MindManager is a mind mapping tool that aims to boost the user's productivity. It helps with planning of any type of project. for Managing an Academic LaboratoryI use MindManager in three main ways (1) setup a weekly dashboard for activities and goals (2) organize specific collaborations including, tasks, milestones, etc and (3) to help write papers and grants. For the latter I use MindManager to generate outlines for different sections of grants and papers and fill in details either as topics or associated notes,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,Very easy way to setup a visual "Dashboard" for weekly activities. Much more flexible, interactive and interesting than a simple to-do list Great way to organize collaborations with topics for each project goal and individual tasks. Great way to generate outlines for papers and grants. Each topic can be a specific section and subtopics are piece of information that need to be put there. Then it's easy to rearrange until the structure and flow of the paper is set. From there the actual writing is much easier,I would like to be able to readily select groups of topics and apply formatting e.g. circle three topics and have them collectively outlined or colored Would be nice to have a small collection of the icons that I use most frequently in a group on the top bar so I can easily drag and drop Its a bit cumbersome to generate custom formats I've had trouble configuring this latest version to attach emails from Outlook which was a really useful feature for my dashboard,1 to 10,9,My weeks are better organized and am therefore more efficient and more productive My collaborations are better organized which makes them move quicker and more efficiently. Brainstorming for new papers and grants is more efficient with Mindmanager and therefore I spend less time writing.,Its difficult to organize more than a few collaborations with a spreadsheet. My lab has at least a dozen active collaborations at any given time and Mindmanager provides an easy overview of all of my collaborations. This way I can visualize the status of projects e.g. which tasks are underway and which are in the queue. The completion icons and coloring help highlight progress and areas that need attention.,The Power of Team MindmappingEvery consulting and business project involves a number of mind maps covering all manner of topics but especially good in strategy and digital transformation and large projects. It is the best problem solving, brainstorming tool I have ever found,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Enterprise Collaboration Knowledge Management Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,If you have large complex problems or projects where people struggle to see the connectivity between initiatives, the whole picture and where their part fits into it. MindManager can provide a perspective to meet every stakeholder's needs. Good problem solving prevents people/teams from jumping to solutions but rather forces a tight problem definition and a generation of all of the possible solutions to that problem and then an assessment of these potential solutions to arrive at the best one to execute. MindMaps is the best way to do this. In design thinking you need a tool that can help with both the divergent and convergent thinking processing required by the team. MindMaps is the best tool for all the processes in a design thinking project. Any creative problem-solving exercise requires analytical/linear thinking and non-linear thinking - this is where MindMaps excel.,Learning/Exploring all of the features in MindManager and the best ways of doing things with it. All of the templates provided/shown are a bit basic and do not demonstrate the power of the tool for that application (relying too much on knowledgeable users). I am actually pretty happy with MindManager that way it is - simple but with endless use case possibilities. Presentation options for when presenting to Corporate clients.,1 to 10,10,Use it as a key tool in every consulting engagement and every business project especially the more complex ones,We use it for every client engagement and project. Sometimes a Mind Map is the only way to help people see a picture/project fully and all of its inter-dependencies. For creative problem solving and Design Thinking projects Mind Maps are an essential tool because it can do both divergent and convergent thinking processes so well. Most people and teams are good at the convergent, structured, analytical processes but often the real power is in the divergent, non structure more free flowing team processes which can then be rationalised with structured and more analytical processes.,MindManager makes me look good!I am not aware that my organization as a whole is using MindManager. I discovered MindManager a few employers ago and have brought it with me wherever I go for my own project management and organizational needs. I have purchased it for myself if the organization itself won't purchase it for me. That's how important it is to my workflow.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,I love the ability to filter a map based on various attributes. It makes it much easier to distill or prioritize information especially as the maps get more complex. Being able to turn a map into a Gantt chart and/or an outline depending on the situation and the audience really prevents a lot of unnecessary effort in reformatting all the time you have put into a map. Love the newer ability to share a link to a web browser interactive map with people who do not use MindManager. Makes it much easier to convey the intent you had when creating the map (expand/collapse, etc.) to someone who doesn't have full access to the features of MindManager.,Over the 9+ years that I have been using MindManager, the application has added all functionality that I have longed for. My biggest one was having to use Microsoft Visio whenever I needed to create a flowchart. Now flowcharts are included as a map type, so I'm good.,I’m not sure,10,I have saved lots of time that would have been spent spinning my wheels at the beginning of a project trying to get clarity on what I was trying to do. I used MindManager to map out a website migration and it really helped me improve the quality of the migration by allowing me to track the status of pages (ie. what had been migrated, what still needed to be migrated, what shouldn't be migrated at all).,I'm not even sure where to start because I have used it for this purpose so many times. I have benefited from it personally by getting clarity in my own head as to what needs to be done and how to break things down into smaller tasks. I have also benefited from it professionally when I have used maps to create process flow charts, or migration tracking documents and showed these documents to managers or leaders. They are always impressed with the quality of the work and how professional yet easy to read/understand the outputs are. In short, showing my MindManager work to others makes me look good.,Microsoft VisioMindmanger ReviewIt is used primarily in the IT organization as a part of the Requirements ingestion and Project ideation.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Problem Solving,Excellent at helping to brainstorm ideas. Intuitive and simple interface. Excellent tool to help to provide a more concrete representation of abstract ideas. Great integration with MS Office applications.,Project management capability was a bit weak. Template and map creation is somewhat difficult.,1 to 10,8,Time savings. More effective communication of ideas and concepts.,Great use of contextual information management (tags, group of tags, icons, attachments, links, notes). There is great integration w/ MS Office (Outlook, Excel). Excellent time saver and provide quality visual management capabilities.,Lucidchart and XmindMindManager Review - Great for organizing thoughts and visualizing an argumentWe use MindManager to better communicate work flows and processes, document decision-making, and think through a variety of scenarios. We also use it to outline content before creation.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Problem Solving Task and Project Management,Excellent at helping to brainstorm ideas Outlining an argument or research piece before constructing it Makes it easier to weight various scenarios and options in a decision making process,Some of the formatting could use improvement Make some of the controls more user-friendly,1 to 10,10,Improved decision making process Improved documentation Outlining,Allows you to better visualize an argument as you are constructing it. Helps to visualize a workflow or business process. Also helps to visualize and organize thoughts in a brainstorm session or in the decision making process.Manage Your Mind (and the minds of others) with MindManagerWe mostly use it for action mapping sessions to determine course learning objectives, business goals, etc. Subject matter experts would, on their own, say that learners need to "just know XYZ," but action mapping enables us to facilitate a discussion that leads these subject matter experts to realize that learners need to "be able to do XYZ" instead. This software enables us to have this conversation.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Problem Solving Project Planning,Very easy to drag and drop map elements to quickly reorganize and reorient topics. The interface is insanely intuitive. Even a novice user can be up and running in minutes. The ability to open maps in IE for folks who don't have MindJet installed on their machines is a critical feature.,A cloud version that enables collaboration on any device by any user would be welcome. Tighter integration with Google Docs, MS Office, etc. would be a great bonus. I'd love to see a tablet optimized version for on-the-go mind mapping.,I’m not sure,10,Enables us to develop more focused training based on behavioral outcomes due to more strategic planning.,I was able to map out the course content and learning objectives of a suite of courses that I had developed. I then was able to use the map to illustrate redundancies in the current courses and make recommendations for tighter course redevelopment. MindManager enabled me to better articulate my value proposition to key stakeholders.,Xmind, Lucidchart and Microsoft VisioGreat program but a learning curve.Our department uses it to help with PI nursing projects such as accurate patient weights, discharge planning, or patient flow. It allows us to stay organized and present all aspects of the problem and possible solutions to the other team members We plan on expanding its use to other departments in the future and I will assist with the education since I think this is such a valuable tool.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Problem Solving Task and Project Management,Organization Clarity Detail oriented,Easy of use for beginners Sharing capabilities with those that don’t have the program Sharing between users in a cloud based system,I’m not sure,9,Improved presentation Improved quality Improved patient outcomes,This program makes it very visually appealing during presentation to other members of our team. However, for those not familiar, it can seem a bit overwhelming or cumbersome. I believe more members of our team are growing fond of the program due to its organization and presentation ability. Newer members are learning to use it sooner due to its values use.,MindManager is an Excellent Tool!We use MindManager to map each client household. All personnel views the maps, while 3 people create and update information. Use of MindManager provides a user-friendly visual map of our clients' accounts, personal and family details, goals, finances, and outside professional contacts. I'll print to pdf for our President to view on her mobile devices while traveling and prepping for client meetings.,Strategic Planning Process Mapping Enterprise Collaboration Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management,Excellent visual tool to quickly assess and summarize a client's financial position. Great tool to map and branch processes. This has been a great aid in brainstorming internal processes. Easy to update; the process of updating client information reinforces memory and knowledge of our clients.,It's not always easy to interpret and visualize margins for printing.,1 to 10,10,Huge time saver. Improved quality--deep dive on client information. Excellent resource for quickly identifying "holes" in client information. It's easy to see what we're missing.,Our financial planning group performs comprehensive wealth management for our clients. There are times when clients don't understand why we ask for details they don't feel are relevant to the investment management side of the relationship. We'll show that client the areas of missing information (i.e. CPA information and why we invest with tax implications in mind) to encourage forthcoming communication and facilitate relationship building. Great tool!MindManager for BrainstormingIt's mainly used in the Technology Centre for capturing projects with multiple activities. It is not widely used; mainly used by technical managers. MindManager is a great tool for getting ideas and structures onto a single sheet. One common use is to capture ideas from "brainstorm" type meetings where multiple ideas and paths are discussed and need to be captured.,Brainstorming Meeting Management Task and Project Management,Structured approach to recording brain storming sessions due to ability to have multiple paths on the map. Easily able to get complex situations mapped onto a single page. Allows activities to be dragged and dropped to different sections of the map. Good visual approach to knowledge management.,Formatting options could be improved. More templates would be useful.,11 to 50,8,Improved visualisation of our objectives. Improved quality of information management.,In brainstorm-type sessions, information can easily be categorised based on the paths created in the map. This easily allows different ideas and information to be compartmentalised which allows information to be put in the correct place. Also, the expand and hide functions allows the user to decide the level of detail they wish others to see depending on the audience it is being presented to.,PhD = almost done!I am a PhD student, acting both as an independent research investigator and as a research assistant for my advisor's projects. I use MinManager to model relationships between concepts as I discover them in the scholarly literature, and to construct concept maps for presentations and publications.,Brainstorming Process Mapping Knowledge Management,Many formats of maps available Reasonably intuitive to "play around" with and figure out,I'd like to see a function where finalized maps can have all white space in the map be automatically reduced or minimized (good for use when sharing the map in print format),I’m not sure,8,Easy to convey a large amount of complex information to non-experts quickly,See previous answers.,Great project management application!MindManager is slowly being adopted as a helpful kickoff tool for new projects. We are able to identify the goals of the project and the attributes needed at a high level.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Knowledge Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,Project planning, being able to quickly identify tasks. Solutioning across multiple departments at a high level. Process flow visualization.,Workflow creation functionality.,51 to 100,7,Saved time Identify tasks quickly,We were able to quickly and easily identify tasks and user stories that would need to be put into a formal agile format.,,10,,Developing workflows Outlining processes Go live prep,Go live prep Agile sprint planning Change Management,Project timelines Project workflows Team organization,10,Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Visual Studio Team System,No,Product Features Product Usability,I wouldn't.,Don't know,not sure,10,Self-taught,Yes it was very easy to use without training.,10,I did not have to configure this product,I did not configure software.,10,No,I've never needed it.,thought process flow planning,gnat chart,9,10,10,10,n/a,Microsoft visio,File import/export,10,Work with your IT people.,10,10,Was not part of this.,Was not part of this.,Not sure.,N/AI don't understand all of those words and lines, give me a picture!We use MindManager for large scale projects to create a "40,000 foot" view to easily see what's going on. From there we can navigate to a subproject to discuss or get a visual of what needs to happen. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, this is what we use to create our picture. Bringing a large detailed gantt chart just gets blank stares and little understanding. Bringing a visual presentation from MindManger to a meeting allows everyone to easily see what's going on or verify that everything is accounted for. We also use it on a smaller scale to help with brainstorming during meetings. It's so much easier and faster to use it than trying to write on a board. Adding priority and catagorizing on the fly with a nice looking clean interface is great.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Knowledge Management Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,When there's too much going on we'll use MindManager to create a list of things that need to be done, categorize them, prioritize them and assign. When anyone asks what or how we're doing we can SHOW them. It's so much easier for them to see what's going on but when they see the map they can see that we're organized and our approach is well thought out. Editing views is a lot easier than other programs we've used. I've sat for countless hours trying to get the right shapes to fit right or to get the lines to go where I want them to go. I like the themes. Instead of taking a blank, boring view each time and trying to dress it up later I can start with something appropriate and it looks nice from the start without any extra effort. The interface is intuitive. It's easy to navigate and it looks nice. I don't like using programs that look 20 years old.,More shapes and themes. It has a lot, but more is always better.,1 to 10,10,Having a large scale project visualized in MindManager is priceless. Departments and contractors can easily see what's going on from the moment they see it. The export form Excel helps one of our planners save an enormous amount of time.,We are very visual. MindManager helps us create those visualizations quickly and easily. Without MM it would take too much time to create something of value. These visualizations make all the difference in the world for us. It's hard to imagine not having these images or how we operated before. It's like a cell phone, you thought you didn't really need it before but now you can't live without it.Taking the complex and making it simpleMindManager mapping is used primarily by the board to map complex and/or lengthy proposals/reports to create more concise and logical communications for the consumption of other board members, partners and employees. The maps allow a focus on the pertinent aspects to enhance speed and effectiveness of decision making regarding strategy and allocation of resources.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Education & Training Enterprise Collaboration Knowledge Management Task and Project Management,Easily facilitates organization of thoughts in a visual manner. The visual mapping triggers additional ideas and questions to be pursued to assist with creating a more holistic approach to strategy development or prioritization. MindManager provides multiple avenues for quickly converting maps to different media such as powerpoint or word documents to best present the pertinent information to whatever audience necessary if map presentation itself is not the most effective approach. Ability to link to other media/documents within the maps and apparently unlimited ability to "nest/link" to other maps allows management of fairly complex and intertwined strategic and tactical components in a logical fashion that allows whatever level of simplification is required for targeted audiences. MindManager support personnel make themselves available for tech support and offer visits to your site to assist with making the most of the tool without being a nuisance by repeatedly contacting if you do not need the support. However they drop an email once a quarter or so to let you know they are available if needed. Good approach. Able to save maps as a .PDF to minimize file size for sharing digitally.,Biggest problem has been not being able to allow other board members and/or staff without mindmanager software on their computers to edit existing documents. Typically have to save as pdf and forward to larger team for view and comment. Nowhere near a show stopper but would be great if software was as universal as powerpoint or excel. I do dislike the "MindManager upgrade" message I tend to receive over and over. My existing version of the software is more than adequate - one reminder each year that a new version is available is sufficient.,1 to 10,8,Most recent example: Initiated a committee to set direction on how to most effectively assist the working poor and at-risk populations within our five county region. Mind mapping allowed the team of 10 - 12 people to absorb the ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained Employed) data for the region and determine which groups were most at risk and which groups State and Federal funds my be able to most effectively assist. Three to five maps allowed adequate data absorption by the team to set the 1 to 3 year strategy within a relatively short period of time and start implementation. Have used the tool in the past for strategic planning for corporate business teams in areas of profit management, quality performance, business reliability, safety improvement with varying degrees of success. Typically the mapping process has contributed greatly to both defining the strategy and implementing.,One example: Had reliability responsibility for 30 to 50 facilities globally. Used MindManager to capture all critical systems located within the facilities, past performance, present issues, opportunities to improve. The visual approach of the maps allowed this to be done even in areas where there may have been some language difficulties. Also the visual approach greatly facilitated sharing learnings from one facility to another and from country to country. Once facility-specific maps were in place and validated they were easily used to make spending and budgetary decisions and serve as basis for prioritizing resources across the grid.,Excellent software for Creative non-business types.MindManager is not a tool that is being adopted by my whole organization, but my use of it to give visuals that correlate with data is what has prompted my department to adopt this tool for a pilot program. Being one of the largest departments in the state of MN the biggest problem we have is getting new employees up to speed with how all the government organizations/programs interact with one another. Using MindManager has made this much easier.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Knowledge Management Meeting Management Problem Solving,MindManager allows me to plead my case for more resources, show when there is scope creep, illustrate how complex a topic is, or to present high-level documentation that can be expanded to give the most granular steps/details. MindManager can be leveraged to take the detailed notes of an analyst inside the basic visual overview that upper management cares about. MindManager can export all the diagrams you build into HTML maps that will contain all the documents, images, graphics, and structure created in the tool. This eliminates the requirement of a proprietary tool needed by the recipient of the mind map to see your exports. Anyone can see the maps in the same way you built them. MindManager is excellent in purveying complex scenarios in easy to understand diagrams.,Dashboard Wizard - There is a bit of a skill set required and knowledge of conditional formatting. A wizard would help you set this up with examples and guided questions to get the content you want on the map. New sheet from a topic - XMIND has the ability to have a topic open in another tab as a central topic. All the maps in XMIND are within the same file, no linking to external maps. MindManager allows you to import a map as a topic but with it you need to either import the content from the map which will be forced to take on the attributes of the parent map, or just link to the other map. Multi Tab maps in MM would be awesome. It is one of my most used features in XMIND and keeps everything in one place. Re-Ordering of topics in a flowchart for presentation in HTML5/PowerPoint/Word export - One item, in particular, that would put this product over the top is being able to re-order the topics in a process flow so it can be used more effectively in a presentation. Process flows are constantly changing when you get new information. If you edit the map by adding or putting a topic in between two earlier topics the presentation mode will not focus on that topic until the end of the presentation. If you put a topic at the end of the flow the presentation will jump ahead and then go back. It would be nice to omit parts of the flowchart from the presentation as well. Additional export types for the output of a flowchart would also be handy. The export to HTML5 is excellent, and so long as you manually click from topic to topic it is functional and impressive. But it is lacking the fine-tuned polish and sub-features that would really put it over the top and make it useful for distribution to people other than those intimately familiar with the material. More documentation on how to create Macros. Outlook HTML formatting support without a plugin. The reformatting of email in MM can make things more confusing. Record or attach audio to a topic. – Sometimes training or narration need to be a part of a map. Many tools implement this natively nowadays. Play video from within a topic or in an integrated window. – Video is also commonly used now to eliminate the need for documentation. It would be nice to watch and add notes or just include in a map. SnagIt Support – I thought I remembered this in earlier versions. I cannot seem to create a link between MM and SnagIt anymore. Start with a truly blank map (a sandbox) and be able to place any type of topic on the screen and build anything. Xmind Zen is essentially doing this now. Filter using images/icons. Create image/tag/color legend on map. When legend item is clicked focus on the topics that have the Legend item properties. Would be great in HTML5 output. Un-filter a filtered HTML5 export using a toggle on the HTML Map. When sending out a couple example maps to people unfamiliar with the usage they did not know that there was more content available and made assumptions based on only what they saw. An alert notifying the map is filtered would be nice on the output. Flowchart to Visio Export Exporting to Word/PowerPoint - If you could bring the same level of control to these exports that you did to your HTML5 exporter you would have all the bases covered. Unless I define my own word template the output from a map to work has a messy feel. I really like to do business analysis with maps. I bring in map parts when defining evidence types, scope statements, and requirements. I drag the map parts to the map and define all the info my branches ask for when I include evidence. I would love to be able to export my maps to Microsoft Word and have a great output for my Issue Analysis, Requirement Documents, Traceability Matrix, etc. While I have found ways to make this work and quicker for me I have talked to others that would like to see things perfectly laid out on export that do not have the time to do the tricks and tweaks I have become used to over the years with word templates. It would be nice to have strong export support for Word and PowerPoint documents. Something more visual perhaps that lets a user preview how their export will look before they execute it.,51 to 100,9,Mindmanager lowers the amount of time I need to explain myself by a considerable amount. Mindmanager saves time in training and explanation of objectives by allowing a visual top level and deeper dive notes if needed,The majority of my work is analyst based, and I constantly try to show my superiors/coworkers how I can leverage MindManager to take the detailed notes of an analyst inside the basic visual overview that upper management cares about. They can choose to expand any details they care about and ignore the rest. My notes and research are all contained within the topics ready to use. It is also an excellent way to purvey a status. Anyone that understands mind maps knows that the messier and larger the map the greater amount of information and/or chaos there is. I use mind maps to plead my case for more resources, show when there is scope creep, illustrate how complex a topic is, or to present high-level documentation that can be expanded to give the most granular steps/details. I find a ton of uses for these tools when it comes to communicating complex scenarios so people can more easily consume the information.,XmindMindManager. Simply indispensable.MindManager is really good at the project brainstorming and planning stage. Its visual nature is ideal for creating a work breakdown structure and enabling the team to see the entire project at a glance. I use the org chart map layout to design that. Compare that to a dedicated project management tool like Microsoft Project. I’ve seen project managers open it up and start entering rows of project tasks into the program’s Excel-like spreadsheet. As a result, team members see the tasks but not the context. That’s lost in the endless rows of project data. That’s one of the real advantages of MindManager: You can see tasks in the context of the overall project – the forest AND the trees, if you will. Once the tasks are defined, information regarding task duration, resources, and dependencies can be added in MindManager. Finally, the project design can be exported to another tool such as Microsoft Project for finalization of the plan.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Knowledge Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,Creating a Work Breakdown Structure. It is easy and fast. Then, using the Gantt Pro tool, one can manage the project and assign resources and dates to work packages. MindManager's drag and drop functionality offers the possibility of combining multiple projects into one program and can even help you perform resource leveling across multiple projects. Stakeholder Management. MindManager has many built-in templates but one I like to use if the Stakeholder identification template. It makes identifying, classifying, and managing stakeholders as easy as it gets. Brainstorming. There is nothing as convenient as a mind map tool for simple brainstorming of ideas. Mindmanager excels at this. Turning a map into a written document. I used MindManager to brainstorm, plan and compose an entire white paper, complete with graphics. Then, all I had to do was export the document to MS Word. Formatting was all taken care of.,If it had a more comprehensive project management capability that allowed for a complete replacement of MS Project, that would be great. Better integration with Evernote; my other productivity tool. Updates to the old cloud-based Mindjet Files feature at that I first purchased in 2012 would be greatly appreciated. If I am using a client's computer without MindManager, I want to be able to access and render newer format files seamlessly. This would involved continued support for Flash Player, but I think it is warranted.,1 to 10,10,It has allowed me to deliver results to clients in cases where a lesser tool would have failed. Managing a Lean Six Sigma project and storing all project artifacts within the mind map has been extremely useful in my work. I have saved time by using the mind map of my deliverables as the central feature of project reports to cleint.,I use MindManager to visualize my client base. I take advantage of its many features to identify opportunities with existing clients and track completed work. In addition to its many work-related features, MindManager has been a great tool for vacation planning and other personal projects. One type of project I do is manage complex proposals. MindManager allows me to have all proposal documentation available within the single mind map and execute the proposal project, along with the structure of the proposal itself, with its visual Gantt chart.,Visualization, Collaboration, and Ease of Use - The Triple PlayWe are using MindManager in our department. We have several use cases for MindManager in our group. 1) Process Flow: We use MindManager to collaborate across our North American team to build, collaborate, and publish new processes designed for our channel organization. 2) Presentations: I use MindManager when collecting my thoughts on a presentation. I can visualize the topics, the flow, and put it all together before going to a presentation tool. 3) Meeting Notes: I use MindManager to capture my notes and organize them following the meeting. It is easy to identify To Dos, next steps, and plans. It is easy to share these with the extended team. Overall, it allows us to share information much more effectively than with paper, Word docs, and other docs that do not allow easy collaboration.,Brainstorming Process Mapping Enterprise Collaboration Meeting Management,Collaboration- MindManager allows our North American team to collaborate on process flows and To Dos across multiple time zones and any hour someone wants to access files. Visualization- It is easy to see all relevant information on a single pane of glass. Before MindManager, I was always toggling between applications or flipping through multiple pages of a virtual document to find the information I was looking for. Now, I can see it in one place.,I would like to see feature parity between Windows and Mac. Macs are prevalent in most organizations and the lack of parity causes issues between users.,51 to 100,9,Time Savings- MindManager has allowed us to save time by removing redundancy. We can now share notes in a single map. I estimate that we have saved 25% by sharing information in a single location. Quality Improvement- Prior to MindManager, I would open PowerPoint or pull out sticky notes to start building a presentation. Now, I start with MindManager and start brainstorming on objective of the presentation, expectations of the audience, topics to cover, and visuals to add. I know the flow and effectiveness of my presentations has improved because I have seen the feedback.,Lucidchart and EvernoteMindManager keeps your focus on constructive and creative outcomes, not on how to use the application!MindManager is used by a few users in the Corp/ICT team but I'm the primary user. Once others see the simplicity and effectiveness of the product, it often drives adoption elsewhere. MindManager is used in a number of capacities, often commencing as a brainstorming tool, followed by planning, and as the plan matures it becomes a project monitoring and management tool. It is also used for process flowcharts, org charts and the like.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Meeting Management Task and Project Management Project Planning,Simplicity - 'Enter', 'insert' and 'drag and drop' go a long way in MindManager. Achieving basic user competence is very easy and once the user is 'hooked' they will seek out more advanced functions. Visualisation - templates, guides and examples. This is not unique to MindManager but it looks impressive from the time of opening to the finished product. Perspective - MindManager has the ability to provide different views of the same information to easily undertake reality check and priority reviews. Project management - The Project Management features are useful, especially the integration of Gantt Charts etc.,Gantt Charts could be more customisable and easier to use. It doesn't always display as intended and some manipulation can be required. More advanced features can be a little fiddly (but this may be more related to the user). Cannot Save as PDF currently so printing to PDF is required. Not a major issue but a deficiency.,1 to 10,10,MindManager is a tool to create clarity, understanding and visibility in anything. As it can be used so early in the process, it is not always easy to directly attribute the benefits to the the application itself. However, it is a sure way to turn chaos into order in a structured way. Not easy to put a value on the ability to convey information more effectively, to drive adoption and engagement initially then monitoring and execution subsequently. It won't create a great strategy but using it as a tool to assist makes it so much easier.,Making a start is often the hardest step in working through an issue, solving a problem, creating a strategy or documenting a project. I often say that I don't think from the top left of a page to the bottom right and this is where MindManager excels. Just start with whatever comes into your head. It will lead to the grouping of related concepts and items. Then drag and drop them together. Keep the process going and apparently from nowhere the path begins to emerge. Thinking is not linear (for me anyway) but this is where bringing strategic and process oriented people together can be so effective. It's a great feeling to see something emerge from nothing, chaos become order, clarity emerge from the 'noise' etc. The start is just another part of the puzzle and it may emerge quite late in the process. Clearly some of this is related to mind mapping rather than the specific application but MindManager is a great tool to assist and document the outcomes.,MindManager is the Ultimate Visual and Virtual AssistantMindManager (MM) is not being used professionally in our organization (team-wise). However, I use it for process mapping, org charts, and other data-driven infographics to help the engineering supervisor, leads, and team operate more efficiently. MM is invaluable for working on the ECN process, mapping out projects, recording meeting minutes, and helping to distill information across an entire team and/or department. MM solves several business problems, ranging from project management, project requirements, task management, meeting minutes, SharePoint mapping, presentations, documentation, and seeing the big picture and small picture. It provides executives, team leads, supervisors, and employees [a way] to assess a situation accurately, manage that assessment, and provide visual feedback to other employees.,Brainstorming Process Mapping Knowledge Management Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,MM is particularly suited for Corporate and Business Mapping because it taps into a person's visual understanding and its power to standardize learning and education is unparalleled. MM is an all-in-one Productivity Tool, possibly the first of its kind. In its early days, it was cited as the sixth member of MS Office and that was a well-stated idea. Imagine being able to visually map out data and content, update it visually, exporting it to MS Word/Excel/Powerpoint, interact with MS Outlook, and interact/work with MS Sharepoint? This is the perfect tool if you use Windows, MS Office, MS Sharepoint, or MS Outlook! MM is a personal (Virtual) assistant for me, it allows me to focus on creative thinking, brainstorming, and ideation so I can compete in the Marketplace. I use it to create Worksheets and Cheat Sheets to remember data, crunch numbers, and assess any situation with the most informed decisions.,The only problem I see with MM is learning how to create Templates and change the "visual" aspects of how a map looks.,1 to 10,10,I have never been late in almost 20 years of working in several industries and for several companies!!!!,I benefit from organizing information, structuring content, and developing strategies. I have used it for infographics, structuring data for an executive presentation, and many other scenarios. I used it for building a presentation and corporate mock-ups for AT&T, Dell SecureWorks, Jabil, and Verizon.,MindManager streamline my day to accomplish my dreams.It is used in all aspects of management, organizational overview, and ministry processes and planning.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Knowledge Management Task and Project Management Project Planning,Organizational Layout. Processes and procedures. Long and short range planning.,None that I can think of.,1 to 10,9,In visualizing goals, it gives a pictorial reminder of where we are and where we are going. In laying our ministry process schematics, it becomes much easier to follow the process, flow, and follow-through.,I used MindManager to visualize many processes in the church such as visitor greeting and followup. I also use it for implementing strategy determined at the board level. I have used MindManager to visualize my discoveries and applications from studying the Bible for preaching and teaching.,Great for the Professional and for the student to keep track of everything in life.MindManager is being used by me personally. My company does not use the software. I use it to lay out diagrams of books that I study for certification exams that are a part of the job I do teaching. It helps give me a good picture of everything I need to know to pass these exams.,Process Mapping Education & Training Knowledge Management,It lays out information in a hierarchy that makes it easy to understand. Colors and designs make presentations quite pleasant to look at. It has great exporting features to export to HTML so everyone can view a map at their convenience.,In the org chart, I have not figured out (if possible) to add a side bar (e.g. the president's secretary reports to the president, but vice presidents don't report to her). Better printing functionality (I know it's difficult with large maps, but more than 2 page height would be good). Sorry, no other complaints. Program is excellent for my uses.,1 to 10,10,Saved time in studying for exams. Gives me a visual outlay of the topics. I love going back and looking at old maps to refresh my memory on things I've learned.,I have used MindManager extensively for studying for both certification exams, and for preparing presentations for work. It gives me: an orderly view of everything I need to accomplishit opens and closes different branches as necessaryallows me to design maps that are easy to read and share with othersIt is a great solution!,Microsoft ProjectGreat tool for increasing productivityWe use MindManager extensively to develop annual plans, concepts, ideas and monitor progress across the year. The recent tools such as Gantt chart and time-tracking are very useful even though one would wish it to add more functionality in visualization and navigation.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Knowledge Management Meeting Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,Our minds work best when you think visually. MindManager helps create a visual network of ideas, processes and concepts. I find the ability to use branching, subordination and networking options in the Mindmaps. These simulate neural networks that make it easy to understand and follow through complicated issues during planning. Keeping a track of annual goals, objectives and activities while assigning resources is one of the most productive aspects of MindManager that helps keep a track of progress during the year.,Need better functionality when using Gantt charts. Adding and managing resources is a little cumbersome. Sharing and collaborating on maps is still a bit complicated and I have not been able to achieve it with single-system licenses. In the times of cloud computing, this level of collaboration should be made available to everybody irrespective of a specific type of license.,1 to 10,10,Improved planning process. Improved productivity. Streamlined project management.,We have been using mindmap for project management and country program planning, reporting and management for our research and conservation programs. We also use it extensively to develop and discuss ideas, plan publications, and keep a track of tasks assigned to team members. We find however that the files get too slow to work on with several nodes, and there can at times be substantial lags especially in the presentation modes. Otherwise, sharing,Easy-to-use way to capture, organise and share ideas, with useful additional functionalityI use MindManager to capture and organise ideas: it enables me to set these out in a logical structure, and the visual representation is helpful in giving an overview perspective. The ability to export maps in formats that can be shared with others - and 'walked-through' as presentations - is very useful (e.g. summarising workshop outputs). The functionality of MindManager has developed significantly over the past 2-3 years (the 'training webinar' programme is helpful in introducing these). There are opportunities to continue to develop the application further (e.g. more intuitive, Help function) for a simpler user experience, and this might require more of a step-development than steady improvement - but this is a possible direction for the future rather than a limitation of the current version.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping,Enables clear, logically-structured visual articulation of ideas, with easy re-sorting of the structured visualisation Tags and flags are useful in categorising and filtering information Task management is good, e.g. linking (and synching) tasks with Outlook, Gantt charts, progress reports), so MindManager is useful in organising and implementing non-complex projects,More intuitive menus / functions Better Help function (more fully integrated within the application),1 to 10,9,More effective communication /sharing of ideas Helps with organising and structuring ideas / thinking in a logical and visual way Recording key points of discussions / outputs from workshops,Capturing and sharing workshop notes and ideas from brainstorming sessions,LucidchartStrategic analysis and work breakdown made easy!MindManager is used by many people across the entire organization. Within my area, it's used for requirements analysis, software feature breakdown, product development, strategy analysis, to-do lists, and some project planning.,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Knowledge Management Problem Solving Task and Project Management Project Planning,Integration with Microsoft Office. I can import emails easily and I can export maps in multiple formats to PowerPoint and Word. It works great as an outline building tool for Word documents, as it is a more visual way to work. Presentation mode is great. I can walk through a map easily and communicate to my audience more interactively. Livens up presentations. Map linking to other maps. This helps greatly in work decomposition so that I can maintain a master map that links to other more detailed maps. Good way to organize my work and still provide a good overview of the entire project. Adding icons and tags is very easy, and MM provides a good list of built-in icons to use.,Free-style layouts would be nice. I'd like to move sections of my map around freely to create a less symmetrical map (i.e. not-balanced). Integration with Visio beyond just image export. Many of my colleagues create diagrams in Visio and it would be useful to exchange information without having to resort to exporting a static image. Useful when using some of the new types of diagrams available in MM, such as flowcharts and venn diagrams.,I’m not sure,8,Product development and strategic analysis are core areas that have improved by using MindManager. I am able to provide rich information in a well-organized fashion to both team members and executive stakeholders. This has aided in several major initiative being approved.,One benefit was in creating product road maps. The tool allowed me to quickly setup and communicate to stakeholders the vision and strategy our products would take on. The addition of business diagrams to the new version of the tool is very useful as this expands the audience for my maps beyond my immediate peers.MindManager Adds GPS to Your MapsCurrently I'm the beta fish for MindManager; beta testing solo for use by our team here, and then fighting for it. For 30+ years I've been using 'mind mapping' techniques, starting while at UW, then progressing through various versions of the software. Incredibly happy with what v2018 offers today (have maintenance package for the 2019 upgrade but yet to install). Much an analog man for early brainstorming on sketchbooks or whiteboards, all ends up in the software. MM allows for simply moving a branch of a map onto its own. As I hold various roles I need to link maps as I get more granular... I find sharing a map a few levels down is simpler for me than fiddling with a large map, but I haven't tried the new HTML exporting, so I could be behind the bus on that. MM also has an intense, immense and impressive ability for me to CODE AND SORT tasks for whatever I need. Beyond the obvious who/what/when the ability to code and sort tasks by font/color/icons/etc/etc/etc means allows for an insane amount of control. Implementing dashboards is next, so that specific people look at specific things. GANTT I believe will become my new best friend. Looking forward to sharing via the html functionality with non-MM users. Brilliant strategy to get power users work out there and give a taste to the uninitiated. Mindjet partner Olympic Limited sells an add-on that makes the above easier. Kudos to Mindjet for their partners. Regarding Corel, I'm glad they purchased Mindjet! I fondly recall how 30 years ago utterly intuitive Wordperfect on the NeXT platform was daily, as I struggle with MSO. Good on the folks at Corel to pick up these gems. TK,Strategic Planning Brainstorming Process Mapping Knowledge Management Task and Project Management Project Planning,Super easy to use; everyone gets the basics and the power behind mind mapping. Incredible flexibility to grow/expand on ideas and then to link them. Dashboards and Gantt charts are polished.,Multi-monitor support...could be my setup here but I struggle with super large maps and I find using a set of linked smaller maps to be less grief than scrolling around a large map but I would highly prefer seeing the bigger picture. That or some hotkeys to improve using a super large map.,1 to 10,10,$400 for the ability to do a project mapped out or hierarchical. Ability to lay out all the tasks and Gantt them - included. Ability to share maps with anyone with a browser - included.,I'll keep it simple: the ability to easily, intuitively add/move topics and tasks around so fluidly isn't possible in Word or Excel,True BelieverSo far as I am aware, I am the only person in my unit who uses MindManager. I have shown maps during meetings and presentations. Some colleagues express interest, none enough to follow up with me about whether and how they are using mind maps in their work. Which is, IMHO, too bad.,Brainstorming Process Mapping Education & Training Meeting Management Problem Solving,MindManager is my go-to first step for any serious writing I do. It is the best tool I have for keeping track of how my thinking evolves over the life of a piece of work. Excellent tool for organizing and delegating discrete tasks in a meeting. I use argument maps in seminars.,Arms are too rigid. Would like to be able to move connections around more easily. More flexibility in hierarchies. I would prefer less predetermined formats.,I’m not sure,10,I write faster and more accurately. Mindmaps are excellent for teaching. Maps help me keep meetings on track.,I am primarily a university teacher who gives instruction in music performance. I have a library of Mindmaps that I share with students that allow us to explore technical and musical concepts. This technique lets me focus lesson time on actual playing. More important, the students have a set of heuristic tools that enable them to learn independently--and they frequently come back with ideas to add to the maps.,
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About MindManager

MindManager helps individuals, teams and enterprises do the right work, faster and better, by simplifying the way they capture, process and share information. Transforming unstructured ideas and data into dynamic visual maps, MindManager says it gives people a clearer understanding of and greater control over their time, work and world.

The vendor says that MindManager’s flexible, intuitive design supports freeform thinking, fluid organization and holistic understanding; its cross-platform functionality and third-party integrations enable a more streamlined, seamless work experience. Millions of users across thousands of global organizations brainstorm ideas creatively, plan and execute projects efficiently, communicate knowledge effectively, and drive more positive, profitable business outcomes with MindManager.

Key capabilities and benefits include:

- Creativity & Problem Solving
- Boosting Productivity
- Information & Knowledge Management
- Task & Project Management
- Business Planning
- Process Management
- And much more

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