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Joel Baldwin | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 22, 2018

Ask me about Pendo Guides for Customer Education

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Pendo is integrated with one of our company product lines which is a cloud-based service. Pendo is used by multiple departments to address different aspects of customer interaction. Product Management uses if for customer insight (e.g. feature adoption). Product Marketing uses it for surveys and NPS scoring. Support uses it for technical announcements (e.g. planned outages for software updating). Education uses it to announce new features and offer online training guides.
  • Pendo provides absolutely fabulous support. I am continually impressed by the speed, usefulness, and personal touch when they respond to my questions.
  • It has frequently been my experience that when I ask about a Pendo capability which I wish I had but can't seem to find, the answer is "yes, we can do that" and then they point me in the right direction.
  • I enjoy the transparency provided by the roadmap webinars--they allow me to consider how I might use upcoming features to improve my communication with, or evaluation of, my customer's behavior.
  • Personally, I seem to have a hard time finding answers to my technical questions in the Help system. I usually end up reaching out to my Customer Success rep. That's okay, those people are very helpful, but I prefer self-help to start.
  • Sometimes the technical help articles are a little *too* technical--like they assume they are being used by a developer, which I am not. So there is a tough balance between not technical and too technical, and unfortunately, I'm right in that middle ground.
  • Sometimes I can't make the dashboard numbers "match" the way I think they should, i.e. reconciling different views of the same data. I usually attribute it to my lack of understanding, but it has been a little frustrating.
  • My personal use of Pendo is exclusively within the guides. Every year I get heavily marketed to come to the user conference, but the sessions seem weighted towards product management--not much for people like me. So I don't go.
I use Pendo to raise customer's awareness of new software features, and to invite them to make use of online training resources. The core strength of Pendo is its ability to segment, meaning you can target who sees your message. There are many prebuilt attributes, and your coders can add custom attributes based on your software to help create segment definitions. This has been a critical capability for allowing us to make sure our pop-up messages are only seen by the users to whom they are pertinent and not by anyone else. We all know that when a user is in the software they are there to work, and many see or treat a pop-up as an irritant, an ad, or something that is just in the way, so we try to keep the guides as meaningful as possible.
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Daniel Haslam | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 18, 2019

Love the tool!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Fantastic software that assists our team with key data to track customer interaction and movement across the platform. On the client success side, it helps us identify how we can better help our customers.
  • Helps us track the usage of our platform.
  • Lets us know when clients are on our site so we can provide enough support members at those key hours.
  • Shows where the customers are on the platform.
  • Email alerts for specified parameters.
Customer success, sales, engineering.
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David Buchanan | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 15, 2019

Pendo is an invaluable product for the product organization

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Pendo is currently used by several teams at Solutionreach, Product, Product Marketing, User Experience and Research, Customer Knowledge Base, and Customer Success. While each department has several different use cases for Pendo, we're actively working towards improving our customer experience and their successes while using Solutionreach. Pendo allows these benefits through better on-boarding, better access to a knowledge base, and intuitive walk-throughs to guide them through tricky pieces of the platform. As well as data from all aspects of the product and using that data to inform product decisions.
  • Pendo has a very intuitive and in-depth UI with good digestible data.
  • Pendo NPS and the data we can gather from the NPS responses, has been invaluable in helping with the customer/user experience.
  • Pendo guide/walkthrough customization allows the team to get what we need out of it, across all teams.
  • Pendo guides/walkthroughs could be more customizable and easier to customize.
  • Pendo clickthrough tracking on guides could be added upon for more data points.
  • Pendo could have a better UI around cohort/segment creation and management.
Pendo is well suited for teams wanting to build data-driven products, and drive feature adoption with nice, easy to implement guides.
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Rusty Atkinson | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 15, 2019

Deep visibility into customer behavior

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Customer Support and Product Management use The company NPS survey is delivered using We are able to get deep visibility into how our customers actually use our platform. We are able to locate under-utilized features and pages.
The NPS tool is simple to implement and has returned 25%+/- adoption since it was implemented. We also receive outstanding insight from our customers as they respond to the in-app query.
  • NPS with a high adoption rate.
  • Feature and page utilization.
  • Seemingly infinite ability to segment user data.
  • Reporting.
  • Creation of meaningful guides takes some effort...simple guides are self-explanatory but significant effort is required to deliver deeper guides.
[ is well suited for] NPS, product utilization data, customer utilization data, understanding specific customer behaviors.
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Wesley Ange | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 28, 2018

Pendo Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use across our company to help understand our users better, communicate important messages, and troubleshoot issues that are reported to support. Information from is also used in our customer health score
  • Targeting messages and experiences to a particular user set, such as an embedded video
  • Providing historical information on users and accounts
  • Pulling different pieces of information together for rich reporting
  • Be able to target users that haven't seen a guide in a set amount of time
  • Differentiate the use of visitors across multiple accounts is great when you are trying to track your customers and site use at a detailed level. The information reported is great and can then be used to target messages or specifics experiences to a group of visitors. For instance, we often embed videos for those users.
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Ethan Roderick | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 22, 2018

Pendo is wonderful, tell your friends

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have select users across several teams using to track usage and set up guides and NPS
  • if we ever need to know just what is going on in our products the answer is only a few clicks away because of
  • Effective guides
  • We are getting more into using guides and NPS surveys, which are easy to set up and use because of Pendo-- this is allowing us to grow more as a company, in my eyes
  • some of the new NPS UI is difficult to manage; it can cover sections of a page that need to be edited, making it difficult to do what I need to do.
  • would be nice if all aspects of the NPS editor could be moved/minimized
  • There is a lot going on in Pendo; this makes it a very powerful tool, but it can be a little overwhelming. Hyper customization can be a blessing and a curse, as our info sessions with Pendo are very useful but it's hard to keep track of everything that is going on if you don't use it all the time. A knowledge base would be useful, or, if there is already one, making it more notable would be great!
Pendo's guides are intuitive and easy to use/customize, though there is a lot happening in Pendo that can be hard to keep track of.
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Chirag Patel | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 13, 2018

Great software for product and CS teams!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our product team uses to do the following to:
  1. Understand and proactively react to overall client satisfaction
  2. Understand user behavior on the site to make smart decisions.
  3. Communicate to our users on a regular basis to keep them up to date and solicit feedback.
  4. Use the guide feature to solicit feedback and get volunteers for user interviews.
  • Monitor behavior around the application to understand where they may be problems in usability.
  • Let our users know about new capabilities as they are added through Pendo's guide feature.
  • Launch and monitor NPS (work with customer service to schedule follow-up calls on responses).
  • Would love to see a feedback capability added where users can submit freeform feedback. I would also want those users to be able to vote on that feedback. There are other tools that provide this, but I believe could provide a better product that is well integrated with the rest of their features.
Great for product teams to understand user behavior and overall usability as well as overall client satisfaction. Great for customer service teams to monitor the health of their clients.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 19, 2019

Incredible Tool, Robust User Experience, Valuable Company Insights

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source is utilized by our company to track our customer usage of our own Software. While is primarily utilized by the Client Success team, the entire company has access to the data and relies on it for information on usage. Depending on the department, we use the Usage information to guide our product decisions, help increase adoption for customers, examine trends for like-minded clients, and identify potential upsell opportunities.
  • Identifies Trends in Usage across different customers. This allows us to help make valuable product decisions when adding new features.
  • Provides insight into potential upsells for our customers. By giving us in-depth breakdowns of usage, we can identify opportunities to sell additional products based on that usage.
  • Deploys an NPS Survey straight through our App, and then tracks the results in We deploy our own NPS survey within our software and the results feed directly into Pendo. Beyond giving us an accurate look at the success of our platform and customers, Pendo provides a source to store this info for analysis at the Company and Client level.
  • The Reporting structure could be simplified. While does have Reporting features, the building of a report can be a little cumbersome and confusing to a first time user. By simplifying or restructuring the reporting process to something more similar to typical CRM reporting structures (say Salesforce, for example), it would make the end user experience much better, and provide the ability to quickly build and access your own reports.
  • Search Functionality Improvements: The search bar can be a handy tool to quickly access different pieces of info, however, it seems pretty basic in its build-out and requires semi-specific searches to find what you want. Adding a more flexible search bar that looks across multiple pieces of the platform would really help with the user experience.
  • Online Resources/Self Help Resources: This may already be available, and if it is, I apologize! However, I have not seen any of those resources yet (like a quick FAQ or step by step to build a report). It would be nice to have this knowledge-base, and if it does exist, then have it more noticeable/marketable to the end user for access. is a great tool when you need to track the usage of a particular Software your company may utilize. It gives great insight into feature tracking/adoption metrics, and seems to be very flexible in terms of the features it can track. On top of feature tracking, it excels in helping establish "Guides" within your software to help your clients utilize your own tools effectively. Things like NPS tracking also become very simple when using It is hard to envision scenarios where you wouldn't want to use, provided you're in the software business and interested in the items mentioned above. However, I was not involved in the decision-making process for using this tool, so I am not able to speak to what necessarily is/isn't possible.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 28, 2019

A solid platform and a great addition

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Namely has been using for a few years to alert clients of any and all new product launches. We just recently started using the platform to send payment reminders.
  • It's simple and to the point.
  • I like the fact that you actually have to click on the pop-up to get to the next page.
  • The analytics gleaned from the site are stellar!
  • Hopefully, in the future, there will be more templates available for a wider variety of users (i.e. across different departments).
I find to be very well suited for collections.
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Lance Gorji | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 09, 2018

Pendo: For the Product Manager on the go

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Over a year ago I stumbled across Pendo when researching tools to make user tracking and walkthrough tutorials easy for our company without needing engineering. After speaking to their sales rep, I quickly knew this was going to be an integral tool for our product organization, design, and customer success group.

Set up was very easy and took about 1 day for all our products. Once this was complete I jumped directly into their product, watched all their online YouTube tutorials, joined their Slack channel and I was off to the races. I have a design background and am currently in product management for our front end applications so I began to creating template guides for the rest of our organization. Fast forward a year later and we have integrated Pendo into our third party applications, product is actively tracking user data to make more informed decisions and customer success is tracking new and existing clients instead of using Intercom and their limited event tracking. Could not be happier with this product and their customer support is top notch.
  • User Tracking.
  • Intuitive and easy to use guide building.
  • Great customer service.
  • Some portions of their product can be harder to use for users who do not understand HTML/CSS.
  • I sometimes experience lag in their frame builder.
If you are looking for an easy to use, out of the box guide or tutorial builder look no further. Pendo also has robust tracking and metrics with event driven guides to help you target exactly who needs to see the message.
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Julie Lintner | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 02, 2018

Pendo has been a game changer for us!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Pendo to track how our Clients are using our software. The entire company benefits from this data but it is mostly used by Client Success and Product Management. Pendo enables us to track what features our clients are using and how often. We didn't have any visibility into this data previously. It has been a game changer for us. Our Client Success team can look at the "use history" for a specific user or for the client as a whole to better target conversations with that client.
  • User Interface is easy to use
  • I like the way that we can break down and search by Visitors or by a Client as a whole
  • In-app messaging. This was actually the main reason for our purchase of Pendo.
  • We just started using the survey feature. We are very excited to be able to do surveys in Pendo, but it seems like this is a newer feature and experiencing some limitations. But the Pendo Support team has been very helpful!
We use it to track feature usage of our Clients. It does this very well. We also use it to provide in-app messaging to our clients. This has been a major benefit to our company as it was very hard to do this previously. Pendo provides a variety of different types of messages and click-through messages that enable us to better educate our clients.
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Lauren Coppola | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 22, 2018

Pendo increased our engagement with our customers

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Pendo across many departments at our organization. It is helping us make data-driven product decisions instead of relying solely on our Sales and Client Support teams to provide market feedback and usage information.
  • Incredibly intuitive user interface. The help documentation is also fantastic - easy to find relevant articles/tips.
  • Love that when I tag a new feature on a page, I'll get data about its usage from the start of when the Pendo code was added to that page. When I wanted to see how my users were interacting with a certain feature, I tagged it and got data from the beginning of the year when Pendo was first added to the page -it was great!
  • The in-app banners/tooltips are fantastic. I think this may be my favorite part about Pendo. We're able to engage with our users while they are IN our product and actually using it instead of using email to reach out.
  • I'd love to see more ways to create segments so that I can really tailor my in-app communications to very targeted groups.
  • I'd like easier customization, more WYSIWYG functionality with the banners and lightboxes.
Pendo is fantastic for getting usage data on pages and features. It also works well for engaging with customers while they are in the product. It's not really appropriate for learning-activity specific data (i.e. how learners engage in a lesson/course).
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Gareth Bradley | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 16, 2018

Pendo Delivers!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Pendo for two primary reasons; firstly to track feature usage and engagement and secondly to embed learning into our administrator user journey. Pendo nails our requirements for both.

On the feature tracking front, we are using the platform to track the user clicks and journey within our platform. This is incredibly helpful for us as we are starting to build a real picture of feature usage and penetration across the client base. The ability to slice and dice this data across all accounts improves our decision making no end. We use the data when deciding to enhance or enlarge certain feature sets.

When it comes to embedding help, we are a little less mature here. Our focus has been on the need to promote new features that we deploy as well as to guide administrators around the configuration of the feature. This helps us to drive adoption against our goals.

  • Easy to tag the pages and features once you get orientated.
  • Nice visuals to track usage against goals that you set.
  • Simple to track account by account data as well as looking at more global views.
  • Nice tagging feature to group the pages and features by use case or persona.
  • The account dashboards could be exportable per the visuals in the platform.
  • I'd welcome more visual options on the account pages.
  • I think it could really benefit from some machine learning injections to suggest linkages and accounts that may be trending down on activity levels.
Tracking accounts, features and pages is really what we bought Pendo for and it's been a massive help.

We use this inside of product and client success in order to track the health of each account and to be more tactically aware of clients who may be struggling with adoption.

We have been less proactive with the embedded learning and NPS but that's something we will look to bring to the fore moving forwards.
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Brian O'Connor | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 07, 2018

Pendo for SaaS B2B

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Pendo is deployed across our industry leading Data Management Platform (DMP) to help our teams make data-driven product decisions. Prior to Pendo, we had to invest in time consuming customer interviews or make educated guesses on how users leverage different pieces of our product. Now we can easily access critical data that informs confident product decisions.

Additionally, we use Pendo to serve NPS surveys that help drive better insights for our Client Success team when engaging with customers. We also make use of user guides to provide end users with best practices and training.
  • The ease of implementation and speed at which we were able to use the Pendo platform were impressive. We were able to deploy Pendo across our product and leverage the data within 30 days.
  • The Pendo user interface is intuitive, quick and flexible. ..perfect for a team that builds a dynamic and flexible product ourselves.
  • The depth and breadth of Analytics that can be found in Pendo's platform is a huge asset. We've used data from Pendo to make product decisions on everything from small UI tweaks to introducing new product concepts.
  • The only hurdle we faced to date was a technical one, which we resolved.
  • We haven't made much use out of Trends or Funnels yet. Something we want to try moving forward.
I think Pendo absolutely delivers on the promise to deliver actionable, product-level insights to inform product and development decisions. If you are a SaaS company in the B2B space, it's a great fit.
Read Brian O'Connor's full review
Amin Bashi | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 06, 2018

Leveraging Pendo to build a better product

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
  1. Tracking our success metrics

  2. Monitoring the trends and ripple effects after each release

  3. Educating our customers on our existing features and maximizing the adoption rate for new features

  • Intuitive
  • Easy to install
  • Backfilling (for tracking)
  • Intelligent Segmentation
  • Customization
  • Pricing
  • Predictive Analytics

While clicks are easy to measure, they can often be the most deceptive metrics. Just because a user clicks on a button, for instance, it doesn’t make it relevant. We use a number of other metrics set up in Pendo that closely couples to user interactions to define success. For example, this includes user engagement metrics on some of our critical pages following a search, and time it takes for a user to find relevant results. In terms of shortcomings, Pendo hasn't made any major advancements in predictive analytics yet.

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Kurt Williams | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 31, 2018

Pendo Product Management Insights

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Pendo to analyze customer adoption and engagement with our back-office tools. We further use it to help drive adoption through in-app guided help.
  • Pendo is simple to enable
  • Pendo collects everything so we can "rewind the clock" on features and pages we don't tag up-front
  • Pendo helps us understand which types of customers are most engaged
  • Pendo helps us do something about engagement problems without working through a development release
  • Reporting. It's very basic and some types of analyses are confusing and time consuming.
  • Deep hierarchies of pages and features. Pendo only has pages and groups. In a dense app this is too limiting.
  • Types of analytics. I have to do most analytics in a spreadsheet.
It's well suited to product design and management. Has guided help and tool tips, and in-app surveys.
Read Kurt Williams's full review
Lila Krutel Meyer | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 10, 2018

Communicating directly with our customers has never been easier or faster!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use Pendo primarily for displaying feature tooltips in our application, announcing upcoming releases and new features, and to offer in-app access to our product documentation via Pendo's guide center. We're no longer dependent on engineering and the release process to publish in-app help for our users. We've also been able to reduce the number of emails we send to customers with in-app announcements and increase our customer communication reach.
  • Pendo's support and CSM team are knowledgeable and very responsive.
  • Configuring in-app announcements is easy and quick.
  • Pendo empowers non-engineers to communicate directly with users in your own product!
  • Sometimes it's difficult or time-consuming to identify the in-app element's code that you want to tie a tooltip to.
  • Feature and page tagging should be automated rather than manual to assist with usage tracking.
  • Walkthrough guides, which include a string of guide steps, can be very time consuming to configure and test and require maintenance if your app changes.
I know a lot of other Pendo customers who use them primarily for usage tracking, and for delivering in-app NPS surveys. We aren't really using them for these purposes, but the tooltip, announcement, and documentation integration options work well for us.
Read Lila Krutel Meyer's full review
Russ Blackburn | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 27, 2018

Quick learning curve, up and running with targeted campaigns in no time!

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source is being used by my UX department.
  • The UI interface is easy to navigate, set up and use
  • Support is helpful, assistance is provided if needed by reps from
  • Their tutorial help covers a vast amount of topics to help you get up and running quickly
  • My only request would be to have more patterns available to choose from when setting up Guides.
The ease of use alone makes using Pendo a breeze to set up and pull metrics. I've used Adobe Analytics in the past and it was such a pain to gather insights into my campaigns. Pendo allows for Guides to be set up quickly, meaning I do not have to bother my developers for the backend work.
Read Russ Blackburn's full review
Claire Stubblefield | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 08, 2018 accelerates user engagement and product management satisfaction

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use for three different product platforms across departments. Our product management department uses it to analyze usage, select users based on feature level behavior for interview candidates, implement welcome guides, maintenance notices, initiate surveys, add tool tips, and more. The marketing team uses it to initiate our bi-annual Net Promoter Score survey, and our customer care team uses it to do individual company and user level usage analysis to have more informed conversations and better save clients that are at risk.
  • Fantastic at implementing in-app messaging and guides with no development effort
  • Wonderful analytics on overall usage to micro usage of specific features
  • Easy to understand how to create segments of users, tag features and understand heat-map analytics of the application
  • Would love to implement a live-chat feature or integrate with a live chat based on triggered actions
  • Would like more robust survey tools to cross-analyze with usage
  • Crazy wish list item- auto tagging of features based on the button text and context of the page
Very well suited as a complete application to understand adoption, satisfaction, and usage patterns, but not a replacement for a CRM tool or active feedback. This is a passive feedback solution with really cool in-app notification/guides enablement.
Read Claire Stubblefield's full review
Joanie Lutz | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 29, 2018

Fantastic tool

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Pendo is used across a few departments in my organization. Primarily product, user experience, customer success, and sales. It is also used by C-level executives across the organization. It is providing valuable data on usage, engagement, and churn. In addition, it is used for all in-app messaging - announcement of webinars, and gathering NPS data.
  • Support. Pendo has phenomenal support. They are responsive, helpful, and understanding. They resolve all issues in a reasonable time and are fully transparent on issue resolution and delays.
  • Pendo is a fantastic tool for running NPS surveys. They evenly distribute surveys across the desired time frame and do all the NPS calculations for you. You can view responses, and even what the user was doing in our app at the time of the response.
  • Customization. I would like a bit more control over the Pendo interface. Grids/filtering/etc.
If you have no idea how your tool is being used, Pendo will be extremely valuable by giving you those metrics. If you have a complex app that requires a lot of guidance, Pendo will help your users be successful by offering in-app help and walkthroughs. It is less appropriate if you need to know details about the depth of usage, such as the number of items in your app a user has added, shared, deleted, etc.
Read Joanie Lutz's full review
Rayanna MacElveen | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 06, 2018

In my humble opinion...

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
The Customer Success Team is the primary users of Pendo, but we utilize Pendo's metrics to aid in business decisions across the organization.
  • Pendo is great for launching customer satisfaction surveys!
  • Pendo helps us understand the usage
  • The tours are great for helping to automate our training and notification processes
  • It seems a bit cumbersome to edit and we only have one person on the team that is really capable of doing it.
Pendo is a great tool to help software providers give a strong customer experience beyond just the software.
Read Rayanna MacElveen's full review
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 27, 2018

An easier way to find data to understand your clients.

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source was initially implemented within a product where I was working as an Implementation Engineer. I have since switched to using as a Product Manager with a different product line. It uses have grown so far beyond our expectations. It is used across different departments. My initial use was based on engineering and client implementation and now I use it is a Product Manager in our Product Management Office. We initially started using it to help track client activity and reach out for client and user satisfaction metrics like NPS. It went from being used on a singular product to being a core part of product management's truth analytics for almost all of our product lines. It allows getting metrics from not just our clients but their user bases all while respecting our users by integrates seamlessly into the production workflow. It allows us to see what areas customers are using, how they are working through our application, and track adoption rates of new features.
  • It tracks user behavior even if we don't know we need to track. Being about to go back and tag something and get all the metrics from the past is awesome.
  • The targeted polling allows us to get information on the exact sectors we want like IE8 users. It is especially helpful given the cross-market of some of our products. It is good to be able to reach out to a subset of our user bases to find out particular information about their use cases.
  • The paths feature that allows us to reach forward and back from a given point to see what users are doing before and after they get there. Paired with the time spent function, it gives me great insight into how and where I might want to target work to really give my product the ability to supply productivity boost.
  • We had some issues implementing Pendo tags from some of older systems. It is a bit clumsy when it comes to legacy products that may not be built with modern web standards.
  • The pricing model is an inhibitor for our public facing products with a lot of single time users.
I do think some older enterprises would find the implementation process difficult, but not impossible. The pricing model may not be appropriate for business who have a lot of monthly users.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 18, 2018

Pendo provides what others do not

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I'm currently using to provide insight into key features in the product, usage data, churn prediction and measuring adoption. The ability to see which features that are being used/not used is helpful to discover training opportunities, product enhancements, etc. One of the greatest benefits of is that you can also see WHO is performing each action. That is what separates from the rest.
  • Data Tracking
  • In-app messaging
  • Time to ROI -- the concepts and outcomes that Pendo can provide is so great, but getting there takes some time. There's so much data, what do we do with it? What does it all mean? is a great tool to provide insight into product usage where you wouldn't be able to track this otherwise. Competitors may be able to track page hits but shows you who is visiting the page/feature/etc. This is great for targeted messaging, account reviews, and churn prediction. I can't think of a technology company that wouldn't benefit from the deep insight provided by
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Ashley Saliba | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 21, 2018

Dynamic product that is slowly becoming an integral part of the business

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our company is a small software development organization and we use specifically within the Product Management function. It helps us easily track user behavior and see what actions people are taking most frequently, and also collects feedback through the polls. We previously had difficulty getting accurate user feedback because our surveys weren't all that timely, but polls help us get in the moment feedback in a way that's easy for users to respond quickly.
  • It makes tracking user behaviors and seeing metrics so easy for those of us who aren't data analysts. In the past, I would have had to submit a request to a data analyst to get some metrics on user behavior, but now I can do it immediately in myself. Also,
  • The polls are a great way to collect in the moment user feedback that we would have had difficulty sending before via Google Form or something like that. Insights have been tremendously helpful thus far.
  • It helps us consolidate many different tools. With we can do everything from tracking user behavior, to collecting feedback, and even announcing new features and posting tool tips. It has helped us get rid of a few tools as does so much more than other products.
  • The customer support is amazing. Whenever we need anything, we get extremely useful responses and support in a timely manner.
  • The set up process wasn't the easiest and required a good amount of time from one of our developers to get everything configured. So this isn't a product that's ready to go out of the box; you will have to put some time into configuration.
  • Posting Guides isn't all that intuitive. As a non-technical person, I usually have to ask a developer to help me out getting my design into a guide to post to users. is great for non-technical product people who want to explore user behavior in detail without having to drag in a data analyst or developer to pull activity data from the database. It's also great for collecting feedback, as you can post polls on whatever page works best for you and even target specific users.

I don't think is great for posting product announcements (Guides). It's not all that intuitive to upload the guide and I find the view and click analytics difficult to understand when I feel like it should be a very simple concept. We previously used another vendor to do this and it was much, much easier and we got better analytics. We switched to because the product encompasses many different functions, but I do feel like the Guides (in app announcements) are a weakness.
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Kelly M. Lafferty | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 09, 2018

Pendo has done wonders for our business!

Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source is being utilized across our organization. We use the walkthrough guides when new features are launched, or there's an update that affects our customers' existing workflow. We use the banners and light boxes for marketing purposes - whether that's promoting a new product or feature, or informing customers of upcoming events they might be interested in attending. The ability to target certain customers through Pendo has allowed us to show our marketing announcements to those that will benefit the most. We've also seen a huge increase in the number of NPS responses with the help of Pendo's NPS Guide.
  • Walkthrough guides allow us to provide our customers a better experience when learning a new area of our product
  • The NPS Guide has allowed us to target the actual users of our software to provide better insight
  • The banners & light boxes have allowed us to target specific segments with the message they need to see
  • This may have been solved since we last ran our NPS, but it was hard to find the follow-up question we added on to the end. We have to go into a separate guide and match up the info, making it difficult to translate who said what.
Pendo has transformed the way we communicate with our customers! Before, we'd rely on email or social media to get the message out there. The results we've seen with Pendo in regards to our marketing efforts have blown the traditional marketing avenues out of the water.
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