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What is MemberSuite?

MemberSuite in Atlanta, Georgia offers their eponymous AMS platform, touting integratability with other applications and software systems as one of its foremost features.

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MemberSuite is a software solution that has helped users to streamline their daily work and solve several business problems. The product …
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What is MemberSuite?

MemberSuite in Atlanta, Georgia offers their eponymous AMS platform, touting integratability with other applications and software systems as one of its foremost features.

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MemberSuite CRM Module Overview


MEMBERSUITE - Come See Our AMS at ASAE Demo Day


MemberSuite Event Management AMS Module


MemberSuite is the last AMS you'll ever have to buy

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What is MemberSuite?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

MemberSuite is a software solution that has helped users to streamline their daily work and solve several business problems. The product offers a central database to manage all aspects of an organization, including tracking memberships, event registrations and billing. Users have been able to eliminate the need to maintain multiple spreadsheets, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced human error. They have also been able to automate many processes that were previously done manually or with several steps, enabling them to be more effective.

MemberSuite has provided significant time savings by tying together information from different places into one system. This solution has helped users solve business problems such as too much information in various un-connected systems, which can be difficult to manage effectively. MemberSuite has helped users who struggle with their financial reporting process by making it less burdensome and more accurate. In addition, MemberSuite's Advanced Search function has been extremely helpful for users to report out on projects and mine data. Overall, MemberSuite is a tool that helps organizations improve their day-to-day operations by providing a centralized database for data management, automation of manual processes, and helping them better understand their membership data.

Customizable and Adaptable: MemberSuite is highly customizable, allowing businesses to alter the setup to meet their specific needs. Many reviewers have appreciated the system's flexibility and adaptability to unique association requirements.

Excellent Reporting Function: The reporting function within MemberSuite has been praised by many users for its excellence. It allows them to easily pull data related to program development, marketing, and member services for decision-making purposes.

Responsive Support Team: Members of the support team at MemberSuite are responsive and helpful in answering questions and addressing concerns. Several reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of customer success reps, who take time to explain answers with quick response times to support tickets.

Poor Customer Support: Users have consistently reported terrible customer support while using MemberSuite. They feel that the support team acts like gatekeepers, preventing other teams from fixing issues and not doing proper testing on things before putting them into production. Some users also report that customer support is of very little use when there are issues with financial or fundraising modules.

Not User-Friendly: Many users find MemberSuite difficult to navigate and not intuitive at all. There is a steep learning curve in the beginning, and customizing reports can be complicated for non-tech people. Additionally, the software has a complex format to create items within the system - especially events - leading some users to develop complex workarounds that slow down their day-to-day business.

System Glitches: Several reviewers have reported glitches as being common with MemberSuite, particularly after system updates which can break some features. Additionally, despite improvements being made over time, there are still areas of concern for users who believe certain aspects could use additional attention and development.

Users make the following recommendations based on their experience with MemberSuite:

  1. Speak to current users with knowledge of the finance and fundraising modules for comparison shopping. It is advised to consult existing users who have experience with these modules to gain insights and compare MemberSuite with other options in the market.

  2. Conduct thorough testing before going live. It is important to thoroughly test MemberSuite before implementing it fully. This ensures that any issues or discrepancies are identified and corrected beforehand, leading to a smoother transition and optimal performance.

  3. Consider the size of the organization's membership. Users advise taking into account the size of an organization's membership when evaluating MemberSuite. It is recommended to assess if the platform can effectively handle the volume of members and associated data, as well as meet the specific needs of different membership categories.

Overall, users suggest being proactive in seeking user feedback, conducting thorough testing, and considering organizational requirements such as size when implementing MemberSuite.

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