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What is ProGet?

inedo offers ProGet, a software repository and package management solution.
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What is ProGet?

inedo offers ProGet, a software repository and package management solution.

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What is ProGet?

inedo offers ProGet, a software repository and package management solution.

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ProGet helps me to more easily manage my various packages, those being for Docker and Debian. While alternative methods exist such as using CLI tools and scripting, ProGet's method saves me the hassle of doing such, and allows me to focus on developing programs, instead of just trying to make things work.
  • The Docker registry feature works great. Compared to Sonatype Nexus 3, I don't need to set up extra ports, as everything just works off the port ProGet itself is running on.
  • Debian feeds support automatic GPG key generation, without me having to create or manage them myself. This is another spot where ProGet is better than Nexus, as you have to manually create and specify a key with Nexus, while ProGet simply handles it all for you.
  • When running ProGet inside of a Docker container, changes to some settings requires a manual restart of the container (i.e. with 'docker restart x').
As of current, the only artifactory management tool that I would recommend is ProGet. The free version is plentiful in features, supporting all feed types that the paid plans do. The paid plans also add even more capabilities on top of the free plan, such as data retention policies, which helps to minimize storage waste on my server and keep everything clean.
  • Docker feeds
  • Debian feeds
  • Ability to only keep the latest versions of packages
  • I don't need to develop custom solutions for distributing my software, as ProGet does it all for me.
  • ProGet also integrates easily into my CI systems, with a fully-featured API that allows me to upload packages right after building.
Both Sonatype Nexus 3 and ProGet support all the feed types I use, but ProGet simply does them better.

The Docker feeds run on the same port as ProGet itself, while Nexus requires additional ports to be set up, which can be a burden when running in Docker.

Debian feeds also support GPG key creation without having to manually specify one, again, reducing the burden for me to manually do things, allowing me to set up and distribute my programs even quicker.
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