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What is Persado?

Persado in New York offers their "Message Machine" natural language technology, which leverages a comprehensive marketing language knowledge base of over one million words and phrases, powered by AI and data science. Persado is designed to unlock the power of words to engage consumers like never…

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What is Persado?

Persado in New York offers their "Message Machine" natural language technology, which leverages a comprehensive marketing language knowledge base of over one million words and phrases, powered by AI and data science. Persado is designed to unlock the power of words to engage consumers like never before, one by one, moment by moment, across every marketing channel, driving improvements in brand engagement and revenue performance.

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Tim Taylor | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Persado is used within our marketing department, specifically for email marketing. Every promotional email sent uses a subject line test from Persado. Each test includes a control subject line written by myself, which is the lowest performing subject line in more than 90% of our tests. Consistently, the subject lines generated by Persado outperform anything a human on our team could write, which leads to better open rates and more engagement with our promotions.
  • Persado generates subject lines that outperform what the humans on our team can write more than 90% of the time.
  • Persado's machine learning understands the emotional connection between our audience and the way they interact with our marketing. The machine learns what emotion gives us the best chance at an open for our two distinct product lines (hint: they are different emotions!).
  • The reporting within Persado is highly visual, and allows me to analyze and draw conclusions from our data quickly and efficiently. Not only does the tool itself work well, the high quality reporting allows me to use it even better with every new experiment.
  • Not so much a con, but area for improvement: an option to have reports generated automatically and sent to me weekly or similar. It would automate my learning and understanding of how the tool is working.
  • When we write control subject lines that include emojis, I have to go outside of Persado to find the emoji I want to use, copy, and come back to Persado. However there is a button to add emojis to the Persado generated subject lines.
  • Since Persado integrates with our ESP, Bronto, we'd really like to see more to the connection such as sharing conversion and revenue data.
Persado is an excellent tool for a small marketing team seeking to "work smarter, not harder." The tool itself is simple to use and generates instant results, all while learning and reporting at a deeper level than a human on a marketing team could. We have been able to reach the right eyes within our audience at the right time, improving open rates and generating more revenue from our promotional emails.
Steffany Winkelmann | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Persado consistently teaches me that I am not as intelligent as I think I am. We use Persado to help us get higher engagement with our emails, and I can say with extreme confidence that despite trying to come up with my own Persado-style subject lines and testing them against their AI-driven subject lines, I lose every single time (not like I come in second, but like.... my subject lines rank way at the bottom). Persado contacted me and, despite receiving easily 10+ marketing emails a day asking for a demo, I saw what they did (we were looking at Phrasee, but wow - that was insanely expensive) and was SO excited to see they offered a free trial! Wait - what? I can actually use the product for a period of time so I can prove to finance that there is real ROI? Sold. Our engagement rates have skyrocketed since we started the trial, and it keeps learning our audience and increasing engagement. If I had to manually do Persado's job, I'd have failed by now. But they help me keep my job. ;)
  • They know way more than me on how to create effective subject lines that actually get people to open. We have solid creative and cool emails, but without the hook, it means nothing. Persado is that hook. (Side note, they are also customizable so if your company has specific guidelines/tone, you can set those parameters.)
  • The analytics are amazing! It's so cool to see the responses to various emotions ebb and flow over time. We have a few that consistently perform well (and some that consistently underperform, which makes sense for them to), and a few others that seem to react to the season somehow. How would I know this on my own? (That's right, I wouldn't.)
  • Creating these subject lines and exporting them to Listrak (our ESP) is insanely quick and easy. It takes more time for me to set up the split test in our ESP than it does to set up the subject lines in Persado.
  • It's hard to say, because I haven't had any real issues using Persado. It's so easy to get started and it only gets easier. I guess my only issue is more of a problem on my side and how it affects our contract. Sometimes upper management wants to change the promo on an upcoming email, but the subject lines have already been created. I have to contact support/our AM to see if it's possible to get that experiment back. They've let me the past few times, of which I'm highly appreciative. I know it's more of an issue on our end, but it would be easier if there were say a 10-experiment buffer where you can simply click a button that says "Oops... I've made a mistake" which notifies the AM and they can make the judgement whether or not to credit the experiment back (and get say 10 of those for the life of the contract).
  • Stemming from the above, if I've wasted an experiment, it is still visible in our ESP and I don't seem to have a way to remove it from the options. Perhaps it's on the ESP side (I still haven't figured out from either end how to make this not visible anymore), but I'd like to see a quick way to remove these once they've been exported to the ESP (or basic instructions on how to do it with their integrated partners).
  • My Account Manager has rescheduled/canceled 3 calls - last minute - with me since we started (about 4 months ago). Not the worst, but the last-minute part was the most frustrating. He left, so we will see if that will happen again with our new AM.
If your business manages a fun, hip, cool, testing-friendly brand, Persado is perfect! If your industry is highly regulated, requiring very specific guidelines on subject lines, then it's not for you. Our brand doesn't err on the side of 'super trendy' but we've found it very easy to modify things that are too 'hip' for our brand without sacrificing the basis for true testing. Since we've been using Persado, I've noticed way more emails in my inbox using this style to grab my attention, and I also find myself being drawn more to those emails (perhaps a side effect of a tool you love?).