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What is PaperTrail?

PaperTrail is a document management software offering from Egis Software. It includes features such as storage and retrieval find any document instantly and routing and workflow streamline processes with automated routing and a rule-based workflow.

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What is PaperTrail?

PaperTrail is a document management software offering from Egis Software. It includes features such as storage and retrieval find any document instantly and routing and workflow streamline processes with automated routing and a rule-based workflow.

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What is PaperTrail?

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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We used PaperTrail with Heroku to see our apps logs.
  • Save and show logs, from several apps, at the same time if you want.
  • Customization to group and direct filter logs.
  • Quickly and easy search logs.
  • Only the last two days of logs are available to search in the online app with the free version, but you can download the oldest logs.
It is very easy to use. We utilize it to save and show the logs for as many apps as we want. You can use it as an addon on Heroku.
  • Before PaperTrail we didn't save all of our logs.
  • This was an important improvement to debug our apps.
Pages loads quickly. The only thing I would like the team to improve is the way we are able to navigate between app groups It is easy but doesn't respond as quickly as I would like.
PaperTrail has become a basic app for me to save and see app logs. It is very easy to use, very intuitive and easy to customize. The feature I like most is that we can use it with several apps at same time.
We integrated it as a Heroku add-on.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My organization uses PaperTrail to collect logs from our micro-services. It is easy for engineers to debug issues with PaperTrail when they can use correlation IDs to access all of the logs for a request across different services in one console. Occasionally, we use PaperTrail to create alerts for certain log events.
  • PaperTrail is less expensive than many of its competitors.
  • PaperTrail is very easy to set up; you can start collecting logs in no time.
  • It is easy to configure email alerts and Slack integrations with PaperTrail.
  • It is hard to search for all of the contexts that occur around a query. I've had to download logs from PaperTrail and use grep.
  • Live tailing is fine, but searching old logs can be very slow.
  • PaperTrail does not offer any analytics features.
PaperTrail is great for collecting logs from several auto-scaling micro-services. It is fully-managed and inexpensive. It will allow you to view all of the logs associated with a request across all services in one place. PaperTrail even allows you to create simple alerts for log events. PaperTrail is not ideal if you need advanced search or analytics capabilities.
  • PaperTrail helps our engineers to debug problems faster.
  • PaperTrail allows our engineers to focus on building features rather than configuring and maintaining log aggregation infrastructure.
Amazon CloudWatch logging is integrated with most Amazon products out-of-the-box. Both offer web consoles for searching logs, and both are fully-managed and can be configured easily. We chose PaperTrail because some of our services run on Heroku. We would have chosen PaperTrail even if this weren't the case because its search capabilities are better.
PaperTrail's live-tailing performance is adequate and searches over the recent history load quickly. Searching over long periods of time can be extremely slow, however.
PaperTrail is extremely easy to use. Engineers can open the web console and begin tailing or searching logs. Simple searches are very intuitive; you may need to consult their documentation to write more complex queries. It is also very easy to configure alerts for specific log events. Configuring log collection with PaperTrail is simple.
It is very easy to integrate PaperTrail with AWS and Heroku. Heroku offers an add-on for PaperTrail. Some AWS products, such as ECS, can send logs directly to PaperTrail. The products that can't can send logs to Amazon CloudWatch, which can then be forwarded to Papertrail. Papertrail's Slack integration was easy to configure.
April 16, 2018

PaperTrail review!

Joshua Dickson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PaperTrail serves a really important function for us: consolidated logging. As applications get more complicated and move to multiple VMs, it can get progressively harder to figure out where problems are occurring. One of the best ways to fix this is to get logs automatically transmitted out of our VMs and into a holistic view. PaperTrail does that for us.
  • UI Tools are Real Time: Pulling up a logging trace means having a view that will reload in near-real-time
  • PaperTrail works with existing, open-source logging software; all we need to do is drop it into our projects and point the URLs to PaperTrail
  • Interface is aging and in need of a re-write. It's functional, but not all that nice to work with
  • While the logs are near-real-time, they could greatly improve the speed at which logs are available in the UI
  • Pricing plans are not all that competitive with newer offerings with other companies
The functionality that PaperTrail gives you is very important, but there are so many other offerings in the space that it's hard to advocate for PaperTrail over other options. One of the large problems with it is it's a one-off offering, and we need to use it in tandem with other systems.
  • PaperTrail saves developers ($$$) a lot of time trying to track down where errors occured; rather than needing to SSH into machines and view error logs, all error logs for certain applications are available in one view
While there are a number of entries in the space, PaperTrail offers a great product. Their per/GB pricing is competitive with others. It's also very easy to get into projects and teams, and automating setup is very simple. It's also very easy to set up archiving to other long-term data storage solutions, like S3.
Tyler Longren | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our application logs and server system logs are sent to Papertrail. We use various libraries for sending logs and alerts from applications. Servers are all sending logs via rsyslog.
  • Makes keeping similar types of logs together. ie: app vs server
  • Searching logs is extremely easy. Finding what you're looking for is extremely easy.
  • Setting up new applications or servers is extremely simple as well.
  • I'd like to see their free tier offer a longer period for retaining logs.
  • Some UI updates would be good, it hasn't changed visually since I started using it 5 years ago.
If you've got lots of logs to manage, you'll enjoy Papertrail and find it quite useful. It's great for searching logs too, particularly helpful when doing an incident response to potential security breaches.
  • Getting alerts on certain events is particularly helpful and has saved me lots of time searching.
I only used for a very brief time. It seemed a bit more difficult to setup than Papertrail.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PaperTrail to provide cloud logging for several web apps and services, particularly those running on Heroku where PaperTrail is a convenient plugin. In development, PaperTrail helps us build and debug faster. In production, PaperTrail is a reliable tool for storing, managing, and viewing logs across all of our applications.
  • Powerful and intuitive search syntax
  • Instant, super-easy setup
  • Free plan is very useful for development. Paid plans are very reasonably priced.
  • Easily interface with PaperTrail through browser, CLI, or API
  • PaperTrail could improve how they handle hitting plan limits
There are probably more advanced logging services, however for our needs PaperTrail is more than sufficient. We started using PaperTrail just to keep a record of our logs, and slowly began to use more features. However, we've barely scratched the surface when it comes to alerting capabilities, advanced searches, API, etc.
  • Free plan is sufficient for development and small services, and the paid plans are very cheap at low log volume. For us, the price is right with PaperTrail - though I can't speak to how their pricing compares at very high volumes.
  • Adding cloud-logging to your apps can really speed up development and debugging - the impact to engineering productivity cannot be understated.
  • LogDNA
We initially selected PaperTrail because they have the best free plan - and now we are happy paid users across many apps. A usable free plan is key for anybody who launches several instances of apps (development, staging, production), micro-services, etc.
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