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Namecheap SSL Certificates

Namecheap SSL Certificates


What is Namecheap SSL Certificates?

Domain registrar and web host Namecheap offers SSL Certificates.

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Product Details

What is Namecheap SSL Certificates?

Namecheap SSL Certificates Technical Details

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Community Insights

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Users have made several recommendations for Namecheap SSL based on their experiences and needs:

  1. Users suggest that Namecheap SSL certificates are a great option to make websites safe and secure from attackers, providing the necessary protection to ensure privacy of user data and prevent unauthorized access.

  2. Customers recommend using Namecheap SSL certificates without any worries, as they have found the process of obtaining and installing these certificates to be smooth and hassle-free, allowing them to secure their websites quickly and efficiently.

  3. Users also recommend getting an SSL certificate from Namecheap based on individual requirements. They appreciate the flexibility offered by Namecheap in terms of different certificate types and pricing plans, allowing them to choose the most suitable option for their specific needs.

Overall, customers believe that Namecheap is a reliable platform to buy SSL certificates and fulfill all domain and SSL requirements. They suggest purchasing SSL certificates from Namecheap when buying domains as it simplifies the process and ensures comprehensive support for both domain management and SSL security.


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Namecheap SSL Certificates are used across our entire organization in a couple of different ways. We self host as well as use a variety of hosting providers based on client and contract needs. As such, we require SSL certs for client sites as well as internal properties that all employees use. Now, the majority of our sales and agency staff have no idea what an SSL cert is to begin with but they are still required pieces of networking architecture and have to be purchased and managed by the IT staff.
  • Reliable and verifiable chain of trust
  • Reseller of reputable certificate authorities like RapidSSL, GeoTrust
  • They are one of the cheapest and most reliable issuers with industry leading verification practices
  • Basically no customer support post-sale
  • No technical support for implementation if you need it (most SysAdmins will not)
  • Excessive marketing/reminder/renewal emails
There aren't a lot of downsides with Namecheap SSL [Certificates]. We use them primarily unless a client or contractual needs states otherwise. They are fast, responsive and essentially cheap. This is just because they are a wholesale reseller from trusted certificate authorities like a lot of their counterparts. However their reputation for cost and ease have put them in the top running. As I mentioned, there is basically no support beyond the delivering of the purchased product as requested. In some circumstance, when clients move/switch hosting/marketing representation, transfer of the SSL ownership can be a hassle because you don't have a dedicated support portal. But you get what you pay for and the savings justify it.
  • Low cost means we don't have to pass on to clients and nickel and dime them
  • Low cost also means we can build dedicated environments for a variety of needs without hitting budget constraints
  • Fast communication and deployment means we are agile
They are basically just first party certificate authorities and have the brand recognition that goes with that. NameCheap [SSL Certificates] really is just doing the job of volume negotiations and reselling while integrating a markup and opportunity to sell their various other products (which also have some compelling ROI based on cost and client needs)
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