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NEOGOV Onboard

NEOGOV Onboard


What is NEOGOV Onboard?

NEOGOV's Onboard is an HR solution that enables new hires to become more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining new hire paper work, processes and training.

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What is NEOGOV Onboard?

NEOGOV's Onboard is an HR solution that enables new hires to become more productive from their first day on the job by streamlining new hire paper work, processes and training.

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Product Details

What is NEOGOV Onboard?

NEOGOV Onboard Features

  • Supported: Build Your Online Forms
  • Supported: Digital Signatures
  • Supported: New Hire Self-Service Portal

NEOGOV Onboard Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 10 out of 10
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We started our journey with Onboard at the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic when NEOGOV offered their free trial period. Before that point, we had been conducting our Pre-Employment (Preboarding) and New Hire (Onboarding) processes manually and in-person. NEOGOV Preboarding/Onboarding proved its worth quickly, and we received approval from Admin to invest in the Onboard system. It has been an invaluable tool to us (especially working remotely), and even after we return to the office, we don't plan to go back to our previous ways. Preboarding has expedited our pre-employment process by simplifying candidate contact (eliminating back-and-forth emails or rounds of telephone tag), and Onboard allows us to keep all new hire paperwork together in one central location. We have teams from multiple areas of our organization (i.e., Payroll, HR, Benefits, IT, Safety) who have a hand in our new hire process, and utilizing Onboard has been going well for everyone! We no longer have to send emails to other teams/colleagues to let them know our step in the process is complete and they can start theirs - the system does it for us! Our candidates also seem satisfied with the Preboarding/Onboarding experience. I highly recommend NEOGOV Onboard to any organization that hires multiple candidates each year.
  • Streamlines Preboarding process
  • Provides central location for new hire paperwork
  • Streamlines Onboarding process across the organization by sending automatic notices to the next team when your task is complete
  • A better connection between NEOGOV Onboard and Insight/OHC would be useful
  • The ability to utilize candidate text messaging and/or send notices via Onboard (rather than OHC/Insight) could help save time
  • It would be helpful to allow candidates to communicate with internal staff via the Mentors Widget in the Preboarding Portal, not just the Onboarding Portal
NEOGOV Onboard is well-suited for companies who hire many candidates; especially if the Onboarding Team (HR in our case) is working remotely. NEOGOV Onboard would be less-well-suited for organizations who do not hire a lot of candidates and who are able to meet with a new hire in-person.
  • Preboarding Checklists
  • Onboarding Checklists
  • Electronic Forms
  • Candidates are generally pleased with their Preboarding/Onboarding experience
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently being used in a public sector organization to post, recruit, automate and manage the open positions for the org and support different facets of the recruiting/talent management process.
  • Good value.
  • Built based on U.S. public sector organizations and needs.
  • Paper reduction and improved efficiencies.
  • Based on a U.S. public sector so it is specific for the government; not sure it supports other or private businesses.
  • As with many HR system solutions, there are limitations that need workarounds.
  • The position description is not straightforward when posting jobs. Text and formatting manipulation are time-consuming rather than being able to copy an existing post.
It can streamline a variety of recruiting and talent management processes if the environment is coming from very manual/dated processes. It can reduce the office administrative requirements and reduce the paper trail by managing information electronically.
  • NEOGOV has provided an administrative requirement reduction and paper reduction.
  • Allows for recruiters and organization to appear more strategic.
  • It allows new hires to streamline the onboarding process, allowing them to complete forms online.
NEOGOV has more limitations than bigger HCM solutions and is limited to public sector/government operations.
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