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What is Fortinet FortiExtender?

FortiExtender is the wireless WAN offering from Fortinet.

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What is Fortinet FortiExtender?

FortiExtender is the wireless WAN offering from Fortinet.

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Score 9 out of 10
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We added this Wireless WAN in our company to assist all of our departments as well as to provide us backup when our cable network gets failed due to any of the causes. It is great in providing us backup in critical situations and is also managing some of the department’s critical processes. We are integrating it with other Fortinet security.
  • the coverage it provides us is amazing.
  • It is secure and this is one of the basic reasons to choose this WAN solution.
  • The stability of it is another plus.
  • Installation is very easy and can be done even without the assistance of any technician.
  • It is good when any problem occurred in our fiber cables but when it gets problematic then there isn’t any way out for us and its graphic interface is not helpful.
  • Its support team is useless and didn’t help in any regard.
  • The price is not in our favor.
any large or small company who needs a 24/7 network and wants to have a secure network as well then it is one of the finest choices which they'll definitely never regret. I admit that we took a long and evaluated a lot before buying it but the ease, security, and great coverage it has provided us is enough to praise it and makes it worth appreciating.
Score 9 out of 10
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We have installed Fortinet Forti Extender in our company a year back and it helps backup our fiber cable. and it is helping us out in managing our critical processes in case of any mishap and if our internet connections run out. It is great with great signal strength. and its integration helps in [providing us more secure.
  • It has provided us ease of integrating it with other devices most specifically Forti devices
  • It is quite stable and is much secure.
  • It provides us with comprehensive support in backup connectivity.
  • It has excellent coverage and it is something most essential for us.
  • Not effective to work with PoE.
  • Unjust Price.
  • GUI of it is complex and is not much beneficial in case of any trouble.
Fortinet is great for the big companies that can't afford any network problems and must have some backup network connectivity tool. Fortiextender is stable, provides strong signals, and is a much secure tool. and I think it is a perfect backup solution and we are using it as a secondary solution and are utilizing it for almost daily purposes.
Score 9 out of 10
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Great devices from Fortinet if you need to have mobile 4G coverage in those remote branches, even for the main connectivity or for the backup connectivity as in our case. We do believe these devices provide really good service, as signal strength even in a remote location gets enough bandwidth for daily operations of the whole branch. Also Fortinet FortiExtenders are well integrated into the Fortinet security fabric, which provides that extra layer of security.
  • Good coverage
  • Simply integrates with other Forti devices
  • High security standards
  • Top-level stability
  • Doesn't work too well with PoE; always use power supply
If you have Fortinet's SD-WAN solution, this might be the perfect backup solution, as we switch over to 4G in case our primary network fails by using these extenders. It works in around two or three seconds to establish the connection backup. Also we do use it daily as secondary link to utilize a mobile connection for non-business-critical tasks like PC patching so we don't have an affect on the primary link of the remote branches.
Score 10 out of 10
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We currently have FortiExtender's installed at our facilities to back up our Fiber and Cable services. It's primary purpose is to ensure uptime for credit card processing and other critical services when an outage on hardline internet connections is down. Our facilities are located well away from population centers, and the FortiExtender has allowed our business to function through multiple outages in the last 3 years.
  • Direct integration and management through the FortiGate Firewalls we use.
  • Easy SD-Wan implementation in the FortiGate platform.
  • Can be installed in a separate area of the facility from the Firewalls, allowing the installation location to be determined by Signal, where a USB modem would have to be plugged directly into the Firewall at it's current location.
  • When there is a problem, the errors provided in the GUI are unhelpful. In order to have a chance of solving most issues I've come across, you need to be comfortable with the CLI.
  • Most products in the FortiGate product line do not offer POE power support. The Extender requires POE and has no internal battery. This requires a switch or injector between the extender and the firewall. In the event of a power outage, you lose the extender if you don't have it plugged into an adequate battery. As it's installation can be in a different location then the FortiGate, this can be a hassle.
FortiExtender requires a connection to a FortiGate firewall. If you are a FortiGate shop and are looking for a 4G backup connection, then there is no reason to look elsewhere, the direct management from the FortiGate, the ability to use usage statistics and status in your SD-Wan config are worth it. If you do not use FortiGate firewalls, then please look elsewhere, you can not configure this device independently.