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What is helps companies of all sizes, from SaaS entrepreneurs looking to build, run, and scale their websites and web applications.

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What is helps companies of all sizes, from SaaS entrepreneurs looking to build, run, and scale their websites and web applications.

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Product Details

What is is a unified, secure, enterprise-grade platform for building, running and scaling fleets of websites and applications.

Because infrastructure and workflows are handled from the start, apps just work, so teams can focus on what really matters: making faster changes, collaborating confidently, and scaling responsibly. Whether managing ten or ten thousand sites and apps, is the Developer- preferred solution that scales right. Features

Platform-as-a-Service Features

  • Supported: Scalability
  • Supported: Services-enabled integration
  • Supported: Development environment creation
  • Supported: Development environment replication
  • Supported: Issue monitoring and notification
  • Supported: Upgrades and platform fixes Screenshots

Screenshot of Video

Build, evolve, and scale your website fleet—with zero infrastructure management investment. Get hosting, CI/CD, automated updates, global 24x7 support. And much more. enables brands like Mentos, Hachette, Unity, the University of Missouri, Ubaldi, and Oxford Unive...
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Users commonly recommend the following when using

  • Read the documentation and talk to a representative before purchasing: Users suggest familiarizing themselves with the documentation and reaching out to a representative for guidance before making a purchase. This helps users understand the platform's capabilities and ensure it meets their specific needs.

  • Consider scalability and memory requirements: Reviewers advise considering application memory requirements and discussing scalability options with support representatives. This ensures that the platform can handle the growth of their projects effectively.

  • Contact support for assistance: Users recommend contacting the support team for any assistance or guidance needed during implementation or ongoing usage. They appreciate the good support provided by the platform.

These recommendations cover areas such as understanding the product's capabilities, ensuring scalability, and utilizing the available support when needed.


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We are using to help host and handle some of our sites. As this is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), we as a development team are able to enjoy more freedom in the server side in terms of how much access and control we have. We are using for almost 50 live sites and all of them are in our framework.
  • As this is a PaaS it mitigates the complexities of a Cloud infrastructure like Acquia
  • We are easily able to integrate our sites with different technologies like Python and Rest
  • Helps us in providing Continuous Development cloud deployment hosting solution
  • is not for beginners in my opinion. It has a good amount of learning curve in my opinion.
  • As this is a PaaS, teams habituated with cloud infrastructure may miss the server side support from their cloud teams. I believe you will have to work on server bugs more on your own.
  • During normal maintenance periods, integrations may fail if you are working on your sites in that time, in my experience.
In our organisation we are the only team that uses to host any site. This was a cost effective way for us as we were using Acquia Cloud earlier for these websites. We mostly use for those sites which are always in development as it is simpler and faster to handle these operations in Then we do a lift and shift to Acquia as we move more towards the go live and post production maintenance side.
Platform-as-a-Service (6)
Services-enabled integration
Development environment creation
Development environment replication
Issue monitoring and notification
Upgrades and platform fixes
  • Continuous development for sites in build has been fluid
  • is really cost effective when comparing to AWS or Acquia Cloud
  • On the other side, lack of server side support demands a big learning curve from its users in my opinion.
In our team we use mostly while sites are in developmental phase. Then we do a lift and shift to either Acquia or AWS depending on the type of sites we have. is really cost effective and more fluid in terms of Continuous Development hence the usage. After said development is done, we generally lift and shift to Acquia for more content heavy sites and to AWS for more transaction oriented sites.
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