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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 23, 2019

NetSuite CRM+ as an advanced software for client management

Score 8 out of 10
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My organisation uses NetSuite for project management and customer relationship management purposes to have full view on all clients all the time. We input client data from the lead generation phase though signing the purchase order until the integration is finalised and then we propose the next product which starts the process again.
  • Multiple options to automate the processes and save time
  • Various functionalities to improve efficiency of the CRM process
  • The complexity does not work well for smaller companies - unnecessary complication
NetSuite CRM is perfect for companies that have multiple clients and many employees who get in touch with them. In a scenario if an organisation has well established structure and needs a tool to efficiently maintain finance, administration, and other teams to have access to CRM data this tool would work well.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 24, 2019

NetSuite can be a good asset if put in the proper environment

Score 7 out of 10
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NetSuite CRM+ is our CRM and it is utilized for legacy accounts still at this time.
  • It allows for a great record of events on tasks and customer profiles.
  • It has seamless integration with our Professional services team to track cases.
  • Has a search function that is pretty accurate.
  • It is behind on technology and seems to run a bit slow compared to Salesforce.
  • The search helps, but it seems it has to be a detailed description (it is not very intuitive).
  • The menu is hard to read and is not user-friendly.
I think NetSuite would be a great asset for a company that is not in technology. If you have simple needs, it would be a great fit to help grow the efficiency of the company.
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Jeremy Stephens | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 06, 2018

As good a view of the customer as our team enters

Score 8 out of 10
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NetSuite is used across both of our subsidiaries for Customer Support and Success, Professional Services, Education Services, Implementation Services, Sales and Finance. It allows us to have near a 360 degree view of the customer. Alerts are set up to allow account owners and executives to see trends and updates on at-risk customers.
  • Automation, sharing and collection of data about the customer experience all in one place.
  • The cloud option allows you to access your customer data wherever you may be. We can see the data when at our user's conference or at another tax conference. We can see the data on one customer at a holistic view when talking to a user or the primary contact.
  • It is very configurable to allow you to capture data of concern for you and automate reporting.
  • Analytics on notes are almost impossible and so much is hidden in the notes. The reports have some features while others are available in searches - and reports are difficult while searches are easy.
  • While there are more data centers since the purchase by Oracle, the downtime has increased. They really need to work on the communication plan during outages.
NetSuite is great for the midsize business. You can look at the holistic view: sales; finance; support; education; professional services. Integration with other vendors can become costly, so try to use configuration within the system by your team rather than with their Professional Services teams and other vendors - less interaction required with NetSuite support team is required then too.
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Paul Mills | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 27, 2017

A great Database/Contact Management Program, NetSuite!

Score 8 out of 10
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We use NetSuite for our whole database, keeping track of customers, contacts, products sold, orders placed, finances for customers. If the data in NetSuite is incorrect, it causes issues in the whole order process. It is a great central tool to house all our customer data when NetSuite goes down, our company is crippled.
  • NetSuite is a good central location to retain customer information, from contacts to company address
  • NetSuite helps us maintain customer purchases, what products they've purchased.
  • NetSuite helps us to maintains records of customer's transactions, sales orders, PO's, order process.
  • NetSuite is very good at customization, but sometimes it's hard to make the right customization that we need for particular situations
  • NetSuite likes to change the layout without notifying it's users, so you might go home one day, and come back the next day to the office and have to do some searching to find what you're looking for in NetSuite.
  • If you have an issue with NetSuite, it's really difficult to understand the technical support staff as they're from India and don't speak clear English.
We keep our customer's information in NetSuite, from contacts to products purchased. It helps us to keep an accurate record of how to get a hold of our customers in addition to the products they've purchased. Everything from the initial quote, to the final purchase order. It's a really good, useful tool.
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Kevin Simms | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 06, 2017

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility [and a Learning Curve]

Score 6 out of 10
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We use NetSuite mainly for managing and reporting on leads, prospects and customers through the lifecycle. Integrated with marketing automation it is the record of truth for our inbound/outbound marketing activities. Also use it for purchase orders and sales transactions as well as pipeline tracking and forecasting. Also used for task and case management in parts of the organization.
  • High degree of customization ability (fields, forms, etc.)
  • Powerful [saved] search capabilities once past learning curve
  • SuiteFlow provides graphical workflows to add functionality
  • While I like the customization and workflow capabilities, part of that is because we needed them to make NetSuite work well in our environment.
  • Help system is extensive, but not very easy to glean practical advice from which means much trial and error to get the needed results.
  • Not many third-party software providers (for marketing automation, quotes, etc.) integrate well with NetSuite.
  • When things don't work as expected, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to troubleshoot and fix.
If you need/want to be able to customize your CRM quite a bit, NetSuite can be a powerful tool as long as you invest the time and/or the resources into outside help to get over the learning curve. While it has internal marketing automation capabilities, they are not the most intuitive, easy nor WYSIWYG so using an external Marketing Automation (MA) tool is recommended. Caveat is that many external providers do not integrate well/at all with NetSuite which limits options.
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Benny Luera | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 14, 2017

Netsuite Tool Review

Score 4 out of 10
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I have access to NetSuite as part of the tools the software developer we work with provides so we can access information on the customers we work with. We can see the add-on features they own for the modules see who the contacts are and billing information.
  • Contact information
  • Support case information
  • It is really slow in terms of toggling from one page to another.
  • You are logged out automatically after a certain time even if you are using it. There is no option to keep logged in.
It is a tool more for just tracking communications and keeping updated contacts and information. It's not strong in terms of use for reports or order processing or sales tracking.
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Billy Barker | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 13, 2016

NetSuite CRM: A powerful tool to maintain and analyze all your lead and customer records

Score 7 out of 10
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My company uses NetSuite CRM in Sales, Marketing, Support, Accounting, and Fulfillment. NetSuite is a massive product and solves an endless amount of problems for our business. In my department (Marketing), NetSuite is used to record all interactions with all contacts such as their lead status, lead source, business information, sales region, and so forth, which we then use in various ways to market to those contacts.
  • NetSuite integrates with our marketing automation software (Pardot). This is extremely helpful in connecting key information between the two solutions to gain more insight.
  • Tons of data. Each NetSuite record has every field you could ever think of to record data and if it doesn't you can add new custom fields. Being able to have unlimited contact data becomes more and more important as your company grows and you fine tune how you want to market to companies.
  • Dashboard. Most solutions have a dashboard, so this isn't a key difference, but it's always nice to have and something that I always find useful and makes finding my most key data easy.
  • I really dislike the way NetSuite displays drop-down menus. There are too many extra clicks to find what you are looking for and this slows down my workflow.
  • NetSuite's email builder is too basic and could really use a more modern interface and tools. We sometimes have problems with variable text not displaying the correct information.
NetSuite CRM is definitely meant for larger businesses and you will more than likely need to hire a third party to help you set up and maintain the solution throughout your continued use. It took our company almost a year to get things fully set up and working they way we needed.
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Beth Butler- Kelleher | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 22, 2016

Great all around tool.

Score 7 out of 10
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The entire organization used NetSuite- from the finance team, to time keeping, to sales and post sales.
  • Netsuite does a great job of putting everything in one place and giving you the entire history of the the client.
  • From a prospecting perspective, NetSuite is lacking some of the native tools that one would find in other tools. Task and lead management proved to be cumbersome and system integration was almost impossible without a third party.
If your organization is looking for a one stop shop for each branch of the organization this is a great product.
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Crystal Bruster | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 08, 2015

NetSuite CRM+ - Link for all Departments

Score 9 out of 10
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  • Customer Data Management - It is a great way to track all customer contacts, opportunities, and sales orders in one place.
  • Personalization and customization - NetSuite CRM+ provides a level of personalization and customization that makes it an ideal solution.
  • Collaboration - NetSuite CRM+ allows various locations across to collaborate, and streamline business processes and workflow.
  • Training is required. NetSuite CRM+ is not a software you can figure out by osmosis or clicking through windows.
  • Multiple-level menu - It is hard to remember where I last was, if I don't keep multiple tabs/windows open for viewing.
NetSuite CRM+ is a provides the ability to integrate into most every aspect of a business. Make sure to take advantage of training and customer support. Ask how it will integrate with any third party applications and cloud phone systems that your business might already be using. NetSuite CRM+ is very customizable that it can become very complex for an end-user. Training is a must.
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Khader Mohammed ( | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 03, 2015

CIO's view of NS CRM+

Score 8 out of 10
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  • Real-time access to business data.
  • Real-time inventory information and easy to use.
  • Advanced e-commerce integration built-in.
  • Painful to clean data.
  • Migration scripts not well documented.
  • Not well rounded tools for testing end to end before enterprise launch.
Migration plan. - Migration scripts to take the legacy business data and ensure it is correctly defined in the data model of NS was missing.
There was no concept of data warehousing, data marts and ETL was available to facilitate this migration.
Ingestion of the old data into NS was painful. Scripts would fail multiple times and we had to re run in the middle of the nights/weekend to babysit them with NS consultants

Testing plans and training impact.

Testing plans, testing strategy, environments validation necessary to ensure no further changes were made prior to Go Live - we had to move our GO Live 5 times. Not well experienced team to formulate the correct BUT/UAT first time correctly.
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Stephanie Locke | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 05, 2015

NetSuite for CRM, ERP and Resource Planning

Score 8 out of 10
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It is being used by our entire organization, except for HR. It helps us to have a consistent, cohesive system for the company. Everyone can have the visibility they need in order to do their jobs everyday, and there's no disconnect.
  • It has a great UI for ERP and provides in-depth reporting and budget planning. NetSuite allows alot of flexibility to build the system out to how your company does business. Our accounting department really likes the Adaptive Planning module as well, as they can provide and quickly turn around presentation-worthy reports.
  • Due to the robust features and functionality of NetSuite, it is easy to customize and put workflows and formulas into practice when necessary to create efficiencies.
  • NetSuite provides the full solution to a business, by tying all systems together for one source of the truth.
  • The CRM is great, but the UI leaves a lot to be desired for sales people.
  • I like the reporting capability, but it can use improvements in report building and more graphic output. People are visual and don't want to see lists all the time. They want graphs and charts that they can drill into.
  • Better forecasting features are always welcome. It's something every organization struggles to maintain, and we have to pull several different reports to get what we need each week.
NetSuite is phenomenal for a small to mid-size company on the ERP and Services Planning side. I haven't used it at a large company, but it is definitely scalable for any business. If you are looking for an ERP that is easy to use and can be built to your company's business model, it's fabulous. It doesn't take long to implement and user adoption is very quick on the ERP side. I would recommend NetSuite more for the ERP, Adaptive Planning and OpenAir Services modules than for the CRM.
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Paul Yeh | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 16, 2015

My Personal Secretary

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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  • I use Netsuite CRM to handle all customer related issues from prospecting, sales, marketing, and customer support. I have used it since 2005.
  • Netsuite CRM offers complete sets of features and customization. We customized to reflect the exact needs that maps to our business processes. Therefore, we can eliminate unnecessary fields that required us to input.
  • One thing we really like is its performance. To create or update a case, just email to it directly. A few seconds later, you will see it in the system. Since it is cloud-based, it supports accessing from anywhere, including WFH, mobile device. Very convenient.
  • The dashboard is particularly useful. I customized my KPI reports, saved searched, short cuts right in front of me. This allows me to have instant access to important information, which is very handy when CEO or other member of senior management team called my desk for information.
  • Netsuite can get complicated. The navigation is somewhat overwhelming. The multiple-level menu system is hard to remember where I last used, even if I had used a few times in past.
  • Initial configuration of UI is also not straightforward. A lot of time spent on initial setup. Nevertheless, it's only a one time pain.
I would definitely recommend Netsuite CRM. Key questions for CRM tool are: does it organize records in the way the you can access it quickly? can you configure so that it generate the exact reports your management wants? My answers are yes and those are the most important for me.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 05, 2017

NetSuite Pushes Us Forward

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We use NetSuite CRM across our entire organization. This is a must so that each touchpoint a client/potential client has with our company can be supported by the same data sets and tell the same story. Each person who interacts does so with the data needed to 'own' their interaction and provide the best possible communications with the client.
  • NetSuite CRM supports strong Lead Conversion paths and metrics making it user-friendly to nurture a first-time contact throughout the sales cycle.
  • NetSuite CRM provides organized and customizable dashboards for each client/prospective client giving a high-level view of the health of the association. These views provide summary information, recent orders and interactions, and a starting point for new activity.
  • NetSuite CRM provides great searchability and record indexing making it easy to prevent and manage duplicate entity records quickly. A user can find and interact with an existing record in minimal clicks without keeping the client waiting.
  • NetSuite CRM allows full control over what types of information each user set needs to see within a specific record type.
  • NetSuite CRM provides no metrics for batch customer scoring. This is a feature that must be built into the platform or manually managed and updated for each customer.
NetSuite CRM is well-suited for Lead Management. It allows for customizing the process flow or status points of a Lead and automation behind progressing through the process with certain interaction types. Opportunity records allow a monetization to be placed on potential business, and, when Opportunities are won, Leads are progressed through to Prospects and Customers automatically.
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Kelly Yang | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 04, 2013

Satisfied Netsuite User

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Sales order process to Invoicing is done well. There's no need to integrate Netsuite to an accounting tool
  • Search capability is end-user friendly.
  • Reporting is end user friendly, doesn't need an expert to use.
  • Global searches is good to find data.
  • Marketing functionality could be improved.
  • Subscription module is expensive.
  • Pivot search functionality needs to be improved, has been in Beta mode for 2 years.
  • Building surveys in Netsuite could be improved. Give users the option to create radio buttons.
If you are using it for Software purposes, ask about the renewal process.
Subscription module is new, so details about how the subscription process works if you are selling subscriptions to software.
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Eric Skurka | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 13, 2014

Netsuite review

Score 4 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Streamlined. The product features are organized in a logical manner once you learn them.
  • Professional. it is very useful for digesting large amounts of information and accessing it at the drop of a hat.
  • Simple. Once you know what you're doing it can be easy to use.
  • Functionality. Sometimes there is no direct way to do even the simplest things.
  • Fluidity. Going from one process to another is occasionally cumbersome.
  • Difficult to learn. It is no surprise that there is quite a learning curve with NetSuite.
I would not recommend NetSuite, I would not actively work against it but as I previously stated, the product is very underwhelming. I have used online resources for free that offer more functionality in my personal opinion. I would recommend further research before proceeding with NetSuite.
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Meirav Leibowitz | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 13, 2014

Used NetSuite....have seen better.

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Provides ability to track the financial side of the business
  • CRM for sales tracking of leads, prospects, accounts, opportunities, and more.
  • CRM Database for marketing
  • Not a very user friendly system. Takes time to figure out how it works.
I wasn't a great fan of NetSuite, as I have been an avid SFDC user for years. If I were to recommend NetSuite, I would suggest to spend time learning the system well and testing in it before building the database.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 18, 2016

Netsuite Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
It's being used by our Customer Care and Operations team. We use Netsuite to change orders, track orders, and keep a database of customer profiles.
  • easy to navigate and learn as a first timer
  • easy to change orders and write notes which help with efficient work flow in the team
  • helps keep track of customer profiles easily
  • Wish it was easier to change addresses and spot tracking #s faster
  • It tends to load very slow sometimes. Takes a few seconds to save changes
  • wish it has an automated system where it won't let you create duplicate profiles (will automatically recognize there are duplicates)
As social media becomes more integrated with CRMs, it would be interesting to see how Netsuite comes up with features to meet these needs on social media.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 09, 2015

NetSuite Sweet!

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Netsuite CRM is used to manage leads, contacts, opportunities, and to prepare itemized quotations. It allows us to forecast and to track activity and quantity of work among our sales directors. We also manage our cases and support issues in NetSuite CRM.
  • Searches for particular data are created easily.
  • Leads and Contacts are able to be added to the database easily.
  • The global search works very well to provide lead, contact, opportunity and quote lists.
  • Depending on how the individual company has designed their layout, it can be hard to manage notes across all types of entities, like managing the last activity note across lead, contact, and opportunity.
  • NetSuite is not user friendly in terms of quotes. You cannot dynamically change an underlying quote form to suit a custom quote.
  • How do you want to use it?
  • Will these items need to be customized often?
  • What do you expect and want from reporting?
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 06, 2015

Netsuite Review 2015

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have been using NetSuite across the organization since October 2011. Some of the problems that it addresses is that it's an all inclusive suite that connects the organization together when it works properly.
  • All in one system - for Accounting, Shipping, and Processing Orders
  • Dashboard
  • Level of Technical Support - NetSuite Level of technical support is horrible. You get someone who does not speak English and it's always after hours when they contact you back. Having been on Gold Support for 3 years we learned that its better to get your answers from forums and outside vendors. Savings of 25k a year subtracted from our contract
  • Empty promises from Sales Vendor/Support
  • NetSuite - One World Module - Will need outside vendor to configure and script emails to work separately from parent and subsidiary. What was promised is not what you're going to get. Make sure to review all the details when jumping into the "One World Module"
  • NetSuite is not very good at E-Commerce Marketing - modules like our shopping cart is very slow. Multiple tickets have been submitted on this case with no real solution. Takes sometimes 3-4 minutes for checkout (load page)
Module based system maybe the ideal solution for us at this time (Home Grown CRM/ERP). We are still researching and investigating other ways on how we can improve this. NetSuite is very costly and the majority of the time if you need something done it will take scripting or purchasing additional modules.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 01, 2015

Solid functionality in a powerful database.

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Used as CRM by entire sales team and marketing group. Used for forecasting revenue. Also used for by all accounting staff for invoicing and financial functions. Used for reporting to parent company.
  • The database capabilities are very strong. Searching in the database for customers and leads is very fast, on a par with a Google search.
  • The service helps find duplicate entries and consolidate them easily. It is a simple matter to search out duplicate leads and merge them into the same company.
  • Reports run quickly. Even though the site may warn that it will take some time to run a report, they always run very quickly, within a minute at most.
  • The report builder is difficult to master. It is not as intuitive as is common with other software products.
  • There are some many fields available that it is daunting to figure out what they all represent. A very challenging task.
  • The interface seems a bit stodgy. Could be more intuitively organized.
Netsuite is a good CRM. Sales people can save any number of notes and comments in the database and find them easily. Because data is organized by company, it is easy to go to any company in the database and see all the people associated with it. The display of company data is creatively adaptable on the screen to fill as appropriate. Because there is not a fixed width for any field, they will adjust and flex to make the data easily read on one screen.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 04, 2014

Given the choice to start over, I would choose an alternative.

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • The eCommerce tools (Web Store, Inventory Management, etc) seem to work well, but we aren't an online retailer or manufacturer, so we don't utilize these modules.
  • The SuiteScript customization ability is extremely flexible, and allowed us to create specific workflows necessary for our internal business processes.
  • Tier 1 Support Resources are not knowledgeable enough to do more than read from their fractured documentation, and their turnaround time on cases ranges from 1-2 weeks to years. That isn't an exaggeration. I got the first response from a Tier 2 tech last month (Nov 2013) for a case I opened in September 2010.
  • The NetSuite SOAP API is poorly documented, and internally inconsistent within the little documentation that does exist. It does seem to perform well once implemented, but getting off the ground is a pretty large hurdle.
  • NetSuite Calendar Integration with Outlook has been a disappointment. Our sales team have to maintain two calendars, because NetSuite's Outlook Integration tool has been known to delete events at random, and doesn't support Outlook 2010 or 2013.
It was an implementation nightmare, unless you are using NetSuite "out of the box" as an eCommerce / Online Retailer.

If you don't have an experienced NetSuite Administrator or Consultant on-staff, plan on hiring one before you begin implementation.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 17, 2013

Netsuite is Great for the Small Guy, not the Big Guy.

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  • Netsuite is a very strong stand alone CRM for small businesses (under 1-3 million per year.)
  • It excels as single item purchases, and small order sizes.
  • The accounting and reporting functionality can be very good if you are doing very standard reporting, it all comes "pre-boxed".
  • The manual fulfillment process on simple orders is very straight forward and can be split into "pick", "pack", "ship". It will also integrate directly into FedEx or UPS.
  • Automated report emailing via schedule.
  • Decent user role/permission management.
  • eCommerce - Netsuite is abysmal at websites, and shopping carts. Opensource programs such as Magento, and OScommerce from 2005 are more updated and useful than anything netsuite has to offer in the ecommerce module. It is extremely buggy and slow! You no access to page layout and content other than some basic forms, or if you pay extra for the ability to create custom suitescript pages. Stay away!
  • Integration - Netsuite has the worst API integration I have ever seen from a major web software system. The documentation is horrid it takes months of research to build anything useful. It is also the slowest API I have ever seen you share your servers with other Netsuite Customers, thus all of your requests have to go into a Queue to be processed. Every other web API I have ever used as been nearly instant. Netsuite locks you down to limited accounts that you either have to pay extra or share with a user for API access, and you cannot run multiple requests at the same time! If you do not que a program that has multiple employees making requests they will all collide and fail.
  • You have to pay for Database access, we were never able to test this for usefulness as we were promised the ODBC module for all of our issues and it never happened. That being said without ODBC module you have NO database access what so ever. Due to Netsuite being a web program you have limited to no access to your own content! From an Senior IT perspective I highly recommend a software that you have full access to all of your data!
  • Netsuite is Buggy! The entire netsuite platform runs on very outdated code, especially the output being very very old HTML4 or order.... and JavaScript! I did find out after many years of using SuiteScript and my own JavaScript knowledge I was able to write a lot of work arounds and eventually found a hidden version of jQuery. You can do complex stuff however it requires A LOT of additional code and over head slowing down an already slow system. JavaScript is a great tool for making website more dynamic and fun and useful. However it is a terrible language to run an entire CRM/ERP with... Even google has problems using their advanced JavaScript for stuff like Gmail and their code is lightyears ahead of Netsuite. In addition to SuiteScript being difficult to use, you are also Locked into only using it for certain areas such as the Edit screen of Transactions. If you want to do anything custom outside of the Edit screen, say the order views or list views, you have to do some major work arounds and "code hacking".
  • The reporting system, though robust, is extremely confusing! It takes hours to build simple reports! I am able to open up a raw SQL database and build reports faster than I can on a supposedly "user friendly" report building GUI. Also if you want to do pivot and cross reporting you will have to pay to upgrade to a better reporting module....
  • Terrible Integration! Due to Netsuite being a Browser based program its ability to integrate with any program or devices outside of netsuite is horribly limited and always requires custom SuiteTalk programing code, or a 3rd party vendor program that "hack integrates" by screen scraping or simulation a browser to function. A great example of this is OzLink which does it best to provide Shipping integration with FedEx Manager and Scanning guns, but is extremely buggy due to Netsuite's poor ability to integrate with anything well.
  • *****An unexpected error has occurred***** - this is the most common error you will see in netsuite... For everything and anything.
  • Support is terrible we had the very expensive gold support for 3+ years. They are great and answering simple questions that any seasoned Netsuite Administrator could solve. But when something is broken say Google Checkout, your problem gets filed as a future upgrade and then either ignored or told years later that they are dropping that feature. In all of the years with Netsuite they have never fixed any broken feature for us.
  • Data Transfer. Getting data into netsuite is easy, for a price... Get data out of netsuite is near impossible, I Highly recommend you keep external backups of all your data incase you ever need it for any other systems.
  • Transactions cannot be locked or assigned to employees. Users can easily open the same orders other are working on.
  • Kits are horrible!!! If you do anything with kits you are at a major risk with netsuite as they over complicate everything. If you change a kit that is being processed it will break every transaction attached to it until it is updated. There is a mass update for this but it doesn't work consistently.
  • No per item shipping. Simply put if you want to discounts on a single item for shipping or give free shipping on certain items for only certain shipping methods its not possible.
  • Promotional Codes (Coupons) and Discounts are convoluted and require you to set them up in two separate locations if you want decent reporting. Also the promotional codes are not flexible when trying to target certain products or groups of products, or provide individually free shipping.
  • The system is very slow. Even on a commercial fiber connection Netsuite runs very slow, where as our previous stand alone system was nearly instant with processing orders. You will often be waiting for browser loading on anything and everything, especially during peak operating hours.
  • All external devices are difficult if not impossible to integrate such as POS and Product Scanners.
  • Their email system is prone to being blocked as spam.
  • You will run out of storage space and have to upgrade if you do a lot processing and customer volume.
  • Trying to get simple reports such as "how many Sales Order were shipping by who" has even taken me a Senior Developer days to figure out, even to the point where I would rather use my own Netsuite API that I build to pull the data out and build the report myself.
  • In order to get Netsuite to function the way you would like it will take years of customization, and sometime I wonder if the same efforts applied to something like free SugarCRM would have the same results but for a near fraction of the cost.
If you are a small company just starting out and earning over $500k a year I suggest trying NetSuite if you have no alternatives in mind. NetSuite is great for the small business that does very simple orders processing and accounting. For everyone I suggest you look very long and in depth at all of your options and find the best solution that meets your business model as that is the most important when choosing a system. As a Senior IT member I personally would highly recommend a modular system and stay away from all encompassing systems, just like your car isn't made entirely by one manufacturer neither should the systems that run your business. Find the best parts that work together that will run the most efficiently.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 17, 2013

Lacking and Behind CRM for Medium Businesses

Score 1 out of 10
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  • Web based client access and "in the cloud" data storage, allowing users to connect from home simultaneously.
  • Strong accounting features and tools that simplified many of our business practices.
  • Strong customization ability for reporting and QPI metrics.
  • Extremely cumbersome and expensive to build custom scripting, often would find that our needs were out of NetSuite's ability or scope.
  • Unacceptable downtime outages that rendered our retail business and website completely useless.
  • Because data is hosted in the cloud on NetSuite's servers, our customer data is not truly our own.
  • Many industry common e-Commerce / marketing features are either lacking or not up to date with today's technology.
As a colleague I would recommend not to move to NetSuite for search engine marketing features. In terms of suggestions of products, we did build a custom script to pass UTM tracking per customer record. This was very valuable to our marketing team and I would highly recommend it.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 07, 2013

NetSuite - One Stop Shop for all Departments

Score 9 out of 10
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  • One stop shop for all departments - full integration with accounting, sales, support, development, shipping, etc. NetSuite allows every aspect of a company to be included in this nice, neat cloud package. From a department's budget, to a lead generated by sales, NetSuite stores and tracks it all.
  • Integration with many third party applications and cloud phone systems.
  • The user interface and back-end can be customized for pretty much anything. Unfortunately this can cause new users to get lost if given too many roles.
  • Training is definitely required. This is not an application you can figure out just by clicking through to get a feel for it.
Choosing NetSuite over other programs requires some thought. The main question to ask is, "what is your goal?" If you just want a case system and a way to track customers and leads, then Salesforce may be a better fit. If you want to incorporate all data from all departments, NetSuite is the only way to go. The interface is a little slow, but that could be because of the high level of custom "tweaks" we have done to make the program ours. That's a small price to pay to have it the exact way you want.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Customer data management / contact management (14)
Workflow management (12)
Territory management (12)
Opportunity management (13)
Integration with email client (e.g., Outlook or Gmail) (11)
Contract management (9)
Quote & order management (10)
Interaction tracking (10)
Channel / partner relationship management (9)
Case management (8)
Call center management (8)
Help desk management (7)
Lead management (10)
Email marketing (9)
Task management (9)
Billing and invoicing management (7)
Reporting (6)
Forecasting (9)
Pipeline visualization (10)
Customizable reports (10)
Custom fields (12)
Custom objects (9)
Scripting environment (9)
API for custom integration (6)
Single sign-on capability (8)
Role-based user permissions (10)
Social data (2)
Social engagement (3)
Marketing automation (9)
Compensation management (5)
Mobile access (9)

About NetSuite CRM+

NetSuite CRM is built on the same code base as the NetSuite ERP product and is usually used by customers who are already using NetSuite for ERP/Accounting.
In addition to standard customer relationship management and partner relationship management CRM features, it includes sales force automation and sales performance management features like opportunity management, quote and order management, sales forecasting, and incentive compensation management.

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