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Dragon Speech Recognition

Dragon Speech Recognition


What is Dragon Speech Recognition?

Nuance's Dragon Speech Recognition suite are applications for lawyers, medical practitioners, and other professionals, allowing them to dictate and record notes (according to the vendor) faster than typing, accurately.

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Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition has proven to be a versatile tool across various industries and professions. Users have employed the …
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What is Dragon Speech Recognition?

Dragon Speech Recognition Technical Details

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Michael Craven | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
I am a computer consultant and I have several clients (mostly lawyers) who use Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition for dictating rather than paying for a person to do the same. It allows them to dictate their thoughts, notes, etc. in a private room without having to use a person to type what they are saying.
  • Learning inflection in someone's voice
  • Learning accents
  • Learning punctuation
  • Punctuation--commas, periods, etc. are not automatic
  • Training takes a long time
  • Misunderstanding of common English is common
I listen to lawyers dictate to Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition a few times a month--it always makes me wonder why they still use it and put up with it. To me it seems like it would be much more efficient (and faster) to just learn to type or hire a transcriptionist to put their thoughts, notes, words, etc. into a computer.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is available to members of staff subject to their work requirements (it is not available to staff who do not meet specific requirements). A number of my colleagues are required to produce minutes of meetings with a very fast turnaround and approval has been granted to those members of staff to use Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition as a means of improving efficiency and to ensure compliance with statutory deadlines in relation to publishing minutes of public proceedings.
  • Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is extraordinarily helpful when it comes to transcribing recordings of official meetings, allowing the user to determine how much detail they wish to go into when transcribing meetings, veering from near verbatim to a summary of those proceedings.
  • Having developed a sophisticated personal profile, Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is extremely good at recognising my voice and inserting the necessary punctuation and appropriate spelling with very little intervention on my part in correcting any errors.
  • As I sometimes use complex and technical language, Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is very quick to recognise and replicate terms and technological phrases that I might use once these terms have been entered into my recognised vocabulary
  • Very occasionally there are certain words or phrases that Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition consistently fails to recognise despite trying to include these in my vocabulary. However, such instances are rare and are quickly rectified by using the "Spell That" command.
  • The repeated appearance of some dialogue boxes (notably the one that says "please say that again") can be somewhat irritating until these are turned off by making adjustments to the necessary settings.
  • On a few occasions I have had issues with my microphone not working and Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition becoming unstable because of compatibility issues with Windows 10.
My job requires that I produce lengthy and detailed minutes of meetings and Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is absolutely ideally suited for this purpose. Notably, meetings are recorded and it is extremely easy to playback the recording of meetings while dictating notes. This is a remarkable saving in time and effort in producing minutes that might otherwise take a few days.

I cannot think of any scenario where it would be less appropriate to use Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition other than in a situation where it is not possible to dictate for whatever reason.
John Matthies | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is being used across the organization. It is used for data entry, report writing and editing, email correspondence, etc. It helps in many ways reducing typing and manual editing of appraisal reports, letters, email, and so forth. Occasionally it has been used to read documents. Different users utilize different features.
  • Data input to MS Excel--numbers and text
  • Allows for hands-free stream-of-thought composition
  • Outstanding accuracy--even with a cold
  • Editing--sometimes it takes several attempts to get the right word
  • Buffering the spoken words for very fast talkers
  • System resource hog
I write many letters to friends and family, and I serve as a mentor for a prison ministry. The ability to dictate letters makes it easier to think and not worry about keeping up with typing. Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition does the heavy lifting, freeing me to focus on the subject and edit when necessary. I also like to use it in chats. Again, the ease of saying what I am thinking (and getting words spelled correctly) is beneficial.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is used by the physicians at my office for dictating progress and procedure notes after seeing patients. This product is integrated with our electronic medical records system, and it allows for the discontinuation of paper charts for the patients. This cuts down on paper supplies and other miscellaneous office supplies to keep patient charts intact.
  • Integrates with our EMR system
  • Allows for specific profile types
  • Ability for "roaming profiles"
  • Customer support isn't very helpful
  • The cost of the software is a little high
  • There are a few bugs that have remained bugs for several years, despite being reported
Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is well suited to use with our EMR system. It is fairly accurate when dictating the speech of the physicians in our office, but when it is not accurate, the physicians have the ability to do more in-depth training. Also, the fact that they have a healthcare specialty system is very helpful in our pain management practice.
Suresh K.S Kumar | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nuance makes speech recognition so easy. I've had experience with other recognition systems, but the recognition from Nuance is accurate even when the confidence of the speaker is sometimes low. Having a multimodal input always provides an option to provide input apart from the traditional DTMF input. It is certainly a more efficient way of communication.
  • Recognition
  • Voice Authentication
  • Speech Transcription
  • Redundancy
  • Latency between listening and recognizing is a pain sometimes.
  • Application Stability
The main advantage is that it adjusts to your tone and accent. Integration with a wide range of apps and operating systems is advantageous. It is very simple to incorporate custom words and acronyms, so recognition becomes very precise and customized over time as the system gets trained on the usual utterances. The system might not be perfect when the background noise is included in the input causing recognition to fail.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is used as a single license. Not campus-wide.
  • The main advantage is that it calibrates itself around your tone and accent.
  • Integration with many apps and operative system is good.
  • Integrating custom words and acronyms is very easy, so, over time, recognition becomes very precise and customized.
  • It crashes constantly. Many times you would lose your work.
  • Nuance stopped supporting macOS a few eyes ago. That was an important minus. The last macOS supported version is now useless; it does not even start under the new macOS versions.
  • The delay between listening and writing is applications like Word is way too big. I always have to dictate into a simple text editor and then copy the content into Word. Very bothersome.
  • Apple dictation works much faster.
Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition is still a good choice for those that need to use a lot of technical terms. Otherwise, other companies are putting together more simple and as effective software. Lacking support for macOS is a big minus.
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