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Progress OpenEdge

Progress OpenEdge


What is Progress OpenEdge?

Progress OpenEdge is an application development environment to keep businesses running, that enables users to leverage technology advancements to more quickly deliver business applications.

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Users of the Chirotouch software have reported that it significantly improves transaction handling and enhances overall performance. The …
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What is Progress OpenEdge?

Progress OpenEdge is an application development environment to keep businesses running, that enables users to leverage technology advancements to more quickly deliver business applications.

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What is Progress OpenEdge?

Progress OpenEdge is an application development environment to keep businesses running, that enables users to leverage technology advancements to more quickly deliver business applications.

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users of the Chirotouch software have reported that it significantly improves transaction handling and enhances overall performance. The seamless integration with the product allows for a smooth experience, while the software itself effectively analyzes and adjusts business environments, operating systems, and database parameters to further enhance performance. Customers appreciate the reliability of the Progress OpenEdge solution, as it eliminates the need for major rewrites over time. Developers also benefit from OpenEdge's robustness and productivity, as they can focus on encapsulating business rules rather than getting caught up in lower-level coding syntax. Additionally, OpenEdge applications can be easily deployed on various platforms such as Windows, Unix, and Linux with minimal development concerns. However, some users have encountered occasional time-out issues and delays. Nevertheless, the app builder tool provided by Chirotouch allows users to create GUI screens and add validations based on client requirements. Progress 4GL has been widely used for version migration and ERP software development projects, demonstrating its versatility across different domains including finance, banking, HR management, and insurance. The straightforward syntax of Progress 4GL makes it easy to work with since it resembles plain English. Users have found the software helpful in implementing new requirements and business logic efficiently. Application developers have utilized Progress to build CHUI and batch programs for IFDS and have been able to develop automation processes that significantly reduce manual effort. Its key use cases include version migration, automation of business problems, and low-code programming with a 4th generation language. Furthermore, users praise the software for providing secure data management while offering an easy-to-use user interface for manufacturing software. It serves as a native app development platform for modern applications such as web content management and machine learning capabilities. The closely tied relationship between the language and database enables better communication with project managers and a clear understanding of business logic. Some users have faced challenges working with Progress OpenEdge due to a lack of available work in that skill set. Nonetheless, the software showcases high capability in developing business applications and has successfully implemented multiple scenarios such as creating multi-machine screens. GUI applications built with Progress have proven beneficial for clients' businesses, and users have developed enterprise web and desktop-based software applications that automate various business processes. The software has also been leveraged to solve complex problems in healthcare investigations and provide robust ERP solutions for financial applications and manufacturing ERP. The OpenEdge replication tool has demonstrated its value in creating real-time disaster recovery solutions. Progress Webspeed allows users to leverage existing code and approaches to work with queries and web services, allowing for efficient development and utilization of the language and database provided by OpenEdge. OpenEdge has become the foundation for key business applications, providing stability and robustness to support critical operations. Its versatility is evident in various domains such as healthcare, insurance, finance, banking, and manufacturing. Users have found OpenEdge to be an easy-to-maintain database tool from a business point of view, enabling easy changes without disruptions. The software has proven suitable for general application development, including modern web applications using popular frontend frameworks. With OpenEdge, users can deliver stable applications, implement quick updates, and be prepared for future features and disruptions. For example, it has been used in the ongoing development and maintenance of a hospital pharmacy drug information system. Despite its depth and complexity when required, OpenEdge remains an easy-to-learn development environment. Its reliability as a partner over the past 20 years is demonstrated through its powerful database engine and programming language. OpenEdge continues to be utilized across industries for various purposes such as logistics software for the trucking industry, mutual fund-related software solutions leveraging the OpenEdge database and Progress 4GL programming language, driving legacy applications built in the 1980s, and developing REST and SOAP APIs for data integration with other applications.

Users have made several recommendations for OpenEdge based on their experiences and observations. Here are the three most common recommendations:

  1. Provide regular updates and security precautions: Users have suggested that OpenEdge should offer monthly updates to ensure the software remains up-to-date and secure. This recommendation highlights the importance of staying current with the latest features and security measures.

  2. Offer learning documentation: Users have recommended that OpenEdge provide comprehensive documentation to aid in the learning process. By offering educational materials, users can better understand how to utilize the software effectively.

  3. Consider integration and available resources: Users advise potential users to consider how well OpenEdge integrates with non-OpenEdge products and take into account the availability of resources with expertise in OpenEdge. This recommendation emphasizes the need for seamless integration and access to skilled professionals when implementing OpenEdge within an organization.

Overall, users find OpenEdge to be a reliable self-contained application development environment that can be scaled for enterprise-level systems. They recommend using the latest version of OpenEdge, utilizing React JS as the frontend, and consider it as a substitute for Oracle. However, they also caution about being aware of integration challenges and limited availability of resources with OpenEdge expertise. Additionally, users suggest spreading the use of Progress to promote its growth while also exploring other technologies to expand IT knowledge.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using Progress OpenEdge for development of business solution for mutual fund related software's. We are using Openedge database and progress 4gl programing language both to drive our legacy application which was built around 1980's. We also develop REST and SOAP API's to pass the processed data to other applications using Progress OpenEdge.
  • Database Design
  • Support both procedural oriented and object oriented programming paradigm
  • We can develop both standalone applications (GUI or CHUI) and web based applications using webspeed
  • Support teleric controls
  • .net and java component also can be utilized using socket programming or Messaging Queue
  • Needs to improve the documentation
  • Licensing is costly
All the transaction processing system using progress 4gl which was developed late 80's and 90's. All banking and financial institution like JP Morgan, Well Forgo, Morgan Stanly and SS&C using progress 4gl database and programming language. Application build on Progress Openedge can be run both Linux or Windows server with little programming modifications.
  • Database implementation
  • Transaction Processing
  • Data Integrity and safety
  • Less Support
  • Code written in Progress Openedge is very easy to understand
  • Handle transactions efficiently in multi user environment
  • Write less and achieve more
It has an embedded database, no need to make database connection. With concept of appserver in Progress Openedge we can handle any complex transaction processing system with ease. It is used by all old financial institutions to handle there bulk data and processing system. It is mainly used in legacy applications. With invent of API it is very easy to keep database and data processing system separate from UI.
Mutual fund and banking related
They require to have knowledge of progress 4gl
  • database design and maintenance
  • Application Development
  • database design and maintenance
  • Application development and support
  • data security
  • better support pregress corporation
This language used since 1980.
Gerald Meachem | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used and continue to use openedge in the ongoing development and maintenance of a hospital pharmacy drug information system. The system assists the pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the preparation, distribution, analysis, and other activities within a hospital pharmacy. Openedge assists us with an easy to learn development environment that still provides significant depth and complexity where required.
  • Easy to learn. Syntax is simple and easy to read. Quick development.
  • The database is reliable and requires little maintenance. Good performance.
  • Integration between the language and the database is an asset. But not so tightly integrated that the language cannot be used with other databases. We are also using Openedge with Oracle databases through their dataserver product.
  • Lack of multi-threading capability has been a complaint among other developers here.
I have had limited exposure to other development environments, but I have found Openedge to be well suited for the purposes that we are using it for. We have a windows client-server application that has been in use for over 20 years and has held it's age well. We also have a web based product using openedge appserver to access our backend code. The appserver functions well and we have been happy with it.
  • The speed of development and ease of learning has had a positive impact on ROI
  • The cost of use has had a negative one. In this era of free tools everywhere, paying for a product is a challenge to accept.
The decision to use openedge with our particular product was made such a long time ago that I certainly was not around to make the decision. And most of the other products that would have been compared at the time are likely no longer around. Which does speak to the longevity and benefits of this product. When you look back and see how long the same product has been going forward with constant improvements and remaining relevant without major disruptive changes, it is worthy of some credit.
Joseph Toss, PMP | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization has been an OpenEdge Partner for 20 years. OpenEdge has been around since 1982 as a powerful relational database engine and programming language. We user Openedge to develop and deploy cutting edge logistics software for the trucking industry using both SAAS and on premise models. It is powerful, scaleable, and very cost effective when compared to its rivals, like Oracle.
  • Openedge databases are practically bulletproof, even when shot down abnormally. The offer complete transaction scoping, before imagining, and also after imaging for roll foward capability.
  • Openedge has a very powerful and easy to learn 4GL programming language that can be used in a traditional or object oriented manner.
  • Openedge also has powerful web services components, fully integrating both SOAP and RESTful web services.
  • Openedge is completely scaleable from 1 user to a fully distributed global enterprise solution.
  • The one area where Openedge fall short is not in its technology, but in its marketing. For many years it was the number 1 embedded database in the world, but nobody knew who they were. It makes it a more difficult sell to senior management as compared to something like Oracle.
  • I would like to see more integrated web based reporting tools that connect directly to Openedge.
Openedge is very well suited for financial based applications for 2 reasons. First, it has very powerful transaction scoping that will commit or back out of all changes in a transaction at once. This ensure that your data is "in sync." Second, it offers after imaging roll forward and replication for environments that require high availability or powerful disaster recovery in place.
  • Openedge is a good business partner. They provide excellent support, education, and marketing assistance.
  • Openedge programming resources are readily available, both in the US and inexpensively overseas when additional staff is needed to complete projects.
  • Openedge is just as powerful, but much less expensive than its rivals, like Oracle.
  • Oracle
Openedge is a superior competitor when compared to Oracle. It offers everything you need - scalability, replication, encryption, transaction scoping, and tuneable performance. It is a true enterprise level solution, that has been around since 1984. You could pay more for a name, or pay less for better performance. It is fully supported, and as technology changes, Progress changes to support it.
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