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N-able Passportal

N-able Passportal


What is N-able Passportal?

N-able Passportal is a password and documentation management platform for MSPs

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Passportal is a versatile password management solution that has addressed several common challenges faced by users. Users have benefited …
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What is N-able Passportal?

N-able Passportal is a password and documentation management platform for MSPs

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Getting Started with N-able Passportal: Customize with Branding


Getting Started with N-able Passportal: Configure General Settings


Getting Started with N-able Passportal: Use Passportal Mobile

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Product Details

What is N-able Passportal?

N-able Passportal Features

  • Supported: N-able Passportal™ + Documentation Manager

N-able Passportal Video

Learn more: In the first episode of Capital City IT, see Larry spring to action in supporting one of Gary’s clients when he is out of the office. So...
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N-able Passportal Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Passportal is a versatile password management solution that has addressed several common challenges faced by users. Users have benefited from the product's ability to serve as both a personal and shared password manager, providing a secure vault for storing passwords and documentation files for software installation. This has helped alleviate the issue of insecure storage of passwords in spreadsheets, which many users struggled with when searching for a suitable organizational password manager. Passportal's granular security controls and the ability to manage passwords for multiple companies have been particularly appreciated by users.

The product's password complexity and safety features, along with its centralization of credentials, have received positive feedback from users. Additionally, Passportal's integration with Windows and its ability to change passwords on a schedule or per user have significantly improved staff efficiency and security measures. Furthermore, Passportal offers useful features such as password management and rotation, which ensure the use of strong passwords and track their usage. The availability of a Chrome extension has also been highly valued as it allows users to efficiently manage a larger number of passwords compared to alternative solutions like LastPass.

Moreover, Passportal's functionality extends beyond password management. The ability to publish articles as customer guides has significantly reduced staff reliance on phone support, enabling them to handle a higher volume of calls more efficiently. Consequently, users have experienced faster resolution times, increased productivity, and easier access to information. The peace of mind provided by Passportal in preventing the sharing of client passwords and mitigating unauthorized access risks has been commendable. Its automatic password rotation feature and instant password reset when employees leave the organization further enhance client security.

Ultimately, Passportal facilitates secure password storage, simplifies management tasks, ensures seamless sharing of critical information among team members for all clients, and eliminates the need for insecure storage methods like spreadsheets. It has successfully addressed the main problem of password management and security while contributing to increased productivity and easier access to information for users across different organizations.

Seamless cross-platform functionality: PassPortal has received praise from many users for its seamless cross-platform functionality, allowing them to easily access their passwords and manage their accounts across multiple devices. This feature has been valued by a significant number of reviewers who appreciate the convenience and flexibility it offers.

Password autofill feature: The password autofill feature has been highly appreciated by users, saving them time and effort by automatically filling in their login credentials on various websites and applications. Many reviewers have mentioned how this feature streamlines their login process and enhances their overall user experience.

Strong security measures: Users have expressed satisfaction with the strong security measures implemented by PassPortal. They feel confident knowing that their passwords are securely stored and protected from unauthorized access. The robust security features of PassPortal have garnered positive feedback from many customers, highlighting its commitment to data protection.

Frequent Downtime: Some users have frequently experienced downtime with Passportal, which has caused inconvenience and prevented them from accessing their passwords, documentation, and authenticators. This recurring issue has negatively impacted their productivity and hindered their ability to perform essential tasks.

Lack of Features: Several users have expressed dissatisfaction with Passportal's limited feature set compared to similar applications like IT Glue and Hudu. The absence of these features restricts the functionality and versatility of the platform, leaving users wanting more comprehensive tools for their password management needs.

Difficult Documentation Creation: Users have encountered difficulties when creating documentation templates in Passportal due to their lack of proper structure. This challenge hampers the efficient organization of important information within the system and can result in time-consuming efforts to create coherent documentation.


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Score 6 out of 10
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We currently use Passportal in our organization as our password manager for all customers. We also use it for most of our documentation collection as well as knowledge base articles.
  • Password Management
  • Documentation
  • Documentation
  • UI
Passportal is pretty good at password management. I'd like it to be as good as LastPass but it's not there yet in my opinion. Also, the documentation portion is not very user-friendly. It uses its own formatting for articles instead of just using Word.
  • Password Management
  • Documentation
  • It keeps our business more secure by providing encrypted password management
  • Our business runs more smoothly because passwords are readily available to our employees in a single secure place
To be honest, at this point I would like to switch to both LastPass for password management and IT Glue for documentation. Each of these products does a better job separately than Passportal does at both together.
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