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Save time and money

8 out of 10
August 07, 2021
Muck Rack is an all in one software service that serves as a media database, pitching software, and clipping service. So, basically takes …
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Easy and User-Friendly!

10 out of 10
July 07, 2021
We use Muck Rack to connect with journalists, send pitches, organize our media lists, and create coverage reports.
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What is Muck Rack?

Muck Rack is a public relations offering from Sawhorse Media.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Muck Rack?

Muck Rack is a public relations offering from Sawhorse Media.

What is Muck Rack's best feature?

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 9.5.

Who uses Muck Rack?

The most common users of Muck Rack are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Public Relations & Communications industry.

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Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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As a PR agency, we require specific software to do our jobs. Among those requirements are a media database for creating media lists, and a media tracking and coverage reporting suite to capture and share results with clients. Muck Rack offers both of those solutions in one product and is supposed to do it seamlessly.
  • Muck Rack offers a robust and highly targeted media research tool that allows you to build a customized media list to launch a media relations campaign.
  • Muck Rack's customer support team is quite good and is very responsive.
  • Muck Rack's sales team does a great job of explaining how their solution will effectively address the needs of the organization.
  • When using the media research tool, we found that Muck Rack was missing huge swaths of industries and reporters within those industries.
  • Coverage reports suffered from the same issue. Although there's a tool that allows you to manually input coverage you're aware of, Muck Rack missed critical, high-value placements that change the entire results picture.
  • There's no way to purchase one tool or the other from Muck Rack. It's sold as an all-or-nothing solution. Prior to using Muck Rack, we had two different vendors who did each of these things really well. Upon signing with Muck Rack we traded two vendors for one and excellence for lackluster performance.
Muck Rack has the potential to be a very powerful tool that can improve PR agency efficiency across the board. The death knell for Muck Rack, and the reason why we terminated our contract early, was that they offered a complimentary six-month on-ramp to win our business. In other words, we had six full months to use Muck Rack while we were still using the other two vendors' products. Multiple team members compared results head-to-head for a wide range of our clients and Muck Rack simply did not stack up. That six-month overlap period proved to be very eye-opening and enabled us to reveal what we found to be severe limitations in terms of the quality of the database and the quality of the reporting.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Muck Rack for pitching releases, maintaining relationships and contact with industry and area reporters, and monitoring and reporting on earned media coverage.
  • Muck Rack allows us to host releases on our website or client websites and point to them in a pitch email, helping drive further site traffic.
  • Muck Rack monitors and keeps us up to date with changes in status for journalists we monitor.
  • Muck Rack allows us to monitor unlimited clients and create detailed coverage reports on any business or topic we need.
  • Creating coverage reports is time-consuming and it is difficult to filter out unrelated coverage with the Boolean operator-driven functionality
  • Muck Rack does not integrate with our other monitoring and reporting tools, so for sharing reports everything needs to be manually exported and added to our reporting software.
  • Muck Rack does not include broadcast coverage monitoring in its normal package, and the functionality of the added broadcast tool is limited compared to other coverage monitoring tools.
Muck Rack is well suited for print and online media coverage, but it is lacking for broadcast coverage.
Muck Rack's customer service is very responsive. The live chat feature is very helpful, and our rep was always willing to get on the phone with us to sort out any issues that required more effort than we could achieve through the chat tool.
Lincolin-George Eli | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have been using Muck Rack to manage our public relations in a professional manner. It is no big surprise that this tool has made our works easy as we can monitor news and stories and it helps in strengthening our relationship with the media. It is helpful in making a list of the most important contacts that can prove beneficial. This tool is great to manage public relations which are very important to be managed in the current age. Above all, its contact management feature enables us to keep our important contacts listed and we have found this tool amazing for PR planning and tracking as well.

  • Muck Rack has a feature to shortlist the most important contacts.
  • It enables an organization in keeping a record of almost everyone and one can find the reports of others.
  • It is a very effective tool in PR planning.
  • Its alert feature is quite useless and doesn’t work well.
  • Its pricing is quite outrageous and is unfair as well.
This tool is very helpful for everyone looking out for good public relations management. With its diverse kind of useful tools, one can manage things easily. It enables one to monitor what others are reporting and helps in contact management too by facilitating the list of most essential contacts. Its few features need more advancement like Scheduling.

Kelly Saux | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We currently rely on Much Rack to identify journalists for outreach as well as potential marketing affiliates. Much Rack's search tools are excellent and the database is constantly updated with new or updated contacts. The advanced search features allow you to refine searches by excluding certain words, doing exact word searches, any of the words, etc. as well as limiting to specific journalistic outlets or country, state, city. You can include or Exclude outlets as well.
  • Search features
  • Contact Info
  • Tracking inquiries
  • better keyword exclusion options
  1. Much Rack excels at finding writers that covered our competitors or our vertical. You can quickly come up with an outreach list and share it among team members.
  2. Daily monitoring of brand matches. Similar to Google Alerts, Much Rack can be set up to monitor mentions of your brand and deliver daily email notifications to your inbox. Compared to Google Alerts, it does a better job of weeding out spammy mentions of your brand name.
We have a dedicated account manager that has been responsive. That being said, the tool doesn't require much help. It is a pretty simple tool to use.
August 07, 2021

Save time and money

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Muck Rack is an all in one software service that serves as a media database, pitching software, and clipping service. So, basically takes care of all your important PR needs for daily tasks. They also send out a daily email that keeps you on top of news trends and movers and shakers in journalism.
  • Robust media database
  • Streamlines pitching
  • Keeps you on top of news trends to help with pitching ideas
  • Nothing comes to mind
Best suited for sizable PR teams or agencies. If you have a very small PR budget, or PR is only part of what you do, or you hire freelancers, there are better software/services available.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Muck Rack to connect with journalists, send pitches, organize our media lists, and create coverage reports.
  • Organize pitches
  • Easy for beginners
  • Media lists are a wonderful tool
  • Use whichever email we want even if the journalist decided to hide it
  • Have Muck Rack immediately update email addresses
It is really great for publicists who need to send a pitch to a large group of people. It is so easy to just choose your media list, and add it into the pitch to be sent to 100's of people without needing to manually do it from an email software.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Muck Rack to create media lists based on journalists on social media. Some of the media databases with contact information (mainly phone and email) include outdated contacts. Using Muck Rack is real-time, it allows us to not only identify journalists,not in our media databases, but also usually their LinkedIn and Twitter is more updated than their media database profile so sometimes it's more relevant.
  • Identify journalists and influencers not in traditional media databases.
  • Understand what journalists are talking about topics relevant to your clients.
  • Bios: love being able to search bios, including confirming beats and interests.
  • When you export a media list, it does not include the email address so you have to search for it offline or on the journalist's profile. It's annoying.
  • Sometimes when you save a list, not all the contacts you marked are saved and you have to do it over.
  • There isn't a "click all" button to add all of the contacts to a list. You have to wait until all the people load - which isn't ideal for productivity.
Finding journalists talking about a specific topic such as "tech" in a specific market. You can search what they have tweeted but also their bios, shared articles and profiles. You can find relevant reporters based on beat, location and media type or just search based on location. When you create and download a list, you can see how many followers the reporter has and if they have been active recently on the social channel. Sometimes we'll add a reporter from a national outlet only to find out they have 50 or so followers and are not active on social. It allows us to put together very targeted lists with all of our criteria.

I'm sure it's fine. I have never used their customer support, not even when a list does not save. I just figured there isn't much they can do since it was a search. They do have live chat to get answers quickly but most of the time I'm working on lists after hours (since it's a lot of admin and I can do it front of the TV) and no one is available.
Scott Rosenblum | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use Muck Rack primarily for media database, media research, news trend insights, and for media list building. It solves the problem of not having to manually search for contact information of reporters I am looking to reach out to. Otherwise, I would have to harvest manually the contact info from Twitter profiles or the contact pages of the outlets they work at. And often with these, the information is not available or incomplete, so Muck Rack saves time and it's information is accurate.
  • always updates media contacts, moves and changes in the media landscape
  • Reporter profiles list contact info, social handles, recent articles and Twitter feed
  • UI makes it easy to build media lists
  • Main issue is that when you import a media list to Excel, the margins get weird and you have to manually adjust the columns and rows so that the data lines up neatly
It is well suited for:

-Solo PR pros and PR agencies, particularly those who emphasize media relations
- Teams at PR agencies, as the software makes it easy to collaborate with team members on the same account
- PR people who are tired of using Cision

Not well suited for:
- Anyone who does not need to contact the media regularly
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
[We use Muck Rack for] finding media contacts and building lists and social reports.
  • Media contacts
  • Alerts
  • Missing reporter info
  • Missing hispanic publications
Well suited for building media lists.
Any time I have had an issue or a question about something on the platform, someone on the chat now function has always answered within 10 mins at most! Everyone I have worked with has been extremely friendly and quick to solve. There is never the inconvenience of having to call, talk to a robot, or deal with an automated email. Customer service is extremely personal and each account also has a designated account manager to oversee the relationship.
Jennifer Harrison, APR | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use MuckRack to search for media, very detailed searches where we look for key words and other factors. I set up media alerts to monitor target media and client names, or simply for key trends we are following. I rely on MuckRack for backgrounding on inquiries (There are so many bogus companies and scams out there). MuckRack addresses the problem I had with rather lame media databases that didn't get into the social posts of media. It was also more cost effective and I think the information is much more reliable.
  • The media alert function is awesome! Google Alerts can't get the detail I need, nor do they filter just for the media. I can set media alerts for particular selection factors such as everyone with "education" as their beat.
  • I am liking the notes ability to log interactions with particular media. This helps me not have to track down conversation chains or actions with media.
  • The interface screen is modern. I love that if I am running a search in one screen, when I click on a particular person or outlet, it opens ANOTHER screen so that I don't have use the back button. I can open, say 10 people at once and compare their notes.
  • I love the PDF summaries from lists. I love the Who shared feature. I LOVE EVERYTHING in MuckRack!
  • There is a weird process in the media lists when you add new names to the list. I know it tracks the date they were entered but the sorting is difficult to manage. ...I have to go into that process to give you specific guidance on what should be changed. I'll do that next time I encounter it.
  • I wish that there was a better way to search regionally or by DMA rank. I'd like to see the media outlet's circulation numbers on the first screen in a search or allow me to filter.
  • I wish there was a better way to see a real difference between registered media and the giant world of contributors and other wonks. Anyone with a commentary gets pulled into the general list yet many contributors are perfect targets for pitches so I don't want to eliminate them by selecting only registered media.
MuckRack is best at getting a good picture of one person's interests and what they like to write about. It helps me build very specific media lists. I don't spray and pray with my outreach. Everything is very targeted and MuckRack lets me find exactly who could be receptive to my story.
Andrew Bard Epstein | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
MuckRack has become an important tool for our communications efforts. It helps us build and manage lists of key contacts at other media organizations, and offers an intuitive platform for contacting them to pitch our reporters for media appearances. MuckRack is also a central part of our media monitoring suite, allowing us to track who is sharing our journalism on social media.
  • Build custom lists of key figures at media organizations
  • Offer a platform for pitching media contacts
  • Monitor social media
  • Respond to issues or suggestions as they arise
  • Clear, intuitive design
  • Building out their list of media contacts at smaller local news outlets
It's very well-suited if part of your job is booking reporters or analysts in other media. It makes less sense for arranging complicated media partnerships.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Muck Rack to find contact information of journalists. We also use it to identify relevant journalists for specific media outreach campaigns. It saves time by providing the information easily, so that we don't have to spend hours searching to find contact details. It is also a well organized database that allows us to use specific key words to identify targets that are ideal for client announcements and more.
  • Muck Rack has contact information for a lot of journalists
  • It also is easy to use Muck Rack's search feature to find journalists using keywords
  • Muck Rack's main area of improvement needed is simply that it lacks contact information for a large chunk of journalists. Anyone from a lesser known publication is usually not included.
Great for building media lists - though I never use their list building features, just the information that I find. It's also great for identifying influencers in a certain space. I particularly like that while searching, I can see social media posts and coverage written by the targets that I'm finding.