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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 24, 2020

NeoLoad can handle the load

Score 8 out of 10
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I've used it for load balance testing for user scenarios and api limit and stress testing.
  • You can build automated testing flows
  • You can hit apis with specific data requests
  • You can manage variables and data sets for your tests
  • NeoLoad is highly customizable. If anything having a faster way to load general testing templates or choose them from pre-made libraries might be helpful.
If you need to stress test an API or web app, or even for general automated testing, NeoLoad can handle anything you need.
There are great online resources available.
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Craig Solinski | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 21, 2019

With NeoLoad you can improve transaction thruput volume, and accurately predict points of failure due to volume

Score 9 out of 10
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Developers use NeoLoad to identify points of failure or potential bottlenecks when placing their transactions under heavy load. Developers using NeoLoad were able to identify bottlenecks and fix/change the code, SQL, increase CPU/Memory, File Handles, Cluster VM's etc, that would not have been apparent under normal testing conditions BEFORE experiencing problems in Production. Also with Production code, we identified the true cause of unknown production slowness.
  • Ability to segment a 'Type' of users in a mix of users.
  • Ability to throttle transaction volume at increasing rates while identifying crucial throughput/failure points.
  • Ability to test changes like switching to a different Database with precise throughput transaction metrics.
  • Building Test Plans takes time. When the input fields of page changes it breaks the previous plan. The tool would be better if it had a way to migrate an existing plan and adapt to small changes.
  • Documentation is fair, but would be improved with more detailed screenshot by screenshot configuration changes rather than summation using words.
Using NeoLoad we were able to rapidly validate that a switch from an expensive Database product to a low-cost Database product was, in fact, viable. The maximum transaction capability was nearly identical, and the type of message the DB products would produce when exceeding their configured capability.
Using NeoLoad we are able to predict and tune/remedy high throughput transaction rate problems BEFORE they occur in Production.
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Dirk Schweier | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 11, 2017

NeoLoad is easy to use without strict limitations in scalabilty or interaction with other tools

Score 9 out of 10
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As performance test engineers we support our own software engineering and customers with performance testing.

In both cases, the stakeholders want to make sure that the software has a good performance. The performance is an important argument for customers to like or dislike an application. So more and more requirement engineers define performance requirements in an early stage of the project. Based on those requirements and formerly metrics we can provide reliable and reproducible performance results for the current version in various test environments. These results are used by software engineers and system administrators to optimize software and configuration.

The result of the next test run can demonstrate the effect of changes and this is also an important feedback to the team. So NeoLoad helps to improve the performance of web applications and also web services.
  • NeoLoad supports performance test engineers with a strong feature set to analyse the results. The first metric you have in mind is response time of the application. The metric satisfies the stakeholder if it meets the requirements. Otherwise, the stakeholder wants to know some comments and suggestions for improvement. I rely on the data gathered by monitoring agents when I analyse test results. The monitoring agent is a service which collects different counters from an operating system, databases, web server, etc. The results can be analysed in individual composed graphs. This is a powerful feature to deliver conclusive reports to stakeholders. Even the export of reports in various formats is helpful for communication with different stakeholders.
  • Our customers like the flexible license model of NeoLoad. A usual performance test project starts with the development of tests and configuration of the test environment. Finally, there is a first test execution followed by a couple of additional test executions. Usually, it is hard to say how long it takes to implement the issues based on the test results. So we usually do not know how long is the period between first and last test execution. It does not matter how long the period might be. In most of our projects we prefer daily licenses of NeoLoad. If you buy e.g. a four-day license you can use NeoLoad at four different days.
  • As a performance test engineer, I like the impressive APIs of NeoLoad. NeoLoad is just a performance test tool and the vendor Neotys is focused on this job. Whenever you would like to add something into a test scenario which is not mainly a performance issue you can integrate these parts by APIs which are easy to handle and very powerful. They also support you in case technologies which are not supported yet by NeoLoad. Maybe there is a new device which you want to monitor. Therefore you can report the measurements of the specific counters by the data exchange API during test execution. So you can analyse the data in the usual way. In our company we developed already a couple of features based on the APIs of NeoLoad and we are very happy with this flexibility.
  • NeoLoad allows the user many switches and options. Sometimes it is hard to understand dependencies. But the documentation and the support helps you.
  • In most projects it is necessary to develop small scripts. NeoLoad only supports JavaScript and the editor is weak. There is syntax highlighting but sometimes you can not see where the cursor is located exactly. NeoLoad supports a workaround if you register .js-files in Windows to a different editor.
NeoLoad is a very comprehensive tool if you are looking for a performance test tool for web applications and other applications using protocols like REST, SOAP, etc. The concepts are easy to understand and mostly clear. This enables you to develop very fast tests with a very good flexibility regarding the number of virtual users, the mixture of scripts, locations where load is generated or there is load variation. In consulting projects it is very helpful that project data and reports can be viewed by NeoLoad without the need of a license.
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Michael Esposito | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 11, 2015

NeoLoad, a lower-cost alternative to LoadRunner

Score 9 out of 10
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NeoLoad is being used by the Performance Engineering Team to execute performance testing on new releases of applications before they are moved into production. The purpose of the testing is to reduce the risk of performance issues under load in the production environment. My Performance Engineering Team tests all applications in the division.
  • Building performance testing scripts is easy. NeoLoad builds the scripts for you by recording your session as you navigate through the application under test.
  • NeoLoad works with mobile applications using the same recording technique.
  • NeoLoad has modules that permit gathering OS metrics from the target host and correlating the data with the load testing results. The modules are agentless, meaning that there no need to deploy NeoLoad code modules on the host to gather these metrics.
  • There is no support for VT3270 terminal emulation to support mainframe-hosted applications.
  • The ramp-up and ramp-down time data are not automatically excluded from the average response time calculations. Instead, you must exclude these times manually each time you run a test.
  • There is not a summary graphic that shows the distribution of all of the response times on a single graph. We currently export the data as a coma separated variable (CSV) file and import into Excel to generate this summary graph.
The most important question to ask in selecting a performance testing tool is - does it support the protocols that the applications to be tested use? NeoLoad supports all web-based protocols. It also supports Microsoft Silverlight and .net, and mobile applications. Unfortunately, NeoLoad does not support mainframe terminal protocols such as VT3270. Another key aspect is the ability to correlate host OS metrics with the results of the performance testing. NeoLoad supports this requirement through agentless monitoring. Finally, another key factor is ease of use. NeoLoad is easier to learn than a number of competitor products such as HP LoadRunner.
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Arpita Choudhury | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 10, 2016

NeoLoad - An Emerging Load testing tool

Score 8 out of 10
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NeoLoad is used for the Genworth account for which Tata Consultancy Service has a contract for quality assurance. It is a user friendly tool and we did not encounter any problems. NeoLoad is now widely spread across various accounts in our company. The recent version of NeoLoad has all the properties which are needed to test an application.
  • NeoLoad does not require much of scripting efforts, and correlation and parameterization are quite easy.
  • It has some actions which are very useful like variable modifier and java scripts.
  • The data collection for monitors is easy and less time consuming.
  • The memory consumption is higher which slows down the system.
  • The concept of team server can be improved in such a way that every time we design a project, it doesn't need to be shared as it takes longer.
  • Results need to be published every time. It needs to be auto saved.
  • Sometimes the monitors become invisible after we check out the project in local.

Ask about:

  • The protocols which are easily supported by NeoLoad.
  • The license needs to include all the protocols.
  • The parameterization rules need to be improved and there needs to be a sample if we select a particular parameterization properties. Example: Sequential, each occurrence..something like that.

There needs to be a property to add different actions in a single script.

Immediate response and help.
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Saifur Rahman | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 28, 2015

Why I still love NeoLoad and why it is still the first choice

Score 10 out of 10
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NeoLoad has been a great tool in our testing environment. The main purpose of using it was for web load testing. The easier maintenance and implementation of different features were satisfactory. My team and I loved it.
  • Very user friendly and easy to use.
  • Correlation cannot be simpler than the way NeoLoad does. You can even use XPATH.
  • Handling virual user in runtime such as kick out some and add them back in runtime or simply keep adding them to test the stress level of server is awesome.
  • The ability to manipulate the script by inserting JavaScript is also tremendous. It's one of the features few other tools have.
  • I am very much satisfied with this tool.
Monitoring is such a big factor in load testing. I believe NeoLoad does it nicely.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 06, 2017

NeoLoad a tool for Performance Testing

Score 8 out of 10
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Neoload has been used across the university for performance and loading testing activities. Primarily it has been used to gauge application response time, bottlenecks like memory, disk, processor, process, cache, and network usage. In addition to the bottlenecks mentioned above, Neoload has been used for performance measurement with number of users.
  • Neoload is good for performance measurement of memory, CPU, and network usage.
  • Neoload cannot be for running performance testing on Citrix applications.

Neoload is suited for the following scenarios:

-Performance Testing of web based applications
-Check for application bottlenecks
-Performance measure of multiple users accessing an application
-Performance measurement of network activity
-Check for memory leakage
-Measure throughput

Neoload provides metrics that can be used to track the overall stability of the application before deploying it to production.
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About NeoLoad

NeoLoad from French company Neotys is a load and performance testing tool.

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