Oracle Application Testing Suite

Oracle Application Testing Suite

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Oracle Application Testing Suite


What is Oracle Application Testing Suite?

Oracle Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive testing solution, for load, functional and performance testing.
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What is Oracle Application Testing Suite?

Oracle Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive testing solution, for load, functional and performance testing.

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Product Details

What is Oracle Application Testing Suite?

The Oracle Application Testing Suite is presented by the vendor as a comprehensive, integrated testing solution that ensures the quality, scalability, and availability of Web applications and Web Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle Application Testing Suite is a comprehensive testing solution, for load, functional and performance testing.

Selenium and IBM Rational Functional Tester are common alternatives for Oracle Application Testing Suite.

The most common users of Oracle Application Testing Suite are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
[Oracle Application Testing Suite] is used for large scale Oracle databases supporting the main functions of the organization. It is used in multiple capacities, both as an upgrade testing and validation tool and as an ongoing performance analysis tool for daily monitoring of baseline response times. Independent departments also use the tool when building and testing department specific data warehouses.
  • Load testing with useful graphical interface tools to watch real time performance
  • Flexible configuration for monitoring utilities
  • Historical tracking for baseline performance before and after upgrades
  • Security rights can be complicated if multiple types of users are required at enterprise level
  • Depending on the size and upgrade requirements, additional custom scripting may be needed
  • For daily monitoring a custom database may need to be built for reporting needs
The Oracle Application [Testing Suite] is used heavily in our organization for independent regions to perform Oracle upgrades. Baseline performance can be monitored before the upgrade and compared to a production query load, we are able to easily monitor server performance and make an accurate prediction of upgrade performance. DBA's are able to use the testing suite for ongoing validation of database performance during peak times.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Oracle Application Testing Suite to test our web applications across our whole organization. The IT department mainly uses the testing suite to load test our web applications and ensure our web applications are scaled properly and make sure their performance is as expected. The Oracle Application Testing Suite has automated our testing and saved many hours of manual testing time, allowing faster deployments of our web apps.
  • Cuts our firms test script creation time by 50%, cutting weeks from a project
  • Testing schedule
  • Reduces the amount of manual testing
  • Required for web app deployment
  • Allows you to focus on actual testing instead of spending extra time developing test scripts
  • Learning Oracles testing language "OpenScript" is a challenge, and for less technical people could be a problem
  • Sometimes the applications automatic updates cause more problems than they solve
  • The cost of the suite is higher than some competing applications
Oracle Application Testing Suite is really strong at scalability, performance and load testing of web applications. I found that one of its biggest weaknesses is reporting. I found that SAP reporting tools were much better for our needs. It isn't that the suite doesn't include reporting tools, they just didn't meet our particular needs.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At my previous organization working for a financial services firm, we had lots of applications being used by financial clients of different sizes. We experienced certain phases of high volume consumption like payroll processing times. To ensure the integrity of our software applications under these high workloads, we decided to use Oracle Application Testing Suite.
  • It was easy to configure Selenium test scripts for executing automated tests for our client front end applications.
  • Load and stress testing our payroll processing engine that experienced the highest traffic volumes became a breeze.
  • We had to contract with our vendor and had a prolonged implementation phase due to the technical complexity involved in working with Oracle Application Testing Suite.
  • The software has a higher price tag in comparison to some of the other competitors, hence making it more appropriate for organizations that are already consuming Oracle services.
Oracle Application Testing suite is great for running automated test suites. In our specific scenario, we found it very useful doing stress analysis of our applications and potentially exposing any bottlenecks in our system's architecture.
December 23, 2018

OATS is good for you

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At my previous position at Florida State University, we had lots of applications that were heavily used by students, faculty and staff. There were certain periods of time when these applications experienced extremely high usage e.g. during the course enrollment, grades notifications and financial aid disbursement. We wanted to check the integrity of our systems during these high workloads and hence we used Oracle Application Testing suite for that purpose.
  • Automating integration testing based on easily configured scripts.
  • We found it very efficient for load testing our front facing student portal that experienced the highest traffic volumes.
  • The application is ideal for places that have already contracted with Oracle, however, OATS is much more expensive than other software available on the market.
  • The setup and configuration for OATS requires a lot of technical expertise and in depth knowledge.
We used Oracle Application Testing Suite in the software development environment for execution of automated testing suites. We found it very useful for load testing our applications from end to end and discovering potential bottlenecks in our implementations.
October 23, 2018

Pros and Cons of OATS

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
OATS is being used on a daily basis to manage our master test library, run quarterly Load tests, and execute functional automation for regression testing. We have also had a lot of success managing large scale projects testing cycles using OTM.
  • Test management
  • Defect management
  • Visibility to project stakeholders of real time testing status
  • Capability to work with ADF
  • Capability to work with Hyperion
OATS is well suited for eBusiness to manage a master test library and track execution of day to day enhancement tickets, as well as tracking large project test management.
Carla Borges | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
It is used by the QA department of the organization and by each of the developers including me, its best feature is the integrated test solution. allows you to define and manage the test process of your application, validate the functionality of the application and ensure that your applications run under load that helps us a lot.
  • In the test suite, I loved creating a ServerStats monitor.
  • It allows to use the available metrics and the generic metrics, and the load test can be run without problems and compare my absolute values.
  • It has the ability to clone measurement profiles this feature saves a lot of time and money in the test environment. I used it for my Oracle and SQL databases, web servers and APIs.
  • Its interface is not as easy to use as it could be.
  • The price is a little high, it is made for large companies.
  • It requires a lot of knowledge and training to be able to use it well. This makes the learning curve very large.
It is suitable for testing web applications, very adaptable, has an excellent user interface. One of its best features is the integrated test solution. of the best Oracle applications is a wonderful tool to test solutions. It reflects the physical bank and facilitates integration and business. Good learning user interface and easily modifiable.
Arush Soel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have a huge set of business applications which need functional as well as load testing before releasing them to our internal business users. In our agile development process, it is crucial to do regression testing before releasing the software.
  • Testing as a service, load testing, and Oracle apps testing
  • Test process management, including test requirements management, test management, test execution and defect tracking.
  • Cost of the tool is higher than some others on the market
  • Better out of the box options for parallel regression testing sets
  • Tooling and lack of integrated suite to have everything in one place.
Oracle Load Testing Suite for Oracle Applications - scalability, performance and load testing of Oracle packaged applications.Provides out of the box testing flows for E-Business Suite. Allows our non-technical QA team member to build tests.
Joseph Imbimbo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The DBA team deploys this in advance of major upgrades of the database as well as E-Business Suite. It is not used across the entire organization as the DBA team is centralized at our headquarters. We use it to find any anomalies in new software we wish to deploy.
  • Load testing. We are able to simulate the load that production environments have within the testing environment. Without this capability, we would not be able to predict how the software will behave in production as we can never have sufficient users to test in this manner.
  • Functional and Regression testing is made much easier also. OAT has the ability to automate the key strokes of users so that we can perform more in-depth testing which we would never have the time or money to perform.
  • We are able to obtain testing scripts via this tool that we can review and enhance future deployments.
  • It takes a great deal of time to capture the data that we require for the tool to work. We do this via OEM.
  • The product requires patching like any other piece of Oracle software and so we have some maintenance overhead.
It is extremely well suited for database upgrade testing as well as major upgrades of the E-business suite applications. It is less suited for performing this for minor patching efforts.
Ryan Payne | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Oracle Application Testing Suite is currently being used by our E-Business Suite Development group. That may expand to other Oracle Application teams in the future.
  • Provides out of the box testing flows for E-Business Suite.
  • Allows our non-technical QA team member to build tests.
  • Performs automated regression testing of critical functionalities within the application.
  • Can accommodate customizations or extensions by altering the base flows.
  • Cost of tool is higher than some others on the market.
  • Better out of the box options for parallel regression testing sets.
Oracle Application Testing Suite can greatly reduce the required user involvement during an implementation or upgrade. It can also help deliver a better final product with less bugs. It is also useful in routine development and enhancement work and allows our dev team to put out features faster and with fewer issues.
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