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What is Onfido?

Onfido simplifies identity verification with a platform used by over 900 businesses with the goal of navigating KYC and AML requirements, stopping fraud, and delivering exceptional onboarding experiences.

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What is Onfido?

Onfido simplifies identity verification with a platform used by over 900 businesses with the goal of navigating KYC and AML requirements, stopping fraud, and delivering exceptional onboarding experiences.

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Product Demos

Document verification & barcode extraction | US Product Demo


Revolut's SDK Demo | Workflow


Onfido Trial Demo


ProofSpace KYC Demo Video | Onfido SDK


AI built for the real world | Demo


Salesforce & Onfido Integration | Demo

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Product Details

What is Onfido?

Onfido helps businesses to build automated identity verification around their unique needs with an end-to-end, AI powered identity verification solution. Onfido states they currently help 900+ businesses onboard customers at scale while stopping fraud and navigating KYC, AML and other regulatory requirements with the end-to-end, Real Identity Platform.

The Real Identity Platform combines:

  • Verification Suite. a library of verifications including document and biometric solutions, trusted data sources, and invisible fraud detection signals.
  • Onfido Studio. A no-code orchestration solution used to build tailored identity workflows in a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Smart Capture SDKs. A fast capture and upload experience, and simple to integrate.
  • Atlas™ AI. The AI at the heart of the Real Identity Platform, built from global datasets and refined over 10 years in partnerships, Onfido Atlas is designed to make fast, fair, and accurate identity verification a reality.

Onfido Videos

The Onfido Real Identity Platform helps verify and convert new customers, fight identity fraud, and navigate KYC & AML requirements.
TSB Bank and Onfido: Onboard new digital and mobile customers

Onfido Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Mobile Web
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Using Onfido to perform Driver's license validation as part of a fully-digital car sharing signup/setup flow.

Solves the need to manually review driver's licenses and gives additional security with facial recognition, watch list checks and image recognition of driver's license itself to check for security features.

Takes our total signup time from potentially days down to minutes/seconds.
  • Facial recognition of driver's license information
  • Easy to integrate SDK
  • Certified by governing bodies e.g soc 2 type 2 compliant
  • Dashboard - current analytics are very high level pass, consider, fail - would like a more detailed breakdown of reasons why consider / fail aggregated in an easy to view format.
  • Speed consistency - sometimes Onfido checks are very fast, sometimes it takes a lot longer
  • OCR - we had issues with OCR data quality and had to add a step for users to verify information captured via OCR from Driver's Licenses.
Onfido is well suited for integrations within a mobile app for automated document processing and validation e.g. driver's licenses, passports etc.

Onfido is less well suited for web applications since the quality and accuracy of the checks is very dependent on the quality of the image captured which in general is less high quality from a webcam.
  • Strong ROI compared to manual alternatives
  • Slightly unclear how Onfido ROI would be better/worse than competitors in the space - a lot of similar offerings out there
Ultimately went with Onfido due to previous experience with applications & products that had worked with Onfido and from research Onfido appeared to be one of the main providers in the space providing reassurance internally on use of relatively new technology. Onfido security and compliance was also standout helping pass internal audits by cybersecurity and legal. Downside with Onfido is that the pricing model is complex and relies on accurate predictions of platform/user growth to secure the best price-per-check which is challenging in a startup environment.
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