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What is is a prototyping tool for creating interactive mobile apps.
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9 out of 10
March 08, 2016
Used it to mock up prototypes of an app that was in the process of being developed. It was very user friendly and easy to use. No coding …
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What is is a prototyping tool for creating interactive mobile apps.

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What is Adobe XD?

Adobe XD is a prototyping and UX/UI option for website and mobile application design, featuring a range of UI tools and and templates, a versatile artboard and contextual layer panels, and deep integration with Adobe's creative suite of products for fast import of objects from these applications.

What is Figma?

Figma, headquartered in San Francisco, offers their collaborative design and prototyping application to support digital product and UI development.

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What is is a prototyping tool for creating interactive mobile apps. Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions is a prototyping tool for creating interactive mobile apps.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 8.

The most common users of are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees).
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Raphael Sanguinete | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User is used to make quick and interactable prototypes for our products, sites, social media, and game interfaces, and menu flows. It helps us do some great prototypes that can be actively used and tested without a lot of effort, so we can check some possibilities and gather information before building the final solution.
  • Easy to use
  • Great interface
  • Integrated icons and easy management of images
  • The performance sometimes gets a little slow
  • Some prototyping workflows are complicated
  • The buttons and actions can be difficult to learn is an excellent product for small to medium teams that wants to have a prototyping or wireframing tool that is easy to use, can be used in collaboration with others and will deliver superior results with less efforts than similar options in the market. I think it is not so suited for teams that don't have more complex prototyping needs. In this case, other tools that are even simpler could be a better fit.
  • has a positive impact because we used the free version.
  • has a positive effect because we use it to make prototypes that save us time.
  • has a positive impact because it is a collaborative tool. can be more complicated than some of those tools because it gives us a lot of features in the same product. Some of those tools are better for wireframing. Still, for prototyping, my choice is because its prototyping workflow, even if it can be a little complex to get to know, is well integrated with the composition of your screens and the base wireframing tools.
I never had to use support.
Matt Railey | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We have used as a workflow prototyping tool to illustrate interactions and steps as part of enterprise business application development. We use it in our practice. Specifically, I'm not sure if other design practices in our company handle it. (1 location of out of many locations of our business; each practice is free to use the tools it deems best for its work).
  • workflow process steps
  • simple interactions
  • complex transition animations
  • robust interactions is suitable for what I would call mid-fidelity prototyping. It's good at conveying steps in a workflow with decent facsimiles of interactions/transitions, but not high enough that you can pass it off as the real thing. It's not a bad tool, but we've found that it fills in a kind of useless space in our internal design process. We can get away with presenting the same kind of step-by-step workflow demonstration in InVision. For animation/micro-interaction prototyping, we can use AdobeXD or FramerX if working on a React project (or even non-React if we're designing components instead of trying to go straight to code).
  • Allows for fast demonstration of workflows to stakeholders.
  • Is not an expensive tool, so minimal risk in experimenting with it.
In the end, we decided not to continue using and instead use tools we were already using.
  • For just presenting workflows to stakeholders, InVision worked almost as well (not as robust in interactions, but when you want to focus on the steps, that's better anyway).
  • For micro-interactions and transition animations - tools like AdobeXD and FramerX, and even Figma and some plugins for Sketch are better.
We never reached out to's support. I never encountered any bugs or issues while using the application, though, so I guess that says something about the quality of the product. We did notice that prototype interaction performance was noticeably slow/laggy when working with a complex prototype. We searched through the app's support forums and crawled the web and saw that other users had similar issues. The response from the company was to simplify the prototype, not ideal.
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User is used mostly in our development group though has been used across the whole organization at points. It is currently being used to develop mobile wireframes and UI mockups for product development. helps us to build usable UI's and relevant mobile screens while also allowing us to see potential issues with both.
  • is very interactive and fluid. It allows you to design an entire app, including interface between screens.
  • It has a very robust library of relevant mobile components.
  • The support and help materials for make it easy to use this product on your own.
  • There is a bit of a learning curve and is suited for someone with a development background.
  • Sharing across the organization, if not done properly, isn't the easiest. definitely takes the cake when it comes to mobile and UI design. It allows for interactive clicking thru screens so you can visualize how your app or product will behave. It's support materials make it easy to learn on your own though having a development background will make your experience a bit smoother.
  • is being used by the entire development group on a fairly regular basis and eliminates the need for paper design.
  •'s interactive interface and design has helped us to identify UI issues before the actual development stage.
  • does not really offer organization charts or workflows and is specific for wireframes and mock ups. is definitely the premier mockup and wireframe application. Lucidchart shares some of the capability but can be a bit clunky. is interactive and smooth and helps you to see exactly how your UI will look and behave before the development stage. Additionally, it's library of native components is robust.
Jordan Harpst | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I use to build prototypes for the software that our company develops (both via the web and mobile apps). We don't have a de facto UX design or research team per say, but allows me to build very intricate and interactive prototypes that I can show the developers. It's a great tool that makes it easy to bring ideas to life.
  • has more features than pretty much every other prototyping software I looked at. Many other vendors excel in one area, but does it all it seems. There are so many different ways to build live and interactive prototypes.
  • You can easily build and manage multiple projects. Proto has several templates to start with in terms of screen sizes, from computer monitors down to the different iPhone screens, as well as Android devices.
  • It's really easy to share prototypes with other members in the company, and they don't even have to be users in Proto. The previewing option is great as well, but Proto makes it even more simple by allowing you to just copy and paste a link to share with others.
  • To this point, I really have no complaints with The software itself is feature-rich, so the learning curve is probably steeper than it would be with some other products. That being said it's totally worth it because can do everything I need it to do. is the perfect solution for UX/UI designers that need to create and share interactive prototypes. Proto excels at the interactive part. There are so many different ways to make elements change or interact, whether you're viewing the prototype on a computer (mouse clicks) or on a phone (screen touches). We could build and prototype our entire mobile app on here if we wanted to because has the customization that we need to make the app look and feel like ours. If you're looking for a software to create wireframes and static mockups, is probably overkill for you.
  • has helped us to become more strategic about how we design our software, both in terms of styling and functionality. Being able to create prototypes opens a lot of doors for us to show the dev team how we want the software to behave. is web-based for one, which is a plus - Adobe XD is a desktop application. Adobe XD has some great features, especially for a free product, but from what I experienced had way more tools and customization for creating interactive prototypes. Adobe XD is good for building prototypes that go from screen to screen, but allows you to get much more detailed with that (every element on the screen can have an interaction).
March 08, 2016

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Used it to mock up prototypes of an app that was in the process of being developed. It was very user friendly and easy to use. No coding skills necessary, also easy for coders and developers to use as well
  • Easy to implement buttons
  • Easy to go from page to page
  • All around good user experience
  • Would be nice if developers could take the code directly from the program
  • Sometime it was hard to click and drag different assets
  • Mine crashed one time and I lost a days worth of work
Great for testing out real time on your phone. Haven't tried it for web pages.
  • It helped us rebrand a company to have a better strategy for the target audience
  • It helped a small company new to UX and UI understand it a little more
  • It was easy to teach new people minimizing on boarding time
not enough experience to assess
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