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What is Paylocity?

Paylocity provides 24/7 access to your online payroll and human resource data management. Paylocity offers highly customizable payroll functionality, as well as HR, benefits administration, and time and talent management programs.
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8 out of 10
March 20, 2023
We use Paylocity for payroll for all our employees and just implemented Time & Labor. This is new to us but have been using for the last 3 …
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How Paylocity Differs From Its Competitors

Paylocity Automated Processes

When Paylocity works it's great. In my opinion, It's when there is a glitch that is frustrating. I like the onboarding, workflow and survey. I have had little to no issues with time and labor and payroll. I believe there should be more contact with the implementation team when bringing on a new …
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Paylocity Automated Processes

ConnectOne Bank separated HR functions from Benefits and Payroll. HR utilizes talent acquisition and onboarding which has streamlined the new hire process from background checks and offer letters to the data entry process. On the benefits and payroll side, automation has streamlined new hire …
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Paylocity Employee Engagement

We have used the training videos which I found really helpful when implementing Time & labor. Again I think the outreach from Paylocity lacks to reach out to clients and maybe introduce them to different tools that Paylocity has that the client might not be aware of.
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Paylocity Automated Processes

Paylocity allows us to be more efficient in our roles with the automation of the core processes, less room for error with the uploading of hours, spreadsheets for special paid employees, etc. Also, the Qtr and Year-end processes for taxes and W2s are also helping with time efficiency for our …
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Paylocity Automated Processes

Paylocity's payroll automation is similar to QB, however, I don't need a separately purchased module for time tracking. Time off History reporting is a breeze - right at my own and the employees fingertips. This transparency to the employee is important. My own efficiency is improved through the …
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Paylocity Employee Engagement

We barely use the Community and other sections because we are having difficulty getting the basic sections of the payroll to work properly and do what they are supposed to do. While enhancement and new features are great, we need the basic payroll features to work properly first before relying on …
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Paylocity Employee Engagement

Very little, to be honest. You have to navigate to that section if you want to see impressions and not many people care to click on it. It's just a post that people can comment on, it's not that much of a recognition especially if people don't choose to go to that tab.
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Paylocity Automated Processes

Paylocity has saved our HR team significant time when it comes to things like onboarding new hires and being able to have all required paperwork done digitally and before the start date. The reporting is very robust, and I almost always find a report that I need. The reporting can be a lot, and I …
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Paylocity Employee Engagement

Our employees really enjoy the community. We have some other options for our staff so it is not utilized as much as I would like it to be. Employees always enjoy giving and receiving impressions and it is a great way for employees to call out their peers on a job well done.
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Paylocity Automated Processes

There have definitely been efficiencies with PTO tracking, previously tracked and monitored with an excel spreadsheet. The elimination of paper and savings on office supplies doing evaluations, time off requests, etc., via the computer vs. paper.
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Paylocity Automated Processes

The migration to a full HRIS has been a game changer for our growing business. Before Paylocity we had a lot of HR tools that had been "bolted together" and required a good deal of manual manipulation and tracking. Paylocity has saved a lot of time in the recruiting side of the business with …
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Paylocity Automated Processes

Payroll is a breeze since the majority of the backend items are completed for you. <br><br>Time &amp; Labor is great; however, in HR &amp; Payroll, you have an "Approvals" Tab for time off. Our staff like the feature but select time off there, meaning they are confused as to why it does not …
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Paylocity Employee Engagement

I have seen several employees use Peer Recognition/Impressions. I like the feature and seeing what reviews staff provide to each other. This is a great engagement tool for employees without expecting anything in return.<br><br>We have not used the function in Survey or Video yet. So can't …
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  • Direct deposit files (368)
  • Pay calculation (370)
  • Update personal information (382)
  • View and generate pay and benefit information (376)

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Human Resource Management

Organizing, tracking and providing instant access to critical employee data, job profiles, transfers, promotions, and benefits information.

7.7Avg 8.0

Payroll Management

Provides for pay calculation and benefit plan administration, in addition to managing direct deposit, salary revisions and payroll tracking.

8Avg 8.1

Leave and Attendance Management

Streamlines communication between HR and employees and facilitates efficient management of employee leave including requisitions, approvals, balance calculation, and annual carry-forward.

7.4Avg 8.2

Employee Self Service

Employee portal allowing employees to view and update their personal information.

8.3Avg 8.2

Asset Management

Maintaining a record of assets such as laptops, pagers, cell phones, etc. issued to employees. Record typically includes asset type, number, serial number and date of issuance.

7.1Avg 7.9

HR Reporting

Pre-built and custom reports, and integration with external data.

7Avg 7.7


Employee onboarding is the process of orienting new hires to the social and performance aspects of their jobs so that they are able to function in their new roles as quickly as possible.

8Avg 8.0

Performance and Goals

Goal alignment is the practice of ensuring that all employees have clearly defined goals in support of the overall corporate strategy.

7.6Avg 8.2

Performance Management

Performance management is the process of ensuring employees meet pre-determined objectives and goals through regular check-ins and appraisals.

7.4Avg 8.0

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the identification and development of internal employees with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in the company.

6.9Avg 7.9

Recruiting / ATS

Recruiting or Applicant Tracking Software is software used to manage the recruitment process electronically by handling job postings, applicant status, resume management, etc.

7.6Avg 7.7
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Product Details

What is Paylocity?

Paylocity is a software platform designed to give HR pros a way to manage daily tasks in payroll, benefits, talent, and workforce management. The vendor states their technology is backed by a culture that cares about client success, and that they take the time to get to know customers and understand their needs. Paylocity works with users to identify the solutions that will benefit a business today, while paving the way to a better tomorrow.

Paylocity Videos

Paylocity - Care at the Core
Drive Communication, Collaboration, and Connection with HR & Payroll

Paylocity Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

Paylocity provides 24/7 access to your online payroll and human resource data management. Paylocity offers highly customizable payroll functionality, as well as HR, benefits administration, and time and talent management programs.

Paycom, Paycor, and Paychex Flex are common alternatives for Paylocity.

Reviewers rate Direct deposit files highest, with a score of 8.9.

The most common users of Paylocity are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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September 26, 2022

Saves time and money!

Score 9 out of 10
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I would make sure you have a dedicated team at Paylocity to complete the implementation. We had staff from Paylocity quit and things were not completed properly. They dropped the ball so to speak on that portion of it. we have encountered multiple issues since then and are still not using the Time off tracking to its full capabilities.
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