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OpenText RightFax

OpenText RightFax


What is OpenText RightFax?

Captaris was acquired by OpenText in November, 2008. Their technology was the basis for OpenText Fax Solutions. These solutions include several levels of service, including OpenText RightFax, an enterprise fax server, and RightFax Managed Service which is hosted by OpenText.

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Users have found the software to be an efficient and real-time solution for sending and receiving faxes. The convenience of faxing …
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What is OpenText RightFax?

Captaris was acquired by OpenText in November, 2008. Their technology was the basis for OpenText Fax Solutions. These solutions include several levels of service, including OpenText RightFax, an enterprise fax server, and RightFax Managed Service which is hosted by OpenText.

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What is Nextiva vFAX?

Nextiva's vFAX enables users to send and receive secure, electronic faxes from anywhere on any device, to free users from fax machines.

What is HelloFax?

HelloFax from Dropbox company HelloSign is an online fax software solution. Incoming faxes go directly to the recipient's inbox and outgoing faxes are sent online, all from a computer.

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Product Details

What is OpenText RightFax?

Installed on a local area network (LAN), OpenText™ RightFax™ lets users, applications and systems connected to the network send and receive paperless, digital faxes. The enterprise fax server software connects to onsite analog or digital telephony, voice-over-IP telephony or the cloud to transmit the fax securely. Integrated with email for users and back-end systems for application faxing, RightFax aims to significantly reduce the total cost of faxing across an enterprise.

Scalable solution
Supports business continuity with high availability and disaster recovery options. Hybrid deployments scale fax capacity without fax boards, channels or capacity concerns.

Application integrations
Includes packaged integrations for OpenText™ Content Server, OpenText™ eDOCS, Epic, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Notes, IBM FileNet, Oracle, and SAP.

Deployment options
Offers multiple deployment options, including fully managed services, on-premises and hybrid, to meet today's business needs and evolve with them.

Visibility and analytics
Optimizes fax capacity and avoids bottlenecks with rich out-of-the box reporting and analytics using OpenText™ RightFax™ Analytics.

Multiple server types and add-on options
Provides multiple add-on solutions for a flexible, extensible, scalable architecture and growth options to meet the needs of all businesses.

Epic certified integration
Offers paperless digital faxing from Epic, available on App Orchard.

OpenText RightFax Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating Systems,
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found the software to be an efficient and real-time solution for sending and receiving faxes. The convenience of faxing directly from the desktop has been greatly appreciated, eliminating the need for physical fax machines and reducing hardware costs. Customers have praised the software for significantly improving business process efficiency and streamlining workflows by integrating with document imaging systems. It has been described as user-friendly and easy to use, making document management a breeze. Users also benefit from the seamless transmission of faxes across networks, both within and outside their organizations. By digitizing faxes, the software not only reduces paper waste but also allows users to easily access past faxes, maximizing efficiency and productivity. In addition, the software's ability to send faxes via email has proven to be a valuable feature, enabling users to promptly provide documentation to clients whenever needed. With its comprehensive features and integration capabilities, this software finds applications in various business areas for both inbound and outbound faxing.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform has received praise for its friendly and easy-to-navigate user experience. Reviewers find the interface intuitive, making it simple for end users to navigate through different features. Real-Time Progress Updates: Users appreciate the real-time updating of the progress bar, which provides transparency and allows them to track their tasks' progress in real time. Seamless Integration with Fax Machines and VOIP: The seamless integration with both digital and traditional analog fax machines and VOIP systems is highly valued by users. It enables easy handling of high volumes of incoming and outgoing faxes. Ingestion into Enterprise Applications: Users like how the product converts paper faxes into electronic documents that can be easily ingested into various enterprise applications such as OpenText Content Server, OpenText Archive Center, IBM FileNet, IBM Lotus Notes, and Microsoft Exchange Server. Improved Ease of Use Compared to Previous Systems: Users find this application easier to use compared to their previous systems. They appreciate its simplicity and straightforwardness in daily operations.

Outdated User Interface: Some users have mentioned that the software's user interface could benefit from a more modern design and improved user experience. They feel that the current interface looks outdated and lacks intuitive navigation, which hampers their overall workflow.

Lack of Documentation and Support: One user had difficulty finding enough documentation and support from the vendor, which made it challenging to use the software effectively. They expressed frustration with the lack of comprehensive guides or resources available to troubleshoot issues independently.

Occasional Issues: Some users have experienced occasional issues with the software, such as the need to restart print spooler services and occasional failures in sending faxes. These technical glitches can disrupt their work process and cause inconvenience.

Based on user feedback, here are the most common recommendations for RightFax and OpenText:

  • Users suggest considering third-party cloud services like Sencore instead of relying solely on the OpenText cloud service.
  • It is recommended to stick with version 10.5 of RightFax if additional features are not needed.
  • Working with Exucom for implementation and support is highly recommended by users.
  • RightFax is recommended for improving workflow and accessing faxed files within Microsoft Outlook.
  • OpenText is recommended for implementing an enterprise faxing solution.
  • Many users find RightFax to be a great tool when used with EMR systems.

Attribute Ratings


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Ed Davis | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently are using [OpenText] RightFax to manage all inbound faxing for each location. We are also using [OpenText] RightFax to manage all outbound faxing for end users. End user have a dashboard were they can see all of there fax traffic as well has any other account that they are a delegate on. They have the ability to easy transfer faxes as needed. The inbound traffic is integrated with a document management system that prevents us from having to print out faxes.
  • Can easy transfer faxes between end users
  • Faxes can be sent straight to email
  • Very easy to setup and manage
  • Better details on failed fax messages
  • Drag and drop ability to transfer faxes
  • Integration with G Suites
[OpenText] RightFax is a great way to eliminate the need of physical fax machines and the need for analog lines to manage these faxes. When the Internet is down [OpenText] RightFax workflow becomes useless so a secondary network is required if you decide to eliminate physical fax machines completely. It the long run it saves time and money of paper/maintenance on physical machines.
  • Eliminate cost of landlines
  • Eliminate cost of physical fax maintenance
  • Reduce paper cost
I think Concord has better administrative dashboards and the cloud based system makes it easy to access from anywhere without requiring VPN connection. The Shared queue management in Concord is more complex and are not as easy to use as it is with [OpenText] RightFax. Concord cost more to operate.
Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use [OpenText RightFax] to renew prescriptions and order new ones as well. We currently use this product in the hospital and also in the Doctors offices. Having the managers administer their users is great as it frees us up to manage the system itself. Once [OpenText] Rightfax is setup [it] is easy to use.
  • The customer routing inbound fax traffic
  • Gateway to the new RightFax 2100 gateway
  • Ability to verify Faxes
  • Being able to upgrade this product
  • Make it easier for users to verify the faxes
  • Working with support could use improvement.
We are currently having a lot of issues with this product with being able to get it to work in our environment with out having to reboot the [OpenText] RightFax server multiple times a week. I know a lot of this is due to our complex environment with multiple systems.
  • I am not evolved in this info.
  • It takes a lot of resources to manage this product.
  • It is cheaper than other solutions.
We have not used any other faxing software that I can speak of.
October 17, 2019

RightFax gets it Right!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In our environment, we utilize OpenText's RightFax Solution throughout the agency. We use it for inbound and outbound faxing. We also use it as an integration to other applications. We also utilize the solution to use it to replace on-site fax machines. In other words, we rely on our solution pretty much on a daily basis for all types of situations and business areas.
  • Easy to administer for end-user management. Great AD integration.
  • Easy for end-users to use. Simple and clean web interfaces.
  • Great support from OpenText. Tech reps are very knowledgeable and ready to address issues.
  • Reporting can be done a bit better. The current iteration is pretty powerful and can give you more than you need.
The following scenarios worked for us:
  1. API integration
  2. Remote eFax services
  3. Reduction in physical fax machines
  • The staff has been able to send faxes anywhere.
  • Using SIP, we've been able to scale up the faxing channels without having to install additional POTs lines.
We were customers of Biscom FaxCom services for 8+ years. When the company decided to begin doubling their maintenance fees, it was time to look for other services. On a feature to feature basis, both solutions are similar. We decided to go with OpenText Fax Solutions since it was about time to refresh our Faxing Solution.
OpenText Fax Support is wonderful! They really go the extra mile to support their customers. So far, they've been able to address simple and complex issues. A big plus is the fact that they are very pleasant on the phone. They do not get upset at the customer and have great follow up on any tickets opened.
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