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NICE Nexidia Analytics


What is NICE Nexidia Analytics?

NICE Nexidia Analytics is based on the company's acquisitions of Nexidia and Mattersight.
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10 out of 10
February 25, 2022
It’s a very smooth process, I really enjoyed how easy and simple it is. It was difficult some days to transfer calls but besides that, …
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What is NICE Nexidia Analytics?

NICE Nexidia Analytics is based on the company's acquisitions of Nexidia and Mattersight.

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Product Details

What is NICE Nexidia Analytics?

NICE Nexidia Analytics is based on the company's acquisitions of Nexidia and Mattersight.

NICE Nexidia Analytics Features

  • Supported: Predictive NPS – Integrate your existing satisfaction survey with Mattersight's powerful behavioral algorithms to automatically predict NPS scores on every customer conversation
  • Supported: Predictive Metrics – When you combine your CRM or survey data with Mattersight Analytics, you can use call outcomes to make smarter business decisions
  • Supported: Alerts – Proactively identify and report on key events
  • Supported: API Platform – Access thousands of data elements through Mattersight’s open API platform
  • Supported: Automatic Call Categorization – Automatically categorize 100% of calls against enterprise and organic libraries to reduce the need for agents to select a call reason in agent desktop applications
  • Supported: Trending Topics – Synthesize your unstructured conversation data into customer sentiments, and tie insights to your CRM data to improve business outcomes

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NICE Nexidia Analytics Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesUnited States
Supported LanguagesEnglish

NICE Nexidia Analytics Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)0%
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)0%
Enterprises (more than 500 employees)100%
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Gina Del Sordo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Mattersight Behavioral Analytics website is truly one of my favorite to use and teach. Currently it's used not only for showing the different styles of personalities we encounter every day, but it helps by recording the representatives' calls and documenting both coaching from supervisors as well as reps. This is something that has been utilized across our department and across the organization also. It helps address the business problem of showing the representatives how they can best assist the members and hear how they sound. Being able to understand how your personality can impact others is a huge advantage within the customer service role no matter what department. Being able to cater to the member directly for their needs also is fantastic!
  • Behavioral Model has not only great information on the different styles and examples of some day to day issues you may run into. It also gives relatable Actors/Characters/People who you could closely relate with. When explaining this to someone new to the personality profiles it is very helpful to show the connection.
  • The Search feature looking for calls and navigating throughout each of the tabs is truly user friendly. It gives you options that reflect a lot of information and ways to search so that it could be very specific and detailed for bringing up a broad search depending on what exactly you would need.
  • The HeatMap is a great tool for those who want to take a look at where their representatives stand in comparison to the others on their team who take those calls. Having a graph and a clear look to see where they fit in based on the expectations helps it look great.
  • Really the only part would be the logging in process. Sometimes the system locks you out or suspends the account when you try to log in for an additional time without reason.

Specifically listening to scenarios in which a representative has taken a phone call and they are unsure of what they were marked off on regarding quality or how they sound. It gives a great explanation of what the site has picked up on based on key words to reflect what personality style the rep was speaking with and how they could have better served them.

I think that is an incredible feature because it helps show and break down how we are all different and have different needs and wants.

  • MUCH Better Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction
  • Quick Coaching Opportunities
  • One stop shop for calls and coaching
Customer Service for all Business Units across the board including our Community and State which is specifically how I utilize the site, Learning and Development within our Training programs showing the New Hires to the company and or their role how it could help with their career within the company, Supervisors and Leadership utilize to help with coaching, tracking and trending.
You do have to go through a Training for Behavioral Analytics and pass that training prior to being able to train from that. It is a week training which helps the trainers be able to welcome the new hires to the website and show how it could best assist them within their career.
  • Customer Service Call Recording for tracking
  • Customer Service Coaching
  • Personality Profiles
  • For coaching opportunities
This site is very user friendly and easy to navigate as well as explain. It is visually appealing and very clear cut! It gives a lot of information and helps by having everything in one spot. Almost a one stop shop if you will! It gives information you may not use every day however you know it's available for you.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Behavioral Analytics (BA) not only as a source to monitor calls our staff takes, but as a great customer service and coaching tool. We make sure our management staff understands how to use Behavioral Analytics as a great coaching tool to use with staff and a great customer service tool our staff can use with our customers.
  • I love how the systems analyzes the callers so QA's are able to help guide the agent on how to better handle that style on the next call.
  • I love how the system runs reports for us. We no longer have to manually enter and produce reports, which is a "bear" of a project.
  • Behavioral Analytics helps me keep track of not only my team's progress, but the progress of team leads and supervisors doing coaching and QA monitors.
  • I wish you could string calls together, so I could here a call progress from beginning to end.
  • I wish that Behavioral Analytics had a way to go into the QA form and make updates instead of having to delete the entire monitor and start again.
  • I wish the system captured more than 10% of video, for screen capture.
  • I wish you could search for a call with a phone number.
I can't think of anything that would not benefit from Behavioral Analytics.
  • I know this system has helped with customer service which in return makes customers happier.
  • I know this system has helped a lot of team leads and supervisors effectively coach their staff better.
  • I know it has helped the QA department get through to agents better through coaching opportunities.
  • DISC
DISC was more of just breaking people into categories. BA goes beyond that and gives you more insight and brings a little humor with it. I taught DISC for 5 years and never seen a class retain the information as much as I have seen them retain the information from BA.
The people that use the BA systems are the QA trainers to train the new staff and we also do quality monitors. PSRs use the system to review coaching notes and quality forms. Supervisors use BA to coach and keep track of quality scores. Managers and directors use the system to keep track of the production floor.
Quality and training along with Work Force Management work directly with Mattersight to maintain the system. It is kept in house for the most part because hardly anything goes wrong. The two departments reach out to Mattersight for changes to be made since are company is ever changing. As for skills needed to support the system all you need is general computer knowledge, which most people hired for a call center have.
  • Quality monitors
  • Customer Service training
  • Coaching training
  • Trending reports
  • As a trend tracker
  • A way to see what other sites are doing
  • A great way to see were training could be lacking
  • To see calls from beginning to end
  • Additional refresher courses for customer service
  • Onboarding team leads and supervisors for being able to coach effectively
  • Help QAs coach more efficiently
BA has been a great asset to our company. Everyone loves to get involved and tell their stories. It is nice when you see an agent on they floor, several months after their training, and they are still talking to you about stories and events that happened in their lives and how it relates to the BA model.
We did not have another product, but we did everything manually. We had created QA monitor scorecards from Excel and had to password protect them so agents could not change scores and sections. We also did nothing but email coaching, which was not very effective. This system has helped our company as a whole, quite a bit.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Prior Experience with the Product
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
  • Analyst Reports
  • Third-party Reviews
Price was a huge factor. We wanted a great tool, but because we are still growing and expanding we did not want to spend a great deal of money before we had the staff to train it too. Mattersight had great pricing and a very knowledgeable sales staff. Mattersight made everything seamless.
I don't think much would have changed except we would have been a little more prepared to give Mattersight a complete picture of what the company was looking at. Mattersight though has been great "coaching" us through the growing/challenging times. Mattersight is great and gives us no gruff when we are constantly having to change as our business grows.
  • Don't know
Yes the implementation was broken up in phases. First, the trainers were certified. Second the managers and supervisors were trained. Third, all the existing agents were trained. Lastly we trained all the new staff. We have done this at all of our hubs. We are still training PSRs every week and hopefully soon we will incorporate this into all departments.
  • Having the supervisors and mangers remember their training
  • Having staff remember to login to the system so their access was not revoked
  • Having staff remember their password they created from their PPI assessment
It was really nice to start slowly and train leadership and then slowly start implanting of BA to the staff. This helped with coaching and helped with new staff as they hit the floor. We found that this helped the staff relate and share stories to help with team dynamic. Great system.
  • In-person training
This was a great class. We learned so much about the program and our team through the on-site training provided by Mattersight. The trainers were very professional and playful at the same time. They really brought the training to life. The trainers were great at answering all questions and making sure we could train our staff in the same professional, yet fun, manner.
I love the roundtable meetings. This is a great way to come together with other companies that are also using the product. It is great to hear about how others train and hear some of their struggles and success stories, so we are able to make the best BA training out there.
The Quality tab was really easy to use. We did not have this tab yet when we first became certified. When the tab finally arrived, it was really easy to access and navigate through. It took maybe 15 minutes to walk through and then it took another 25 minutes to train the rest of our staff.
The software's configurability is something, that as a QA&T certified trainer do not mess with.
Mattersight gives great support. Every time I reach out to them I get a response within the hour, even if it is just to tell me that they will check into the issue. The staff always stays in contact and even after changes have been made or answers given they follow back up with you and make sure everything is going smoothly. The Mattersight team never makes you feel like you are burden and it feels that with every contact they grow a little more as well.
About 4 weeks ago, our company changed around the quality monitoring form. I reached out to Mattersight to advise them of the change and tried to find out if we could get the form changed and if so how long would it take. We advised that we would have to go back to Excel forms until the change was made. Within 30 minutes of that email, I received a response back about how we would like the form to look. The Mattersight staff only had the whole form complete, changed, and uploaded within 2 days. It was amazing.
  • Search function for finding agents
  • The heat map
  • The Quality Tab
  • Flters for finding calls
  • Finding the agent in the heat map because they did not take enough calls
  • Trying to find a call with screen capture
It is easy to use and navigate. When I need additional help the User guide is fabulous.
This is such a great product.
We have not had any issues with BA's availability. It is always up and running. The only issues we run into is staff not logging in everyday because they already have so many systems up as it is. Other than users, BA is great and is always there.
The pages load very quickly. The reports are nice. I wish I could understand a little more about what is on the reports and what all the sections mean, but once you remove the information that is not needed the reports are easy to filter through and read. I do wish that we would get Outlook notification for comments and monitors.
  • CareRadius
  • CRM
  • Outlook
This I am not to sure of. This is a back end Work force and IT question.
  • Outlook
Yes, as far as I know.
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
The staff was very patient and knowledgeable. They helped answer all questions at the start and they still continue helping answer any questions or issues that come along in the development. We are now in talks for other products as well.
Mattersight is a great company and they are always available.
  • Desktop Analytics with help with call flow
  • Being able to search for calls through phone numbers
Michael Shea | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are a collections department and we use Mattersight Behavioral Analytics to supply us 100% call recording and to perform linguistic analysis to identify customer and team member behaviors. Mattersight analyzes calls and provides us information from the call. Just some of the information we can determine on a call are positive comments, caller distress, compliance events, and acknowledgement statements. We can also verify demographics. There are a lot more metrics that they provide us and create reporting that will allow us to identify coaching opportunties and reinforcements for our team members. We use Mattersight to address team member behaviors. This really gives us an opportunity to filter and select calls that will give us the opportunity to coach our team members on providing the best customer experience for our customers.
  • 100% call recording - It is needed today with the focus on government regulations and compliance expectations.
  • Real Time Alerts - identifies calls in a short amount of time where a compliance event is identified (TCPA, Bankruptcy, etc...) that give us an opportunity to review the call and make sure all steps related to the compliance event were completed appropriately.
  • Coaching Heatmaps - Provide our leadership team a detailed coaching strategy heatmap that identifes a team members opportunity. This helps us focus on the main coaching topic to improve performance and providing customer excellence.
  • To improve the amount of false positives reported. 20% of the calls have false positive information that we don't need to review for compliance events.
  • More accountability to resolve issues in a shorter amount of time.
  • Speed up the application. Users experience slight delays within the portal.
Mattersight Behavioral Analytics has really helped us control human error especially when it comes to compliance related events. The use of real time alerts and being notified of a compliance event to review has helped us reduce risk to the customer and the bank. It has also helped us improve our performance metrics. We are able to identify key coaching areas that give us the best opportunity to be successful but at the same time service our customers.
  • Lowered compliance error rates
  • Increased our team member promise kept rate
  • Increased our call control that lead to increased team member efficiency
I have not tried or evalated similiar products.
All team members do work in Collections. Most is used to analyze calls from team members who either take incoming calls or make outgoing calls. We have an internal audit team that listens to around 500 calls on a daily basis that involve calls that potentially have the most risk to the bank - TCPA, Bankruptcy, Fraud and Dispute, Cease and Desist, and Mini Miranda. We also have an internal team that analyzes calls to spot trends and works with Mattersight to update our language library. The management team uses reporting to spot trends and to identify specific coaching opportunities for individual team members.
These team members are efficient and work as an idividual contributor. They need to be analytical, trouble shooters, abilty to perform root cause analysis, detailed, patient, and understand business objectives. They need to be able to communicate with leaders on their analysis and give supporting evidence that concludes their findings.
  • Identifying coaching opportunities for our team members. We have 4 main categories that we feel a team member can improve in their negotiations and talk off with the customer. The information supplied by Mattersigh helps us quickly identify the opportunity or also find reinforements calls that drive home the coaching goals.
  • Compliance - We are able to mitigate risk because Mattersight is able to identify calls based on lingustics that pose the greatest risk to the bank. Our internal compliance team is able to review these calls and to correct any errors.
  • Perform root cause analysis on team member and customer pain points based on distress during the call. This allows us to quickly identify pain points and determine possible solutions that will have a greater customer impact.
  • Compliance - Mattersight was able to provide us calls that had compliance events in about 2 hours. That gives time to listen to these calls and mitigate any risk if identified.
  • In depth language library. We are able to breakdown the call based on many different call attributes. This allows us to manage our call model, compliance, and effiencies during the call.
  • Customer personalities - understanding who are customers are and how they want to be treated gives us an oppotunity to build rapport with the customer and that allows us to determine possible solutions that will benefit the customer.
  • Vendor implemented
  • Implemented in-house
WaDee'ah Crowder | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Mattersight Behavioral Analytics is currently being used across the Allstate organization in various departments. It helps automate coaching opportunities and reinforcements to our front line leaders. It is also provides reporting on internal metrics to help improve customer experience.
  • Help identify coaching opportunities through linguistics and analytics on a particular call
  • Provide helpful tips on coaching to specific personality types and how to approach properly
  • Provide reporting that can be used to increase customer experience through heatmaps and ad hoc reporting
  • Technical issues with the portal such as call recordings
  • Minimal functionality issues that rarely occurs
How often do your representatives take calls that require coaching? Behavioral Analytics is mainly a coaching tool to improve the organization in specific areas. There are so many different variables to consider based on the type of calls to take. However, you are able to customize metrics based on the calls being taken.
  • Improved customer service that also improved first call resolution that helped identify frequent call back reasons
  • Increase in coaching efforts such as self coaching and manager to rep coaching
  • Improvement on how to address high attrition risk customers
In the past, we have used a different vendor that does not provide as much content as Behavioral Analytics. Mattersight Behavioral Analytics provides more automation and offers more sophisticated technology that allows the customer to customize the tool based on its needs.
Customer experience is the major function our employees represent while using Mattersight Behavioral Analytics. There are other functions as well in our organization such as technology, Compliance, Quality control, etc.
To support Mattersight Behavioral Analytics, you must know the portal itself. The six different behaviors are an important part of the support when employees are set up to complete their personality test. Having the administrative rights is required to provide the correct access to each employee in the organization. Problem solving skills is also required with the Mattersight Behavioral Analytics portal because sometimes, a user may not be recording and you have to figure out why based on their profile.
  • Customer Experience
  • Coaching
  • Self development
  • Our organization has been able to customize our calls based on linguistics and the type of calls we take
  • Our organization has been able to search for a particular word or phrase in multiple calls at once to narrow down searches that will generate reporting
  • Our organization has been able to decrease our attrition risk customers and know how to retain the business
  • We will continue to enhance our linguistic library based on the various calls we take
  • Our coaching tools are continuously developing as well within our organization and Mattersight as a resource
  • Branching to evolve our heatmaps with new and updated metrics is also part of the future plan
Mattersight Behavioral Analytics has always shown great support to our organization. They are always willing to help and find new ways to improve our customer experience. The team we have with Mattersight has become part of our everyday work lives in which we value their business.
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