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September 17, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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As a Mobile Device Management program, what was showcased was pretty slick. It featured all the things we were looking for to lock down our fleet of mobile devices (iPads/iPhones). It allowed remote management, document pushes and application installation all from 1 point. But what was showcased was very different than what we ended up with.
  • With complete honesty, nothing.
  • Support.
  • Better Help/FAQ section.
  • Specific descriptions of what fields/settings do.
  • Specific descriptions of what settings will affect.
  • Better onboarding process.
  • Actual training and orientation sessions (PLURAL), not 1 hour of talking and send us off with well wishes while they take our money.
If 0 was an option, I would have selected it.
I quote: "professional and advisory services for deployment and support." These OFFERS made us want to proceed with a contract and use the software. After the signature line was filled in, the "professional and advisory services for deployment and support" never showed up.
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July 21, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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It is being used across the entire organization. It addresses the need for security on our end points.
  • Easy to use management interface.
  • Very strong control of iOS and Android devices.
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Active Directory for authentication.
  • Support - Current support tickets route to India and you have to wait 24 hours to get a response asking which time zone you prefer.
  • Time lag between application pushes and deployment.
  • Technical expertise of support is lacking until you reach the final level of escalation that can easily fix your problem.
  • Support site for documentation/knowledge base is below average. On several occasions, links are provided to pages from technical support would have been impossible to find as self-serve.
MobileIron is great in an environment where you have Android and iOS devices. If you only have iOS, you are better off with a competing product that starts with the letter J.
MobileIron Professional services is a MUST. Alex who worked with me directly during this deployment is one of their best technical consultants and I would not have been able to deploy MI without her help. As I mentioned in this review, the support site with documentation and the associated knowledge base is below average and even if you read it cover to cover, you will need professional services to walk you through it.
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May 22, 2020
Christopher McCarthy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We use MobileIron to secure company cell phones issued to doctors and extenders that need access to email and other resources on the go. Our primary reason for purchasing MobileIron initially was for email encryption and phone security. Being able to manage users access to business resources and be confident that a lost device would not result in a regulatory infraction.
  • Securely delivering email.
  • Enforcing phone security policies.
  • Providing management and visibility of mobile devices.
  • At this time, we have had users have issues with their devices checking the servers only if they use cellular and not WiFi.
  • Getting into additional features beyond the basics is not as intuitive as we would like.
  • Notifications and notification conditions could be broader to allow more types of alerts.

In our case, we needed a basic security solution for securing mobile devices and data being sent and stored on them. MobileIron offers a lot of additional features that we have not even started to take advantage of. For someone looking for a mobile device management solution that also offers business functions I would say MobileIron does a good job.

This use to be an 8, but we have had recent issues with MobileIron and Android 10 not being supported without a Google Enterprise installation. As we are a small business this has complicated our deployment.

Our organization has not made use of MobileIron's client services including professional and advisory services for deployment and support. We have been happy with technical support resolving matters in a timely fashion. They were unable to integrate Android 10 natively with their product and were not very helpful in getting a Google Enterprise solution setup.
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May 19, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use MobileIron to secure our BYOD and Corp mobile devices across the entire organization. One of the challenges many companies, and ours, deal with is securing private data, especially on portable devices such as tablets and cell phones. With MobileIron, we are able to keep better track of the status and location of each device. If one is lost, we are able to remotely wipe the device, keeping our data safe from those who should not have access to it. MobileIron is also able to apply restrictions to devices, lowering the chances of the users accidentally sharing that private data.
  • MobileIron has a very clean and simple to use interface. I have used other MDMs throughout my years and MI is the most intuitive of the bunch.
  • iDevice management is well done. Though all MDMs have the same access as the others, MobileIron makes it easy to implement with clear descriptions of what each option does.
  • The technical support is, for the most part, very professional, friendly, and helpful. There are still many things that I do not know how to do with MobileIron, but I am confident I can find an answer with the help of their support. The same cannot be said for other products within this realm.
  • Documentation is hard to find. Most of MobileIron's (MI) documentation can only be accessed through an MI account. This, in itself, is not a problem. The problem is locating specific information. Typically with other MDMs, a quick google search will point you to the location of the documentation within the official website. The way MI has their documentation locked down, I cannot find anything I'm looking for through a google search. Also, there were times documentation is locked by permissions and links provided by support are inaccessible to me due to these restrictions.
  • Sales - The sales team can sometimes come off as not genuine. I understand the purpose of sales is to sell and make money for the company, but the approach sometimes feels artificial; they say they have to company's best interest in mind, but the push for a sell like a car salesman.
  • Many of the automation options are not explicitly available into MobileIron Core. I have to use a special scripting language to make MI do the things I need it to do, such as automatically retire devices that have been inactive for 60 days.
Due to its ease of use, any organization that does not have a dedicated MDM Admin would benefit from MI. When I came into my current organization, I had no experience managing an MDM. With the help of our MobileIron Rep and some handy learning tools, I was able to easily get a handle on navigating and using the tools within a business day or two. For a small IT team, MI will make your life easy.
When I began working for my current organization, I had very little exposure to managing an MDM. MobileIron was initially very daunting, but with the assistance of our local rep and an engineer he put me in touch with, I was able to become quickly comfortable navigating and using the tools within a few days.
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May 12, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use MobileIron Core (on-premises) to manage iOS devices for COPE (Company Owned, Personally Enabled) and single use devices. All mobile devices with access to our network or corporate services are managed by MobileIron through the IT department.
  • Security is excellent. We are able to manage and protect corporate information and it integrates with our existing requirements and practices. Enforcing secure passcodes and device lock/location services enables us to track all assets.
  • User experience is much improved as we can easily migrate users to new devices and there is consistent branding and app availability. When a user enrolls, their assigned apps are automatically deployed.
  • With iOS devices, zero-touch deployment and configuration is a reachable goal.
  • MobileIron provides excellent sales and post-sales service. In addition, their support model is excellent and we've never had a significant down.
  • The Core product's UI is very much in need of a refresh, but it doesn't get the love because most customers choose the cloud product, which looks entirely different.
  • Splunk integration does not work well and requires a lot of manual intervention. The Splunk MIApp doesn't work out of the box, at all.
  • There is no longer a mobile app for system management. It existed once upon a time, but is strangely missing in a platform that is all about mobile management.
For devices that require single-app mode (iOS) deployments are easy to manage. We are also able to control which OS features are available at a very granular level. What is often lacking are good guides illustrating how to implement certain features - for example, setting up single-app mode for the first time is not intuitive and should not require opening service requests with the helpdesk.

The tools for remote support require a lot of effort and have made implementation of this capability a financial decision instead of a technical one. By this I mean that it's better to request budget for professional services than to invest mine or my team's time, which makes it far less likely to get implemented. Things that cost money and require justifications to the finance team are disadvantaged from the word go.
MobileIron's professional services are at the top of their game. During deployment, there was no challenge too great despite some complexities that needed to be addressed during integration. I've found this to be consistent regardless of the person involved.
The help portal is extensive and contains a ton of good information, and it's gotten better. Support requests first go to "MobileIron Experts" who are not employees, but power users/integrators with real-world experience. They almost always resolve the challenge quickly, and you can escalate support requests to MobileIron's team at any time. I was skeptical of this model at first, and have since learned to trust it.
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May 27, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Manage mobile POS devices to limit access to managed apps on the devices, make sure that company policies are fulfilled, manage and deploy software releases on the devices, wipe lost devices.
  • Wiping devices.
  • Force device check-in.
  • Dashboard for large amounts of devices.
  • Instant app distribution.
  • Dashboard of installed releases.
  • Contribution with Google Playstore.
MobileIron is a good solution to manage a high number of devices that should use identical apps and policies. Therefore MobileIron suits very good defined possibilities to reduce access to system critical settings on the devices.

Nevertheless it's a little bit complicated if you want to be sure that app updates should only take place in non-business hours because settings are very limited here.
We had a few workshops with our MobileIron implementation partner, so that we get a very good insight in the functionality and the possibilities of MobileIron. This helped us a lot to understand the functions and to get deeper in the special settings, especially in the context of our usage.
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September 06, 2019
Matt Segreto | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We currently use MobileIron as a mobile device management tool. It is used to provide email to company phones and allows for deploying email to BYOD devices in a secure container. Company devices also gain the benefits of a 'store' of applications that users commonly consume and deployment of needed certificates for device authentication.
  • MobileIron has a very easy to deploy architecture. We reviewed other products before making our business decision to deploy MobileIron, and one of the reasons we selected MobileIron was due to the ease of deployment, the low footprint, and the ease of configuration.
  • MobileIron has a broad range of customizations and add-on products that make it an ideal product for a number of additional use cases. None of these use cases got business backing at BH Media, but Docs@Work and Apps@Work are two features that would make MobileIron an ideal tool for a customer who needs to allow BYOD or company devices the ability to access documents or applications without VPN.
  • MobileIron is supported by a large number of devices and their operating systems. In a company which allows BYOD devices, you can't always control what device a user is going to bring in. MobileIron has support for older devices and OS versions and is also quick to adopt newer devices, so a new device isn't shut out in the cold waiting for a vendor to update their software.
  • During upgrades to the Core server when a device loses contact with the Core, the MDM profile is removed from the phones and when installed back unique user customizations are lost. If a user has unique customizations this should be stored in the Core DB so that when redeployed, the customizations are added back too.
  • Android devices do not have the best mail container. The email+ feature is an add on. If this is selected then a user must rely on the native mail app for androids which is often difficult to use. iOS and other devices do not have this required add-on. This android add-on should be native to the software.
  • Android devices have a hard time handling user password changes. The passwords are cached on the android (natively) and MobileIron will quickly lock a user's AD account out. This causes our Enterprise Service Desk a headache dealing with these devices. If MobileIron flushed the credentials from an android or injected the new credentials into the android cache (which it appears to do for iOS) this would not be a headache.
MobileIron is a great tool for mobile device management. It is well suited for deploying mail to devices, as well as providing security/compliance items to a device (require a passcode, install certificates). The store app is also great for pushing users to specific, needed apps without trusting them to find the correct one in the store. MobileIron is not well suited for environments which do not restrict access to mail or use a cloud-based mail provider (such as O365) as the native apps make it easier to get mail from these sources than to manage an MDM environment.
We have not used the MobileIron professional services. We have used MobileIron support in the past and during the initial deployment and the staff is very knowledgeable and responsive. MobileIron support tickets are quickly handled and the online knowledge base is full of good documentation and guides. We do not have any issues getting the support we need when we need it.
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September 09, 2019
Roy Urick | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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MobileIron is used on all of the mobile devices that we provide to our associates. We use it to track the assets, phone numbers, and installed apps. It also is VERY useful to determine the security status of the device, and whether it is configured appropriately, as well as enforcing security protocols on the devices. MobileIron is especially helpful in distributing official apps to allow our associates to most efficiently utilize the device in their day to day use.
  • App management
  • Device management
  • User experience management
  • Location services are not always accurate, often not reporting in a location in over 72 hours. Enabling "lost mode" should force the device to send its location with each subsequent check-in but it does not.
  • Managing tags could be improved.
  • Note the above problems may not be totally the fault of MobileIron, as our devices are 100% Apple, which doesn't always allow vendors full access to the devices.
MobileIron works wonderfully in geographically distributed environments. IT helps ensure compliance when you cannot be there to verify yourself or if there are just too many devices to keep up with.

The deployment option of work-owned and personally-owned devices is great. If they are work devices and the device is lost, all data is erased when you initiate a remote wipe. If it's a personal device, work data is stored in a separate container and only that data is erased when you initiate a wipe of the company data after the associate leaves the organization.
Their professional services are excellent. They provide good value for the services they provide. We were assigned a very competent engineer who carefully researched our needs, outlined the scope in great detail, and then executed the work quickly. He followed up a little while later to make sure the project was completed as expected, and then we were able to close the job.
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September 07, 2019
Vedran Djukic | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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MI is implemented company-wide to securely provide access to company email, calendar, and custom-built applications. We use it to secure over 800 devices from Wyoming to West Virginia, approximately 250 devices are setup as kiosk devices for multiple users. MI has provided a good MDM platform with reliable support and great response time.
  • Reliability and speed of the MI support staff.
  • The online portal is extremely responsive, easy to use, and clean.
  • Apple DEP integration and configuration is easy to setup and use.
  • Setup and registration for users are intuitive and any issues are easily identified and resolved.
  • Looking for a way to secure certain apps and have a clear separation between business and personal information.
  • The troubleshooting and log analysis process needs tuning. Requiring users to send log info that should be tracked innately is problematic.
  • Docs@Work needs better reporting, we have been trying to figure out how many users utilize it to no avail.
  • Cost
I would recommend MI for smaller companies with more personalized setups and techs that would provide individual help. AD integration is a little lacking and assigning multiple groups with multiple setups is not intuitive. 800+ devices is difficult enough to admin for. If it was more than that, I don't think MI would be appropriate.
Advisory services for MI have been extremely helpful during our transitional phase and have provided adequate service afterward. The only issue I would report would be if the issue is not easily identified, it tends to be difficult to get an update or response. The logging service is not intuitive either and should be changed to better serve users and identify issues.
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August 29, 2019
Lenyn Diaz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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It is used across the whole organization to provide management of mobile phones and iPads.
  • Easy configuration of iPhone using Apple DEP
  • Ability to control what apps are allowed on phones as well as pushing required apps
  • Securing devices by requiring a password and data encryption for access to corporate resources
  • Android set up could be more streamlined like Apple DEP
It works really well with company-owned iPhones set up using Apple DEP. The Android out of the box set up could use some improvements. Android BYOD works really well with a separate work profile on the phone that keeps personal apps and data separate.
We were using MobileIron Core and migrated to MobileIron Cloud. Professional services were great in helping us get set up in the cloud environment. They helped establish a game plan and set us on the right path to accomplish the migration.
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August 27, 2019
Efrain Orsini Jr., MSM, SecurityPlus | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
We support and provide services to companies who utilize MobileIron. So I manage the MobileIron environments for those companies.

We also utilize our own instance for corporate devices. I manage that instance as well. For all parties, it addresses the issues of managing mobile devices and company property while allowing users to still have freedom of their phones.
  • Reporting - between Assemble and the newer updates they do a really good job on reports
  • Updates - usually when a new version of iOS comes out they support it quickly and efficiently
  • Custom searches - I enjoy the capabilities for custom search of devices or users since we get some different requests for each company we support
  • Ease of use - compared to AirWatch, MobileIron is a little hard to use and view, but it has improved
  • Cloud instance doesn't have the same settings as on-premise currently
  • Even with the cloud instance you need something on premise to support connecting to some Microsoft products
It's great for UEM; multiple types of devices including Windows and Mac computers. It can also support things like Raspberry Pis. The cloud instance has made significant improvements from when it was initially debuted, so I think that will be really good in the future.

If you're deciding between on-premise or cloud, know that the on-premise version currently has some additional features.
When there is an issue that we can't figure out or we want to put in a feature request, MobileIron support has always been good to me. I have submitted over 75 tickets or feature requests. All of my tickets have been answered and issues fixed, and some of the feature requests were implemented quickly.
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August 24, 2019
Sienna Archibek | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We use MobileIron to manage our fleet of iPads, with MobileIron we are able to push apps to our devices.
  • It is easy to push apps and other content to devices.
  • It is nice to have different permission groups for different devices.
  • I wish that you could track the device's location easier and see where they are located when you want to disable them.
Well suited for managing ipads.
We haven’t used these services.
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August 14, 2019
Marcus Porter | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We are using MobileIron to manage our mobile devices. This is managed by the Endpoint Engineering team, the solution addresses the zero-touch issue we were having with our previous UEM.
  • MobileIron does a good job of inventory reports.
  • Pushing profiles across our company.
  • The user interface is not very intuitive and seems dated.
  • We are also in the process of migrating to AWS and it appears that we can not transfer our current environment.
MobileIron is best suited for companies looking for a solid UEM solution.
Zero Touch was a huge step forward for our org.
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January 10, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use MobileIron as a full-blown Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for over fifty thousand company-owned mobile endpoints. We utilize the tools for application management, remote wipe for lost/stolen devices, and data protection use cases as well as managing security policies on devices.
  • Remote wipe capability
  • Application management
  • Support services
  • Could use more capabilities in the wifi security space
MobileIron is a fully functional MDM that fulfills our security and mobile device lifecycle use cases at a fairly large scale. MobileIron also has some key partners and integrations that we rely on (that I won't name here but are easily found). In my opinion, it is well suited to all the basic MDM use cases in the industry.
The team has expressed some dissatisfaction with support services encountered to date. We did utilize some prof services to get started and it did help get the implementation rolling quickly and efficiently.
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August 31, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use MobileIron for the whole organization. It helps us manage all of our company-owned and user-owned mobile phones.
  • Ease of application deployment across multiple platforms
  • Advanced security policies to lock down mobile devices
  • Flexibility of deployment profiles and policies
  • Some applications lack flexibility in deployment options. This could be related to application developers themselves but some essential and popular applications like Outlook for mobile are still very hard to configure compared to others like Gmail.
We don't leverage all the features that MobileIron offers but I can see how it can help an organization in providing a simple yet powerful BYOD experience for a company.
We have not used deployment services but the support services have been used more than once and we are very satisfied with it. They also use a community-supported tool so you usually get an answer from a community expert very rapidly before their support staff actually responds. The official support also responds pretty fast and resolves the case with no issues most of the time.
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August 31, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Mcdean uses MobileIron as mobile device management for company iPads and personal smartphones. It is used company-wide, the IT department manages, installs, and troubleshoots issues. We track devices, pushing security policies, email configuration, applications to devices, ability to remove passwords/unlock if needed or remove email or app, update software, manage network settings and restrictions like what you are allowed to use and what you are not, or what you are able to install or not, send messages to devices or lock remotely or put in a lost mode and add message for the lock screen. Check all settings on devices and device information, storage used and current software version and app versions, update remotely.
  • Pushing security policies and email configuration is the main example of what we do and it always works great
  • Creating different labels and push needed application is very convenient, works fast.
  • Locating devices and locking them when lost, sending messages helps to locate lost devices.
  • Distribution of paid apps through Mobileiron works with some delays and you need to have Gold licenses for this option that cost 50% more. If we need something urgently installed, we just buy, for example, Bluebeam Revu app through Apple VPP and get codes to install manually.
  • It is good to have some pop-up notifications like, "your Apple development license expires soon" on such day so we do not have to look for why it is not working and we can not enroll devices, same with updates
  • Have to work on billing/purchase of licenses through a third party, AT&T in our case and they forget to apply discounts sometimes.
MobileIron is a very good mobile device management platform for expensive company devices so we can manage and track them remotely and for BYOD devices to push email and security features as well as separate personal and company data. It is not cheap and for some devices we use different free solutions like Cisco Meraki or Miradore that do what needs to be accomplished for those specific devices with fewer functionalities.
Professional and advisory services are great, we utilize their online account to create tickets and they respond quickly and help us to resolve issues. They have priority for each ticket and update tickets quickly, you can see progress online but sometimes they change urgent priorities to lower priorities by themselves as after they read the description they decide themselves how urgent it is, time frame for resolution depends on the priority
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August 23, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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It is a secured app used for emails and other applications. It allows me to send secured emails throughout the hospital without violating patient information.
  • Secures emails on my phone.
  • Works well with other applications like Tiger Text.
  • Have to contact a systems administrator to remove the application.
  • Not as easy to install on an android as it is on an iPhone.
MobileIron is well suited for our work in the hospital, but not so much for personal email accounts.
MobileIron has helped my organization tremendously by securing emails and protecting patient information.
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July 16, 2019
William Pavlock | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
MobileIron is being used within our entire organization to deliver, administer and control all corporate mobile devices. Including but not limited to Apple iPads, Apple iPhones and Android devices. It serves to address compliance, control, deployment, security and administration of all mobile devices for business use. Coupled with Apple's Deployment Enrollment Program MobileIron has been proven to be a steadfast MDM solution which has grown with technology changes over the years. It has proved detrimental in providing solutions to common mobile business issues. We've implemented a corporate acceptance policy where no device is connected to our corporate network without MobileIron installed and configured.
  • Removes only corporate information and apps when retiring devices
  • Device registration is intuitive and robust
  • App deployment is simple and unique
  • Ability to limit user control over corporate installed apps
  • Location services for lost or stolen devices is limited
  • More separation between corporate and personal information
Mobile sales force - Well suited and appropriate given the audience. IT resources - Well suited for daily and follow the sun support. Email, calendar and contacts delivery for all mobile devices whether personal or corporately owned. Less suited for finance personnel where mobile devices aren't used for most of their daily work. Since we are a global company the adoption of Mobileiron has been installed and accepted throughout all our country offices. If I had to recommend one MDM solution it would be Mobileiron for its control and administration features.
The client services and support for deployment have been outstanding whether we were installing the product for the first time to modifying the current configuration to adapt a new feature. The services provided by MobileIron have definitely made our company more successful and professional in the eyes of our clients by providing real-time information display with inventory and reconciliation as well as the ability to show clients current and future entitlements. The ability to quickly deploy needed in-house and custom third-party apps keep our sales force on the cutting edge of technology.
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February 12, 2019
Damien Fernandez, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
MobileIron is the EMM solution for our organization. It is deployed for corporate-liable and personal-liable users across the entire org. It addresses mobility, efficiency, productivity and security.
  • Organization: with it's flexible label structure and hooks into ActiveDirectory, MobileIron is effective at applying different policies to different groups of employees, depending on the country they live and work in.
  • Reporting: Generating and interpreting reports is a task that is quickly learned and executed.
  • Adaptability: MobileIron adapts to the changing mobile environment by incorporating and testing up-and-coming technologies such as Android Enterprise and Apple Business Manager (formerly DEP)
  • We are flying blind when it comes to supporting our userbase during registration. We often have to visualize the registration steps they are going through, and there is a need to help them navigate the process. MDM Global Admins need better tools to assist with registration and troubleshooting. E.g. apps like Soti Mobi Connect, which allow us to see what the end-user is seeing during troubleshooting. The Core console should have a progress meter that reports where in the registration process each device is, and possible faults along the way (such as the user entering in a wrong password, or didn't accept an "Always Allow" setting).
  • The process to register a DEP/Apple Business Managed device with managed apps needs to be simplified. E.g. GroundControl without the wired connections
  • Provide global admins with a way to mimic a space admin's level of access. For example, while writing support documents (for our space admins who have less access to Core functionality than Global admins), I first have to test the steps with an individual space admin on the phone to make sure they can access the functionality my document references.
  • MobileIron needs end-point protection/antivirus/antimalware to be an integrated part of the solution. I understand this is already in the works, but it couldn't come sooner.

MobileIron is well-suited for mid-to-large companies and scales well with size. It offers on-prem and cloud-based solutions depending on the needs of the company.

The Core admin console (aside from the Dashboard) could use a rework. It has a dated look and doesn't give us enough information about the device. For example, has the user fully opened all the managed apps or just stopped once email started working? Are they stuck on a specific section of the initial registration process? Are they having an issue with their Apple ID (MAJOR pain point) that is preventing them from downloading the managed apps?

I've only been nominally involved with deployments/upgrades, but for major deployments, our team has benefited from the on-site presence of MI professionals.
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May 16, 2019
Premkumar Nagarajan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
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It is used by the end users as part of their day in and day activities (mail, contacts, calendar).
  • Secure.
  • Streamlined setup.
  • Good user experience without compromising the security.
  • Requires detailed documentation for troubleshooting and log analysis.
  • Requires more features for Android devices.
It is a good MDM solution and it does pretty much what is designed to do. But it does not have the plug and play capabilities of connecting to Azure, unlike other MDM solution. Need Improvements in reporting features.
MobileIron offers good, In-depth documentation for installation, configuration, and setup. In this case, the in-house technical teams can set up the entire infrastructure. MobileIron should also provide in-depth documentation for troubleshooting.
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May 14, 2019
Catherine Biagioli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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MobileIron is made available across the whole organization where ever having corporate email access is needed on a mobile device. Mostly these are corporate issued phones but in some cases employee owned devices are allowed. We have security needs for most of our clients, and we have security standards, NIST, that we need to meet. MobileIron apps allow us to comply with those needs.
  • It does connect with Microsoft Exchange well to provide email access, search functions, and flexibility with attachments
  • Allows proxy access to specified corporate resources
  • Facilitates viewing and some editing of documents securely on the phone in multiple formats
  • There are some outstanding issues I would like to see fixed. In the iOS version the Email+ app doesn't handled failed to send messages.
  • In the Android version of Email+ there are issues with password updates that make it difficult to do.
  • Web@work in the Android version lacks flexibility in authentication method.
It's suited to a secure presentation of email and resources within the corporate domain. Particularly for the individual's email, contacts, and calendar. Not functional for group email or group calendars. Useful for viewing and some editing of documents, but not appropriate as a repository as it does not sync documents. Good for accessing resources within corporate domain, but it can be tricky getting it to work.
Yes, we have used those services for expanding our servers for capacity increases. Also for taking advantage of additional security features on the server platform and to the apps. We are working a system integration with our mobile device inventory management service to increase the efficiency of adding users. We frequently discuss the capabilities and future direction of the apps with our MobileIron representatives.
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April 22, 2019
Samuel Hadid | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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MobileIron is used across the company for managed devices and BYOD. Kiosk and e-mail access among the features we mostly use. Is also synced with our LDAP for automation in app deployment, management, and configurations. It is especially useful with the new integrations with Android Enterprise (AFW); this is now going to allow us to try shared kiosk and ameliorate production environments.
  • Kiosk mode
  • App management
  • Device inventory
  • User management
  • User experience (label, user, configs, policies mgmt).
  • Objects info
  • Search range
  • Filter options
In my experience is a pretty good tool for big enterprises but it requires a lot of backend work for it to work efficiently. It is well suited for AD integration and management, app development vs public source, and devices built per area. For big enterprises that don't have this type of organization, it is pretty hard to implement the solution.
Support is good, though advisory is not present in my area. When we try to implement a new feature or are required to perform a certain change, we reach out to support to get more information on how it could be done. Sometimes it is a little hard to understand the backend mechanisms and that's when support becomes pretty useful.
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February 22, 2019
Andrew Barber | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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MobileIron is used as our primary MDM and we use it to maintain our fleet of Samsung Tablets, Apple iPhones, and a limited number of Android Phones. We use it across the whole organization. It enables us to deploy line of business apps as well as third-party apps to all devices.
  • They do a good job of providing training resources and technical documentation.
  • It does well at keeping track of assets and letting you know if any have fallen out of trust.
  • App wrapping, document management, email management, et cetera.
  • The pricing is fairly steep.
  • Sometimes the labels and policies get a bit confusing.
I think if you were only deploying and managing Android devices then the MDM offering from Google might make more sense. In a mixed environment it is very valuable to have.
I have not been involved in any of these services.
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February 12, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
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My organization uses MobileIron to manage several hundred tablets used for our retail and development experiences. We have relied on MobileIron for approximately two years. We rely on MDM to secure the tablets, update our custom apps, and to remotely manage the tablets (restart, update, etc.). We use MobileIron's web/cloud services to group and organize devices; we also use MobileIron API's to upload app binaries up to the cloud for later push to devices.
  • Tight integration with the native tablet operating system to expose configuration points (WiFi network, Bluetooth status, etc.)
  • Support staff respond to tickets within SLA
  • Frequent email updates about system changes/downtime, etc.
  • Some of the API's we use seem to be under-tested. We've had outages as a result of API's behaving unexpectedly.
  • We see high variability in system latency; calls to API's frequently time out.
  • The web interface is not intuitive for managing devices and device groups. I have to jump between multiple screens to retrieve device status; filters and search results are usually discarded as I move back and forth between pages.
  • I've posted questions to their private forums and did not receive a response. Seems opening tickets is only way to get a response.
For use-cases where owners need to manage a medium to large collection of mobile devices using a web interface and expect to modify device settings/apps weekly/monthly, MobileIron may be useful. For clients who need to use custom API's to upload apps, or who need to modify many devices every day, MobileIron may not be sufficiently reliable.
MobileIron did send a support engineer on-site to learn more about how we use their services. This was appreciated but did not translate into noticeably better service. When we had an outage related to a poorly documented API, it took days to get a solution and MobileIron's engineering staff seemed to consider this API as a side-project, even though it was critical to our business.
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May 22, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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MobileIron is used to secure our mobile iOS devices and push out internally used applications to the whole organization.
  • Maintain a secure mobile environment
  • Keep all devices on the same iOS version
  • Provide access to mobile apps across the organization
  • Upgrading of the system is some times rocky
  • Difficulty of DEP not working when certain things are set up in iCloud
  • VPN tunnel logs are lacking
MobileIron has given us the ability to manage and maintain our mobile devices. It has allowed our users to set up devices without support intervention, allowing for a quick turn around for readiness of the end users. Security within the tool has allowed us to quickly lock down a device that was lost and unlock it when it was recovered. This prevented the end user from losing productivity.
We have not used these services as of yet.
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What is MobileIron?

MobileIron provides enterprise security with their mobile-centric security platform for the Everywhere Enterprise. In the Everywhere Enterprise, corporate data flows freely across devices and servers in the cloud, enabling workers to be productive anywhere they need to work. To secure access and protect data across this perimeter-less enterprise, MobileIron leverages a zero trust approach, which assumes bad actors are already in the network and secure access is determined by a “never trust, always verify” model.

MobileIron’s platform combines unified endpoint management (UEM) capabilities with passwordless MFA (Zero Sign-On) and mobile threat defense (MTD) to validate the device, establish user context, verify the network, and detect and remediate threats to ensure that only authorized users, devices, apps, and services can access business resources in a “work from everywhere” world. The vendor states that over 20,000 organizations, including the world’s largest financial institutions, intelligence agencies, and other highly regulated companies, have chosen MobileIron to enable a seamless and secure user experience in the Everywhere Enterprise.

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