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Anish Patel | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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PathFactory is used to host multiple types of asset types which provides an important insight and overview of not only our current product suite, but also relevant hot topics covering anything from green crime to USA presidential elections. PathFactory allows Refinitiv to bring large amounts of important content in one track into a structured and informative format. The data we collate from PathFactory on visitors of our tracks provides us with a deeper understanding [of] their behavior which was not clear previously, so this has enhanced our ability to make better strategic decisions in how we nurture interested recipients of our tracks.
  • Content hosting.
  • Reporting.
  • API Feeds via its webhooks.
  • Support.
  • Can do attitude.
  • More details around form capture.
  • I would like to see categories to be free text and not be limited to choosing from the list used for Tags.
Given that Refinitiv is a relatively new brand in the financial world, we were spawn from Thomson Reuters, so our experience, top class product suite, and trusted clients came out of this together. Getting the message out there to prospects was important and PathFactory played an important role in hosting a lot of the content out there in the public domain via multiple channels. Another area PathFactory plays an important role is within our Demand Generation program in nurturing our prospects through a structured communication stream of relevant content.
Refinitiv has definitely benefited using the tracks because it allows users to see what content pieces are proved successful and which have not. The flexibility of the tracks allows a user to amend a live track without causing any complications or contact experience. PathFactory is also increasingly been seen as a support mechanism for our campaign.
  • Online training
I would support Pathfactory to a high level given the current relationship has been effective built around the "can do"attitude and thriving to understand more about each others business and wanting to expand our capabilities.
Overall, I think the tool is fairly easy to use to get a basic content uploaded to create a track and even the more complicated features become easier once you become familiarised with the process
Pathfactory is growing in popularity amongst individuals from different parts of the organisation and it would be difficult to forecast how scalable this can become
Score 10 out of 10
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We use PathFactory for our marketing team. The PathFactory content platform allows us to quickly create customized content hubs, combining different forms of media including Marketo landing pages, Wordpress site pages, slide decks, videos, surveys, etc into one content experience.

We create these content hubs for a range of use cases including webinars, nurturing, account-specific and industry specific, as well as internal company communications.
  • String together multiple content assets to deliver a cohesive content experience from different media types.
  • Their UI is very easy to use, particularly for non-web developers.
  • Their analytics allow you see engagement in a much more granular way than with Google Analytics.
  • Their support team is very helpful, and responsive.
  • They are very responsive to product feedback.
  • I'll say there isn't much I don't like about PathFactory.
PathFactory is great if you value being able to deliver a positive customer experience.

It works particularly well in a Salesforce/Marketo environment as they have great integrations with those two platforms, allowing marketing to actions on behavior, and allowing reps to see engagement within Salesforce.

The fuel for PathFactory is great content. So it's less appropriate when you don't have a lot of different content pieces.
PathFactory does help us get more engagement from each visitor, and it provides a great customer experience, which is really valuable in B2B.
Score 10 out of 10
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We use PathFactory as a micro-personalized content platform to inform, educate, and find solutions for our customers across their journeys. Major use cases include email nurturing, account-based marketing, and post-event/webinar round-up. It is a very powerful tool for both inbound and outbound marketing, to qualify leads, enable sales, and understand our customer needs in more detail. We later re-use those learnings to create powerful new marketing tactics. My personal favorite [thing] about PathFactory is how the content is presented and labelled, the ability to allow contacts to binge over and over via recommend tracks while constantly engaging them.

If you are looking to improve your content marketing, user experience, and lead generation, PathFactory can elevate your strategy to the next level.
  • Micro-personalized content recommendations.
  • Perfect for enabling and enhancing sales pipeline.
  • Pretty easy to use and roll out.
  • Great support from the PathFactory - they are very helpful, quick to respond, and always up for training sessions and creating custom requests.
  • Great for Inbound and Outbound Marketing.
  • I would like to see more customizable features become available on the target tracks and explore pages without having to involve the PathFactory team or knowing how to code (e.g. adding CTA's in different places, dropping in headers and footers, etc.).
Like I said before, PathFactory is particularly useful for enhancing the sales pipeline, content marketing strategy, and enriching the user experience across the cycle. We use PathFactory mainly for account-based marketing, email nurturing, and post event round-ups. We recently started using it for training and retention campaigns as it can be a useful tool for presentations and one stop shop for showcasing apps on different propositions.
Our organization has definitely benefited from PathFactory as a tool - we have integrated the data with our email distribution platform to create even more personalized journeys to lead nurture our contacts. For example, people who have filled in a gated form, or whose score is above a certain engagement, or visited specific tracks.

Likewise, we use it for re-targeting purposes. One example - if someone has visited an asset in PathFactory but didn't finish reading it, we will send them that asset later in a re-targeting campaign for re-engagement.
Valerie Carboni Castillo | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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PathFactory is used and managed by our marketing department, but it is also a great resource for our sales department as well. From the marketing side, we use it to host our content, which is then organized in the content hub of our website. It's been a great resource for post-webinar campaigns, where we can send the recording, presentation slides, and other reading materials all in one package. Our sales team uses the Explore pages and the PathFactory for Sales Gmail plug-in to provide customer-facing materials and help educate our buyers during the sales process.
  • Easy to use.
  • Great service & support.
  • New, innovative features are regularly added to the platform.
  • Analytics & reporting.
  • Price.
  • Customization.
I think Pathfactory is perfect for a team that is reliant on content marketing, specifically in the B2B space. But unless you are regularly producing content and need it for lead generation, it is quite expensive. Therefore, I'd say it wouldn't be worth it unless you are feeding good content into the platform on a regular basis.
When we first started using PathFactory, we saw an immediate improvement in the number of leads. Since the COVID pandemic, our business has suffered and we have not received the amount of leads we had been accustomed to in 2019 and earlier. Therefore, it has been difficult to say if PF is helping our business, but we have been able to stay afloat.
Score 10 out of 10
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This is the 2nd company where I've used Pathfactory to manage all of my customer facing marketing content for the company (the other was Druva, a SaaS data protection company). Not only do I leverage the tracks to gain insight into where on my website content is being consumed, but it is also used extensively in the campaigns to monitor engagement with content for those campaigns. I've also implemented Pathfactory for Sales, so that the sales team has dedicated tracks for their customer engagement. This ability to easily create tracks for managing content, as well as drive my website content library with exploring pages, was why I implemented Pathfactory a 2nd time at my current startup.
  • Content track management with detailed insights into content consumption
  • Easy to create / use explore pages for creating a website content library
  • Detailed analytics and insights with a variety of views to content, visitors, tracks, etc.
  • Strong customer success team during implementation and ongoing maintenance
  • Would like open access to documentation so that my contractors can see the Nook as well
  • Ability to edit / change the columns in reports to customize it to my needs
I've used Pathfactory extensively for managing content and creating the web-based content library, and embedded tracks for webpages. Definite strengths there.

I have not implemented some of the newer website features, so can't comment there.
We've definitely leveraged the campaign tracks extensively to gain better insights into the performance of the campaigns and understand the content that is resonating with the users.
Lenore Brown | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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PathFactory is being used primarily by our Demand Generation and Marketing Operations teams in the Marketing department. As part of Creative Services, I am in it as well uploading and managing content where needed. It addresses the problem of not having insight into content performance as well as providing another way for consumers to binge multiple pieces of content in a pattern that we develop.
  • Tagging capabilities for content are robust.
  • Customizable forms to allow for a unique experience.
  • Insights and metrics to see where programs can be improved.
  • When content is updated, its thumbnail isn't automatically updated with it so you need to manually upload a new thumbnail.
  • A brand inconsistency tool would be helpful, to note which areas of the tool you haven't yet customized to your own brand.
PathFactory is well suited for short-form, snackable content, but not for longer, flagship pieces. If you lead a PathFactory track with a flagship piece, often consumers won't even get to the next piece of content, and certainly not any below it.
PathFactory has certainly helped us confirm which marketing assets are worth spending time on and which ones aren't as engaging for our audience. It also helps us see how quickly they are or aren't going through the content.
Jordan Decker (he/him) | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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PathFactory is primarily used by Marketing. It's been a huge help in our efforts to try to get leads to engage with more of our content early on in their discovery period. With PathFactory, we can encourage leads to binge in more content and get their familiarity with industry problems and how we solve them before sales reaches out.
  • Great for email marketing, surfacing further reading for prospects.
  • Allow us to be strategic about what content to gate without have to dedicate engineering or ops resources.
  • Some of the custom look and feel we want to do requires some engineering involvement on some of the pages.
It's fantastic for driving better engagement with content - helps with lead conversion getting them more engaged in advance. Also launching microsites and content experience with very little help needed from an engineer or ops person on your team. You can launch and go so much faster with PathFactory.
It's definitely helped us by making our campaigns more engagement-driven, and gets us better results than we would have when content isn't surfaced in a uniform way.
Vivek Tiwari | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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PathFactory is currently used to provide intelligent content for all inbound users coming on our domains for hyper-personalization. It is currently being used by marketing. It has helped us:
  • Improved contact engagement and tracking through better analytics.

  • Unified cookie system to make content consumption seamless..

  • Better HubSpot integration with more in-depth data availability

  • Getting rid of a more traditional resource center with a more organic discovery and journey mapping

  • Ultimate Goal: For prospects to binge consume our content.

  • Love the tracking and in-built reports.
  • Better HubSpot and CRM integration with more in-depth data availability.
  • Getting rid of a more traditional resource center with a more organic discovery and journey mapping.
  • Love the target tracks!
  • Amazing customer on-boarding team!
  • Bug fixes.
  • Web promoters can be improved (automatic drop-down on mobile devices).
  • Tracking of content without adding to a specific track.
Well suited for:
1. Content journey mapping on your website.
2. Improving binging and content consumption rate.
3. Moving prospects down the funnel.

Less appropriate for:
1. Sales team, due to limited licenses (if you work in a bigger org with over 100+ sales team).
This is currently a WIP and we are still testing this out.
Natasha Wetten | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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We are using PathFactory within the marketing department.
The problem we had prior to PathFactory was that for digital marketing, campaigns, events, sales outreach, etc., we would send prospects to a landing page or a resource, but then their experience would stop there and we'd have to custom-build a "next step" for them to move on to. PathFactory is a way for us to simply guide prospects to a next piece of content.
  • The software is fast and intuitive.
  • The support and implementation process was very thorough and helpful.
  • They truly allow you to make your content "binge-able."
  • There are so many customization options that sometimes it can be overwhelming.
  • Some may find the software to visually feel outdated.
PathFactory is well suited if:
  • You are trying to improve the average amount of time a prospect or customer stays on your website/consumes your content.
  • You have a lot of related content on your "resources" page of your website and you are hoping to run targeted outbound campaigns specific to those groups of content--and you want it to be easy for the prospect to consume it all back-to-back ("binge" it).
  • You are finding that your lead quality from gated content isn't as strong as you'd like it to be and you want to try out ungating some of your content.
We don't necessarily build our campaigns around PathFactory, but PathFactory is an important part of our campaigns. We utilize content tracks as the "landing" page for a lot of the content we share within the various tactics in a campaign. We have found that the amount of time a prospect spends on the track is longer than if we just send them to a single page on the website.
Score 7 out of 10
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The marketing department uses PathFactory to drive asset-based engagement in targeted tracks to our prospects. It allows us to report on engagement from a topic perspective which is extremely helpful in deciding what new and existing content to offer to our prospects and customers.
  • Content Track Creation
  • Asset Engagement Improvement
  • PathFactory Reporting
  • Customization of detailed fields
The ideal scenario for PathFactory is grouping together a string of content, to provide a seamless journey for the prospect from start to end in a marketing-designed content experience.
GitLab has benefited from its use of PathFactory and PathFactory's effective campaigns, by identifying what content and specific content tracks work best for specific audiences across various segments of the business.
Score 10 out of 10
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PathFactory is mainly being used in our marketing department, however sales also leverages it for use of assets. It supports our content management and the ease with which we are able to share our content.
  • Easy to use thanks to the streamlined UI. I find the headings and categories that house the sections of the platform to be very clear and comprehensive.
  • Makes it very easy to manage content. I can filter by type, topic, date, etc and find what I need very simply. Changing details and information about a piece of content after it's been uploaded is easy to find and simple to do.
  • Integrations with other platforms that we use has been seamless. It's very easy to update a PDF that is housed in another software for example, if we have small tweaks to a file that have been changed, since the link within PathFactory to the file stays consistent.
  • This is a feature I've yet to completely dive into, but I appreciate the detailed analytics and features around this. It's great to get an overview or in-depth view of how our content is performing.
  • I'd love to see the Exit Intent pop up on content tracks be more customizable. It would be great to add a form, for example instead of a content asset.
  • I love the target track feature. I'd love to see more features added to this piece of the platform, such as different types of promoters and CTAs to get users engaging even further with the content.
PathFactory works well for content management, and for housing a comprehensive content library. It works great to integrate into a resources page or Explore page to display a large amount of content for users, or a more curated view. The target tracks feature is great for encouraging binging of content by users, I especially enjoy using this feature for creating themed content tracks that have a host of content on a related topic and then a relevant CTA to drive engagement. PathFactory works great in our marketing department, as well as for sales to leverage the platform for sharing assets. I think these are the best use cases for our company. We also leveraged the VEX part of the platform recently for an online event, which could be used in multiple areas of a business. I would say that this platform works best for companies who want to improve their content management and create a stronger content leveraging strategy to retain and attract users. I would say it may not work well for a company that doesn't really make use of online content or has no use for online events.
We have been able to create targeted and customized content tracks that relate to the user or purpose of our individual campaigns or projects. Creating relevant and topic-specific content hubs allows us to speak directly to the use case or industry we are marketing to. This creates a relevant experience and high-value resources for our users or interested prospects.
Score 5 out of 10
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We're using PathFactory to better host & promote content on our website.
  • Host content
  • Content management
  • Increase user engagment
  • Reporting
  • Automation of track management.
Good for getting a content delivery site set up and running quickly. Not great for small teams that do not have time/resources to manage all of the tracks and content in there.
We have benefited from this, pairing content with other related content has lead to increased content consumption.
Score 9 out of 10
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PathFactory has become an invaluable tool in my virtual events strategy. It has helped me significantly increase my MQL's during and post virtual tradeshow sponsorships by providing key insights into prospect interest and allowing prospects to binge on content. It has also allowed me to capture key data from sponsored tradeshow booths, in real-time.
I have also used VEX for our own brand events. Unlike other virtual event tools that require significant MOPS effort, user training, and provide poor data, VEX has been easy to use. It is already built into our infrastructure so setting up individual events is a breeze and data flows for both live and on demand viewers. The platform makes it easy for participants to view and download additional related content.
  • Allows prospects to binge on content and surface qualified leads.
  • Simple, intuitive user interface that requires limited initial training.
  • Pull data directly into Salesforce where reps can act on the data.
  • VEX is a work in progress, it is amazing for content consumption, but limited audience interactivity.
Target tracks are great tools for email follow up campaigns for virtual events. Simple to provide attendees with a copy of the deck, a recording of the session, and additional content. Attendees love receiving slide decks and it leads to high binge rates.

Embedding PathFactory document links in platforms like ON24 for sponsored events and tradeshows provides real-time data on engagement for both live and on demand sessions, data vendors don't necessarily provide directly. You also remove delays for receiving lists or mops uploads and people consume content and complete forms directly.
In demand generation we focus too much on form completes and not enough on user experience. PathFactory helps us find a good balance between providing end-users the content they desire, with the data we need.
Score 9 out of 10
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We use PathFactory throughout the entire organization as a way to disseminate content about our products and track user engagement. It allows for users to binge content in a seamless way about specific topics that will be interesting to them in one spot. We are also able to analyze what content is most relevant to users.
  • Utm tracking
  • binge content abilities with tracks
  • nurture leads into contacts in a seamless way
  • matching branding of the organization
  • when a piece has an expiration date you can put a reminder but there is notification and you as the user have to remember to pull it off instead of pathfactory deactivating it
  • organizing the content can be tedious
I would say it's best suited when you have many pieces of content that you want to expose to your audience. It is extremely helpful to understand an estimate of how long a user might take to read a piece and then be able to adjust the timing of when a form should pop up. It is also nice to have suggested tracks based on users' past readings.
We are able to use track links in our emails and nurtures that link to multiple pieces of content vs one piece and it allows for customers to become more informed and engaged with our content. It also helps with the nurturing process because the more engaged they become the warmer the lead continues to grow.
Score 8 out of 10
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PathFactory is being used to host our marketing and customer-facing collateral, all in one place making it easy for content consumption by our customers and other stakeholders. We have been using PathFactory content track links in marketing promotions and campaigns.
  • Acts as a central location for customer facing collateral.
  • Easy of use and access.
  • Powered by analytics.
  • More integration with MarTech stack tools.
  • Could improvise on the kind of metrics available for marketers for decision making.
Best to use in integrated marketing communications campaigns where the aim is to provide customers with a one-stop-shop solution for all collateral for a product or solution.
We have seen some early results in increasing the content consumption from our target audience. More and more team members are leveraging PathFactory in their marketing outreach programs. It would take some more time to attributed MQLS and wins to PathFactory activity.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use PathFactory to help create a better content experience for our users. Our goal is to surface the most relevant and insightful content to our users and guide them down a path where they can continue to learn more and educate themselves. PathFactory helps us to organize our content and facilitate this process.
  • Content analytics to help understand what is working.
  • Created intentional and personalized content tracks or journeys.
  • Content organization.
  • Making it more easy and seamless to integrate PathFactory into our website's design, CSS, navigation and more. We don't want users thinking they are going to a new platform. It should look and feel all like one experience.
PathFactory is well suited for Marketing teams that want to invest in their content and believe that content is a foundational resource to educating their audience. Creating the content is one hurdle, but the distribution is arguably more important. PathFactory helps with distribution.
Yes, we believe we've benefited. PathFactory has helped us ensure that we are distributing and showcasing content that is relevant to a specific segment of our audience. When relevance increases, we start to see better funnel analytics and conversions.
Score 10 out of 10
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PathFactory is leveraged to educate potential customers and further nurture them as qualified prospects. We gain high visibility into what they're interested in and how our sales team can assist them. It's being used on a small scale within our organization currently with hopes to grow into other divisions long term.
  • Lead generation - providing detailed engagement analytics.
  • Lead nurturing - providing content that surrounds the user.
  • Content marketing - aligning with the topics and trends they're interested in.
  • Microsite functionality is great but has more room to grow.
  • Implementing a pitch tool to send to customers (similar to highspot).
  • None - the tool is really great.
Any marketing team that is looking for assistance in generating high value leads would benefit greatly from PathFactory. The marketing team is able to pass qualified leads with a high level of engagement data to sales to help them prioritize which accounts to go after. It's been a lifesaver for us.
Our marketing campaigns have been taken to the next level. We're able to create landing pages within an hour, upload content easily, and begin promoting the content track right away. We've been gaining speed on our campaigns and are able to accelerate leads to sales.
Score 8 out of 10
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We use PathFactory to house our content, create curated content experiences, and create more engaging marketing campaigns. It's currently being used by our Marketing and Sales team.

It solves the issue of delivering relevant content to the right audience in an engaging way by providing a seamless user experience.
  • Explore pages are a really simple way to create resource hubs, post-webinar landing pages and other interactive pages to continue engaging our prospects.
  • I would love to see more tags and attributions built out when uploading content. Recently, personas have been added so more additions like that would be great for personalized content experiences.
PathFactory is great for anyone who has a lot of content and looking for more creative and engaging ways to deliver that content to their audience. It offers the opportunity to bundle content and create a more seamless experience for the user.

It would be less appropriate for an organization that isn't looking to share content with prospects or customers.
Our organization has seen more engaging campaigns because we're able to bundle relevant content to our targeted audiences. We can better personalize outreach and that leads to more interaction, increasing our sales pipeline and better brand recognition.
Score 9 out of 10
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PathFactory is being used at my organization to create bingeable content experiences for our prospects and customers. My organization has a TON of content on various topics and PathFactory has been a great tool to allow us to organize this content in relevant and personalized ways. It is also great to be able to view the analytics on all of our Tracks and Explore Pages in order to make appropriate adjustments to them.
  • Creating bingeable content experiences.
  • Account executives are very responsive and helpful.
  • Great personalization capabilities.
  • Some difficulty with accurate "known-visitor" tracking.
PathFactory is a great tool to create personalized content experiences for different industries, personas, and topics.
We use PathFactory links and tracks in most of our email outreach, allowing us to engage our prospects with multiple pieces of content instead of just one single asset. This has lead to greater engagement with our brand and campaigns.
Christopher Mitchell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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PathFactory is currently only being used by the Marketing department at my company, predominantly managed and used by the Demand Gen team. The primary business problem PathFactory addresses is prospect/customer engagement. Previously the majority of our leads would engage with a single piece of content before communicating with sales or never re-engaging. With PathFactory we are able to encourage content binging, increasing lead engagement, and better educating them on our company. This leads to more qualified leads, better sales conversations, and ultimately more business. All of the data collected further inform what types of content, as well as asset themes, resonate best with customers.
  • Since PathFactory is able to track known lead engagement, we never have to present a known prospect/customer with a form. We are simply able to present them with content and track their engagement.
  • Furthermore, we can also present an unknown lead with content, wait a specific amount of time and then present them with a form before they can proceed. This encourages leads to want to give us their info, instead of feeling forced too, leading to a higher form fill rate.
  • PathFactory also has a fantastic customer success team that was instrumental in our on-boarding/implementation process, as well as actively help us take advantage of all the PathFactory platform has to offer.
  • Honestly, we have only been a customer for 6 months thus far, so I do not have a ton of Cons/Opinions yet. So far there haven't really been any issues...
I think anytime a B2B marketing team has a heavy content strategy, PathFactory is a no-brainer. In general, PathFactory creates an all-around better customer experience, helping nurture and educate leads in real-time. PathFactory also leads to a better internal experience, as we are able to generate more qualified leads as well as better sales conversations - keeping both marketing and sales happy.
PathFactory has already been able to help increase our campaign effectiveness. Simply being able to send an ungated nurture stream of content to prospects increase lead engagement. PathFactory has also already started to indicate what content resonates better with leads; which will help inform our content strategy going forward.
  • Online training
They are knowledgable, always available, and quick.
It is easy to use.
Easily use across Marketing and Sales.
Laura Pop-Badiu | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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PathFactory is being used by the marketing department in my company, especially by the content and communication managers. As one of them, I can attest that in the 2+ years that we have been using PathFactory, we have come to rely on it almost daily. This particular platform is a great solution to many content-specific challenges. By uploading our content to PathFactory and creating tracks and explore pages in a visual-appealing way, we are encouraging our readers to browse through our resources, to educate themselves, and to consume more content than they would have by accessing a stand-alone piece. We are able to track their journey and their engagement, as well as to generate leads through form strategies and we have noticed that most of our end-users now tend to consume two or more pieces of content during a session, which goes to show that their interest is rising.
  • Ease of use: PathFactory is a very user-friendly platform, easy to navigate and understand.
  • Nurture: readers are automatically engaged by the content presentation, whether it's in a track or a page. Enabling readers to consume more resources, while straying on the same page, has proven to increase their interest and engagement.
  • Client support: our account manager is wonderful, she is very hands-on and extremely helpful. We can rely on her and the rest of the PathFactory team for any questions or issues that we might encounter and it's easy to see that they are always happy to support us.
  • Analytics: it is sometimes hard to get a clear overview of our KPIs because different analytics are accessible in different areas and the experience sometimes feels a bit scattered.
  • Tracking: I think PathFactory could provide more clear ways of tracking activity and leads and tried-and-true strategies.
I think PathFactory is a great addition to any content marketing team, where it can turn out to be the very base of the content distribution strategy. It's great to have the entire content library in one place and to be able to manage it from there.
I can't think of scenarios where PathFactory is not appropriate, at least not outside of the marketing department.
PathFactory has definitely helped us get better results in terms of content distribution and lead generation. We are using PathFactory on 90% of our content, from the website to social media, press, sponsored campaigns, etc. Since using PathFactory, we have been able to better track our results and to generate a higher interest in our content.
Connor Holbert | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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PathFactory is being used across our demand generation efforts and on our website. Right now, the majority of users are concentrated within the marketing department, but we are starting to see more requests from the sales team to make use of tracks to send to prospects.

I think the two problems that have been addressed are conversion rates and then visibility as to where prospects are engaging with content. Since implementing PathFactory, we have seen a significant bump in conversions for our white papers. We also know better now more than ever where readers are going within a track or piece of content.
  • Analytics - Business Intelligence
  • Presentation
  • Coloring
  • CTA Buttons could stand to be more programmable and visually attractive
  • Spotting errors within UTMs to ensure conversions are tracked in PathFactory
  • Communication of outages
PathFactory is fantastic if you want to know within inches of how and where folks are engaging with your website content. It's a fantastic visibility tool.

One thing PathFactory cannot do is automatically make your content better. It makes it more consumable, but it will not make your content better than it already is. You need a competent and effective content marketer along with PathFactory for the tool to be effective.
We are at this time only just now instituting a campaign approach, so there is more to come on this front. With that being said, I expect to see PathFactory used in upcoming campaigns. We will be converting our latest white paper into a PathFactory track and this will be the best example of campaign execution to date.
Score 8 out of 10
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PathFactory is currently being used by the Marketing Team. The goal of acquiring the platform was to create custom, curated content for our sales team, whom we work directly with. With a push to focus on a named set of accounts, we want our prospective customers to have a custom experience that is designed with their business case and needs in mind.
  • Ease of uploading multiple content pieces at once.
  • Speed at which you can create a track.
  • Extent of customization - as a general user, what you can customize is fairly basic. Would need to loop in creative/design team to implement HTML code to enhance further.
  • No option to bulk delete content.
  • Platform at times seems a little tough to navigate - quite a bit of clicking around to get from page to page.
PathFactory is good if you want to quickly create custom, simple, content tracks for sales or your customer facing teams. It's a bit trickier to create what one might call a microsite or customized website using the tool.
Yes, however, we are in initial stages of really rolling this out campaign wide, so it's tough to analyze the results. That being said, it's solved a lot of question marks in regards to how we can get content quickly to not only our sales team, but for them to distribute onwards to their prospective customers. It's also allowed us to analyze the content that we are currently using as a marketing team and make suggestions as to what we could improve on, or what we should keep as is. It's really opened our eyes to the amount of content/resources that we have and even more so, what we utilize and potentially where there are gaps with what we need.
Sara Kelly | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Currently, PathFactory is utilized across multiple departments — mainly by our Marketing and CSS teams. PathFactory allows us to nurture new prospects and educate current clients. With limitations to our own website, PathFactory allows us to build tailored customer experiences, and track the success (or failure) of any particular campaign/use case.
  • PathFactory allows you to build tailored content experiences for many different audiences.
  • PathFactory's client support is exemplary, and they listen to and address any concerns/issues we experience using their tools.
  • PathFactory understands the goals of our organization, and partners with us to implement our strategies.
  • PathFactory's user experience could use a little work, however, I'm in the platform every day and have learned to deal with any quirks it may have. For the most part, I'm satisfied, and it gets the job done (and done well).
  • I wish I would have known how important it would be to keep tracks organized into folders at the beginning of our partnership. You end up making many tracks for many different campaigns (for example, I just built 5 different tracks for one virtual event). You need to be extremely organized, especially if you intend to use PathFactory long term. Definitely not something to be afraid of, but just aware of.
PathFactory is great for:
  • Nurture campaigns
  • Social promotions
  • Event campaigns (for virtual events or webinars, pre-event, during the event, and after the event)
  • Explore pages to do a complete blog takeover (if your blog is lacking in organization, and would take too many developer hours to fix)
Honestly, I can't think of a reason it wouldn't be appropriate. You get to choose what you gate, and when. There's never harm in using PathFactory for any link.
PathFactory has allowed us to stand up our very first nurture campaign, which has had a direct impact in increasing our MQLs. I admit, I'm not as close to analyzing the direct amount of MQLs PathFactory has generated, as we have a revenue marketing specialist on staff.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We leverage PathFactory to assist our customers and prospects in content consumption. Marketing leverages PathFactory as a new and innovate way to facilitate this notion of 'binging', similar to the idea of Netflix and YouTube promoting its next popular content. Prior to PathFactory, we engage with our customers using one-off content which wasn't as efficient, especially for those customers who are super interested in "tell me more", "tell me now".
  • Creating tracks and uploading contents is super easy
  • Creating gated forms using different rules made data-capturing easy
  • Ability to understand how contents are consumed create visibility for marketing to understand what works and what doesn't
  • Content management is tough - recommend PathFactory come up with a way to create better content categorization or archiving, so it's not as confusing when you have 100's of assets in PathFactory
If you're looking to promote binge-consumption of contents, you're well suited to use PathFactory. If you're wanting to create a better customer experience by detailing out your top-of-the-funnel, mid-, and bottom-of-the-funnel content in one place for our prospect/customer to consume, PathFactory will prove to be a great technology for your company to consider.
PathFactory has facilitated Nintex a novel way to engage with our customers and prospects and delivered better marketing result. In the past, we would send out nurture emails that link to one piece of content. Wait a week. Then we send a second email with another piece of content. However, the issue with that is that we're missing out on people who are actively looking for a solution right then and there. By moving to PathFactory, we give people the choice to consume as much content as they'd like, and we have automation in the backend to track what they consume and how much score we should adopt for each person.

PathFactory Scorecard Summary

Feature Scorecard Summary

Content Publishing (6)
Content hub (90)
Forms / Gated content (88)
Embedded CTAs (73)
Content distribution (9)
Content promotion (6)
Content automation (68)
Content Reporting & Analytics (4)
Audience profiling and targeting (74)
Closed-loop tracking and reporting (71)
Content performance analytics (92)
Campaign optimization dashboard (8)

What is PathFactory?

PathFactory aims to help companies deliver on-demand experiences for B2B buyers, enabling them with relevant info at every step of their journey. According to the vendor, by allowing buyers to consume content whenever they want, marketers remove friction and create more qualified leads, faster.

Content Insight: Make better marketing decisions
PathFactory provides information pertaining to how long prospects and accounts spent consuming content, for pipeline and revenue support.

Content Activation: Create always-on content journeys
According to the vendor, buyer education is key to leading prospects down the funnel, but most B2B marketing today fails to enable buyers with the content they need. PathFactory promises to remove this friction from the B2B buying process by providing software buyers with content that allows them to self-educate. The platform uses individuals’ content consumption data to serve content recommendations.

PathFactory Features

Content Publishing Features

  • Supported: Content hub
  • Supported: Forms / Gated content
  • Supported: Embedded CTAs
  • Supported: Content automation

Content Reporting & Analytics Features

  • Supported: Audience profiling and targeting
  • Supported: Closed-loop tracking and reporting
  • Supported: Content performance analytics
  • Supported: Page-level engagement analytics

PathFactory Screenshots

Think Netflix home screen for B2B buyers with these personalized resource centers.Give sales visibility into the content consumption data of leads & accounts, right inside your CRM.Content Tracks - Give your B2B buyers bingeable content journeys that accelerate their purchase decisions, whenever and wherever they click.Path Analytics - Path Analytics gives you access to a new class of content consumption data on the level of the visitor, account, and content asset.Guide - Give your buyers spot-on content recommendations, anywhere on your website.Content Track Analytics - See how visitors binge your content in specific Content Tracks, and assess how particular sequences of content perform.Account Insights - Path Analytics gives you insight into whether or not your target accounts have had meaningful engagement with your content, and how sales-ready they are.PathFactory for Sales - Give Sales visibility into the content consumption data of leads & accounts, right inside your CRM.

PathFactory Videos

See how PathFactory’s Content Insight & Activation platform helps B2B marketers.
Ari Echt, Director of Account Based Marketing, describes how Invoca uses PathFactory's Content Insight and Activation platform to achieve their ABM goals.
Tim Noble, Digital Marketing Specialist at TIBCO, breaks down how the marketing team is using PathFactory's Content Insight and Activation Platform to improve funnel performance and the overall customer experience.
Joe Klinker, Product Marketing Manager At Adobe, explains how they're using Content Insight and Activation to improve the customer experience.

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PathFactory Technical Details

Deployment TypesSaaS
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported LanguagesEnglish, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PathFactory?

PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ) is a content marketing platform emphasizing engagement, that allows the user to turn content into an interactive experience.

What is PathFactory's best feature?

Reviewers rate Content distribution and Content promotion highest, with a score of 9.

Who uses PathFactory?

The most common users of PathFactory are from Enterprises and the Computer Software industry.