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What is Nexthink?

Nexthink is a SaaS provider headquartered in Lausanne, that provides a digital workplace experience management software solution that combines real-time analytics, instant remediation, automation and employee feedback across endpoints and applications.
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Nexthink--a paradigm shift

10 out of 10
March 29, 2022
Nexthink has been brought into Mondelez as we move towards end user experience being the focus of our IT business. We use Nexthink to …
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What is Nexthink?

Nexthink is a SaaS provider headquartered in Lausanne, that provides a digital workplace experience management software solution that combines real-time analytics, instant remediation, automation and employee feedback across endpoints and applications.

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Product Details

What is Nexthink?

Nexthink supports digital employee experience. Their products allow enterprises to create productive digital workplaces for employees by delivering an optimal end-user experience. Through a combination of real-time analytics, automation and employee feedback across all endpoints, Nexthink helps IT teams to meet the needs of the modern digital workplace.

Nexthink Features

  • Supported: Gain Complete Visibility and Insight
  • Supported: Break Down the Wall Between IT and Employees
  • Supported: Automate remediation at scale
  • Supported: Measure, Manage and Improve Digital Employee Experience
  • Supported: Enhance your existing infrastructure

Nexthink Screenshots

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Nexthink Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesWorldwide
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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Geoffrey Wright | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Nexthink to increase the digital experience of our employees. We track common problems and resolve them utilizing with an employee feedback loop module (Engage). Most recently we used the platform to rollout a new Password reset tool with much success. This platform allowed us to communicate clearly and track those who registered. Even more importantly, it gave us credibility with the employees since it was a relatively smooth experience.
  • Boxed solutions/Library packs
  • Application Experience
  • Campaign pop-up
  • Dashboards can be confusing with some calculations exceeding 100% for machines with multiple CPU
  • Remote action code constraints can be a challenge when heavy scripting is being requested
  • Customizations with pop-ups can be limited
The company and team are truly visionary. Many of the community meetings and conferences show they are looking far into the future when it comes to the DEX (digital experience). Covid and the extreme acceleration of hybrid work forces made the DEX front and center to ensure employees could produce results, be happy, and live life. Win win for any company looking to not fall victim to the great resignation.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nexthink has been brought into Mondelez as we move towards end user experience being the focus of our IT business. We use Nexthink to really find the problems that cause the most amount of pain for our end users & work to resolve those issues. We have been impressed so far with the depth of ability to the product to help us with that task.
  • Digital Experience
  • Employee sentiment
  • Assist root cause analysis
  • Multiple CPU tracking
  • Virtual Machine metrics
  • Pop up customisation
Nexthink is able to provide insights that go beyond vendor specific dashboards i.e. Microsoft, VMWare, Adobe - detail that covers the experience, not the product. The approach that Nexthink is taking towards including collaboration tools is exciting too as these are tools that deeply embedded into the Enterprise scale, working life. To be able to have access to this will certainly enable that deeper experience improvement.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use the product to assist in being proactive with out support for our users. This allows us to be able to reach out to our users before they even realize they are having an issue themselves. It also provides a platform for engaging with our users to get feedback, and improve our support with our end users.
  • It allows for an IT department to be proactive with finding/solving issues before they happen
  • It allows for a company to have a great tool for engaging with end users using campaigns/surveys
  • It shows the full overall picture of a device/network connections when troubleshooting user issues.
  • Would love to see the ability to have more robust campaigns. Currently some of the options are preset. For example when choosing single answer for a campaign, you cannot provide the user an space to expand on their answer.
Nexthink has been an amazing journey for our company. One example where it has been amazing is with our recent change from using IE to Edge. Although most of our users were already using edge, with IE support from Microsoft coming to a close, we wanted to have 100% of our users on Edge. So using Nexthink we were able to find out why those users (who were still using IE) were using it, and help them to convert over to Edge. So now our company is 100% free from using IE (with a few minor exceptions).
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nexthink has been a game-changer in many ways especially as we worked our way through the Pandemic. We have used the Engage functionality in conjunction with HR and Corporate Comms to reach out to staff. Response rates using the engage functionality range from 50% to 95%. The emailed survey's never reached about 20%. We use the IP address information along with a script to capture when people are in one of our 125 offices. this has enabled the facilities team to better identify how we can restructure leases saving the company millions. We use it to push out upgrades to key engineering applications. Projects that previously took up to 6 months can be completed in less than 1 month. Upgrade projects use the investigation function to identify who needs an upgrade. The remote action with the engaging campaign enables us to drive the upgrades to completion. We have tied the information we collect in Nexthink to our CMDB in ServiceNow. This along with data collected in SCCM enables us to cross-check that people have the laptop they are assigned and catch systems that have been improperly transferred from one person to another and or systems that are no longer in use. Our Service Desk has information right in ServiceNow fed by Nexthink so that when they are on a call they have info that in the past they would have had to ask the user or remote to their desktop to find out this speeds up the time to resolution. There is so much more but these are some of the key ways Nexthink has been a paradigm shift from being completely reactionary to being proactively reactionary. The idea is to identify and address issues that end-users either just live with or don't realize they have. Either way identifying and resolving these issues improves the end-user technology experience and makes them more efficient.
  • Engage with end users via pop-up comms
  • Identify root cause of a problem
  • Investigate systems that have similar traits that need to be addressed
  • Run remote actions making support easier to provide
  • Drive upgrade or EOL projects (example identifying users of IE to move them to Edge/Chrome
  • Identify application users down to the version level
  • Better integration with AD/Azure AD - pull info from AD including info such as membership in security groups
  • Calculating a primary user similar to the functionality in SCCM
Nexthink is a complete game-changer in end-user support. It is a true paradigm shift away from reactionary support to proactivity. the combination of the data collected, with remote action capabilities and pop-up engagement campaigns, completely changes how we are able to deliver support services. We have identified uses such as capturing how many people are in each office on a given day, driving upgrades, tracking application usage, enabling other corporate teams a way to engage with and survey people in an easy quick format. We have so many more things we have laid out to use Nexthink to further improve our support of our internal clients. we have just started to scratch the surface of all the capabilities Nexthink offers.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Nexthink to improve the employee experience by monitoring qualitative and quantitative metrics. We have built processes around NT capabilities to ensure we have the right rituals and outputs in place to gain maximal value. The number of use case opportunities is substantial, so we work on identifying priority areas, for example reducing tickets into IT, proactive remediation, faster MTTR, and increased FCR. Our ambition is to fully design and deploy a voice of customer model that incorporates the capabilities of Nexthink.
  • Endpoint visibility - Being able to see over 900 metrics on employee laptops
  • Remote actions - Act is a great housing unit for remote actions and leverages the collector very well
  • Engage - Ability to add a new tool to the suite of VoC options. Some reported response rate examples: 66%, 70%, 82%.
  • Engage dashboard - Additional visualization options would be nice
  • Investigation search - The ability to search for investigations more easily from Finder
Nexthink is excellent at customer engagement. They understand what the company objectives are and then really strive to help you achieve them. Nexthink has been very valuable. One of the biggest value areas is actually the Community. I have met a number of folks across other Nexthink customers that are willing to compare notes and come up with ideas together. The head of Community hosts user group sessions that bring people together in a balanced way formal and informal, which is a better experience than other company user groups I've attended that are more like webinars. The customer success arm of Nexthink is very strong too, which has obviously been valuable for us.
Henry Jennings | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nexthink is the leading user experience tool in our toolbox for our company. It has been instrumental in moving our workloads from a reactive to a proactive support model. It has enabled our L1 and L2 teams to quickly assess, troubleshoot, and repair issues with endpoints without interrupting the customer during the day.

We leverage Nexthink on both Windows and macOS devices to gather information that is not immediately ready on other toolsets that manage the desktop. Nexthink also allows our teams to see patterns and collect long term trending to make informed decisions regarding purchases, end of life hardware and products, and roadmap timelines for implementing new technology.

Nexthink has made itself critical to our business functions and we are very much looking forward to the next generation of functionality that is on the horizon.
  • Visualize endpoint experience with setting thresholds on CPU, RAM, free space, etc.
  • Flexible "remote actions" allow for gathering data that's not in the default data set AND send remote repairs without interrupting the customer.
  • Nexthink has a feature called 'Engage' which allows for interaction with the customer in the form of a survey, or a pop-up interaction that can be attached to a remote action.
  • Nexthink's Experience Portal allows for long term strategizing based on data points you can customize or create. Focus on the issues that are relative to your business and make decisions based on collected evidence.
  • Nexthink has real-time service monitoring from an endpoint perspective. You can discover if a section or entirety of your business is experiencing an outage with an online service in near real time.
  • The legacy account administration functions could use a little more attention. Simple things like exporting your account list should be an option for admins to do.
  • Update the tagging system for deciding which clients receive the Collector (agent) auto-update
  • Online visualization map of how investigations, scorecards, metrics, and remote actions are linked together.
I've been managing desktops for 20+ years and Nexthink was the missing tool out of my toolbox. Just to give some perspective, if you were building and maintaining a house, Nexthink would be comparable to switching up from a hammer and nails and to full blown using a nailgun. Nexthink is a solution accelerator and a well thought out toolset to give you the customer experience at a glance.

It allows for so much more visibility just with the default set of data points the Collector (agent) gathers, which is A LOT, and grants you the ability to gather even more data with remote actions. All of this evidence cuts how the "it could possibly be this" and "maybe it's that" discussions when you're troubleshooting an issue. It may not provide the exact answer all the time, but it gives you a "compass point" on where you need to start looking to resolve the issue. Also the service monitoring, activity monitoring, and critical event thresholds really empower the teams to know when a problem is happening and they can get ahead of it before the first call even reaches the Help Desk.

Nexthink is a cornerstone tool in our environment for end user experience and I'm excited to see where the go next.
March 18, 2022

Nexthink Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The data we receive from Nexthink allows us to monitor all types, from hardware to user sentiment data. Then we have what the actual end-users think. With this data, we can pick user groups and work with them from the data we have received to try and progress issues and be proactive. We can also try and help those silent sufferers who don't report issues, but we can see their struggles with the hard data.
  • User sentiment - provides rolling
  • User feedback on our IT infrastructure.
  • Allows us to self remediate our security stack of applications
  • Provides us almost real time data to help us investigate users' issues
  • Allows us to send urgent comms, to all or select user groups. To communicate such things as network issues, etc.
  • Sometimes it's a bit of a task when we spot an issue and need to provide machine logs for Nexthink to investigate. I believe this isn't the case when you go and use Nexthink cloud.
  • I think the documentation can be improved. It can be very hard to follow and lacks detail.
The information it brings back from each device is really useful. From telling us how compliant our devices are to providing uptime to allow us to educate our userbase and bring our co2. We then get user feedback which we use to provide our NPS score and allow us to work with smaller working groups of users who are having issues with certain apps.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Nexthink as our primary digital employee experience tool, and our use cases include: - proactive IT support - solve problems before they become to reduce support tickets to ease the pressure on our first line support teams and improve the user experience for end-users greater visibility of IT system status and laptop performance via dashboards automated remediation of issues and one-click fixes via the act functionality Investigative capabilities via the finder investigations interact with users via engaging, collect sentiment data troubleshooting individual device issues via the timeline.
  • Service and laptop health visibility via dashboards
  • Automated remediation
  • Helps improve the user experience for all users of IT
  • The on-prem finder is somewhat slow and bloated, and a little buggy (resolved in the new application experience version)
  • Lack of a fully fleshed out engage dashboard in the on-prem version (resolved in application experience)
  • On-prem finder has limitations as to how many actions can be imported
Nexthink is the perfect tool to improve the end-user experience of their device and services by giving IT teams visibility of the health of their estate via the digital experience score, which converts technical data into scores that can be easily digested at a glance, and allows for quick and easy remediation of issues at the press of a button.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are currently using Nexthink to enhance our support services and the digital experience of our employees. Even though we have only been using Nexthink for a short period of time, we have already identified multiple ways that we can utilise the product to improve different areas of the business. The use cases are endless and the support and community behind the product are amazing.
  • The insights we can gather using Nexthink are great, really eye-opening, and help to drive improvement.
  • Support for the product is phenomenal.
  • The user groups and community in general are fantastic.
  • The on-premise solution can be slow at times and resource-demanding even on newer laptops. (This isn't the case with the cloud offering.)
  • Some useful features are only available to cloud customers.
  • Library pack configuration could be made easier, often these packs require some customization and it's not always clear how to get them up and running after importing.
Create internal/operational efficiencies Drive revenue growth Enhance decision making Improve business process agility Improve customer relations/service Improve business process outcomes Improve compliance & risk management Drive innovation
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nexthink is a great tool, helping our customers resolve issues both Proactively and reactively. In the AI Era, customers across different industries for leveraging Nexthink to trigger campaigns for user feedback to measure device/application performance working from home or office. Traditional surveys via emails are old school and end-users like a more interactive platform to share their opinions. The automated remediation capabilities are changing the dynamics with our help desk and third-party providers. We can now take our ticket and machine analytics to develop detection and remediation acts to tackle our top tickets sources proactively - This is driving down cost and increasing user satisfaction. CMDB integration has helped improve Asset inventory with more reliable numbers. Our customers have been rigorously using Software metering to save $ on expensive licensed products. I have been able to enable multiple teams to perform root cause analysis on aging problem records as well as high-priority incidents. The new Application Experience module is a cherry on top to measure the performance of Cloud-based Apps with complimentary results of license usage via browser plugins.
  • Leveraging Nexthink DEX scores in Incident Management Modules in ITSM solutions for L1/L2 teams to get a proactive view of the device.
  • Experience Optimization helps customers to get readily available daily dashboards for CTOs/CIOs.
  • Plug n Play capability of Azure AD connector helps partners to easily read AAD data in Nexthink.
  • limited capability of monitoring the device reliability monitors' parameters in Windows 10 and above. I assume Nexthink is already working on it.
  • Too Much drill-down annoys users sometimes. It should be clicked and routed to the next page.
  • Rule-based assignments and Hierarchies are too many complicated configurations. such configuration such be embedded in the collector in the beginning.
Software Metering capabilities to save license of costly products like AutoCad/CATIA etc. DEX score helps to set the thresholds for easy permanent fixes where Infrastructure teams find challenges end-user devices level issues.
Adrian Jarosz | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Nexthink to measure and increase the Digital Experience Score. Basically, this tool can be used to increase the performance of devices by proactive actions and automation like i.e. self heal remote actions. At the end of the day performance of devices is nothing else than the productivity of their user.
  • Showing stability of software version by showing crashes.
  • Fixing issues with Remote Actions like full hard disc.
  • Providing nice reporting of environment stability with drill-down option using hierarchy.
  • Nexthink should be engineless.
  • Better decarbonization reports.
In my honest opinion, it can be well suited for each customer if it is configured and customized in a proper way.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nexthink is deployed via corporate operations IT to help monitor end-user devices and key services to our technicians and Engineers. We also use it for dashboarding purposes to track trends and have used it in the past for siloed reporting to assist with CMDB and application deployment management projects.
  • Ease of data gathering
  • Consolidation of multiple data points into one (previously, you'd have to request one thing from SCCM, one thing from JAMF, maybe something else from your Domain Controllers)
  • Support. Nexthink has always provided great levels of support when needed.
  • The Finder is great but to utilize the product effectively it takes some getting used to. Very 'right click' heavy.
  • Learning curve. Nexthink is very boolean based in their investigations (not a knock, most products are), but since they can track things at such a siloed level it's important to know specifically how they are classifying their objects (ex, a package vs. an application vs. an .exe vs. a binary) so you can understand what findings you're getting.
  • Parity on Mac and Linux products. This is improving though.
Nexthink is very well suited to support your ITSM solutions, assist in root cause analysis, project investigations/planning, device tagging, inventory and compliance management, proactive remediation, etc. In those regards it really is lightning in a bottle.

While Nexthink can certainly act as a CMDB, I would not use it as such - it can support a repository but should not be the repository. It goes way beyond an APM, so if you're just looking for an APM, Nexthink does do that, but it does a lot more too.
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