users. This allows them to perform multiple actions using just one software installation, providing convenience and efficiency.

On-Premise Version Option: Users appreciate the option for an on-premise version of both the Data Quality Tools and GeoCoder, as well as the ease of use from a developer's perspective. This flexibility in deployment options gives users more control over their data management processes.

Outdated and Confusing User Interface: Many users have found the user interface to be outdated and confusing, requiring a significant amount of time to get used to navigating through it. The lack of intuitive features and the outdated design contribute to this issue.

Low API Success Rate: Users have reported a low success rate when using the system's API, with a failure rate ranging from 30% to 35%. This inconsistency in API performance has caused inconvenience for users who rely on seamless data retrieval.

Lack of Documentation: Users have expressed their desire for better documentation that covers various aspects of the system. While customer support compensates for this lack to some extent, many reviewers believe that comprehensive documentation would greatly assist them in understanding all features and functionalities without having to solely rely on support assistance.

Based on user reviews, the Data Quality Suite receives the following common recommendations:

  1. Contact Data to discuss specific needs. Users recommend reaching out to the approachable and knowledgeable team for personalized assistance.

  2. Utilize the software for address validation. Users suggest using the Data Quality Suite for reliable address verification and standardization.

  3. Take advantage of customer support. Users emphasize the importance of utilizing the customer support offered by Data, recommending contacting their support team for any questions or concerns.

Users also highlight other positive aspects of the suite, such as its stability, ease of setup and use, good data quality, and effective capabilities in handling multiple data. Additionally, reviewers mention the company's overall reliability and express satisfaction with the pricing and performance of the MD product.


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The suite helps transform data, ensure quality, and automate data pipelines, enabling consumable data at any scale. It provides new variety of approach to profiling, preparing, and pipelining data. It assist in transforming and delivering usable data for insights and analytics as well as monitor the quality of data iteratively as the data pipeline evolves.
  • It provides ability to profile, discover, and validate data quality.
  • It allows to drill down into larger amounts of data.
  • It automatically suggests possible quality rules based on a statistical profile of the data.
  • It can expand connectivity to apply adaptive data quality rules to any data source.
  • It can employing more advanced transformation techniques to transform data for specific formats.
  • It can further continue on its existing capabilities like providing more enriched data curation.
The platform is best suited for detailed exploration and filtering that allow users to examine the specific records that pass or fail a criterion and how they might relate to each other. It also assist in seeing past jobs and compare how quality has changed, providing more context than just point values.
  • Data profiling
  • Ongoing data quality assesment
  • Visual guidance
Data Quality (6)
Data source connectivity
Data profiling
Master data management (MDM) integration
Data element standardization
Match and merge
Address verification
  • Accelerated data transormation
  • Increase collaboration
  • Automated processeing
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