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What is Preciate?

Preciate is an employee recognition platform from the company of the same name in Dallas.

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Users have had a pleasant experience with Preciate, thanks to the quality audio and video conferences provided by the product. It has been …
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What is Preciate?

Preciate is an employee recognition platform from the company of the same name in Dallas.

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What is Preciate?

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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have had a pleasant experience with Preciate, thanks to the quality audio and video conferences provided by the product. It has been effective in creating more engaging social events and increasing employee engagement. Reviewers have found that Preciate allows for personalized and authentic connections during video calls, making interpersonal relationships feel more genuine. The platform has made it easier for users to express appreciation openly, with fun badges and shout-outs visible to the entire organization. In a remote work environment, Preciate helps to foster engagement and interaction among team members. It has been used for remote social interactions, team building, and company happy hours. Preciate addresses the importance of mental wellness by making webinars a more social and engaging experience. Users have found the platform to be a creative and fun way to communicate, benefiting employees in their workplace interactions.

Additionally, Preciate has helped remote teams feel like a community, enabling them to see and interact with each other. It has increased team engagement and made workplace meetings more interactive and inquisitive. The product has been used to facilitate team bonding and getting to know each other in an online setting. Preciate has kept participants more engaged during video meetings compared to other platforms. Networking, fun events, and parties are key use cases for the product. The platform has solved engagement problems by promoting collaboration and active participation during virtual meetings and events.

Preciate has been effective in addressing networking issues and providing a simple and user-friendly solution for embedding it in other products. Users have utilized Preciate to connect small teams, maintain social interactions, and bring levity to video meetings. The product creates a warmer and more collaborative setting for remote teammates, enabling frank and conversationally-driven discussions. Preciate offers a more casual and organic way to connect with colleagues and friends outside of work-focused apps, providing a different atmosphere for social interactions.

The ability to move around and have side conversations in a group setting has sustained engagement during video chats. Users have had no problems using Preciate with their colleagues. The speaker mode and floating space features have been beneficial for both formal and informal meetings. Preciate Social has introduced a different vibe and helped remote teams bond and collaborate during social gatherings. The product has facilitated conversations and connections in a widely spread company, overcoming the limitations of other video platforms.

Preciate has helped people feel connected and combat the sense of disconnection caused by remote work and social distancing. It has been effective in connecting people in a distributed workforce and promoting team cohesion. The product has enabled the sharing of recognition across teams and locations, creating a positive and dynamic company-wide newsfeed. Preciate is a great platform for creating a casual selling environment and expanding business connections. The product gives invitees control over their meeting environment and promotes team cohesion through virtual water-cooler moments. It has helped combat Zoom fatigue and increase engagement among hybrid/remote colleagues.

Users have had more engaging interactions with customers and co-workers, resulting in more quality interactions. Preciate has facilitated video conferencing and team connectivity in a remote work environment. The product has addressed the lack of interaction caused by COVID and social distancing measures. It has been incredibly useful in promoting team cohesion within largely remote teams. The ease of setup and use has made Preciate a valuable feature for virtual conferences and multiple groups within organizations.

Preciate Social has helped build interpersonal relationships, warmth, and trust across teams, overcoming the limitations of other video platforms. The platform is easy to use and can be accessed from any device, making it convenient for remote work situations. Users have found Preciate Social to be a great tool for holding collaborative gatherings and team meetings, even in a remote work environment.

The platform has been used for both internal meetings and large events, allowing users to keep the networking aspect alive. Preciate Social has helped teams maintain a sense of normalcy and connection by facilitating enjoyable conversations and social interactions. The app is utilized by various departments to build relationships, provide a positive culture, and recognize outstanding performance and commitment to company values.

Preciate is particularly helpful for teams with a mix of different experience levels, as it fosters collaboration and brings different personalities and groups closer. Overall, Preciate's user-friendly features have made it an effective solution for fostering engagement, building connections, and creating a sense of community in various professional settings.

Innovative User Experience: Many users have praised Preciate for its innovative user experience, with some stating that it provides a refreshing and exciting virtual meeting environment. They appreciate features like free-flowing movement around a room, fading sound as groups move away, and the ability to focus on specific individuals or groups. The 3D and spatially relevant group meeting environment has been described as resembling real-life interactions.

Ability to Join Group/Side Conversations: Users highly value the ability to join in with the group or have side conversations on Preciate. Compared to other video conferencing apps, they find it more interactive and engaging. This feature allows them to actively participate in discussions during large group meetings while also having private conversations without disrupting the larger group.

Freedom of Movement in Virtual Space: The freedom to move around the virtual room freely is another key benefit highlighted by users. This feature simulates real-life interactions and allows seamless transitioning from one conversation to another as participants regroup. Some users appreciate how this capability enables them to navigate the virtual space and engage in different conversations as needed.

Confusing User Interface: Several users have mentioned that they found the user interface of Preciate to be confusing, making it difficult for them to perform tasks efficiently. This issue has been raised by multiple reviewers, indicating that there is a notable problem with the clarity and intuitiveness of the interface.

Slow Syncing: Some users have expressed frustration over the slow syncing speed of the application. This delay in synchronization can lead to difficulties and hinder smooth communication among teams or participants. While this complaint was not voiced by a large number of reviewers, it still highlights an area where improvement is needed.

Difficulties in Finding People and Navigating: Users have reported difficulties in finding people and navigating spatially within the app. These challenges may arise from issues with search functionality or a lack of clear navigation features. Although this concern was not explicitly mentioned by many reviewers, its mention suggests that some users are struggling with these aspects of Preciate's usability.

Users of Preciate have provided a variety of recommendations based on their experiences with the platform. The three most common recommendations are:

  1. Utilize all of Preciate's capabilities and tailor it to your company's culture. Many users suggest taking full advantage of the features offered by Preciate and customizing it to align with the unique culture of their organization. This allows them to enhance their remote work experience and promote a sense of involvement among remote workers.

  2. Consider using Preciate for meetings with more than three people. Several reviewers find that Preciate offers a user-friendly alternative to other video conferencing platforms like Zoom, particularly for meetings involving larger groups. They appreciate how Preciate facilitates better conversation dynamics and creates an atmosphere reminiscent of being in a physical meeting room.

  3. Use Preciate for both internal meetings and social events. Users recommend utilizing Preciate not only for official business meetings but also for more casual or social gatherings within the company. They find that it can effectively elevate company culture and engagement in distributed work environments, fostering a sense of connection among team members.

These recommendations highlight how Preciate has been successful in creating a unique virtual meeting experience that goes beyond traditional video conferencing tools, enhancing company culture and engagement in remote work environments.

Attribute Ratings


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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Preciate is used for peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee recognition of outstanding performance and commitment to company core values. We launched Preciate along with a revamp of core values to reinforce those values. All departments use it, though of course, some have embraced it more than others!
  • Allows for customization of badges to adhere with core values.
  • Teams integration
  • Responsive customer service.
  • Technology could improve.
  • Social needs some work (though I'm understanding of its newness).
  • DIY ability to customize stickers and more.
Well suited for small teams who are committed to using it. Less suited for developer-types who don't find recognition valuable or desirable.
  • Great ROI, it's reasonably priced.
  • Has enforced core values that otherwise would have been announced one day and forgotten the next.
  • Improves cross-team relationships.
HeyTaco: fun idea, but didn't allow for needed customization to match core values. Also, more expensive.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are currently using Preciate both for recognition and motivation. Our team is working from home so we rely on Preciate for vital recognition and teamwork. We also use the Preciate Social platform for any non-business-related meetings. Both are easy to use and popular with our team. We like the ability to log in from any device and how easy it is to use.
  • Making recognition easy
  • Keeping the team informed
  • Motivating the team to stay active and to keep working even though we are disconnected
  • Allowing easier ways to post recognition on LinkedIn from all platforms and devices
  • GIFs and stickers should be more contemporary and modern
We use the Preciate app to do both internal and external recognition, which allows us to connect with our customers and communicate about things that were successes for us as a team. We also like to recognize team members and let them know that their work is not overlooked. We also use this to recognize customers and interns.
  • Great app to use during COVID
I don't like using LinkedIn because it is too personal and not private enough, also recognition gets lost after you post it. With Preciate, the employee or person can take the recognition along with them at their next role or job. I also think that the company stands for some amazing things.
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My inside sales department uses Preciate to build relationships and provide a more positive culture. We utilize the app to hand out recognition on a weekly basis. Our team is a mix of 25% college students, 25% 1-3 year sales professionals and 50% 3-5 year sales veterans, so getting everyone on the team to respect, know and collaborate was a task. We use Preciate to build a culture of recognition and celebration so that employees are not afraid to celebrate assistance and teamwork. It has brought different personalities and groups closer.
  • Easy install and user interface.
  • Great customer service.
  • I would love to see more web based videos and FAQ's.
  • More branding.
If you have a fast-growing team that is on the same training journey, it allows you to see who is and who is not engaged. I carefully measure who participates in consistent recognition and discussions, and my findings so far are that there is a correlation between recognition and engagement. Most of my least engaged employees when it comes to Preciate recognition assignments or suggestions tend to also be the lowest-performing reps when it comes to metrics or results. I am currently measuring the top users to see what affects recognition has on morale and enthusiasm.
  • No negative impact.
The only tools that are close are Slack and chatter, which to me are not as useful or user-friendly, nor do they allow you to take the recognition and connections with you. I am confident that Preciate's platform helps you to build real and long-lasting relationships.
Preciate is always ready to help with questions or problems. They are good at follow up and also being proactive when new versions or upgrades are released. They also do a great job putting useful information on social media like LinkedIn and Twitter, that information is useful when we have an issue. Additionally, they have been really good at taking our suggestions and incorporating them into future builds and versions.
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