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What is PatientPop?

PatientPop in Santa Monica offers a medical office growth management platform, featuring patient management features (scheduling, appointment reminders, and patient satisfaction data collection), marketing automation and web presence, and other growth oriented features.

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Users have found PatientPop to be a valuable tool for managing their websites and improving their online presence. By utilizing the …
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What is PatientPop?

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Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
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Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We subscribed to PatientPop for website management. Website management, online reviews, appointment scheduling, text message were the services we used PatientPop for.
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Nothing
  • Customer support
They initially started as a small company and offered good services. Lately, that is in the last 1 year, in my experience it has been impossible to reach anyone. In my opinion, the designated practice manager, the client support manager and the online support team offered no help to us in spite of numerous emails. Still worse, even after I terminated my service they continue to charge my credit card. I would not recommend this company to anyone!
March 10, 2023

PatientPop Review

Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PatientPop had a representative that sold us the contract and stated that the website was wonderful with full support team that can support our office. We were informed that contract is one year and after one year if we were not happy, we have 30 days to cancel the contract. I believe, we were never informed that it would auto renew for an entire year and to cancel, you need to cancel 60 days prior to the contract date. The website was created, not so great, and I believed they rushed us in creating and once the site was up and running, there was very little to no support. In my experience, I found it hard to get a hold a rep or person to get any access to a service we pay $1,500/ month. I believe it was like pulling teeth to get access to someone to even get a copy of our contract which we are entitled to. I finally got a hold of person after two years and they state that someone is getting back to us. Also got copy of my contract after two years. In my opinion, this is unbelievable In my experience after requesting to cancel the service due to having them put a google number that does not work and only confusing our customers and also annoying the person who owns that number who is getting our calls unnecessarily, we get a live person calling us. We were informed that we have a team manager, who I never had a contact or a name to. In addition, they said someone from their team does a quarterly outreach. In my experience no one has reached out until I started to cancel the contract.
  • None
PatientPop marketed very well and got us to purchase their product. After that, there is nothing to show for what they sold!
Robert Rosenbaum, MD. FAANS FACS | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We subscribed to PatientPop to optimize our web presence for out new Aesthetics business. We sought to increase our results on searches pertaining to our practice and increase web traffic. Pros: Everyone is super nice when you are signing up and the promises are legion.CONS: None of it is true. Communication ends immediately at onboarding. The sales rep. disappears and the admin (onboarding) team will provide a list of things THEY need. Then you'll need to chase them down to see if they were received. Even if they were it could be weeks before next steps are taken. We gave them the benefit of the doubt but ultimately, they could pass muster. There is limited follow-through and absolutely no significant SEO or reputation management. Our website had fewer hits in two years than most get in a month. Again, we assumed it was on our side so we sought answers. The only person who ever answered a call or an email was the selling Rep. And then her response was to get someone to "reach out" to us. We can't even leave easily. I've been trying to exit this program for more than nine month and can't get a call back or returned email from anyone. When you do get a live person it's the usual," I'll have to get one of our senior members to call you back." When I explain that never happens they tell us there is no one who can talk right now. DO NOT USE! These people are great at selling their product but do NOT provide any significant service.
This service is not appropriate for practice wishing to have a relevant web presence. It is actually not even valuable as a free service -it would be a massive waste of time.
Score 1 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I thought that having PatientPop manage my website and online presence was something my business could benefit from. Sales team is VERY aggressive, makes promises that they never deliver and more importantly, I decided after meeting with the team, that changing the current website was not ideal for everyone. So after 2 business days from signing what was not told to me was a contract, I informed Sales rep that I wanted to cancel. I also never received a copy of this said contract. There was also going to be training, new website design, etc., none of that was performed. It was informed to me that before I could be a member of PatientPop, I would have to go through these training sessions. Again, NONE OF THAT WAS DONE.

The only thing that was done stealthily and without my consent, was PatientPop was charging my credit card without sending me any invoice or notification for $600 a month. I was unaware, because 1. Sales rep signed me up for $950 a month. 2. I informed sales rep I wanted to cancel within 3 business days. 3. NO SERVICE WAS EVER PERFORMED. They essentially stole money from my credit card fraudulently. Now after I disputed the charges, they are disputing my credit card dispute! This is a complete waste of my time because their sales rep was not straightforward and very aggressive in his sales tactics. Now my credit card is saying that PatientPop does not bill in US dollars and they will refund the currency after the conversion if the dispute goes through. PatientPop also NEVER sent me a copy of what they considered a contract. Without a copy, I do not know what I signed, and what was told to me was that nothing would begin until after the mandatory training session and new website was uploaded and running. NONE of this was done.

I also hate their commercials online, where they depict the Doctors in the waiting room and the patients interviewing them like a game. It completely undermines the RESPECT that doctors deserve especially in the times of COVID19. Whether you like it or not, you will need a skilled health care professional. And it won't be us worrying about lack of patients. Because it takes decades to train us and there will always be a need. So here is your review, PatientPop. You unlawfully fraudulently charged my credit card for 4 months without me knowing because you charged a random amount of $600 when the amount was not even that. Now I know why my friend who is a dentist in NY left and is using another private company. The sales person is only interested in that, sales and their bonuses. They (sales rep) make so many promises, but in reality, they don't even understand the complexity of SEO and website design, etc. Money is hard to make. Honest money, even harder. PatientPop essentially stole money from my accounts during the time of a pandemic when the funds could and should have been used to buy PPE, etc. They are also very expensive. I have a personal contact that I can refer professionals to if they are interested however, he can only take a few because that is his side job.
  • Empty promises.
  • Not sending invoices of copy of contracts.
  • Fraudulently charging credit card account for a random amount.
  • Aggressive sales personnel.
  • Undermines the healthcare field in their cheap commercials online.
  • Should conduct business appropriately.
  • Should provide copy of contracts and invoices.
  • Should notify subscribes of when their credit cards are being billed.
  • Lack of respect for the healthcare professionals in their commercials.
Just avoid their heavy aggressive empty sales tactics.
June 19, 2018

PatientPop eh

Dominique Marisie | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
PatientPop was implemented in our company with the hopes of bringing in new patients and improving our online presence. We are a small, specialty chiropractic company in the city of Chicago, so although we are unique and don't have much direct competition, we have had a hard time keeping consistent growth. Our main struggle is that we do not accept insurance, so most people would rather find an office that does instead of paying out of pocket and having to submit on their own for reimbursement. We hoped that by using PatientPop and spreading our name to a wider audience we would be able to bring in a higher volume of our "ideal new patient", but we have had a few issues in the few months (we started in March) that we have been using PatientPop. First, the way we were pitched the product from a sales aspect was not reflected in the way our onboarding was handled. We had issues with having multiple providers, SEO tracking, and online scheduling. We have definitely seen an increase in POTENTIAL new patients reaching out, but many of them do not schedule due to our lack of insurance acceptance (we were not told that most of their other clients do take insurance). We have also had a lot of patients turn away due to the unclear online scheduling system which relates back to the multiple providers' issue. Our website redesign was also a little messy because they left out some of the pages/images from our original without letting us know. There is definitely LESS information on our current website which leaves a lot of questions unanswered for patients.
  • Simple web design
  • Appointment request dashboard is easy to use
  • Support team does what they can or will explain why something cannot be fixed
  • The onboarding/implementation managers seem to just be the middleman between customers and the support team which means issues take longer to be solved or sometimes are just "lost in translation" altogether. We have just been contacting the support team directly to get issues solved.
  • PatientPop should look into becoming legally approved to sync with medical programs (for us it would be ChiroTouch). This would make the online scheduling easier to use and more accurate.
  • PatientPop should find a way to filter out new patients only looking for someone that takes their insurance.
Great for getting POTENTIAL new patients, but there is definitely room for improvement. As an out-of-network office, it has proven to be difficult to get these new patients to commit to an appointment, many will schedule and then call the day before and cancel once they find out we do not take their insurance.
March 09, 2018

Big Bang for the Buck

Ann Gannon | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use PatientPop to manage our website and help us with marketing. We have attracted 5-6 new patients per month since we have been with PatientPop. They also help us with our web presence and have been helpful in helping us promote our practice. They provide us with suggestions to grow our business and offer regular webinars to address many marketing strategies.
  • Regular assistance with our website.
  • Regular assistance with online marketing strategies.
  • Recommendations for increased marketing visibility.
  • Better tracking of new clients via the dashboard without using the whisper as we take PatientPop phone calls.
  • Ability to have more fields in the appointment request module be required.
  • Less expensive annual fee.
PatientPop is well suited for the medical industry because they do so much of the work for us. The set up for the website was very timely. Taking less than 1 month to complete. Most of that time was of our delay in getting them the information. They are also helpful in making suggestions about what to include to improve SEO.
Dr Kambiz Silani | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Patient Pop to increase the office flow. Traditionally patients would call to book appointments which take away from in-office patient interaction with the staff. Now the staff can focus on what’s most important and provide exceptional in-office service.
  • Booking online appointments through our website or directly through yelp
  • Elegant, organized website
  • Send patient reminders
  • Increase Ranking SEO to 1st page of Google
  • Handles patient online reviews
  • Looking forward to link with our EHR system, they currently integrate with some companies though
  • Google calendar integration
  • Improve SEO ranking on Siri and Amazon’s Alexa
PatientPop has really evolved our practice and made the patient experience more enjoyable and automated. The staff has embraced PatientPop because it’s user-friendly and helps with office efficiency.
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