Optimizely Feature Experimentation

Optimizely Feature Experimentation

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Optimizely Feature Experimentation


What is Optimizely Feature Experimentation?

Optimizely Full Stack is a feature flagging and experimentation platform for websites, mobile apps, chatbots, APIs, smart devices, and anything else with a network connection.
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What is Optimizely Feature Experimentation?

Optimizely Full Stack is a feature flagging and experimentation platform for websites, mobile apps, chatbots, APIs, smart devices, and anything else with a network connection.

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Product Details

What is Optimizely Feature Experimentation?

Optimizely Feature Experimentation combines experimentation and feature flagging into one platform. Optimizely Feature Experimentation enables product development teams to reduce the risk and prove the impact of every release, anywhere in their technology stack. It optimizes experimentation by delivering at every step across channels to help create impactful customer experiences, and to make every release high quality by validating code and features with real users through the entire software development cycle.

Optimizely Feature Experimentation Screenshots

Screenshot of The interface of Optimizely Feature Management makes it easier to configure rules for development, as users can decide to toggle on or off flags using the simple toggle at the top. The user can also decide which percentage of the audience to roll features out to and which variations to activate.Screenshot of Optimizely Feature Experimentation allows the user to define which audiences want to roll out to. For example, to test features on iOS users only, then configure this setting in the audience page by defining custom attributes.

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In DocuSign, we use Optimizely in many projects. In our eSigning, eSending and InProduct Communication apps, I have used Optimizely for multiple purposes. For example, in the eSending app, we have integrated with Optimizely via its JavaScript SDK to manage our system level feature flags for certain environments. We use the Optimizely Features for that.<br>As for our eSigning app, we use the Optimizely Experiments to run several A/B testing campaigns. The integration was done with JavaScript SDK.<br>In InProduct Communication apps, we use Optimizely to run A/B testing campaigns. The integration was done via C# SDK<br>All in all, we are quite happy with what Optimizely offers and their support.
  • system flags
  • dynamic flags for each environment
  • dynamic flags for user
  • currently it doesn't seem to support any CRM or ERP system integration, it has a room for it
  • Optimizely has its own permission mechanism. If it supports our internal operation flow, it would be good
  • Our production environment has a number of domains such as EU, CA and USA. If Optimizely features support some domain logic for environment, it would be nice
Its UI is self-service, easy to manage. The documentation is good enough. I liked the Code mode for the Optimizely Feature Experimentation.
  • drag & drop variables administration
  • a number of math logic operators for attributes
  • audience as a common template for features
  • I'm an engineer, so I can't speak of any ROIs, but Optimizely has definitely improved our operational cost
  • I believe the turndown time for a flag release/deployment has been reduced dramatically
  • A/B testing is a click away, it doesn't require any hard-coded changes
Optimizely is the first product I have used in this category. I have no comments for alternative products.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
we used it for AB testing and it worked pretty well. Later on, the marketing department started using it for page modifications. For example, if you need to compare what text will influence on a customer more, then Optimizely is the right tool. The same goes for colors, sizes, displaying elements, etc.
  • Redirection
  • Feature testing
  • Splitting traffic
  • performance
If you need a blazing fast speed page I’d not recommend Optimizely. A custom solution will work of course faster, but in most cases, Optimizely will be a good way to go. Pay attention that Optimizely is a client script that has to be downloaded before starting to be used.
  • Mobile and desktop Traffic split
  • Conversion rate went up
  • Decreased page speed
  • Easy setup for a none-developer
Notion, WebStorm, GitHub
Marketing departments related to conversation rate optimizations
To set it up you have to know HTML basics, however to use and optimize the page itself it’s better have to be a person who has a broad UX skill
  • Traffic split
  • Conversion rate optimization
Yes, at the beginning we wrote an AB test script ourselves. But later the decision was made, that it makes no sense to add extra feature if we can simply use optimizely. However it was a trade between additional functionality and loading speed
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Implemented in-house
  • There were no issues
It’s straightforward. Docs are well written and I believe there must be a support. But we haven’t used it
All features that we used were pretty clear. They have a good documentation
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Currently being used across the entire organization, and helps address the issue of testing and validating UX changes to our website.
  • Allow for website changes otherwise dependent on code
  • Analytics of those change
  • Customer support
  • Ease of use
  • Initially training of program
  • Ability to customize certain aspects of the website were limited
  • Expensive for smaller organizations
When testing if a different color button, or different size, leads to a higher conversion rate.

Improvement could be when trying to do a more complicated test as add a rotating carousel functionality, which I don’t believe is currently supported.
  • Ability to quickly test and learn
  • Ability to get actionable insights
  • Ability to set up multiple users
  • Higher click through rates on primary buttons
  • More engagement in key sections of the website
  • Ability to base development efforts on proven tests vs blinding developing new tools or functionality
Highly recommend Optimizely as it’s relatively cost effective, easy to use and their customer service team is very helpful and responsive. Also has robust features which encompasses what Crazy Egg did for us before (heatmap). Also much cheaper than the Adobe suite of products.
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