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What is is a press release distribution platform from the New York company of the same name.

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What is is a press release distribution platform from the New York company of the same name.

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Score 1 out of 10
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My staff tried to use however it was a very disappointing experience, their staff was very rude and he hang up the phone on me in the most disrespectful manners ways possible, which was very unnecessary. [I believe] they just wasted our time. We didn't approach them, they are the ones that kept sending their emails marketing to us so my staff thought we will try it out, and yet when we did we experienced nothing but disappointment. [In my opinion,] it [seems] like the one-sided type of PR Campany that coves those big corporations that are out there to scam and exploit hardworking small businesses and entrepreneurs. We had so much evidence to prove what we published therefore I can never recommend We will stick with EIN Presswire, they publish our article without any complications and EIN Presswire staff are very professional, I highly recommend it to anyone who had issues with to check it out EIN Presswire, you will see a huge difference, the process, and professionalism, it is not even comparable.
  • Bad customer service [in my experience].
  • One-sided PR.
  • Customer Service
  • PR process
I had very bad experience so I can never recommend to any of my clients.
  • N/A
  • Negative impact [in my experience].
  • Wasted our time.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use for clients who want to distribute press releases but are on a budget. We use it within the marketing/PR department. For my small business clients who have no dedicated PR resource other than me, I help them decide which press release distribution service to use.
  • com provides a cost-effective way to distribute press releases. It even has a free version.
  • Using to issue press releases helps them have more reach than they might otherwise. That way, they can be found when potential customers search for solutions online.
  • com is fairly easy to set up and use. Not a lot of technical knowledge is needed. And no need to provide any credit card info or anything unless you choose to pay for hyperlinks, for example.
  • It's a little dated as far as the interface. They could update that.
  • It's mostly cut and paste - and fairly intuitive, but it won't let you continue if you miss checking some categories off - that may not be entirely clear to newer users.
I often recommend to clients on a budget. There are some organizations, like non-profits, or very small businesses I work with who just don't have the money to spend on a pricier press release distribution service like Businesswire. For those clients, is a good alternative. You can use the free version - or elect to spend a little money to include hyperlinks, increase distribution, and so on. But there are options - and that is a good thing.
  • Distribution of client's press releases -- which is something you should do in addition to customized pitching of a press release
  • Ease of use -- I often do this for my clients but it would be easy for them to learn to do it for themselves
  • It's free - or very low cost, compared to other similar services
  • I believe has been a big help for my small business clients who simply can't afford hundreds of thousands of dollars to distribute press releases. It has saved them a lot of precious budget dollars.
  • It helps clients achieve greater visibility for their news/press releases. When more potential customers see the news, it can help them win more business.
  • I can't think of anything negative. I sometimes recommend coupling distribution on with distribution on another free service like to cover more bases.
I think offers a viable alternative to smaller businesses or nonprofit clients on a budget. When I tell some of those clients it will be hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars to distribute a press release on a service like Business Wire, I can feel them cringe. offers a free option - and also offers very low-cost options to boost the distribution, include live hyperlinks and so on - if clients do have a little $ to spend on that, they can. But they can choose. The bigger services are really cost-prohibitive for the smaller businesses.
Chris McCarthy | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Press releases have a very specific purpose. The distribution of press releases needs to match the purpose. For me, as Chief Creative Officer, I focus on the right target audience before I create any content. Then my goal is to make that content great! It must be something the right audience is seeking. It must be so personally engaging that they'll share it on their own.

I needed to send press releases that were laser-focused on the audience I am trying to reach, using a system that was fast, simple and had great ROI. I chose
  • Lets you laser-focus on highly differentiated audiences
  • Fast, easy for everyone on my team to use too
  • Best ROI of all PR distribution platforms
  • Suggest offering administrators more control over when releases are distributed
  • Lower premium pricing for high frequency administrators
Best scenario is when your marketing plan requires a frequent content distribution to a highly differentiated or specific target audience.

That's really the best insight I could offer anyone. There are so many ways to distribute your content. Start with a strategy. Know your audience well. ONLY create great content! Then choose the platform that fits your goals.
  • Immediate ROI - can't be beat for getting great content into the right hands
  • Easy for all on your marketing team to use - no "gator wrestling" to upload and distribute.
  • Metrics! has the greatest number of the right media types looking for great content of any
As a newswire Cision is great and certainly has its place in any marketing plan. But newswire services are not what most companies who are seeking content distribution to regularly attract and engage their best audience need.
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