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What is Optmyzr?

Optmyzr is a PPC management suite from the company of the same name in Mountain View, built on a foundation of AI and machine learning. Optmyzr drives PPC automation. Founded by former developers at Google, Optmyzr helps marketers improve their…

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Product Details

What is Optmyzr?

Optmyzr helps PPC teams improve account performance. Campaigns that target the wrong keywords bleed money. As ad engines further limit the data they share with advertisers, it’s never been more important for search term optimization to be quick and easy. So Optmyzr helps users:
  • Discover new keyword opportunities
  • Find and exclude expensive keywords
  • Remove one-word and duplicate keywords

Optmyzr also helps users optimize manual bids, maintain oversight when using Smart Bidding, and provide measurability to prevent wasted spend, with the goal of:
  • Boosting ads to the first page
  • Increasing impression share for converting ads
  • Reducing bids for expensive keywords
  • Optimizing automated bidding targets
  • Meeting spend targets and increase ROI

Optmyzr lets users test ad components, exclude non-converting placements, with the goal of helping users create a top-quality experience. This entails enabling users to:
  • Optimize ad text components
  • Find winning ad text through AB testing
  • Create and add Responsive Search Ads
  • Exclude non-converting Display placements
  • Exclude all mobile apps with zero conversions

Optmyzr, enables users to create Shopping campaigns aligned with real business goals, helping to locate the right campaign structure, import business data, and group products. Users can:
  • Create standard and/or Smart Shopping campaigns
  • Refresh existing campaigns to reflect product feed
  • Manage bids and mark search queries as negatives
  • Bid by any Shopping attribute
  • Build groups of individual products (GRIP)

Optmyzr bid management features encompass:
  • Set Hourly Bid Adjustments - Analyze campaign performance throughout the week and set bid adjustments
  • Use Aggregated Data - When individual campaigns don't have enough data to make a bid adjustment decision, see data for similar ones to discover patterns and bid smarter
  • Data-Powered Decisions - Optmyzr analyzes millions of rows of data, and visualizes them to help you set bids based on performance
  • Automated Bidding Control - Layer automation via its Rule Engine for additional control
  • Scheduled Bid Changes - Design bid rules, and set new bids hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Prebuilt Rules - Start with prebuilt rules for target position, target ROAS, and target CPA. Tweak as needed for every unique situation
  • Use Offline Data - Integrate business data into bid management by connecting it with the Rule Engine
  • Manage Bids at Scale - See the biddable elements in an account on a single page. Find items that need new bids, and apply changes with a click
  • Bid by Attribute - Segment products by ROAS, color, brand, and other attributes. Adjust bids at a granular level to drive more profitability

Optmyzr also presents in-built monitoring and reporting features. It can be used to monitor the performance of PPC accounts, get instant notifications when accounts need attention, and streamline reporting. Its reporting features can be used to generate executive annual reports, quick account summaries, and multi-account reports.

Optmyzr's campaign management solution, Campaign Automator, is available as a standalone tool or as an add-on to a larger Optmyzr solution. Campaign Automator uses inventory data to create and manage up-to-date ads, and keeps ads automatically updated.

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Optmyzr Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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