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March 04, 2021
Ai Ashe | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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I use Schoology as a learning management tool where students review assignments, resources and submit assignments online. It allows students to access their assignments and resources at home or away from the classroom and it makes learning management more convenient for the instructor and the students. My school uses Google products for learning and able to use link resources from the google drive for my students makes it easy for them to access all materials.
  • Great interface, easy to use.
  • Parent access code allows parents to monitor their children's learning.
  • Notifications of resubmitted work is the most useful.
  • Some of my students have difficulty signing in because Schoology linked them to a formal foreign language class. I found a workaround.
Best suited in an educational environment; could possibly be used for project management.
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January 13, 2021
Marcus Gonzalez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Our whole organization is driven by Schoology Learning, a PowerSchool Unified Classroom. All interdepartmental communication is conducted through Schoology Learning, a PowerSchool Unified Classroom, as well as the bulk of instruction for this hybrid school year. When it comes to addressing business problems, at this point it seems that Schoology Learning, a PowerSchool Unified Classroom is our business. We as teachers spend five to six hours a day using it, as do our students.
  • Organization of instructional materials
  • Streamlines the process of creating lessons
  • Easily allows teachers to integrate programs such as NearPod, Google Sheets, etc.
  • We have had several instances this year where the program crashed district wide. Possibly due to overload?
  • Some programs, like Kami, do not work as smoothly as they should within the program.
  • The training is intensive for the program. There has to be a way to make it easier for kids to use.
If your lessons require a ton of content and materials to be readily available, Schoology Learning, a PowerSchool Unified Classroom is the program for you! Once you get the hang of it, it is fairly easy to use as a teacher. If you only need to post a video and a worksheet a week, then Schoology Learning, a PowerSchool Unified Classroom may be overpowered!
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October 14, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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This is the high school’s relearning platform. It is used for student assignments, status of work, and teachers posting resources.
  • Poor navigation
  • No summary Information
  • Little to no support
  • Support is terrible
  • No simple way to view assignments and status
  • Extremely arcane and difficult navigation for users
I would have given this product a negative rating if that were possible. The usability and ability for parents to see and track assignments is abysmal.
Support was non-existent. Just online for us and auto response emails.
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July 09, 2020
Philip Pulley | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Fieldcrest currently uses Schoology as a district wide Learning Management System (LMS). We switched to Schoology last year and I use Schoology for almost all of my course work. I teach using the flipped classroom model and Schoology's platform allows me to share my lecture videos, conduct assessments of student knowledge and understanding, to give assignments, and to provide communication with students and parents. All of my content is available to my students through Schoology 24/7, I can make it available in a variety of ways, and I can make updates in real time. Recently, Schoology's introduction of the Google Assignment App has me excited about our switch to Chromebooks. This app allows you to attach a Google Doc (say a study guide) as part of an assignment. When students open the assignment the document is copied, renamed, and added to their Google Drive. No more students opening or copying a new version of the document each time they go back to the assignment instead of to the copy they made but didn't actually rename like the directions stated. The document is 'tied' to the assignment and updates no matter where they work on it from (inside the assignment or through their Google Drive.)

Still to come, a cleaner looking interface with differentiation for elementary students!
  • Google Assignment App - this is a game changer for schools using Google and Chromebooks.
  • Most open LMS - it integrates with more outside apps and programs.
  • New interfaces on the way - a cleaner look for all and an elementary version of the interface.
  • More question types coming for assessments including labeling.
  • Options are availble for assessment monitoring for schools and districts.
  • Microsoft OneDrive Integration and Assignments.
  • Google Drive Integration
  • I wish I could move and resize pop up editing boxes. I create complex and visual landing pages with hyperlinks for my students. I wish that box were able to be made bigger and many pop up boxes cover information on the page that would be helpful when working in the box.
  • Settings and due dates for assessments are in two completely different places when creating them. One is in a tab in the content area, the other is in the creation "gear" menu. If both are not set correctly, your assessment will not work.
I'm a bit of a cynic; almost nothing is a perfect 10. That said, Schoology continues to work to become better and user-friendly. From a full 1:1 district to use by an individual instructor, there are multitudes of uses for Schoology. Some may think an LMS is not useful for the elementary level, but with its Google integration, Schoology provides a great way to share Google or Microsoft content with students and to get content from them.

For the middle school to post secondary, all content and assessments can be managed through Schoology in traditional, blended, or fully online environments.

For elementary, a new interface is in the works geared to those levels, but basic course materials can be shared and house in the system. Additionally, its ability to integrate apps and LTI content within its framework means improved ease of use for all students as they can stay within Schoology while accessing content outside of the platform.

Assesment options are increasing and their assessment management platform (AMP) provides for the creation of question-based assessments that can be distributed to one or more course sections across a district or organization.
Okay, 9.5. While nothing is perfect, the team at Schoology Learning and PowerSchool continues to add features and integrations to Schoology. The number of third party integrations has increased. The analytics has been greatly improved for both classroom teachers and district administration. Looking forward to the day that the Assessment feature has full feature parity with the Test/Quiz feature.
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May 16, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Our school uses Schoology as a Learning Management System. As teachers we submit our lesson plans on there. We use the resources to store our units and assignments. We post our assignments for students. Students retrieve assignments, videos and use subscriptions with SSOs. They can also take assessments, have discussions and answer polls in their class.

Parents can monitor their students assignments and keep track of what is due and when.
  • Single Sign-On for Subscriptions. This is very good especially for the elementary grades. One point of access, one URL to remember.
  • Syncing with SMS. We use RenWeb and it works well with them.
  • Assessments are easy to set up and you can save questions on the question in the question bank for use later on.
  • Enterprise - control of users and their profiles.
  • Ability to remove an assignment that was uploaded to the wrong place or has a mistake.
  • Change the order of students names in the submitted assignment section.
  • Date to end/close a poll.
Assignment management. I always had stacks of papers to grade. Now that there is one place to submit (not my email), this works wonderfully. Ability to have one place to store and retrieve materials without uploading over and over to a program. SSOs are a wonderful addition to have instead of moving from site to site.
There is support when you are an Enterprise User. If you are a free user there is no support.
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November 16, 2019
Kellie Weisenbeck | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Our school system adopted Schoology as our Learning Management System a few years ago. At first, it was piloted at a few select schools, then all schools were encouraged to adopt the platform. Now, it is the preferred LMS for our very large school system. It is used in a K-12 public education setting in more than 100 schools.
  • Customer Service is amazing. If there is something that doesn't see to work, the customer service department is there to help! The help and support page is comprehensive.
  • It is easy to embed various programs, web site and apps into this one LMS platform. This makes if very easy to customize.
  • Improvements and modifications are constantly being made. The company stays ahead of current trends.
  • Organization of courses and groups is easy, with many an endless amount of possibilities available for creation.
  • While this product constantly seeks to make improvements, certain features need tweaking. As educators enroll in various courses, these course tend to accumulate. If the educator is not an administrator of the course, it is next to impossible to get out.
  • Switching from one course/group to another course/group takes several steps. Not always easy to find the course/group needed.
Schoology is a learning management system that is designed for K-12 schools. In my personal experience as an elementary school educator, students in grades 2-5 can easily use this LMS. However, it is not as primary friendly for our young K-1 students, who rarely use the program. At times, the program can be daunting to teaches who do feel as confident in their own tech skills, but with support, it is very usable.
Schoology has worked very closely with our school system to meet our specific needs. The Schoology team goes further than just working with the district staff. Any educator can ask questions, or provide feedback and the company acknowledges it. This company truly cares about each users' experience.
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March 02, 2020
Amy Westby | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
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Schoology is used to connect our classrooms digitally, assign work and connect with parents. Especially when snow days or sicknesses kick in, this has been huge to connect students to home learning.
  • Connecting students and families to classroom learning.
  • Working with students who are home sick or absent in travels.
  • Posting online assignments and grading.
  • The dashboard and main screen are beginning to look outdated.
  • The connection to other third-party software is limited.
  • Group discussions are not as easy to facilitate as other programs.
Schoology is an online class management tool we use to connect with our students and families digitally. Assignments are created and posted, students can view their grades, and parents can check to see what homework their child has.
We have workshops on navigating tools in Schoology, and their FAQ page is very helpful.
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July 16, 2019
Nick Amaral | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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We are a two high school district that uses Schoology as our LMS. Currently, teachers utilize Schoology to house all of their classrooms needs digitally, as well as design and develop more engaging blended learning scenarios. Students use Schoology to access their classroom and homework, complete assignments beyond the normal school hours, collaborate and share. Administratively, we also use Schoology to send out notices and reminders and keep staff and students in the loop. Schoology has helped us in a number of key areas as we continue to shift the educational paradigm and create more personalized learning situations.
  • Schoology organizes resources is an easy-to-understand and design layout. With this, student work and assignments are no longer lost in the "shuffle" of the school day.
  • Schoology works well with many other apps and programs such as Google Docs, and uses an integrated LTI app so that users can embed other programs such as Thinglink, Quizlet, Padlet, Smore, and many more.
  • Schoology is always improving. Since implementing Schoology we have had the benefit to see a number of key new additions be added to the platform including LockDown Quizzes with Respondus, the AMP and Mastery Learning feature, the Portfolio feature, and the upcoming enhanced Google Docs integration.
  • One feature I'd like to see added is the option to individually assign an entire folder of contents to a particular student. As of now, each separate assignment can be individually assigned, but more often than not, teachers need to send multiple materials and it would be easier to open a folder and share.
Schoology is well suited for blended learning, personalized learning, and gamification in education. With the multitude of features included as well as the various programs that work well within Schoology, teachers and schools have at their disposal a plethora of reliable and engaging tools to increase student engagement and flip education from the traditional format to a seamlessly tech-driven one that students feel comfortable with.
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August 20, 2019
Sheila Majask, MLIS | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I have used Schoology in my classroom for several years and my county/district recently purchased the enterprise edition which offers much more for the user. While a few teachers are using it in classrooms during the early adoption, we are using Schoology to provide professional learning for our teachers which has increased teacher interest and use.
  • Schoology offers great support resources.
  • The interface is easy for teachers and students to use and is visually appealing and intuitive.
  • They offer many features above and beyond the basics.
  • Integration with Google and Microsoft make it easier for teachers and students to use.
  • The gradebook could use some improvement.
  • They could use some themes to make the pages more interesting.
  • Some of the grading features take some time to learn.
For teachers that are interested in more participation in their classes and have some technology knowledge, Schoology is a great choice. Users that are not good with technology will require training and support. This is due to the amount of options available.
We have county-level support and district-level support, but their HELP page offers everything that is needed to answer questions and to find "how-to" information for staff. This includes video and written directions for every available feature. Schoology has also worked with our district to improve their product.
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August 09, 2019
June Dioso | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Schoology is used by many teachers in our unit. Even though there is a problem with regards to some videos during assessments, we managed and found ways how to help our students play the videos. Schoology has helped many teachers in managing the time of the whole class by giving timed assessments. The type of assessments we have in Schoology has been a big help in coping up with the variety of students we have in the Philippines. I highly recommend the use of Schoology as a learning management system in every school. Give it a chance in your schools, for there will be a lot of updates that they are always doing. This will help you in updating the students on what to do next. It could also be their social media while they are studying. This will be a perfect teacher’s companion in managing student’s assignments and projects.
  • Tests/quizzes.
  • Assignments.
  • Gradebook.
  • Discussion.
  • Playlist.
  • Videos crashing.
  • Embedding sites and videos.
  • Assignments.
I would highly recommend the use of Schoology inside the classroom, and in managing clubs and homeroom activities. The use of Schoology in this field will make the whole classroom management strategy of the teacher more easier and manageable. This will pave the way in making more time for the students to collaborate, and make the class more child-friendly.
I give 9 because I support Schoology in the Philippines. I promoted the use of Schoology in my unit and in our school. I attended the Schoology conference this year and it gave me a peek into the improvements Schoology is aiming for this year. There are lots of plans that Schoology still has, and that’s why 1 more point is still waiting.
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April 03, 2019
Matthew Adam | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Schoology was being used on a teacher by teacher basis. Two years ago the school district decided to purchase Schoology for all users in the district. This helped out the students and families tremendously. Previously, individual teachers would seek out resources and establish a digital classroom for their class. Often students would have up to five different digital classes to seek out homework, resources, or submit assignments. This means up to five different login/passwords and 5 different websites. So when the district decided to purchase Schoology for everyone, now students have only one login/password for every class. Schoology partners with many other companies, so to access these sites you only need to get into Schoology first. No additional logins required.
  • Brings together students, school, and parents to have access to one site.
  • Allows students to see materials, assignments, due dates in real-time. No longer need to write down the calendar from inside the classroom.
  • Allows for absent or homebound students to access materials, engage in the classroom activity, and stay current with classroom progress.
  • The grade book is functional and nice in many ways, but I like to run reports on assignments/assessments. This is not as easy compared to other grade book systems.
  • Many of the third-party integrations need higher technical support to integrate. This may be a pro/con based on your school technical support staff.
  • Some features appear different on different devices or on the web site vs app. For new users, this can be frustrating. Be patient.
Schools, where students have access to similar devices and teachers, could benefit from this. This will allow teachers and students to learn from each other on preferences and instructional style while in the same platform. Even the teachers for the creation courses such as art, music, drafting, etc, use this software regularly.

If teachers do not use a lot of technology or if students do not have access to technology then Schoology is not well suited for you.
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April 02, 2019
Arcadia Parson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Schoology is used across my district in all schools from k-12th grade. Teachers across the district use this to address equity and student choice. They also have student groups to foster communication between admin/counselors and their students, and for clubs & Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) to share resources!
  • Schoology allows for grading groups and individual assignments. This allows me to tailor my instruction to varying levels of student needs as well as addressing student voice and choice.
  • I also love that I can embed pretty much ANYTHING. I have never used an LMS that let me tinker with the HTML code of posts. That alone makes Schoology one of the best tools out there. I frequently embed Google forms, Padlet, Flipgrid, and many more tools.
  • Their assessment tool is fantastic. It has a ton of question types and provides great data. Their assessment tool will soon support grading by question - because Schoology LISTENS to its users! If there is something Schoology isn't doing that you want it to, please send them a message. They really do listen!
  • A streamlining of the process could help when teachers are transitioning it. The grading area needs some help. I often have classes of over 30, and scrolling up and down to click a kid's name and then see their work is really tedious.
  • Schoology does take a lot more clicks to get things done than some other LMSs.
Schoology is fantastic for working with students at the middle and high school level. I have no experience with it at the elementary level, but I do know that our elementary teachers are loving it. It works well for sharing work and feedback with students as well as for designing self-paced units for students and professional learning purposes. It is also great for PLC groups and clubs to share resources and for teachers like me who are the only one in my building teaching what I teach.

Schoology could do better on the mechanics of the grading for submitted Google documents.
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July 07, 2019
Jherlyn Lopez | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Schoology is being used as our LMS (Learning Management System) of choice. We use Schoology in order to provide virtual spaces for students to learn and engage in very personalized settings. Schoology becomes very useful when used in very tech-rich environments, as it helps educators keep all online tools in one place, and helps manage student resources, work, and data in one place. Furthermore, Schoology has allowed our district to provide classes for not just students, but also other teachers to provide enriching professional development. It has also encouraged many of our educators to connect via the available professional learning networks (pln's) available in the open groups.
  • Schoology provides students personalized experiences.
  • It allows students to keep resources and school materials available online, at any time.
  • It provides students opportunities to engage in online tasks and discussions in a very engaging way.
  • Schoology is very accessible, with a friendly interface, and provides mobile apps that are easy to use.
  • Easy for teachers to learn to use, and provides multiple opportunities to teachers, depending on their level of knowledge.
  • Best way to get teams of teachers to collaborate in groups or courses, and to share work and assignments.
  • Fantastic way to gather data on students and their performance.
  • They could provide faster updates in terms of changes to the system.
  • It could use a better way to keep track of popular teacher requests in terms of a "wish list" of items to change or update.
Schoology is by far very effective for all education settings and provides opportunities for learning and connecting that is unlike any other platform that I have been able to use. It is adequate enough to provide a learning environment for students in upper elementary all the way to 12th grade, and even for adults. Schoology may not be the best option for lower elementary, as students may not find it friendly for their needs.
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April 05, 2019
Lisa Herr | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our campus is new this year and falls under the STEAM umbrella of education. Given the High level of technology use by both faculty and students, we realized that an LMS is vital to our success. We use Schoology in many ways, including;
  1. Platform to communicate updates and announcements to all stakeholders in our school community.
  2. Repository to house all professional development resources and courses for faculty.
  3. A collaborative platform for curriculum writing. Our content teams have all developed a collaborative Group to discuss, collaborate, and house resources to be used in the classes.
  4. A virtual classroom for all courses-- embedded interactive activities, assignments, due dates, calendar events, discussions.
  5. Gradebook-- while not the official gradebook, we use the gradebook feature for effective feedback. Our gradebook is set up to sync with our official district-wide gradebook.
  • Schoology allows for collaborating and sharing of resources. It is vital for teachers to have the opportunity to collaborate and write engaging curriculum. This platform allows for teachers to participate in this effort any-time/any- place.
  • Schoology is a great platform to provide any-time/any-place professional development opportunities allowing for embedded engaging interactive activities, accountability, and a badge reward system.
  • Schoology is wonderful for our students and parents. All resources are housed through Schoology, which provides students and parents with the support needed to prepare for tests, accomplish tasks, and learn new things. Parents are aware of all due dates and activities, becoming vital partners in the education process.
  • As the system administrator on campus, it would be nice if I could "Masquerade" as a teacher in order to troubleshoot. I could then see how 'they' went about accomplishing a task and help them through the process. At this time, I basically have to join the course as a course administrator and do what needs to be done.
  • Our teachers are supposed to connect with their evaluating administrator. The administrator is not allowed in their virtual classroom without that connection. This presented a struggle in the beginning as teachers forgot to connect, or did not connect for some reason. It would be helpful to set up a structure to facilitate that. With that said, we are in the initial year of Schoology implementation. This functionality may exist. I will keep you posted!
Schoology is well suited for so many aspects of the education realm. We use Schoology in various ways, and I feel strongly that it has been vital to our success this year!
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April 06, 2019
Jeremy Umbenhauer | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Schoology is our current Learning Management System (LMS) for the entire school district. We utilize it to deliver course content and announcements to our staff and students.
  • Organizing coursework in folders keeps my students focused
  • Giving assessments on Schoology saves grading time and allows students to receive feedback in a timely manner
  • It is difficult to get features modified by user suggestion
  • Mobile app does not have all the features as using Schoology on a computer does
Great tool for organizing digital content in K-12 education.
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March 25, 2019
Garrett Derr | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Schoology has been an incredible tool for empowering and enhancing student learning. It provides exceptional assessment pieces and gives educators the digital advantage of providing immediate feedback! It has served as a great tool to help differentiate and meet the need of all learners.
  • Assessment
  • Feedback
  • Differentiation
  • Color options
  • Formatting
  • Font style
Excellent for classroom use and assessments. This platform has help organize professional development, parent involvement, and on their outside extracurricular activities. Highly recommended! As an educator this has served as a great platform for my students, staff, and parents. Thank you, Schoology!
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July 30, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Our entire district is using Schoology to deliver content and engage students, teachers, and parents. Our administrators are leveraging the platform to make our school calendar visible, disseminate information during PDs, update announcements, and other important information. Teachers are beginning to use Schoology to upload lessons and activities for their students and make announcements for parents.
  • Schoology does a great job providing a safe platform for students to collaborate and communicate.
  • Schoology allows opportunities to create small groups for differentiation.
  • I would love to see Schoology provide a way to schedule lessons on a particular day at a particular time.
  • I would love to see Schoology respond to suggestions and ideas frequently as opposed to ignoring them.
Schoology is suited for various professional development opportunities for teachers but less appropriate for scheduling assessments. Schoology could also allow for students to upload their own badges instead of the limited features currently provided on the platform.
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April 25, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Four years ago our District was in search of a single Learning Management System to use. At that point in time, our teachers were using whatever LMS they preferred. During this time we noticed that our student needed consistency. Talking with one student, he had to work with 7 different LMS's to get class information or turn in assignments. Through a year of research, our team (admin, teachers, and students) decided on Schoology as our main LMS. Schoology offers us an easy way to deploy information to students in a variety of methods. It allows our students to turn in homework one way. Schoology had an app that works well with our 1:1 iPad environment. Schoology just fits with everything we wanted to do. We are in year 3 and can say that 100% of our Secondary teachers and 90% of our Primary teachers use Schoology on a daily basis.
  • Students like it.
  • Works well on Mobile Devices
  • Easy to train teachers how to use.
  • Not all features that Schoology offers work through the app
  • Need more reporting tools
For a district that is 1:1 this is one of the best LMS's out there.
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April 05, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
My campus opened this year using Schoology. For many of us, this was our first time using an LMS to include most of the features. We are all at different places with our understanding. Our media specialist established a Schoology Squad to assist in training, modeling, and encouraging others to use Schoology to its fullest extent. Our students and parents love Schoology. As a teacher, I love the ease of access for everyone and the simplicity of organizing materials for students to access both at home and at school.
  • Schoology does a great job of working complementary with other interfaces, such as Neapod, Flipgrid, etc.
  • Schoology does a great job of listening to feedback and involving those of us who use it on a daily basis on decisions of how to improve and upgrade.
  • Schoology does a fantastic job of being a powerful program without losing the intuitive user-friendly interface.
  • I'd like to be able to mark work as late and have it automatically deduct points based on settings.
  • I'd like for the assessment feature to auto-update scores when I edit a question the way the test/quiz feature does.
I feel like Schoology is wonderfully adaptable. I can upload files from my computer or sync files seamlessly from my Google Drive. Students can likewise upload information from their device or sync from their own drives. I appreciate the feature of making the assessment feature password protected so students who aren't in our class can't just log in and take the test.
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March 25, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
Schoology is being used across our entire district. It has helped teachers, students, and parents in so many ways. Teachers are able to use a consistent language across all classes that students know and understand. Consistency is easy to maintain and students and parents can be completely informed at all times.
  • Customer support
  • Product improvement
  • Feedback
  • More frequent updates
Schoology does a great job of making the interface user friendly for students and teachers alike. There are some features that teachers would like within the gradebook that are not there currently. The assessment feature also has room to grow to help teachers transition their old paper assessments into digital assessments.
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November 30, 2018
Leslie Nash | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Schoology is being used district-wide in my school district. Being able to use Schoology has greatly enhanced student participation in classwork, made homework easier to manage for both students and teachers. It also allows student out of class for extended periods, such as illness, to be able to keep up with their classwork. Schoology provides for a seamless integration into classrooms while not being difficult for teachers and students to learn how to use it. The ease in syncing to the district grade book is fast and easy as well.
  • The ability to integrate Google Drive assignments is wonderful. Adding Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides are very helpful for presentations within the Schoology framework for both students and teachers. Being able to enter assignments in multiple ways and types enhance the learning of the students.
  • The fact that Schoology is so user-friendly is great for both teachers and students to easily acquire the skills to be successful in it. Schoology allows for both collaborations with team members that may not always have the same planning periods and with students. Students are able to contribute and collaborate across class periods into large projects within Schoology.
  • Feedback - it is wonderful that as I grade assignments in Schoology it allows me to give students feedback which is huge that cannot happen as quickly in any other way. I can easily insert a link in my feedback to assist a struggling student or perhaps just to assist a student that needs a little extra help. The ability for students to resubmit an assignment is also easily performed by the students and can be quickly graded by teachers.
  • The test banks in the personal resources need to be more functional. The ability to be able to create folders for a course and insert multiple test banks within that folder for different units of the same course would be more efficient. Being able to add colors to different folders would also make it easier to identify which course teachers were looking for and separate test and quizzes from the unit and final exams. It would be nice if the tracking of the test banks could be turned on and off so that graphs, charts, political cartoons, and other images could be changed without the need to necessarily change the question. For example, using red for US History, blue for World History, green for Economics, black for Government then within each folder quizzes could be orange, unit exams could be yellow, and finals exams could be purple under each course, or whatever color made sense to the teacher.
  • The graphing capabilities in assessments need to be more functional outside of math. It would be nice if geography students could create population graphs that would include inverted x and y-axis charts to the left of a regular x and y-axis chart with the ability to add age ranges in between them and then have bar graphs going both directions. Economic students need to be able to create dot line charts that curve to demonstrate supply, demand, and equilibrium charts. These also need both the x and y-axis so that price and quantity can be included. Bar graphs need to be able to have multiple bars in groupings so that students can compare the different measurements of GDP across multiple countries. Graphing isn't only for math.
Schoology is functional for use in class every day and for assignments homework outside of class. The ability to analyze assignments can assist teachers in meeting the needs of all students. The archive of Schoology function of Schoology is great for retrieving the previous year's lesson plans and assignments, which also allows a teacher to adjust those assignments as needed. It is more difficult to use in the elementary classroom, but that exposure will also help students work in it better at the intermediate, middle, high school levels.
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November 13, 2018
Kelley Stone | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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We are a school district using Schoology as an LMS for blended learning. It allows teachers to facilitate a school to home connection. It is also a source for parents and students to access classroom content beyond the walls of the classroom. Lastly, teachers are able to engage students in conversations beyond the walls of the classroom, building a positive environment of collaboration for a richer learning experience, again, beyond the walls of the classroom.
  • Schoology will respond pretty quickly to support request.
  • Schoology also integrates with Infinite Campus and Google Drive. There are still bugs to fix, but the process is on-going.
  • Schoology needs to improve on support. Although they are quick to respond, I have come across some of their support team who have not had a supportive mindset.
  • Schoology needs to improve on the integration with Google. This might not be Schoology's issue, though.
  • Schoology has a place to store resources, but it is just templates. You cannot create specific assignments or assessments in the resources area and they transfer over. This would be a great feature if they could fix this.
Schoology is a good product and the company overall is always willing to listen to ideas and improve. Their growth mindset will help them to be come a leader in the industry.
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October 18, 2018
Dan Talvi | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Our organization allows individual programs to use the Schoology (Basic) platform as our Learning Management System. It is not used organization-wide, but several programs use it across our multiple campuses. I manage the courses and content for a Digital Media and Video Production vocational program for high school juniors and seniors. Schoology has provided a free utility for creating assignments, distributing and collecting classroom materials, tracking student grades, proctoring quizzes and exams, documenting classroom attendance, and maintaining contact/feedback with parents/guardians. This has allowed us to migrate services that were spread across multiple platforms into one single platform, allowing instructors to focus more on in-class interaction than classroom management.
  • Gradebook — provides a detailed breakdown of student grades, viewable by class or by the individual student.
  • Integration with other services — Schoology makes a priority to integrate with other common teaching tools (such as EduCanon, TurnItIn, YouTube, Google Drive, and OneDrive).
  • Assignment Distribution and Collection — Schoology allows instructors to distribute and collect assignments digitally, removing the "dog ate my homework" excuse from students. In conjunction with Google Drive / Doc integration, distributing assignments is made easy.
  • Some functionality blocked by paywall — Schoology offers two levels, Basic and Premium. Basic is available to anyone for free, allowing access to all of the core functionality (building Courses, assignments, gradebooks, etc). Premium offers additional services at an organization-wide level with a subscription.
  • Slow Updates / Upgrades for Free Users — While Schoology has rolled out several great features for Premium users (such as the more advanced "Assessments" assignment mode), free users rarely see any earth-shattering upgrades.
  • Clunky Assignment Creation Utilities — Creating assignments can be cumbersome at times; the assignment creation interface allows basic word processing or HTML options. Unfortunately, this can cause some issues when trying to format text or import objects into the assignment pages. For example, text may not change colors, font sizes, or styles despite selecting new text options. Formatting can slightly change after creating the assignment.
Overall, Schoology provides a solid learning management system on par with Blackboard. Schoology is best utilized in environments where students have 1:1 access to computers, laptops, or smart devices for extended periods of the class period. With mobile apps also available, instructors can choose to allow students to use their personal devices to access Schoology functionality for in-class discussions, assessments, or updates.

Schoology is also best suited for secondary education purposes (8-12 grade) and higher education, as much of the social interaction and assessment functionality may be difficult for younger students to utilize and/or navigate. However, primary education instructors may find Schoology to be beneficial for digital record keeping, tracking grades, and parent/teacher communications.
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December 03, 2018
Janie Everett | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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For the first four years of my teaching career I taught at schools that were not digital. Because I had little experience using technology, I was nervous when I was hired into a school district that was 100% digital with a 1:1 device to student ratio. Schoology was a completely foreign word to me when it was brought up at our new teacher training sessions. It’s hard to believe that only one year later I’m teaching Schoology to other educators in my district.

I quickly realized that Schoology was not going to be an extra hassle to deal with in my class, but a lifesaver instead. It was an incredible way to keep my my resources organized in one location where I didn’t have to waste time searching for them. It was also the perfect home site for my students who immediately logged into Schoology each morning where they could find all of their assignments and materials for the entire day. Color-coated folders and the ability to add photos to courses made our journey even easier.

As a past user of both Microsoft and Google classrooms, I wouldn’t trade Schoology for either of them. I have never used another platform that combines so many different capabilities into one location. Its user-friendly design and variety of functionalities makes it the perfect LMS for any digital teacher.

  • Schoology promotes classroom community through discussions and other collaborative features.
  • Schoology makes it easy for educators to share resources with each other.
  • Schoology promotes student choice by giving the ability to post a number of different activities and assessments.
  • I would like to see Schoology add an area for students to create freely and submit work to the teacher that has not been assigned.
Schoology is excellent for the school setting at all grade levels. I have found uses for it in every grade from Kindergarten through Senior Year.
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November 08, 2018
Erika Muller | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Schoology is used across our entire organization (Byron Center Public Schools). We use Schoology as a platform for teaching, communication with students, assigning and collecting assignments, and administering tests.

This addresses many business "problems" -- by engaging in one program, district wide, for communicating with and teaching students, we are able to better reach our students and their individual needs.
  • User-Friendly: Schoology is easy to navigate for both teachers, administration, and students. This is important because this helps users get the most out of their Schoology experience without running into frustrating mishaps.
  • Several Features: Schoology is multi-faceted. Teachers can assign tests and assignments, as well as post class updates, polls, and videos. Students are able to be enrolled in several classes at once so they have one spot as reference for all of their classes
  • Differentiated Instruction: Teachers are able to individually assign assignments and tests to students/classes, making differentiated instruction easy.
  • The prime version of Schoology has some kinks that could be worked out with linking to a Gradebook - the grades do not always transfer over, and in the event a teacher changes them, you have to manually enter the grade in the gradebook.
  • Schoology Update font options - It would be great to be able to highlight and change the color of fonts right in the Schoology update menu
Schoology is well-suited for any educational environment where students have access to technology in school. Out students are one-to-one, so every student has a computer, so Schoology is a great platform for everything we do. It would not be as well-suited if technology was not integrated into a school or classroom on a daily basis.
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What is Schoology?

Schoology, now a PowerSchool Unified Classroom product, is a learning management system (LMS). The Basic Package is free for instructors and includes features such as an Academic Activity Dashboard, Instructional Tools and a Native Document Grader. The Enterprise Package includes the Basic Package and additional features such as: Systemwide Administration, User Management, and Workload Planning.

PowerSchool acquired Schoology in late 2019.

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