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Michael Jacobson | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 09, 2020

PlayVox is an easy, one-stop product for quality assurance needs!

Score 9 out of 10
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We use PlayVox for quality assurance purposes. It is specifically maintained by our QA team, but accessible by all of our operations agents to receive specific quality feedback for calls, chats, emails, application processing and such. It's used for scoring and for analytics and reporting of quality results.
  • PlayVox is easy to use and understand for employees of all levels.
  • PlayVox content is customizable to meet our needs.
  • PlayVox integrates well with other software we use such as Zendesk.
  • PlayVox reports always default to "this week". You can change the time frame, but as soon as you select another stat to report, you're back to "this week", so you have to be mindful of what you're looking at.
PlayVox is a good overall tool for quality assurance. Scorecards and metrics are customizable and easily editable, so current needs can always be addressed. Reporting and analytics are solid, but you have to be mindful that it will always switch back to a default time frame of "this week".
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Shauna Stermer | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 30, 2019

PlayVox: A great way to get to know your employees...and let your employees know YOU!

Score 10 out of 10
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We use PlayVox for a variety of reasons. We use it to implement goals and letting agents know where they stand in rankings, as a fun way to discuss things that are not work-related, introduce new spiffs and competitions, as well as give quality feedback to agents from calls. My company also uses it as a way to update agents with new and upcoming changes, garner feedback for recent changes, as well as ensuring agents are cognizant of recent coachings by having agents sign off on what was discussed, and other items.
  • PlayVox allows the employee to interact with one another in a fun way by allowing for different channels to be used for specific groups, talents, and other items. This lets agents be creative and interact in fun ways!
  • The ability to deliver results of calls, Quality goals, and coachings lets the agents know where they stand in the company so that they can focus on what needs to be improved, while also letting the agent see what he or she is doing right!
  • Real-time postings lets you reply in a chat format for immediate post to a group or groups to address an issue at hand or something that may be up and coming.
  • One area I can see for improvement would be to allow an individual to post a GIF in a reply. Right now, replies are limited to attachments and emojis. The ability for an agent to use a GIF, as in the initial post, would be fun.
  • The type is quite small. I do believe an increase in font size would also improve PlayVox.
  • One other item I would like to see improved upon would be the brightness or lack thereof, of the wording. Sometimes when posting, the font is so light you can barely see it. Now, this does not speak of the functionality of the program, but the impact may be greater if we could see what we were typing. It is very faint...
In a call center, this program is perfect. The variety of ways it can be used are all beneficial to my organization. Pie charts? Check! Bar graphs? Yes, sir! Light-hearted chit chat? Definitely. The only time I could see this program not work is in an environment that is very structured and serious. This program allows us, as agents, to have a little fun.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 13, 2019

We used it and stopped. Here's my honest review.

Score 7 out of 10
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We used PlayVox within our contact center, both in sales and support teams. Also, we used it in the service quality assurance department. The main purpose is to monitor and analyze sales and support functions within all touchpoints: calls, chats, messages, emails.

Bad Sales Analysis
Bad Support Analysis
Check of chats with low CSAT/NPS
Check of calls with low CSAT/NPS
  • Keeps all checked data in one tool
  • Badges and gamification
  • Pretty good UI, the tool is really fast and responsive
  • Lack of guides on how to use PlayVox for the most efficiency
  • Lack of guides on what scorecards should be used in particular areas
  • Scorecards constructor should have 2 modes: simple and advanced. Sometimes we didn't have some needed functions in particular scorecards.
  • It would be great to have a customer success consultant who would guide you to reach good numbers
  • Really poor/boring video manuals
PlayVox is good for small teams without complicated business processes. For example, if you don't need to check like 5 or more different internal policies that should be followed by an agent within one interaction. It is good if you want to have a nice tool to keep all check results in one place. It is also good if you want to engage your agents into this tool by gamification. It is less appropriate if you have a big team and you have lots of complex processes. In that case, one scorecard would be pretty huge for filling.
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Sarah Holdgrafer | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 16, 2018

PlayVox is great for support and sales QA!

Score 9 out of 10
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We currently use PlayVox to evaluate our support team's customer interactions against our quality metrics. We use the coaching feature to manage coaching sessions between agents, team leads, and trainers, and as a social platform for agents to recognize agents, leads, and managers when they do something helpful for them. We use the calibrate feature to ensure all managers and leads can come to a consensus on how interactions should be evaluated. And we use the karma point system to reward agents with public kudos on a job well done and a selection of prizes.
  • The evaluation forms are easy to create and use, and can be fully customized to represent the rubrics and metrics you've developed for your teams
  • The platform provides good permissions and collaborative functions. Leads, managers, and others roles can have specific views for their teams, share amongst other managers and leads for input, track coachings, and manage other lead responsibilities independent of specific evaluations.
  • The social element for the agents seems to have improved team morale, as agents, leads, and managers can recognize individuals and teams using badges and karma points.
  • The UI is not quite as intuitive as it might be. It took some time to understand where to access specific functions and what each function was specifically for (we wrote an internal guide to help our leads and agents use it effectively)
  • We are about to implement for our sales team as well, which will use PlayVox a bit differently than our support team - more focused on coachings and less focused on evaluating specific interactions. It would be great to have separate teams like this clearly delineated within a single PlayVox instance, but still allow support and sales agents to interact and recognize each other in the community section.
  • As an admin, it would be great to change views so I could see what users at the agent level see.
It's very well suited for customer support interaction evaluations, as well as agent coaching sessions, and in organizations where "support agent" tends to be an entry-level position within the organization. It's good if the interactions fall within a certain set of likely issues that can be addressed within a limited set of appropriate responses.

I can see it being less useful in areas where employees need more specialized knowledge or the knowledge requirements for the position are more specialized. I likely wouldn't use this for a smaller specialized team, like an escalations team or developer support team, or a team that requires broader latitude to address issues effectively.
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Tonya Kinney | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 12, 2018

PlayVox, a cut above the rest!

Score 8 out of 10
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My organization uses PlayVox to complete quality reviews for 5+ interaction channels to ensure continuity across all departments. By implementing PlayVox in our day to day quality checks we are able to identify disconnects in our training platform, as well as continued development strategies. This allows us to make incremental adjustments to our training and development approaches immediately to better support our team.
  • Provides a single interface that is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The ability to build your own scorecards means that any organization can use this platform and customize the data depending on what is important to their culture.
  • Gamification - The PlayVox tool offers great suggestions on how to gamify the quality assurance process.
  • Expand the gift card options so that companies like ours who employ team members around the world can offer more options. Most of the cards offered are US based businesses only.
  • Allow for mass updating (i.e. ability to deactivate multiple team members at once). We are very seasonal and ramp down quickly so this feature would be awesome.
I have yet to identify a scenario where PlayVox has not provided some level of value within the customer service industry. From calibrations to coaching and development, PlayVox is hands down the total package!
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Tony Bujak | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 09, 2018

PlayVox brings us together.

Score 10 out of 10
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We are using PlayVox in our department as a means to communicate and also to get judgement on cases that we solve.

We use PlayVox mainly to judge our evaluations.
  • Play Vox allows us to see other users accomplishments or goals. When those goals are displayed we can praise them.
  • Play box allows me to see how well I'm I've been doing on cases and what I need to adjust to get a perfect review.
  • Play Vox allows us to obtain rewards through our quality evaluations.
  • When dealing with evaluations we need to be able to set a default view to say last quarter instead of the current view.
  • I think the layout needs to be redesigned so it flows a little bit better.
Being able to have Rewards for quality evaluations and praising other users accomplishments is awesome. It allows us to get involved and have goals to obtain rewards.
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