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What is MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey, headquartered in Boston, offers their social media messaging marketing tool to marketers and agencies, featuring chatbots, landing page creation, integration with social ads, and an emphasis on Facebook. They offer a free plan and a paid plan with more…

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MobileMonkey Review

1 out of 10
December 07, 2019
I wanted to use a tool to help automate Facebook page messages. I found them through WordPress, installed the free plugin at first, and …
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Dentist Chat Bot Demo MobileMonkey - Facebook


MobileMonkey Landing Pages Demo


MobileMonkey Builder "Bot Basics" Walk-Through Demo

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Product Details

What is MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey Video

See what you can do with Messenger marketing automation on the world's most easy-to-use chatbot building platform. Connect with over a billion people with chatbot tools like chat blasts, drip campaigns, push notifications, reminders and on-site chat! Get started with MobileMon...
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MobileMonkey Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Ayo Bamgbose, Assoc CIPD, MSc | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
MobileMonkey provides an automated Messenger chatbot service that can be used to respond directly to visitors on your Facebook business page via Facebook Messenger. It provides a free plan and features that allow you to communicate with engaged potential customers on created posts such as Facebook ads and help to build relationships and generate leads through interactive funnels.
  • For small businesses on zero budget - provides a free.
  • A Facebook group community with peers and experts helping each other.
  • To integrate with a lot more business tools.
  • Slow with development of new features.
MobileMonkey is an excellent tool for those wanting to automate their communication on their Facebook business page and having zero knowledge on how to use Messenger and Chatbots. MobileMonkey provides plenty of education, training, and webinars on how to use its features. This tool is great no matter the size of your business, and indeed does help you to understand how to create messenger bots and flow that work for your business and customers.
  • It has saved me a lot of time in nurturing and generating need leads through other tools
  • Peace of mind in knowing that potential customers on Facebook are being acknowledged and directed to where they can gather more information on my products and services.
I have used both ManyChat and MobileMonkey, and I don't personally see any significant difference in what they both offer. I started my Messenger bot journey with ManyChat and wanted to see if there was anything new that provided something different. The thing I do prefer about MobileMonkey over ManyChat is that their training is a lot easier to understand and process.
MobileMonkey support is second to none when you have a paid plan. Always willing to help and make your life a lot easier when you're facing any technical difficulties or frustrations. When I was on the free plan, I found plenty of useful resources that helped me solve my problems, and I could still contact support for help.
December 07, 2019

MobileMonkey Review

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I wanted to use a tool to help automate Facebook page messages. I found them through WordPress, installed the free plugin at first, and then upgraded to the 'Pro' version. Since then I have been using their system to create my messaging bots and integrate them into my Facebook page. Their product does work and there is great benefit to automated chat marketing. However, when a provider company, such as MobileMonkey, cares less about their paying customers and spam/call them to the point of pissing them off like they did with me, it's worth reconsidering if this is even worth it (in my opinion it isn't, because there are plenty of other solution providers in this space).
  • Connect with WordPress through their plugin
  • Good sequencing features (for drips only)
  • Terrible marketing ethics!
  • 6am phone calls to my cell trying to up-sell me
  • Spam galore! I have replied more than 5 times to be unsubscribed, yet they still spam me
They have a relatively large Facebook group/community which can be helpful for new marketers. Their product works well, although it is slow and full of unnecessary design elements. There are areas like "attributes" that you can't even get to unless you go through a series of unclear steps which isn't documented at all. It's obvious that they are pushing their customers to join their Facebook groups to have the community and their affiliates upsell them!
  • It has become a quick sunk-cost due to the amount of time I had to spend ignoring/blocking their unsolicited marketing/communication attempts.
Their terrible marketing ethics. MobileMonkey sent me numerous emails (after I had unsubscribed several times), bot messages on Facebook, and auto-mated e-mail marketing newsletters. It's as if they either don't give AF or their 'unsubscribe' link is fake and does absolutely nothing. They have called me 6 in the morning twice already (all within 4 days!!). Every time they email me I reply with please unsubscribe. Not only they haven't replied to my concerns, but the same person, David Mercurio, their "Senior Account Executive" has continued to spam me, trying to upsell me with his template messages. This is just absurd! I wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I have received less spam from signing up on unknown shady websites than I have from MobileMonkey. Shame on them for creating such an image for our industry!
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We're using MobileMonkey to engage users across our website and on our Facebook page. It's only monitored and used by the marketing team directly. We are trying to solve the engagement problem with our website - getting more people to engage, convert, and become customers. Especially within a services industry where people are not just buying a flat product, the sales cycle can be longer, it can take more to get people to raise their hand and especially as we move toward this customer driven approach, giving them the ability to easily raise their hand is key.
  • Mobile onkey is fun on your facebook page - it delivers customizable chats to people based on what you put in and segments you build
  • MobileMonkey can be placed on your website and not just your facebook page, which makes it a 2-1 product
  • It uses Facebook software which everyone is familiar with as a basis to the platform, making it really easy to visitors to use.
  • Integrations for lead gen -- right now there are no native integrations so while I can have the "semi AI" chat bot, I can't do a lot with the information it gathers from a prospect natively. I can try to use 3rd party integrations but it doesn't connect otherwise.
  • It ONLY uses Facebook messenger -- that means if someone is on your site and they're not logged into Facebook, they won't see the chatbot at all -- there is no backup
  • The reporting is pretty minimal, and it doesn't plug into anything else because of the lack of integrations.
MobileMonkey would be great if you have a really strong social media presence and want to capitalize on people visiting your pages. It's great if you have a tech friendly audience who is not afraid to talk to a chatbot. If you have an audience where they might be uncomfortable or more of an "uptight" audience then it might not be fore you. It's also not great for heavy B2B if your focus is on high level targets as they're likely not logged in to Facebook at work. B2C is probably the best function for MobileMonkey, although it could be used to help field support messages.
  • MobileMonkey has brought in no extra leads or engagement, so the monthly cost we've spent has not been recouped.
  • MobileMonkey is relatively easy to set up and install, so the up front investment is minimal
  • MobileMonkey has not had a measurable impact on conversion.
  • Olark, Drift and Intercom
MobileMonkey is a lot less expensive than both Olark and Drift. We chose MobileMonkey because we were hoping the familiar interface and integration between social and the website would drive more interest which would lead to conversion and revenue. It's more of a chatbot than Intercom in that Intercom is really good for customer support, but MM is a nice way to get people interested by sharing high level data through a conversation that doesn't require a real person. However, Olark, Drift, and Intercom all integrate with the major CRMs and marketing automation platforms which gives them a real edge over MobileMonkey at this time.
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