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PRO Unlimited Wand VMS

PRO Unlimited Wand VMS


What is PRO Unlimited Wand VMS?

PRO Unlimited headquarted in Boca Raton, Florida offers the Wand Vendor Management System (VMS), a workforce management system for a contingent workforce.

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What is PRO Unlimited Wand VMS?

PRO Unlimited headquarted in Boca Raton, Florida offers the Wand Vendor Management System (VMS), a workforce management system for a contingent workforce.

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What is Gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper is a Contract and Vendor Management Solution that brings visibility and transparency to contract and vendor sets, used to create a single source of truth with a central data repository, and to develop robust, scalable processes using automation.

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PRO Unlimited Wand VMS Technical Details

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Catherine Soto | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We currently use WAND as a vendor management site on a daily basis. We are able to review all pending, canceled, closed, filled and on requisitions that currently on hold. This helps our recruitment teams prioritize their daily recruitment needs. In this portal, I have access to submit potential candidates, review current workers, run various reports, assist with billing and invoicing. In the candidate submittal section, I am able to view next steps of candidates, set up interviews, see feedback from management and start onboarding process and procedures accordingly. Having a portal such as WAND helps the organization manage multiple outside vendors, manage duplicate submittals and keeps candidates rates within budget.
  • Quick responses to candidates feedback
  • Accurate time keeping with payroll and invoicing
  • Very user friendly and easy to navigate and cross train others
  • It would be helpful in the beginning to see if the opportunity is exempt or non-exempt
  • The timing out of session could be extended a few more minutes longer
  • When adding a candidates email
  • Easier way to update a candidates profile and updated resume
When working with a VMS or MSP I must say PRO is one of the best to use. You are able to manage multiple clients within the same portal, very user-friendly, able to go to one location for all recruitment needs, management needs, sales and accounting needs. It helps organize recruitment needs and make sure that candidates are within budget. With this program, I do not have to worry about aging reports or outstanding invoices.
  • Saves time on all aspects of organization
  • Only negative is that there is not a real connection with the managers from a Recruitment or Sales point of view - but understand they are prob bombarded by sales calls
  • Very helpful tool to keep process and procedures in place
In our current situation, we did not go after WAND as a tool. Our clients that we support currently use WAND as their VMS system. But if given a choice of having to choose a VMS I would choose WAND over all that I have used in the past. It keeps everything uniform.
Elias Cobb | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use Wand as a vendor, or user of the system. Wand has been implemented by one of our clients for to manage their hiring of consultants. I am the primary user of Wand for our organization, although our billing department also uses Wand to allow us to bill for our consultant hours. I use Wand to access positions that are open to candidates submittals, and to then manage the hiring process from the vendor side.
  • As compared to other VMSs out there, Wand does allow for more information to be entered. In particular, I don't like when there are little to no free-form fields in a VMS, as you cannot truly explain a candidate's experiences without free-form entry.
  • Notifications actually explain what is happening. Some VMSs send notifications that require you to login to see the activity. It's nice to see the info come directly to me in an email.
  • I don't like that it's not compatible with .docx attachments. That's a little ridiculous and outdated.
  • I don't like how interviews times are displayed. Because there are no borders in the table, it's actually difficult to tell which time slot you are confirming.
  • It is not at all intuitive, at least in how our client has it configured. Finding different pieces of information can be difficult, and you don't always click on the links you think you would to navigate. The interface seems pretty outdated.
It seems to work well enough to manage the hiring process of consultants, and in communicating requisitions to vendors. I think there are other VMSs on the market that have better, more intuitive interfaces, or that take fewer steps in submitting candidates. However, the PEOPLE at PRO are amazing! So if you are given a choice in selecting a VMS, don't simply evaluate the software itself. Also evaluate the people with whom the software is integrated - I would give Wand a 5, but the PRO people a 9.
  • Again, in using Wand as a vendor, I can say the software itself isn't the best. There are far better choices. But the PRO people are well worth the pain in using the system.
  • We have had pretty good success in using the Wand system, but I would attribute that more to years of experience rather than ease of use of the system itself.
  • I want to say that PRO people are wonderful. If you're selecting a VMS and company, the people at PRO make it worthwhile, and will likely help your company be successful.
Again, I didn't specifically select the Wand system; our client selected it, and I work with it. However, I have used several VMSs as well, so I feel as though I can compare from a user perspective. Wand isn't great - I prefer Fieldglass for sure, mostly for it's simplicity. IQNavigator, Beeline, and PeopleFluent are all similar to Wand in that they tend to be over-complicated, with a lot of steps involved in the submittal process that aren't relevant to the hiring process. And none are all that intuitive.

However, in my experience, the people at PRO are top-notch, and more helpful than almost any others from other VMSs with whom I have worked. I'm not sure if that is strictly a function of the client environment, or PRO itself, but it's worth remarking on.
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