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Orchard Harvest LIMS

Orchard Harvest LIMS


What is Orchard Harvest LIMS?

Orchard Software in Indiana offers Orchard Harvest LIMS, a laboratory information management system dedicated to providing operational support and streamlining with rules-based decisioning, data analytics and business intelligence, and clear interfaces.

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What is Orchard Harvest LIMS?

Orchard Harvest LIMS Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Score 6 out of 10
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we have a few different companies under the same owners. I am the IT support for all companies. Two of those companies are PCR labs. We use Harvest as our main LIS and database for lab results and information. Harvest helps us keep up with results, patients, and samples.
Harvest is a good starter LIS for new and starter labs. At a certain point of growth you may want to look into upgrading to Sequoia which is Orchards larger LIS system.
  • Good for small labs
  • Good support
  • Configurable for your environment
  • Pricey
  • Slow to get big projects done
  • Changing database to a standard SQL
Harvest is the smaller LIS software that Orchard offers. It is best suited for smaller starter labs that don't have a ton of samples coming in. Larger labs that have a lot of samples coming in and multiple integrations with other EHRs and state reporting setups should look at using Copia\Sequoia since it is built for more throughput.
  • I'm not the numbers guy but I think Harvest has allowed us to grow and efficiently serve our customers.
  • From an IT standpoint we have had some trouble with the client crashing.
  • We implemented an auto restart to help avoid those delays in work flow.
We were looking into changing to another LIS but they failed to get things done and we ended up staying with Orchard. We are now in the process of moving everything to Sequoia since we have grown so much as a lab. I don't have any other experience with another LIS to compare to.
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Score 8 out of 10
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Harvest is used by the entire organization. It is used to control and connect our patient results, instruments, reference labs, doctors, and EHR. It is used by our phlebotomists, lab techs, and med techs in their daily activities when collecting and working with patient samples. Because it is also connected to our instruments it removes the need to manually enter the results from those instruments. These results are then sent to our providers via HL7 messages, fax, or email.
  • Rules Engine - We use rules to customize what happens when entering orders, evaluating results, or sending results. We are also able to run them based on location.
  • Interfaces - It is connected to our EHR and reference lab. This allow us to send and receive results, demographics, billing, ect easily and to and from one another.
  • Advanced Configuration Options - I love to hate them. While you can do a lot in the settings, there is a wall of text that you can use to customize even more how Harvest behaves and does.
  • Event Logs - When something goes wrong it does a good job to logging what happened.
  • User Interface - The software is like 25 years old, and it feels like it. They have added some buttons and links to try to make it easier, but it's not as flashy as the SaaS applications that are being built these days. It feels like there isn't a lot of time spent on refining the features, just adding more to it.
  • Archaic Architecture - The application use 4D for the database. This means that you can't use SQL for queries, latency is a huge issue and there isn't a hosted option. You have to have your own in-house server to run the server application.
  • Client is an Application - We have workstations dedicated to managing the interfaces. These workstations have to run the application as a program and can not run them as a service. This means that if you want to apply Windows updates it required manually closing and re-launching the application.
  • Data Mining - There are some basic reports, but they do not really allow you to build complex reports about the patients or work being performed.
Harvest is well suited in a lab or a reference lab of about any size. You can customize the workflow with filters and permissions to ensure that the right people have the right abilities when they need them.

I would say that it is not as great for locations that have multiple remote locations without great internet. Because of the underlying technologies, latency between client and server can cause havoc.
  • The support provided by Orchard Software for Harvest allows me to not have to worry as much about the system. I can grant them access to my system and trust them to work on the issue while I work on other issues.
  • The automation saves a lot of time for those in the lab. There have been a few times that the lab has been down for a couple of hours and having to catch up and enter the results from the instruments manually can take the rest of the day.
I haven't had the opportunity of using other LIMS applications.
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