ObservePoint is a web analytics tagging audit tool.ObservePoint is a business critical solution for identifying actionable insight with web site tagging.This is a partnered solution that we use to produce our Data Quality Assessment (powered by ObservePoint) Service Offering. We use ObservePoint to audit our customers' web sites then output the audit to a text file that we analyze to generate a Tag Audit Assessment document/deliverable.,The UI for ObservePoint is intuitive and robust. This makes training new engineers and using the product easy and productive. All Audit exports are formatted as tab delimited text files making the data easy to analyze and manipulate in a Spreadsheet or database. The list of tag vendors that are discoverable is comprehensive making it easy to interrogate most any tagging implementation. Standard reporting within the UI is robust and easy to consume.,I would like to see more of the administrative aspects of the UI to allow for sortable lists such as the list of Users and Properties. Auditing highly secure site content can be problematic depending on the method of authentication.,10,ObservePoint coupled with our Data Quality Assessment service offering is absolutely critical to the success of our customers. Being able to quickly find and resolve actionable insight due to tagging inconsistencies is a critical business requirement for any type of web site. Ensuring that the tagging has been implemented correctly ensures integrity and builds confidence in our Webtrends Reporting Solutions.,,10,70,2,Identifying tagging inconsistencies that have a negative impact on reporting accuracy Identifying data leakage whereby tagging from a short-term vendor engagement like an ad vendor is not removed at the end of an engagement Data inflation from improper tag implementation,Monitoring and capturing tagging changes using the Simulations feature Being able to manually audit purchase conversion funnel tagging,Looking forward to being able to audit Mobile Applications,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,If I could go back in time with the information I have today I would have started with ObservePoint and saved all the wasted time and resources trying to work with other solutions.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was minimal,Learning to use the manual audit Firefox plugin,10,Online training In-person training Self-taught,10,10,Self learning takes a bit more time but it can be done. I recommend getting product training either remotely or on-site as a best practice.,10,Start out with small audits to test the results of the different features and filtering.,No - there is no facility to customize the interface,No - the product does not support adding custom code,It is possible to create some template type filtering for commonly used advanced reporting.,10,Yes,We identified a defect that was business critical for us and ObservePoint engaged their engineers then developed, QA'd and deployed a fix to production on the same day.,Setting up the audits Gaining actionable insight from built in reporting Exporting data as a tab delimited text file so I could import the data into a spreadsheet with predefined macro's to assess the data for quick actionable insight.,I didn't find anything particularly difficult or cumbersome when using ObservePoint,No,10,10,10,8,Microsoft Excel,Not at this time,File import/export,10,Start small with high value features then build on that. Regularly query all stakeholders to identify new features to add/grow the integrated solution.,10,10,Price, feature additions,All of our needs and requirements were and still are being met and or exceeded.,Yes,New and improved infrastructure globally that has significantly improved UI and Audit performance. Improved look and feel of the report export emails.,Ability to audit mobile applications. Ability to audit multi-track events Enhanced automated secure site authentication Upgraded browser plug-in necessary for manual auditing of secure site content and ecommerce conversion events,No,No
8 Ratings
Score 7.3 out of 101
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8 Ratings
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Score 7.3 out of 101

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About ObservePoint

ObservePoint is a web analytics tagging audit tool.
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