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What is Prowly?

Prowly is an all-in-one platform for people looking to simplify their PR workflow and do powerful communication:find relevant journalistscreate visual press releasessend targeted PR pitchesand keep it all in a journalist-friendly online newsroom.

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Users have found Prowly to be a valuable PR software that effectively addresses their needs and improves their strategies. With its …
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Product Details

What is Prowly?

Prowly is an all-in-one platform for people looking to simplify their PR workflow and do powerful communication:
  • find relevant journalists
  • create visual press releases
  • send targeted PR pitches
  • and keep it all in a journalist-friendly online newsroom.

Prowly Features

  • Supported: Online Newsroom
  • Supported: Media Database
  • Supported: Press Release Distribution
  • Supported: PR CRM
  • Supported: Press Release Creator

Prowly Screenshots

Screenshot of Build an interactive online newsroomScreenshot of Pitch your content to journalistsScreenshot of Keep all your media contacts organized in a PR CRM

Prowly Video

Stay in control of your media contacts with Prowly's PR CRM (PRM). Track, manage and easily access your communications history. Learn more: Start your free 7-day trial:

Prowly Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesNorth America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found Prowly to be a valuable PR software that effectively addresses their needs and improves their strategies. With its comprehensive features, including a media database, media monitoring, and press release capabilities, Prowly saves users both time and effort. The software enables users to handle reactive PR efficiently, track campaign analytics, and build targeted contact lists. Prowly's media reach allows users to schedule conversations with industry professionals, expanding their network and enhancing collaboration opportunities.

One of the key benefits reported by users is Prowly's ability to provide genuine and accurate contact information in an easily searchable and exportable format. This feature allows users to quickly find the right contacts without the need for blanket email approaches, resulting in improved open rates compared to other services. Additionally, the international reach of Prowly's email tool has been praised for helping users connect with media outlets worldwide.

Small businesses particularly benefit from Prowly as it provides an affordable media database solution. Users appreciate the cost-effectiveness of the software as it helps them reach news outlets nationwide and serve their clients more effectively. Moreover, by enabling users to find interested journalists and send out press releases directly through the platform, Prowly boosts user confidence that their work is reaching relevant audiences.

Beyond its powerful PR capabilities, Prowly proves to be a time-saving tool that enhances overall productivity in PR strategies. Users have found it effective in data collection, cost reduction, and efficient management of journalist lists and contacts. It serves as a professional and effective tool for media outreach, press release management, and pitch analytics, empowering users to optimize their PR efforts.

While many users have had positive experiences with Prowly's functionality, it is worth mentioning that some have encountered difficulties with the support provided and experienced challenges related to technical issues and refund policies. These negative experiences should be taken into consideration alongside the numerous positive use cases observed with the software.

Comprehensive Platform: Users appreciate the comprehensive platform offered by Prowly, with multiple reviewers expressing their satisfaction. They find it beneficial to have a single platform that consolidates various PR functions, making communication with journalists simple and efficient.

Helpful Customer Support: The customer support provided by Prowly is highly valued by users. Several reviewers have mentioned how helpful and responsive the support team is. This prompt assistance contributes to a positive user experience and ensures any issues or queries are addressed promptly.

Wide Range of Features: Many users praise the wide range of features offered by Prowly. They find the analytics module, ability to link social networks, and Brand Journal feature particularly useful for their PR activities. The availability of press rooms and newsletter creation capabilities also add value to the overall package provided by Prowly.

Slow and inconsistent customer service: Several users have expressed frustration with the slow and inconsistent customer service provided by Prowly. They have mentioned experiencing delays in response times for support tickets and have found the lack of effective solutions from the support team to be disappointing.

Inability to add attachments to emails: Some reviewers have mentioned that they find it inconvenient that Prowly does not allow them to add attachments to their emails. This limitation can make it difficult for users who need to send files or documents along with their messages.

Difficulty understanding analytics: A number of users have mentioned struggling with understanding the analytics provided by Prowly. They feel that the platform could benefit from clearer explanations and more user-friendly features when it comes to analyzing data related to their PR efforts.

Based on user reviews, Prowly is commonly recommended for the following reasons:

  1. Users recommend Prowly for managing contacts and tasks related to press release management. They find it efficient, well-designed, and appreciate the availability of help guides and tutorials. Some users believe that Prowly is worth the expense, especially for new users.

  2. Users suggest using Prowly if you already work with freelancers or PR agencies. They consider Prowly to have more features, better service, better pricing, and higher security compared to other options. Despite being slightly more expensive, some users highly recommend Prowly for frequent use.

  3. Users advise trying Prowly if you need effective content delivery, have a lot to say in various channels, consider PR 2.0 important, or target millennial and younger generations. They recommend starting with the free trial to evaluate its value before making a purchase decision. Furthermore, it is suggested to invest time in learning all of Prowly's features.

Overall, users find value in using Prowly for managing press releases and contacts, collaborating with freelancers or PR agencies, and delivering content effectively across various channels. They appreciate its efficiency, well-designed interface, and availability of helpful resources.


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In general, Prowly meets the measures we require for software-oriented to group communications management. We like that it complies with the mechanics of organization not only of our communication processes but also of everything that requires organizing the team through the schematization of workflows.
  • Prowly is a useful service in many areas that focus mostly on working remotely when it comes to groups, allowing to manage the workflow in the human resources area, or the management of these same workflows through manual configuration tools to focus on different departments.
  • Several of the functions that Prowly allows us to implement regarding public relations do not allow us to properly distribute the information through various channels, as in the case of its integration with some social networks, with which we can not even make mentions, which would be positive to work better in the area of community management.
Unlike other workflow management services, Prowly is generally more advanced when it comes to the process of modifying workflows according to the needs of the group, and therefore we recommend using it to work with large teams. This makes it easier to ensure that the right work is being done. Thanks to its editing facilities, it is also useful for press teams.
  • Manage the speed of file sharing between departments through a secure and encrypted channel.
  • If ROI is concerned, our group remains satisfied with the current earning capacity, so Prowly could turn out to be one of the software services with more guaranteed monetary benefits at different stages, depending mostly on the type of strategy we want to use to work with and the plan we choose.
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