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The best project manage platform

10 out of 10
September 01, 2022 is the most complete and flexible project manager platform, we already used other options in the market, the main point for me …
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9 out of 10
August 24, 2022
I manage a start up of over 25 acres of production agriculture greenhouses. Within a start-up efficiency is key due to wearing so many …
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User Review: How Competes with Larger Project Management Tools
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Product Details

What is Work OS is an open platform designed so that users can create the tools they need to run every aspect of their work. The visual interface includes building blocks like Apps and integrations, allowing teams to build or customize their work solutions.

Whether users need to streamline a sales pipeline, create a marketing campaign process, run a robust CRM, or build a project management tracker – aims to provide a collaborative space for teams to stay aligned, agile and efficient, in everything they do. offers a 14-day free trial, no credit card required. Features

Project Management Features

  • Supported: Task Management
  • Supported: Resource Management
  • Supported: Gantt Charts
  • Supported: Scheduling
  • Supported: Workflow Automation
  • Supported: Team Collaboration
  • Supported: Support for Agile Methodology
  • Supported: Document Management
  • Supported: Email integration
  • Supported: Mobile Access
  • Supported: Timesheet Tracking
  • Supported: Change request and Case Management
  • Supported: Budget and Expense Management

Professional Services Automation Features

  • Supported: Quotes/estimates
  • Supported: Project & financial reporting
  • Supported: Integration with accounting software Screenshots

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Users Testimonials |
The 2020 Evolution
Use monday workdocs to brainstorm, sync, and collaborate across teams without leaving your workspace. Communicate within the context of work by adding to a Doc — boards, dashboard widgets, and more! Downloadables Integrations Competitors Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)35%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)40%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)20% Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android
Supported CountriesGlobal
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Dutch, Turkish

Frequently Asked Questions Work OS is an open platform designed so that anyone can create the tools they need to run all aspects of their work. It includes ready-made templates or the ability to customize any work solution ranging from sales pipelines to marketing campaigns, CRMs, and project tracking.

Asana, Wrike, and Smartsheet are common alternatives for

Reviewers rate Task Management highest, with a score of 9.2.

The most common users of are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Marketing & Advertising industry.
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Tamara Rosic | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source is simply the best project management software there currently is - it is packed with functionalities, but it is easy to use and the most user-friendly of all similar apps. While using it for years, I was testing other solutions for private use, and when people asked for alternatives, all lacked one important function or another. It is easy to start using and grow into more complex functionalities, but I find it irreplaceable for professional use. From personalization options, and versatility perspective, to hundreds of different integrations, it just always meets your needs. We work in it daily and organize our whole business with it, from personal tasks, via department boards, to the company-level organization, each used differently and adapted to the specific needs.
  • Task management with unlimited personalization options.
  • Integrations
  • Exporting and importing other formats.
  • Cross-collaborations and notifications.
  • Mobile version. is not your everyday To Do checklist app you have on your mobile and write shopping and chore lists; it is an amazing tool every business/project with multiple collaborators should use to improve internal organization, task overview, collaboration, project management, sharing, and storing of different relevant assets that should be available to multiple people.
It is by far the most versatile and user-friendly option of all similar solutions with such advanced options.
N/A We have never used customer support; there was never a need.
Roldan Ancajas | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use for personal and Business purposes. Personal. In the purpose of automating, streamlining, managing, and annotating my personal task and duties. And one of the most important function of that I do not discount among others is the streamlining of Workflows - full customizability, integration and automation. This one greatly assisted me in my productivity. Simply solves the problem of project and productive disarray by putting your task in place, in full colors and marks. It streamlines our company's messy tasks, projects, clientele and meetings. Running an IT company has never been a breeze using a software that duly understands how it is to be in the shoes of others. Their collaboration tools, automation, tracking system, high customizability, workflows are just few of things you want to bet on them.
  • Project Streamling
  • Automation
  • Workflow
  • Tracking
  • User Friendliness
  • Integrations
  • Price. Price is just too steep for a single person user.
  • Mobile optimization. Hands down to mobile version. But some function are not yet executable with the mobile version. But it's all good for the basic.
  • Complex. A little bit complex for a new user, which everyone has to understand for a software with wider and deeper serviceability.
  • Templates. More customized or pre-fab templates to choose from. is well suited for Project Managers. Secondly, for personal projects - especially IT professionals, sales and marketing. I guess is intended to cater modern technological and corporate enthusiasts. My company finally landed and settled with after experimenting with some other providers such as Jira, Wrike, Trello and Asana. Coincidentally, it has hit the nail on the head when it was able to wow our project managers, sales/marketing and the development team where I belonged.
Give it 8 or 9. Ten is for further growth. If I give 10, then its like saying they're already very good at this point. I believe has more potentials to come than just rating them close.
No qualms, no complaints. Pretty standard customer support which are just the way we expected. They are far way more courteous than my experience with Wrike customer support. So, yes there customer support is awesome. But then again, as much as possible you don't wanna talk to customer support as it would mean cost for time and money for both of you.
Yoel Ben Nesher | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I started it personally several years ago (back in the "Pulse" days), as a personal task tracking tool. At some point, the whole CSM team came to use it as CRM, onboarding tool. After a while I brought the Marketing team in, to track their projects, materials, and collaterals. We then started to use it also as a ticket and release management tool for R&D, and for Products as a product backlog. DevOps also uses it for their task and project management. I do use it today to manage Features (Product Marketing), Presales Tasks, Hourly tracking, manage competitors, and keep the general overview.
  • Task Management
  • Automation
  • Integrations
  • User Experience
  • Connecting Boards and Relationships
  • Automations out-of-the-box. For many there are paid addons needed.
Well suited:
General Knowledge Management, lists, tracking pages, task tracking

Less suited
Professional Project Management, Agile Program Management
Besides the great templates, there are tons of great automated logic and features that just make perfect sense from the user's perspective. I.e. the "Done" state, the Assignment column, the board lookup, the mirrored columns, the triggers, actions, and so on.
I never really needed support, since the knowledge base and product are very well prepared.
September 01, 2022

Easy to use as pie!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am an entrepreneur and I use to manage my online product launches and social media campaigns. makes complicated projects and timelines easy to prioritise and see through, and I just love ticking off tasks like in the old days from my paper to-do list.
  • visualisation of tasks
  • organisation of tasks
  • helping me determine how much time I need to complete each project
  • I would love a one-click google calendar integration (it might be there and I just didn't find it)
I tried a few project management tools when I was about to plant an online product launch so I was looking for an interface that is easy and intuitive to use, matches my preference in terms of planning stuff (vertically as a task list, not horizontally as a timeline) and just feels good to use. I planned the whole launch very quickly and I have a good grasp of where I am and what else is needed. I would love if I could slot a task into my google calendar with one click, so far this is what I am missing. I haven't used longer than a few weeks but so far it is beating every other interface I trialled. I am sticking with it.
Easy to use as pie. Even I, a not-very-tech-savvy girl understood it straight away. Top marks!
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source is the most complete and flexible project manager platform, we already used other options in the market, the main point for me to use is the flexibility. We manage many teams and projects, and every Team Leader / Project Manager can choose the best way to deal with the project complexity. You can choose one of many templates in the platform, start from scratch or create your company templates to share between teams.
  • Project manage
  • Kaban boards
  • Sprint planning
  • Software Development manage
  • Guides
  • Tutorials
I think is more suitable for mid-big teams. The main point for me is the platform flexibility, integration and possibility. You have many options and templates, It'll make more sense to deal with multiple projects and teams. I do not think is not suitable for small teams, but I think it maybe be a overkill for small and simple projects.
The UI / UX is very intuitive, templates give a great start poing for every user. Maybe sometimes too many options can make it confusing for someone starting out or having a small/simple business. But overall I think the UI and UX are great, and the best in the market currently
We had some problems with financial things in the platform, and the support give us all help necessary to solve the problem.
Jason Winchester | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We utilize as a CSM tool as well as a project management tool. It has helped me as the sales manager to keep up with all of our leads as they come in. I am able to stay on track and get my estimates back out to those potential clients in a more timely manner.
  • Organization
  • Project Management
  • CRM
  • Continuity between platforms (IOS, Android, Windows)
  • Email tracking in the system thru Pulse
Very happy we decided to go with It has truly made my job much easier.
It's been a great tool for us as a company. It is helping us automate so much of our time management and project tracking.
They have been very quick to respond to any request we have sent in.
August 25, 2022

You won't be sorry.

Kate McGregor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it for all our internal comms. As an event and publishing business, we have lots of moving parts, and ensures that we are all synced.
  • Integrations with other services such as, Typeform, gmail, and hubSpot.
  • The automations are really great and timesaving.
  • Staying connected, and seeing team wins.
  • The amount of emails that can be set up for one automation.
  • The fact that you can't change column types within a board.
  • The amount of notifications.
For a company like ours, with constant deliverables and changes to schedules, is perfect for a dynamic business.
Even without any training, from setting up an integration to creating a new board, you are easily led through the process.
Whenever I have needed help, I have been able to get assistance easily.
Sean GXZ Tsai | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
we use for daily operation and projects. We manage projects timeline, resources and tasks together with our clients by inviting them as guest hence there are full transparencies and organised communications. The timeline feature is amazing easy to use which is easy for me to see dependancies and any conflict in a glance
  • User Experience
  • Flexible Board
  • Organised update and notifications
  • better iPad UX / UI is well suited for office operations in any department at any level (management, execution) to manage progress and communication. have templates for any office operations or projects that user can use them and modify as they go along which make things easy to start for anyone. intuitive, easy-to-use interface is the key point that employees can come onboard smoothly and willingly. Same goes for the client users. Easy Sign up process and stay login feature makes user will to come back to view updates and give updates hence this promote further usage of the
We had great experience with that we do not have much needs to contact support. My last experience was on pre-sale change of plan which the response were given quite fast. I will say that the stability of the system was a great experience without the need of dedicated manager to support us
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I manage a start up of over 25 acres of production agriculture greenhouses. Within a start-up efficiency is key due to wearing so many hats in the beginning stages. With the use of automations and communication is flawless across multiple departments. Having a single repository for all information within an organization has been instrumental in our success.
  • Ease of use, can train someone to use it with no computer knowledge in a few hours.
  • Support, I've always had amazing support with teams thinking outside the box for solutions to my unique requests.
  • Automations, these change how easy integration is from multiple apps.
  • Mobile app needs a little work for all functionality like "forms"
Project management or development. Agriculture planning is also very useful.
From day one this has been a great app.
They have always been quick to respond and have solved my issues
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source is our not-so-secret weapon - a true force multiplier that has become integral to the way we work and do our jobs. We use for internal tracking, resource management, asset tracking, build of materials, sprint planning, internal and external onboarding, workflows and more! While I grew up loving and believing in spreadsheets, gives me so much more.
  • Team collaboration
  • Managing large datasets
  • Access control
  • Interactivity with scriptable alerts
  • Constantly innovating
  • Great customer support
  • I'd love a biometric/fingerprint login option on the Android platform...
I use to track inventory quotes from our vendors, the different technical specifications of our appliance builds, more detailed builds of materials, sprint planning, bug boards, internal and external onboarding, service reminders, and more. It's cloud accessible so I can sue it at home, in the office, our anywhere in between via the mobile app. It's absolutely indispensable as a productivity tool - so much so that we use it during deployment with our clients to facilitate planning and workflows. is easy to jump into and start using without extensive training. Both new employees and new clients are introduced to it fairly early in their onboarding processes, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Through my own use, I have seen constant updates and new features delivered, and does a great job including their community, constantly offering free training and resources.
We're not Enterprise users, but sometimes it certainly feels like we are. The quality of the support is excellent. Quick, thorough and very helpful. Anytime we've had a question or issue, a team member has been quick to get back to us and help out. The staff there is excellent!
Sarah Carrig (Iddings) | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Before using, my team was really disorganized and disunified. We all just had our personal to-do lists and assignments in Gmail. It was very easy for projects to get lost and there wasn't really any accountability or unifying team vision. Monday has been a great space to not only see what everyone on the team is working on, but to create group projects, make plans, keep records, and hold each other accountable with due dates and progress tracking.
  • Team Organization/Accountability - Can see what everyone has on their plate, where they are at with a project, and add new projects when necessary.
  • Highly customizable workspaces - There are table items for EVERYTHING. Status updates, URLs, Due dates, Hour of the day, text fields, number fields, user tagging, and so much more. You can organize or track ANYTHING in any way that makes sense to you.
  • Automations - Can create automations to remind people of tasks (in program and through integrations with other software such as Slack), can automatically make tasks populate, and endless other configurations and dependencies.
  • You can tag people when they aren't part of a board, which means they won't see the update. It would be good for there to either be a warning that the person you're tagging isn't on the board or an automatic pop up asking if you'd like to add them to the board so they can see your update.
  • The mobile app does not update in real time with the web version. It is a real struggle to constantly have them out of sync, such that I tend to avoid using the app unless I know a specific project that I want to look up and refresh my memory about. Trying to use the My Work section is basically useless on mobile because you'll have projects you completed days ago showing up as if you never began them.
The main place me and my team like to use it is for project management. It is a great place to list out all of the steps (and sub-steps! That is an option too) of a project. You can add deeper instructions within the "updates" section of each item and share related files within them too. Once you have the entire project fleshed out, you can assign steps to team members, set due dates, and track completion.

I also use for tracking social media weekly stats. I have set up fields to link to social posts, give the metrics on each one, tag what topics they are about, note the medium, and more. This makes it easy to see what genres are performing well. It is a clean and organized space for me to store data and pull it for my quarterly report. Plus, team members can pop in and see at a glance how our social media profiles are doing. is incredibly intuitive. I started using its features with little to no assistance and genuinely enjoyed exploring the platform and building out boards. However, they also equip new users with a pre-built task board that guides you through how to use in a hands-on step-by-step way. What if you're more of a visual than a hands-on learner? has that covered too - they also incorporate short snappy videos in their onboarding board so that you can watch how to set up various features and get ideas for the things you can do on the platform. I love that they are each 1 minute or less so that you aren't using up tons of precious work time trying to learn to do things.
The platform has worked so well that I have not needed to contact their service team yet, so I'm not sure how fast their response times are. I imagine they must be really fast to reply though if people have needed to contact them as infrequently as I have! I marked it as a 10 because I couldn't select the "?" on the slider, but didn't want to give them a 1 for a service that I haven't had an opportunity to use.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
At every meeting, I open and put in everyone's tasks. When we are slogging through a big project, we all gather around and cheer when someone pushes the done button and gets the little fireworks burst. It's reached the point that I now think so much in boards and boxes, I got a free account for home use!
  • Effectively break down project into individual groups of tasks.
  • Customization.
  • Connect tasks to files.
  • Prioritize.
  • Set deadlines.
  • I love the little firework burst when the task is done!
  • Better Microsoft Outlook integration.
I think seriously needs integration with Outlook so emails can easily be turned into tasks and assigned to a second party. This would allow our entire company to be using does what we need it to do. When we need it to do more, we use the training videos.
When we write to for help we always get a response.
Mark Stafford | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
As a working contemporary artist, it is not always apparent which Ideas or initiatives will have the greatest impact or economic returns. I have found that's versatile workspaces help me brainstorm through edits. As a result, the information goes directly into multiple cooperative actionable workflows for assistants, sales documents, and updating the networking diagram to plan for upcoming opportunities.
  • Brainstorming process
  • Task analysis for personal use and directing assistants
  • Updating notes directly to the project board as minor and major developments occur
During Covid, helped me work through research, drawings, process development, planning, and sculpting phases of my work.
I was able to accomplish an amazing amount of work largely on my own at times during Covid which could have blocked me from getting things done. Instead between my phone and computer, I was able to review my work progress before leaving for my studio in the morning and make adaptations for the week after dinner. is a quick and dependable system to help keep you on track.
I didn't need it.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source has helped me to better organize my daily/weekly/monthly agenda and has been a great resource to manage my team and monthly follow ups. Is very useful to manage my agenda and always comply with every task I'm assigned my my direct manager, director, VPs and even small requests from my team.
  • Timelines
  • To do lists
  • Team collaboration
  • Sub tasks follow ups
  • Tasks updates
  • Automations with Email
  • Integration with Google Calendar
  • It's complicated to fix dates in the timeline column
I'm in charge of coordinating big events in the company, so I have to make to do lists, evet timeline and tasks updates, is perfect for that - Also, I need to follow up on personal and team tasks, and this tool helps me to have a different list for each area I need to control is one the best apps I have ever used to manage my time and follow ups. Thanks to this app, I can now manage my current role and prepare for the next one knowing that I have my monthly tasks under control. Thank you for that!
I have not use it yet
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it for everything! We started in Jan 2019 as project management, but now it expanded everything: sales funnel tracking, CRM, CS, and even more.
  • Versatile and customizable.
  • Well designed: beautiful and clean.
  • Powerful tools that allows you to think how to use.
  • Honestly, I don't miss anything.
We already recommended and implement for our consultancy clients. The software is easy to use and customize. Even having lots of functions, you can keep it organized. Have beautiful and clean design and on top of all those features, it can be a solution for managing almost everything in your company.
Because this promise is absolutely delivered. I feel that everything I want to do with is possible. Maybe, you could use a tool for every task and have deeper and most specific features, but I think it's waaaay better to have a complete vision in one place.
We didn't have a lot of problems in more than 3 years using. Sometimes paymant issues or things like that, but everything was solved within hours
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
A great tool to keep multiple tasks and projects on track. Excellent UX, simple interface with customizable features. Ability to create various workspaces, set priorities, status, timeline, notes, files, people responsible... love the possibility to quickly have the information presented in a different layout, like Gantt view. Creating manager's presentations and charts a lot quicker.
  • Features like timelines and status helps with a simple view
  • Would like to have an "alert" or "follow-up" functionality
Even tho Monday is promoted to be used as part of a team, I believe it's a great tool to use on a daily basis by yourself to keep everything organized and on track. Working in Procurement and having to support multiple different areas, Monday helps to separate projects, timelines, and priorities.
Monday is never closed on my work computer. Email and Monday are the first things I check in the morning to set up my priorities and know what the day will look like.
I never used customer support, not able to give an accurate rating. Based on my overall experience I give it 9.
Sharon Reaves | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I am a Freelance Web Designer and needed a tool to help organize my projects and leads. I initially dismissed as I know it's typically used for teams and collaboration but as a team of one I would highly recommend it. At a glance, I can see pending and current projects, their contact information, my last point of contact and estimated budgets. I hadn't realized how much new business I was losing by not following up with initial outreach. It's also a great reminder to check in with ongoing clients and has generated new work/revenue.
  • Client CRM.
  • Tracking ongoing projects.
  • Tracking leads and proposed budgets.
  • I honestly can't think of anything. It's so highly customizable.
I use to keep track of current and ongoing projects/clients as well as leads. It's a great problem to have but I have so much work sometimes that I forget to follow up or check in. has been a great repository to track leads, keep track of proposed estimates and set reminders to follow up. It allows me to make notes, add links and have contact information available all in a glance. It's been a game changer for me as an independent freelancer/small business owner.
It sparks joy from the inner geek and master organizer in me. I've tried so many other tools that had a steep learning curve and seem like more work to manage than they were worth. has a great user interface, it's highly customizable and can be set up in minutes. They also have great resources if you need a bit more help. If you think it can do it, it probably does. Don't be afraid to play.
After a quick evaluation, I really wanted to use but since its primary use is for teams and collaboration I put it aside for a while and continued to evaluate other tools. In total frustration, I reached out to their support who very graciously and quickly made me aware of how I could utilize as a freelance team of one. Quick response and I got exactly the help I needed. Otherwise, I've never needed help or support as it's super intuitive to set up and start using.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use as our project management/workload tool for the Marketing Team (team of 6) and the Leadership Team (also a team of 6). It is also used to manage several processes for the companies in our holding company such as sponsorship requests and proposals.
  • Communication- easy to connect with team members and transparency on all projects
  • Reporting options- love being able to customize my reports and views on what the user is looking for
  • Customization- easy to customize for our uses
  • My work is clumsy- we ended up creating an individual dashboard for each team member
  • Widget view in Dashboard- you can't 'stretch' the table widget to fill the page- it stops you unless you hit Full Page View
It has been a game changer for our team in processes efficiency and improved communication- we are moving stuff out of emails and into the system.
It has been so easy to implement changes and find what I need- if I can't, the support team is amazing!
The support is quick and thorough with their responses.
Scott Stephens | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it primarily to manage projects for our Product Development team which could include software development, hardware integration and product roll-out projects. We also use it to manage some production workflows.
  • Project management.
  • Team collaboration.
  • Automations.
  • Templates.
  • Integration with other apps.
  • There seems to be duplication of information in Notices and the Inbox. It might be easier to have just one place to go for messages.
It works very well for all of our project management and process workflow needs. It has improved our team collaboration and communication significantly. Leadership can quickly see progress and identify issues.
We have been able to find a template for almost everything for which we use The templates have great explanations and are easy to customize. We use automations extensively as they are the secret sauce to making everything flow more smoothly. We have not adopted integration with other productivity tools yet but have dabbled with it somewhat. The integrations are not as intuitive as everything else on and we haven't had the bandwidth to really figure them out.
I have been very impressed with their fast response time and their ability to provide the support that we need. On the rare occasions when they have had a system outage, it is easy to get see resolution progress and get updates.
Dylan Lacerda | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We most use for project management, since the macro of the company to the all employees task and subtasks. The software helps us show to all the team and even to some outsourced people we have a contract the priorities, deadlines, activities status and this help us show where to focus, how to describe and break in more tasks all the projects and goals.
  • Team management
  • Deadlines control
  • Project development
  • Team resumed comunication
  • Payment plans, since 10 employee companies have to pay for each one and not a package
  • More software integration options
  • Upload from other management platforms
I would definitely recommend the Monday platform to all entrepreneurs, whatever the size of the company. Even though we have some good options in the market, I would highlight both the simple usability and extremely necessary and organized functions we have and I like de idea (even though I had never use it) of the other products to make a big and impactful synergy in the business.
Seriously, the amount of time we saved because of the intuitive and easy-to-use interface is absolutely great. We had experiences spending some good time teaching other platforms which led to other challenges. With Monday this is not a problem, I can say this is even a solution from the start. I have only nice words for that.
To be honest, we don't have a lot of reasons to need the support, but considering the options, we have to communicate with the Monday team and the short time they lead to answer us is very good support. I would say the bigger companies love that and have a lot of impacts.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source has been a game-changer for my company's marketing team. We are a rapidly growing, global SaaS business. As we have added more members to the team — causing the demand for a wide range of marketing deliverables to grow exponentially — enables us to know what projects are on our respective plates, who requested them, what the deadline is, and more. Most importantly, provides us with a fast, efficient way to communicate with our internal clients to make sure we have the information we need to complete each project. It's a great tool for setting expectations with our colleagues so we can deliver outstanding work.
  • The dashboard gives us an instant view of new assignments or changes in existing ones.
  • The ability to move items from Requests to Queue to In-Progress so everyone can see what we're working on is valuable.
  • Asking questions, providing status reports, and making requests are so simple with the Update function.
  • Being able to prevent users from being able to easily change job request templates would be a big help.
  • I would like the default listing of completed items in descending order of date. That would make it easier for reporting to be able to glimpse a given week or month and count the number of items completed vs. having to scroll to the bottom of the list. I change the setting constantly, but it seems to revert back to the oldest items on top.
We use exclusively within our marketing team. It is well-suited to that group. While we have power users and occasional users within marketing, most people picked up the basics of how to use the app pretty quickly, which is a testament to its user-friendly design. Conversely, I think it would be chaotic to open up to a broader audience. The time that we spend "correcting" requests and other items from marketing colleagues is relatively low, but if we used it with the rest of the company, I believe the effectiveness would be severely hampered. delivers all the functionality and organization our marketing team needs to do our jobs effectively and efficiently. As with any technology, there is a learning curve for new users. And people who are occasional users may have challenges each time they try to submit a request. However, the overall benefit for our corporate marketing team that handles content, social media, design, PR and other similar work is outstanding.
I haven't had the opportunity to contact support myself. But my colleague, who is our team administrator for, has given the process consistently high marks. During team meetings, the feedback about the support group has been positive. Again, there is a learning curve, as with any new technology, but as an ongoing client, we are very pleased with's customer support.
Natália Alves da Gama | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It has helped our company become more professional and organized. Nowadays we can easily find our clients' data, compare them and our team has more effective and clear communication.
  • Automation
  • Warnings
  • Updates
  • It could have a specific place where the documents are stored, like Google Drive
  • Sometimes it has some bugs and it doesn't update some information for some minutes or even hours ( 2 to 4)
We tested three platforms until we finally decided on monday. We asked our employees (some of them are English basic levels) to give us their feedback and all of them preferred monday because it was well designed, easy to understand, and with essential functions for our company.
Exactly because of its intuitive and easy user interface.
I am Brazilian and the monday team has always tried to talk to me in Portuguese, so it shows how the company cares about the customer experience.
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
Our whole agency uses it to keep each other informed in one space on status and updates to community file information.
  • Customer service
  • Training videos & in person training session
  • Updates to integrations on boards
  • Easy to use interface
  • Some missing functionality - nothing massive just ways to make our board more intuitive as we learn more about what it is we need. boards are easy to use and keep my team organized. When I'm stuck, there is always a great team of humans behind the product to help you thru the bottleneck. It's a brilliant system, and our team has not had the opportunity to tap into a fraction of the potential it holds. Every week I learn something new, and I really enjoy that feature.
We don't use too many integrations yet. I'm working on teaching the team those capabilities.
Because I can't give a higher rating, the customer support is top-notch at I have never seen such an amazing team.
  • Online Training
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
I and my team use to organize all our Marketing items, from events to marketing collateral projects. We love how user-friendly it is and how visual it can get. In my role, I use it to keep track of processes. For example, I am in charge of planning events. It can get very tedious to keep track of everything in a spreadsheet or other method. makes it easy for me to assign items, set deadlines, notify team members of updates, and make the status of an event.
  • Plan events
  • Marketing calendars
  • Project follow up
  • Training
  • Download or export buttom
Amazing if you work for a Marketing team, you can track the projects and add statuses. One specific scenario that I use on is when the sales team asks us to create a marketing asset or collateral piece. We are able to include updates in the task, upload all the files that the graphic designer needs to create the piece, and update the status of the task.
User-friendly and easy to use. It's a very visual CRM system that allows you and your team to keep track of all your projects in one place. It notifies you when an item is due soon, and it lets you upload files and important documents to keep a record of each task. You can create dashboards depending on your needs, and it makes it extremely convenient to see everything in one place. This is an essential tool for us!
Monday offers FAQs and resources to learn how to use it. I have never needed to contact customer support with an urgent matter, but whenever I haven't been able to do something, a quick search on their FAQ has helped.
Kyla Paine | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source is a simple and effective management tool for all of your project needs. All system elements integrate seamlessly making your entire project from sales/marketing, bid speck, follow-up, project management, and day-to-day company tasks straightforward. I highly recommend this tool for small to medium size businesses.
  • Great filters
  • Keeps everyone appraised of project status and their particular tasks relative to completion
  • Excellent for meeting notes and task assignment
  • Great CRM with seamless project integration for all parties through the project life
  • Integration with Xero would be great
  • Improve task dependencies so dates are not required
  • Live chat with support staff is well suited to sales and marketing, project management, and general business management for small to medium-sized businesses. Timeline views, calendar views, whiteboard options, and third-party integrations are helpful tools. The basic package is quite limited so you really need to upgrade for optimal use.
Overall I love this product and highly recommend to others
It would be great to have live chat with support staff. Email response time is good, however, a live chat would be much better.
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