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Price Edge

Price Edge


What is Price Edge?

Price Edge, headquartered in Stockholm, offers pricing software - a cloud based price management tool for enterprises, that gives them access to new pricing strategies and more flexibility.

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per month up to 5 price lists and 25,000 products



per month Up to 25 price lists and 150,000 products



per month Unlimited price lists and products

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  • No setup fee


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  • Free/Freemium Version
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  • $1,043.46
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Product Details

What is Price Edge?

Price Edge's pricing software is a cloud based price management tool for enterprises, that gives them access to new pricing strategies and more flexibility. The Price Edge solution consists of four modules:

PriceEdge Collect
A solution that helps users learn at what price competitors are selling products, see how market prices changed over time and understand who is leading who.

By tracking competitor pricing, users can gain an overview of competitor pricing landscape enabling better pricing strategies. The user can select a portfolio and which websites to monitor, and PriceEdge Collect will track competitor prices over time, automatically matching competitor products with the PriceEdge user's own. And by feeding competitor data into the PriceEdge platform, users can gain new price suggestions in response to competitor price movement.

PriceEdge Optimize
A proprietary AI-engine that helps you automatically analyze your e-commerce pricing by simply embedding a script on a web store. The AI-engine estimates the optimal price by analyzing and understanding the purchase behavior around each product in combination with competitors' pricing.

The AI aims to make pricing easy by providing the user with optimal prices, typically gaining 2% to 6% in price effect. With software that continually learns and improves, pricing teams will always be ready for what comes next.

PriceEdge Pricing
Create any price logic needed or start with one of its templates, built to make pricing as smooth and easy as possible. This module is an out-of-the box solutions for advanced pricing. Users can manage all price lists by building a pricing strategy.

PriceEdge Analyze
The module simulates the effect of implementing new prices and equips users with a full set of reports to track the actual effects achieved in the market. Its PriceEdge Index report helps users find price improvement opportunities, measure price effectiveness and provides a clear overview of the pricing impact over time.

Price Edge Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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