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What is MomentFeed?

MomentFeed is a localization-based marketing platform for enterprises from the company of the same name headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

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Uberall is a powerful tool that allows businesses to effectively manage multiple locations, ensuring consistent and up-to-date store …
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What is MomentFeed?

MomentFeed is a localization-based marketing platform for enterprises from the company of the same name headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

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Product Details

What is MomentFeed?

MomentFeed’s Mobile Consumer Experience management software promises to help companies with dozens of brick & mortar stores increase revenue by influencing consumer decisions on mobile.

The vendor says that MomentFeed's MCX software is an enterprise SaaS platform that helps clients like Starbucks, Cricket Wireless, and Pizza Hut to engage with consumers 10 times more effectively through the most important mobile networks: Facebook, Google, Apple, Bing, Snapchat, and Yelp.

When you’re on your phone, every recommendation is based on your location. The platform uses that location to help companies with hundreds of stores manage all the marketing, advertising and customer care activities required to make each of their locations a nearby consumer’s top choice.

Retailers, banks, restaurant chains, and consumer services companies have a lot of social pages to manage – 10 to 20 or more for every single store, restaurant or showroom. Using MomentFeed helps companies manage marketing, advertising and customer response for every store, converting mobile consumers to become in-store customers.

MomentFeed Features

  • Supported: Mobile Customer Experience Management
  • Supported: Paid Media Manager
  • Supported: Reputation Manager
  • Supported: Social Media Manager
  • Supported: Location Finder
  • Supported: Visibility Manager

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MomentFeed Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Uberall is a powerful tool that allows businesses to effectively manage multiple locations, ensuring consistent and up-to-date store information across various platforms. Customers have found Uberall to be incredibly beneficial, especially for managing franchise stores and updating them quickly and easily. This includes synchronizing opening times of multiple shops and improving their Google ranking. With Uberall, businesses can also manage over 1000 Google listings and analyze data effortlessly, which increases visibility on Google and ultimately improves overall sales. Furthermore, Uberall helps enhance the customer experience on Google My Business and other directories by optimizing local SEO and providing keyword suggestions for review responses. Users appreciate how Uberall enables quick and easy responses to customer reviews and questions on Google, showing customers that their feedback is being listened to. Moreover, businesses have reported that using Uberall leads to an increase in customer satisfaction by allowing them to respond to unanswered reviews promptly.

MomentFeed is another valuable platform that offers various use cases for businesses. One of the key benefits users have found with MomentFeed is its effectiveness in reputation management. The platform enables users to respond to all online reviews in one place, simplifying the process and saving time for businesses. Additionally, MomentFeed helps businesses maintain a high response rate for reviews, leading to an increase in sales and improving brand reputation. Another crucial use case of MomentFeed is its ability to facilitate social media management. Users appreciate how the platform allows them to schedule regular postings across multiple social media channels, saving them time and effort. Moreover, MomentFeed helps businesses stay connected with local communities by propagating and personalizing social activity based on customer location. The platform also provides real-time access to customers without invading their personal space, making it a silent marketing move that brings in more customer interactions.

Overall, both Uberall and MomentFeed serve as essential tools for businesses looking to streamline their location management processes, enhance customer experiences, improve online visibility, optimize local SEO, manage social media content, and efficiently respond to customer feedback. These platforms have proven to be reliable solutions that solve resource issues, save time and effort, provide excellent customer support, and ultimately drive customer engagement and satisfaction.

Users have made several recommendations based on their experience with MomentFeed. The three most common recommendations are:

  1. Utilize the insightful data shared in quarterly meetings: Many users have found the data shared in quarterly meetings to be highly valuable. They appreciate the depth and detail of the information provided, which helps them make informed decisions and improve their business strategies.

  2. Improve user interface and ease of use: Some users have suggested that MomentFeed could benefit from enhancements to its user interface and overall user experience. They recommend making the platform more intuitive and user-friendly, as it would help streamline their workflow and make it easier to navigate through the various features and functionalities.

  3. Enhance customer support and response time: A few users have mentioned that they would like to see improvements in customer support and faster response times from MomentFeed. They believe that prompt and efficient customer service is crucial for addressing any issues or concerns they may encounter while using the tool.

Overall, users highly value the insightful data presented in quarterly meetings, but they also recommend improving the user interface for better usability and enhancing customer support for a smoother user experience.

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