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What is Pingboard?

Pingboard, headquartered in Austin, aims to give employees access to essential information about people, teams, and the company. The Pingboard org chart is designed to be how people keep up with who's who and what’s new, see when coworkers are…

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Pingboard is a highly useful software that has been utilized by users for a variety of purposes. One key use case is its ability to track …
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What is Pingboard?

Pingboard, headquartered in Austin, aims to give employees access to essential information about people, teams, and the company. The Pingboard org chart is designed to be how people keep up with who's who and what’s new, see when coworkers are available, and celebrate each other. The vendor states…

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Product Details

What is Pingboard?

Pingboard is an employee experience suite built to help growing organizations put their people first.

The solution supports building a culture of connection for a workforce, even before their first day, with Pingboard’s org charts, automated onboarding, and communication tools. Foster community and engage employees and leaders in a positive feedback loop of creating, measuring, and refining experiences through recognition, 1:1s, and coming soon, surveys.

Everything happens in one place that aims to produce an enjoyable experience for employees, all the while amassing actionable insights.

Key benefits of using Pingboard

  • Sync employee data for an accurate or chart
  • Visually navigate the company's structure, project teams, remote offices, and skills
  • Rich employee profiles that help employees to learn about each other and make connections
  • Recurring 1:1s help managers build trust and think more like coaches
  • Searchable employee directory empowers employees to find answers to their everyday questions
  • Genuine peer recognition creates a culture of appreciation
  • Pre-boarding drives engagement from before day one when new hires can explore the org chart and employee profiles
  • Ease new hire anxiety with a flashcard game to learn names and faces
  • Employee milestones make sure no birthday or work anniversary is forgotten
  • Name pronunciation helps to create a more inclusive work environment
  • Know who's in and out of the office with Pingboard's shared, integrated vacation calendar
  • Approve time-off requests with Pingboard's manager role
  • Create customizable reports to export the data that you need at any time
  • Integrate with payroll or other communication tools to save time and keep everything up to date
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    Unlike software that requires endless drawing, typing, and rearranging to create org charts that are quickly out of date, Pingboard does the hard work for you. Drop in your people and get an easy to follow org chart in minutes, no matter how complex your organization. Keeping...
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    Reviews and Ratings


    Community Insights

    TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

    Pingboard is a highly useful software that has been utilized by users for a variety of purposes. One key use case is its ability to track and manage employee information, including vacation and out-of-office details. This feature enables users to easily access essential information such as manager, title, and contact details, facilitating effective communication and connection within the organization. Additionally, Pingboard allows users to create ad-hoc teams for software projects, enhancing collaboration and productivity.

    Another significant use case of Pingboard is its role in helping employees put names to faces and get to know their colleagues better. With its visual representation of the organizational structure and employee positions, users can quickly find and contact specific individuals or departments within the company. This not only aids in onboarding new employees but also strengthens relationships among team members. Furthermore, Pingboard provides a centralized directory for finding and contacting coworkers, solving the problem of managing and accessing contact details efficiently.

    Pingboard has also been highly valuable in solving issues with understanding the organizational structure within a company. It simplifies the process of finding colleagues, getting information about their roles, and recognizing their appearance. Users have found it especially helpful in defining the organization and understanding the roles of cross-functional and dotted line resources. Through its visual representation of the company's structure and employee positions, Pingboard provides visibility into team assignments and organizational charts.

    Moreover, Pingboard serves as a source of truth for the organizational chart, making it simple to reflect changes when new employees join or leave the organization. It has been used for about 2 years to create and update organizational charts, ensuring that everyone is under the correct manager and assigned appropriate job duties. The software also aids in understanding the hierarchy and reporting lines within the organization.

    Additionally, Pingboard has been crucial in enhancing communication and connection between teams. Its integration with Slack allows users to easily access and track everyone in the organization through a dedicated channel. This not only facilitates quick messaging but also enables users to find the best person to contact for specific needs. With its ability to identify decision-makers within the organization, Pingboard has been a valuable tool in solving management and communication problems.

    Overall, Pingboard is a powerful software that provides numerous benefits to users and organizations alike. From helping employees put names to faces and facilitating effective communication to creating and updating organizational charts, it simplifies various tasks and fosters a sense of community within the workplace.

    Easy to use and intuitive interface: Users appreciate the intuitive user interface and find Pingboard very easy to use. Many reviewers have mentioned that they can easily navigate through the app and absorb information effortlessly.

    Helpful org chart tool: The org chart feature is highly valued by users for understanding the hierarchy and quickly finding colleagues. Some users have stated that this tool has been particularly helpful in building their mental model of who does what in the company.

    Valuable for visualizing the organization: Users find Pingboard to be a valuable tool for visualizing the organization, fostering a sense of connectedness among team members, and improving communication and collaboration within the company. Several reviewers have highlighted how Pingboard helps them learn about their colleagues' roles, teams, office locations, and other little facts about them.

    Difficult to find contact information within the directory: Users have expressed frustration with the difficulty of finding contact information within the directory. Several reviewers have mentioned this issue, indicating that it is a common concern among users.

    Challenging navigation of organization chart: Many users have reported difficulties in navigating the organization chart on the platform. They find it challenging to move around and locate specific individuals within the chart.

    Slow customer support response: Users have experienced frustration with slow customer support response on the platform. Some customers have mentioned this as a significant drawback, indicating that it is an area where improvement is needed.

    Users commonly recommend using Pingboard for several reasons. First, they suggest utilizing Pingboard to create organizational charts and understand the company hierarchy. This helps in developing and maintaining org charts, as well as connecting people within the company and facilitating collaboration.

    Second, users recommend Pingboard for improving employee communication and organization. By using Pingboard, employees can easily navigate through the organization, connect with colleagues, and put a face to a name.

    Lastly, users highly recommend trying out Pingboard as an easy-to-use tool for employee management and organization. It is particularly beneficial for larger companies or organizations with over 500 employees.

    Overall, users find Pingboard to be a valuable tool that helps create stronger relationships within their organization, improves communication, visualizes the company structure, and streamlines employee management processes.


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    Sumesh Gansar | TrustRadius Reviewer
    Score 8 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    I have been using Pingboard for about 2 years now and one of the main use case for us with Pingboard is to create organizational charts. Whenever some new employee joins in or someone leaves the organization, it is very easy to create and update the organization charts. Also, we use it for employee engagement to keep all our employees connected.
    • Creating flows and charts is very simple and straightforward
    • In-depth profile information about each coworker
    • Very easy to update information like open positions
    • There can be a featured with which we can track an employees performance
    • 1:1 meetings is buggy and can be drastically improved
    • More integrations with meeting and peer review software is needed
    Pingboard is very much suitable for new employees to understand the organizational structure and who is handling what. This gives them the freedom to approach the right person for any work and it saves a lot of time. Also, the platform is very much convenient and secure which allows us to share it across members
    • I like the 1 on 1 meeting feature
    • The individual profile view is very much handy
    • Historical data and reports are also very good
    • A lot of time is saved to make new employees know about the organizational structure
    • We get a single place to access all information
    • 20% improvement in employee onboarding speed
    Score 8 out of 10
    Vetted Review
    Verified User
    We utilized PingBoard to illustrate our org chart within the business. We were growing very fast and it was often hard to understand what role someone had when they reach out for support. I also used it to identify the right person to start with within the org when I needed some support on something.
    • Illustrated org chart.
    • search for individuals, understand where they fall in the org.
    • Find individual's details - role, email, boss, direct reports.
    • Nice if could email or slack directly from contact card.
    • Better description of their responsibilities.
    Worked well for a larger, expanding, or contracting organization. Helpful to see where people report and their titles with a lot of change. Not needed for smaller companies where the org chart can fit on a powerpoint or two.
    • Org chart.
    • Hierarchy - boss and employees.
    • contact info.
    • None
    I have not utilized other solutions.
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