myStaffingPro is a web-based applicant tracking system (ATS) that offers applicant tracking, candidate recruiting, and onboarding in a scalable, configurable solution. It is a SaaS model makes it accessible from anywhere at any time, and offers unlimited integration capabilities. Some key features include: Social Recruiting, Interview Scheduling and Tracking, and Resume and Social Media Parsing.Good but Not the BestWhen I used myStaffing Pro we were using it for strictly recruiting (ATS). I was also part of the process where we moved to a different system because the myStaffing Pro we were using did not "talk" with the HR software.,It was easy to review candidates that applied to the openings. Moving candidates through the steps in the process was easy and clear. As a manager I like the fact that it was not easy for one of my employees to make a mistake while changing a "status" in the system.,The version I used was not able to talk with the HR software. Also, HR was not able to change over to myStaffingPro for many different reasons. In the recruiting industry, one has to make a number of notes. When I used myStaffingPro I recall the note area was not clear and had limited space.,3,I do not have any hard numbers. From a training standpoint, myStaffingPro was easy to explain and new employees were able to grasp it quickly.,Taleo,3Try before you buy!I work in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, myStaffingPro was the ATS chosen by a Financial Services client. MyStaffingPro was used to track active applicants and import passive candidates. Used for scheduling interviews and moving candidates through the recruiting process. Specifically the program was used by the recruiting and human resources teams. MyStaffingPro addressed the need to have an Applicant Tracking System, however it was not user friendly or intuitive. As a user and administrator, I found the software to be clunky, there are not convenient ways to "undo" mistakes. Far too many manual maneuvers, which can lead to user error and additional notes and comments are needed to amend such mistakes, making it unclear to other users who may be viewing that candidates profile. Also the system takes too long to address small issues. For example, moving a candidate to another status takes multiple clicks on several screens. If trying to move quickly through a resume review, much time is spent manually moving candidates to statuses.,One strength of myStaffingPro is because of its heavy manual interface, there is a lot of detail and very specific reason codes. This is very useful for later reporting to get specific information on hires and rejects. Also the ability to upload documents (CVs, resumes, phone screen notes, etc) is all located in a convenient place The calendar function is good, there are stop measures to prevent double booking and the time zones are preset,The biggest concern with myStaffingPro is its not user friendly, it requires a lot of training to understand the system. Its not intuitive. No way to easily change candidate status or correct mistakes. Very manual and sometimes requires an administrator to "fix" The dashboard and look and feel of the software is outdated, not easy on the eyes and staring at it all day is tiring.,3,myStaffingPro has a negative impact on lead conversion, the system takes too long to process candidates. The vast number of screens to just review a resume and then move to the appropriate status takes between 5-7 minutes. The system is not efficient, time is lost, searching through the vast number of source options and picking the appropriate codes, rather than moving onto more qualified leads There is no convenient way of searching for duplicate candidates, this has lead to candidates being screened more than once for the same opportunity, or recruiters reviewing a candidate multiple times because of multiple profiles. Lost productivity,Taleo,Lumesse,avature,gr8people,redcarpet,Workday,SAP CRM,Oracle CRM On Demand Marketing,2,3,N/a,I did not find any function particularly easy,Moving candidates along in the system is very difficult, it requires selecting multiple, sometimes duplicate reason codes. The pick lists are so long, that you spend more time finding an exact match than actually reviewing resumes or speaking to candidates No duplicate check function - candidates can have multiple profiles and aren't easily identified; leading to candidates being screened multiples times or rejected candidates unfairly getting a second chance The calendar is clunky; its hard to view what your schedule looks like No plain and simple dashboard,3MyStaffingPro -My Staffing SolutionMyStaffingPro is used only within the HR department. It addresses the ability of posting positions and tracking applicants. Positing positions however, is time consuming and very basic. Often the same information is asked for twice and sections for adding the job description and requirements is not very compatible with outside source formatting (ie. it does not retain or consistently seem to remember source formatting from a copy and paste from MS Word documents.). This often results in having to spend more time retyping/editing to make the posting look presentable.,MyStaffingPro gives us a specific account manager for questions as opposed to a general help desk / customer service number where you may never speak with the same person twice. MyStaffingPro is customizable with modules that allows you to purchase what things you need and what things you don't. MyStaffingPro is easy to log into and provides external links to each job description that you can easily send to your candidates to apply to.,MyStaffingPro is not compliant with SSN encryption. When an applicant is asked to enter their SSN, the numbers show up as numbers and not asterisks or dots. I have asked them about this many times without any follow up or changes. We have had to disable collecting this information. Completing job description postings is tedious and the top and bottom sections ask for duplicate information. The description/requirement section does not easily accept copied and pasted text from common sources like MS Word documents so formatting often has to be redone. Navigating the system is not always intuitive. Creating reports is not very intuitive.,6,It's fairly cost effective for meeting the minimum requirements of our company. I can't say it has made any real positive or negative impacts in our hiring process. It does what it needs to do, with pretty much no more, no less.,,9,2,No,No. I wish I could.MyStaffingPro is the best ATS systems I've usedWe used it across the organization as our applicant tracking system that housed all our requisitions. We also used it for many of our clients that we did recruiting for. It solved the issue of an applicant tracking system. It was a great tool for us to use to house everything.,Compared to other applicant tracking systems I've used, this one is the best and easiest to use. MSP makes it super easy to see all the relevant information in one place for each candidate. You don't have to click around to try to find the information. MSP is very user friendly - I've never worked with a system as easy to use and self-explanatory.,I don't really have any problems with MSP - I loved using it and would gladly move all of my clients to this ATS system.,10,Better customer service - when candidates call in, it's super easy to find their name and figure out what they are calling in about. Increase employee efficiency - Because of the ease of using this system it returns an increase on the efficiency of the employees who use it.,Taleo,Peoplefluent,10,100,1,ATS system Housing our interviews Housing all documents related to candidates and requisitions.,Use it for our clients ATS systems - so that way when a candidate calls into our center, all our candidates are housed in MSP and we can easily access their file and know what they are calling about.,I'm not sure the other services they could provide.,No,Product Features Product Usability Prior Experience with the Product Existing Relationship with the Vendor,I was not involved in the selection process.,10,No,We had a situation come up where something wasn't working - Linda, I believe her name was, responded right away and worked over night to get the problem resolved so that our we could complete the work the next day for our client. She got the situation resolved and our client was happy.,Searching for candidates. Adding documents to a candidate or requisition. Adding an interview to the system or editing an interview. Sending items out of the system.,Editing some of the documents added - Sometimes it can be hard to search for candidates.,10MyStaffing(Un)Pro - needs some workMSP is used in our recruitment department and is our main sourcing tool for many of our corporate and center level positions. There are some users across the company, but mainly utilized by our HR team, as it functions as our applicant tracking system.,Maintains pre-loaded templates for job descriptions. This is helpful in order to save time and post positions quickly and efficiently. Tracks applicants who apply to positions. This is helpful for viewing potential candidates for open positions. Makes it easy to add in candidates. This is particularly helpful when applicants have not applied.,This product is not particularly easy to use because it is not intuitive. It is difficult to generate accurate reports. It is difficult to add notes and find particular requisitions. Does not integrate well with our internal system in changes candidates to employees. If a step in the hiring process is missed, it does not give any notifications.,2,Difficult for outside users to navigate. The managers on the field have a hard time hiring a candidate as there are so many steps that it gets confusing if not used every day. Proficiency can only be obtained when using, at the minimum, a weekly basis, otherwise it's like learning a whole new system every time you log on.,3,100,5,Recruitment Integration of candidates to employees Tracking positions and candidate profiles,Building reports Creating a candidate pipeline Obtaining applicant information,Build more efficient reports Track candidates Build pipelinesOne small step for candidates, one giant leap for recruiters!I used myStaffingpro at my previous company as our ATS. It was our main tool for posting, collecting, and sorting through applications. All HR departments used the tool for their recruiting needs, it was a great way to stay organized, post openings, and proceed to the hiring process with candidates that had applied.,Easy access to posting positions and using the dashboards for your specific positions you were responsible for recruiting Quick customer service response should something go wrong or have a question about doing something Great tutorials for when new products/modules come out or when you needed a refresher Always coming out with new tools to better serve their customers, open to new suggestions as well,Their reporting tool was very hard to use, not the easiest at creating exactly what you wanted Everyone once and a while a question that we had removed from our application would pop back up, but customer service was quick to react Copy and Pasting job descriptions could be a long process at times, when trying to get the format to look nice,10,Positive - Went from tracking candidates to excel to having a proper tracking system to move candidates through the hiring process faster Positive - Always working to improve current program to make it easier to use for recruiter, hiring managers, and candidates applying Negative - Bumpy start, but after building a relationship with the staff, smooth sailing to what we invested in,Taleo,10
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19 Ratings
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Score 8.9 out of 101

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February 11, 2014

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Score 3 out of 10
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If I were a decision maker, I would not choose to renew myStaffingPro because of the overly manual process and lost productivity. I've found other ATS's that have the same functionality but are more intuitive, user friendly and appealing. Getting a hold of customer service and support was difficult and they were rarely able to fix the immediate issue.
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Score 6 out of 10
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We will renew with MyStaffingPro because it is getting the job done with minimal issue. Also, it is very time consuming and stressful to look for alternate vendors. The price is right for our business size.
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Score 2 out of 10
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I think this depends on what the alternatives are. Right now, MSP does meet the bare minimum requirements, although it's been a trying and difficult road to establish this. The hardest part is trying to understand nuances such as closing out a req and notifying candidates. The way that it is set up now, even the Hired candidates get a rejection email and it would be helpful in order to filter those candidates out to avoid panic and confusion.
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About myStaffingPro

myStaffingPro is a web-based applicant tracking system (ATS) that offers applicant tracking, candidate recruiting, and onboarding in a scalable, configurable solution. It is a SaaS model makes it accessible from anywhere at any time, and offers unlimited integration capabilities. Some key features include: Social Recruiting, Interview Scheduling and Tracking, and Resume and Social Media Parsing.
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myStaffingPro Features

Has featureSocial Recruiting
Has featureInterview Scheduling and Tracking
Has featureOnboarding with eSignature
Has featureResume and Social Media Parsing
Has featureEmployee Referral Portal
Has featureFacebook Integration
Has featureBranded, Mobile-Enabled Career Site
Has featurePrescreening with Job Specific Application Processes
Has featureRequisition Creation, Approval, Management, and Fulfillment
Has featureApplicant Workflow Management and Reporting
Has featureHiring Manager Feedback Process and Portal
Has featureComprehensive Analytics and Reporting
Has featureOffer Letter and Approval Process

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Job Boards, Assessments, Background Checking, WOTC, HRIS

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iCIMS, Taleo/Oracle, ADP


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Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
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Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android
Supported Countries:USA
Supported Languages: English, however the online application is available in other languages