NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based Professional Service Automation (PSA) product which includes capabilities around project management, resource management, project accounting, etc. & Project Management DreamNetSuite OpenAir PSA is used for time and expense tracking for non-consulting resources for non-billable work. It is also used for high-level resource and project management for consulting resources for billable work.,Time Tracking Expense Tracking Resource Management Deliverable Management Reporting,N/A,10,Keep track of open deliverables Report on trend data Keep track of resources/ employees Manage schedules,,1500,3,Time Management Expense Management Resource Management Project Management,Supplemental HR tool,Unsure,10,Yes,Product Features Product Usability,Not much would change. Reporting and ease of use were the key factors.,Implemented in-house,No,Change management was a major issue with the implementation,User acceptance Migrating good data from the old PSA,10,Self-taught,10,Yes. Yes.,8,No,Some - we have done small customizations to the interface,No,10,I can't recall any specifics but when we first implemented NetSuite, the team in general was great. Our PSO consultant went above and beyond even when the installation services were complete. It was a great and a positive experience overall. Eric Cheung was his name I think.,Reporting,Schedule Exceptions: Time Off,Yes,10,10,10,9,NetSuite SalesForce,N/A,File import/export API (e.g. SOAP or REST),10,Take your time to map out carefully and try to anticipate the full scope of which you might need the data content from OA in another system today and in the future.,10,10,I can't recall.,Be flexible and honest about how you plan to use the tool.,No,Easier reporting,Not sure,NoGreat product, but UI needs a facelift.Used by entire company for time and expense tracking. Then the Services and Accounting teams used the tool heavily for day to day management of both projects and financial health.,Integration between various modules is seamless and they complement each other well. Resource management and planning. Project planning and monitoring in terms of traditional project management metrics. Reporting and dashboards were flexible. From time sheets to customer invoicing, the workflow for approvals and reviews worked great.,The interface could use improvements from a usability perspective. It needs a bit of a face-lift. For example, setting up reports is cumbersome and time consuming. It needs to increase flexibility for more advanced resource booking assignments such as recurring bookings. Configuration by department would be ideal. For a company that adopted the solution across the board, some of the configuration options wouldn't work for some departments which required compromises and in some cases we are not using some of the features Services would have desired.,10,We increased our utilization in Services from 90% to over 100% using the resource management tools. We reduced our backlog/queue time for starting new projects from 2 months to 2-4 weeks. With greater visibility, we were able to better plan our staffing needs for short/long term needs. We had greater visibility for project managers in regards to the monitoring of contracts from an invoicing perspective resulting in increased billings and reduced time to get invoices out the door. Given the integration of the solution, there was access to time off requests as well as company holidays (especially for co-location/countries). It allowed us to have greater visibility to ensure we had the proper staffing levels and were able to maximize our time and material opportunities over any period.,FinancialForce PSA,Mavenlink,Projector PSA,9,100,2,Resource planning and forecasting for financial purposes as well as defining our upcoming staffing needs. Visibility into our utilization for booked business as well as sales opportunities. Complete integration for customer invoice generation using approved time sheets and then getting the information to Quickbooks. Project planning tools and metrics for project managers. Workflow for approvals of resource requests, time sheets, expense reports and invoicing. Revenue recognition and financial planning.,We've been able to use project stages to segment our product license contracts so that we can track invoicing, renewals and profitability.,Tracking sales opportunities for resource and financial forecasting.,,Price Product Features,Ensure to speak with other clients who've used the PSA solution and understand their pros and cons after the fact.,Vendor implemented,No,Change management was a small part of the implementation and was well-handled,Internal process changes and adoption.,9,In-person training,9,9,I would recommend using an outside consultant to implement it. One that understands your business and can spend that 1-1 time with you to ensure the implementation is seamless and successful.,No - there is no facility to customize the interface,No - we have not done any custom code,There is an advanced function available for creating custom fields and calculations that can be used for reporting purposes. This is a very powerful tool that can help provide you the information you might be need for project analysis.,No,10,Yes,Project tracking Time and expense tracking Resource management,Reporting can be a little clunky to setup and figure out which reports to use for different situations. Integration isn't seamless.,Yes,9,10,10,9,Quickbooks,,File import/export,3,Speak with customers/references who have integrated to exactly the same system. Understand what went wrong and any gotchas.,9,7,Tiered pricing structure with a per seat license fee. When we negotiated year one, they agreed to honor the price only for one year. Once renewal came around, they had an increase that was substantial. In retrospect, we should have pushed harder to have that price locked for a longer period of time.,Ensure that renewal has a cap on percentage price increases.,Improved UI.,No,No
OpenAir PSA
32 Ratings
Score 7.4 out of 101
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OpenAir PSA Reviews

OpenAir PSA
32 Ratings
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Score 7.4 out of 101

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Feature Scorecard Summary

Task Management (10)
Resource Management (10)
Gantt Charts (5)
Scheduling (9)
Workflow Automation (5)
Team Collaboration (7)
Support for Agile Methodology (4)
Support for Waterfall Methodology (4)
Document Management (2)
Email integration (5)
Mobile Access (8)
Timesheet Tracking (10)
Change request and Case Management (5)
Budget and Expense Management (9)
Quotes/estimates (1)
Invoicing (3)
Project & financial reporting (4)
Integration with accounting software (4)

About OpenAir PSA

NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based Professional Service Automation (PSA) product which includes resource management, time management, and billing capabilities. More specifically, it allows an administrator to create projects and book resources for them, populate tasks with assigned resources for their completion,create billing and revenue recognition rules for invoicing clients, track time and expenses across events and projects, create custom time ranges to match fiscal periods, report project benchmarks on key measures and build summaries and use charts to visualize results. It also integrates with Microsoft Project.

Pricing is variable though a free demo is available. 24/7 live support is available to help with implementation, and paid courses and consulting are also available.

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Mobile Application:No